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Date: 30th May ‘2011 Sub: Preparation of Course files and lab manuals In view of the NBA ACCREDITATION, Course files and lab manuals are to be prepared and kept ready for department’s internal audit. Hence all faculty members are requested to prepare the course file and lab manuals for EVEN as well as ODD semester subjects by 6th of June 2011. Contents of the of the course can be found in a separate file. Faculty Name EVEN Sub Code Subject Name ODD Sub Code Subject Name Sem Sem Dr. C V Chandrashekara 4 AUC-001 Human Values & Professional Ethics 3 EHU-111 Human Values & Professional Ethics EME-073 Operation Research Dr. S Rjesha 8 EME-052 Maintenance Engg. & management Prof. Prasanth Chauhan 8 TME-802 Mechanical System Design 7 EME-701 Computer Aided Design 7 EME-751 Computer Aided Design Lab Prof. Veerendra kumar A N Prof. S P Ramesh Prof. Gangacharan Prof. Navin Kumar Jha 8 6 6 2 8 8 TME-033 EME-451 EME602 EME652 EME-202 TME-803 TME-801 TME-856 Advanced Welding Technology Machine Drawing-II Machine Design-II Machine design Lab-II Engineering Mechanics Project Management Power Plant Engineering Project 7 5 5 7 7 EOE-073 EME-501 EME-551 EME-031 EME-041 EME-505 EME-702 EME-752 Prof. Divya Chandra Prof. M Nagaraj 6 6 4 EME-011 EME-651 EME-022 EME-451 Fluid Machinery Fluid Machinery Lab Advanced Welding Technology Machine Drawing-II ECE – 301 ECE- 351 EME - 351 Operation Research Machine Design-II Machine design Lab-II CAM Total quality management I C Engines & Compressors Automobile Engg. ICEngines & Automobile Lab Fluid Mechanics** Fluid Mechanics Lab Material Science in Engg.
Subject Internal Entry Password

301 EME – 351 EME-505 EME-503 EME-031 EME . M S Randhawa 4 2 4 4 EME-401 EME-202 EME-403 EME-453 Applied Thermodynamics Engineering Mechanics Lab Measurement & Metrology Measurement & Metrology Lab 3 3 3 3 5 Prof. Naveen J Prof. Gaurav Jain Prof.EME – 351 Prof. Rajesh Bajaj 2 Prof. Vikas Kumar Singla 2 4 2 2 8 6 EME-202 EME-653 ECE-251 EME-451 EME-202 EME-252 EME-061 EME-065 EHU-601 Engineering Mechanics Theory Of Machines Lab Computer Aided Engineering Graphics Lab Machine Drawing.II Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics Lab Finite Element Analysis Energy Management Industrial Management 7 EME-352 EME-502 EME-303 EME504 EME 554 Material Science & Testing Lab Machine Drawing-I Theory Of Machine –I Thermodynamics Prof. Venkata Vara Prasad 6 6 8 6 4 EME-603 EME-653 EOE-081 EME-604 EME-654 EME-402 EME-452 Theory Of Machine –II Theory Of Machines Lab Non Conventional Energy resources Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab Manufacturing science-I Manufacturing science-I Lab 5 3 5 5 5 5 Prof. Radha Raman Mishra Heat & Mass Transfer Heat & Mass Transfer Lab EME – 503 Manufacturing scienceII EME . Jitendra Mehrotra Prof.302 1 1 EME-102 EME-152 NF MBA Dept 3 EHU –301 Industrial Psychology Subject Internal Entry Password .553 Manufacturing scienceII Lab Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Lab Materials Science in Engineering Material Science & Testing Lab I C Engines & Compressors Theory Of Machine –I CAM Strength of Materials Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics Lab EME-303 EME-353 EME .

EEE Dept. & Managerial Economics Mathematics Laser System and Applications 3 3 EAS-301 EOE033/EOE043 Subject Internal Entry Password . EEE-409 EEE-459 Electrical Machines & Automatic Control Electrical Machines & Automatic Control Lab Industrial Sociology Engg.EHU – 302 EHU-501 Maths Dept. Physics Dept.