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Show usage of BGP on Router: ============================ sh processes cpu | inc BGP alias exec proc ?

sh process memory | inc BGP clear ip bgp* ( to clear bgp process) show ip bgp summary (status of neighbor relationship) show tcp brief or sh tcp brief all ( show all the port configuration) Once ibgp establish state will be 0 (actually that is prefix Recieved mean havnt recied any updates from the neighbor) neighbor x.x.x.x ebgp-multihop x (maximum hop count) neighbor x.x.x.x update-source loopback 0 ( to get update on loopback which has been set) =============================== BGP ROute Reflectors: bgp version:- Disable bgp split-horizon ( what exactly split horizon rule is tha t it wont send the routes from whr it receives) it prevents loop How you configure route reflector: why we do no auto-summary: to get the classless flexibility search which router is conencted to all in Ibgp: then neighbor 10.x.x.x.x route-reflector-client ( to all that conencted) it will show the best routes otherwise it wont. (> - indicates best route) it will take all the neighborship down and then it will come up. all ibgp route is untrustworthy as per cisco thats y it has AD 200 debug ip bgp events -- for neighbor relationship u all - to shut down all the debug next-hop-self to get the route in ibgp (otherwise it wont show us as abest route ; might be valid route but not best) Confederations: Private As Number : 64512 - 65535 creates sub-AS in one AS which registered internet manage. confereartion can be used without route reflector but difficult to manage. (not recommended) router should know that they are in fake AS: bgp confederation identifier XXXXX (correct As number) bgp confederation peers XXXX (another fake AS number) (which forms the peer rela tionship with 2 fake AS) if more than 2 in fake AS then you got to configure route reflector by neighbor x.x..x.x route-reflector-client neighbor x.x.x.x remove-Private-AS (which is going outside to ebgp) Peer Groups: ============ Minimize Redundant Configuration: This forms the relationship with main AS number which is connecedted to rela wor ls and fake configure :

x.x perr-group Internal (x.x.x.all inside neighbor in fake auto nomous system) will merge all the internal ibgp neighbor you can add different characteristics to specific neighbor neighbor x.router bgp (fake as) neighbor Internal peer-group (Internal.x.x.x ebgp-multihopp 2 you can give any) neighbor Internal remote-as (fake as) neighbor Internal route-reflector-client neighbor x.x .