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THE CHOICE “What is wrong with my baby? Why can’t I see him?” asked an exhausted Lady Cotteril.

“No thing, my dear, just you rest”. Comforted the doctor as he gave her a sedative inj ection. Lord Cotteril kissed his wife and walked out of the maternity home. He was sad a nd revolted. An ambulance stopped next to him. He hardly noticed. The young coup le made their way to the reception desk. The young man who was carrying an old b lack suit case looked strangely familiar. Lord Cotteril went home. He wasn’t prepared to be bombarded with awkward questions . Four months before: Breaking News a storm Alert, Approaching a terrible cyclone called Demoinia Isla nders it is advised to be prepared for extreme weather. Angelina Gonzales sprang into action; she had to warn Joe about the storm. There was no radio or telephone on the farm: does were luxuries. On the way the effec ts of the storm were stopping her to carry on. She stumbled and fell a few times . At the festive chicken farm Joe was trying to round up the chickens into the c hicken house. They were scared by the lightning and thunder. Joe and Angelina got to the office, the only brick and water building on the far m. It was just in time, the demonical Demoinia struck Victoria Island with all i ts force. It destroyed half of the island. The only land that wasn’t destroyed was Lord Cotteril property. The festive chicken farm was totally demolished. Angeli na and Joe had to rebuild their lives with three children and one more on the wa y, prospects were not good. Joe would have to find a job. He had to go to Lord C otteril, he knew what that meant. Cotteril offers him the job on one condition h e had to give his wonderful views to Cotteril. Joe has no option. He rebuilds his wife and house but Angelina and their children miss the days whe n Joe was there and spend time with them. It started to reflect a bit: one of th e children tripped and had a cut on his head and the other broke his leg, but wi th Joe’s job now it would be impossible for him to come home if he is a slave of L ord Cotteril. Angelina sends for a neighbour because baby is coming so the neighbours phone th e ambulance. It arrives at the same time as Joe does. Back to the present with Lord Cotteril having all his slaves asking questions “Is it a boy or a girl?” “Is Lady Cotteril well?” “How much does the baby weigh?” “Lady Cotteril is worn out after such a long labour and has been sedated. The baby is in an incubator. Replied Lord Cotteril. Cotteril goes to his studies and thinks about his next plan. In the evening he goes back to the maternity home to visit Lady Cotteril. On his way he sees Joe Gonzales and blackmails him by Joe having to give his baby to C otteril. Joe has no alternative. Joe invents a story for Angelina that the baby died. Lord Cotteril adopts the ba by and Joe sings the paper. Lady Cotteril demanded to see her baby. Lord Cotteri l came with Angelina’s baby. They went home and when Lady Cotteril was feeding “her” b aby she heard another baby wailing Lady Cotteril felt anxious about that cry. Lady Cotteril couldn’t sleep and went to investigate. She found her baby it was a horror she tried to think how she have given birth to a two headed monster. Lord Cotteril built a luxury apartment for Jeremy and Jim. The apartment was fab ulous its walls were made of gold and the bathroom wall too. The bathtub was mad e out of gold and silver and there was a blue diamond on the tap that gave cold water and a red one on the tap that gave hot water it had a small inside pull an d even a tennis court. It had a two hundred cm led television full HD 3d crystal line vision. Not pixelated but smooth graphical image. There were four hot tub i nside. The two headed monster grew up inside that apartment but he wants revenge on his father and family. He heard his father saying bad things about him and s eeing his father waste a lot of money with his other child just because he had a good grade on art. (In fact it is the only thing he is not good at.) and Lord C otteril never cared about the two headed monster but he was super clever and had

Jon Cotteril the adopted child was brilliant at everything you can think of acce pt art. One day the twins escape and as he promised he killed his father and rest of the family accept for his mother and “brother”. school trick and Jon would teach him how to use fancy gadgets. Joe spends much of his free time with Jon and teaches him all about the is land lore. music. She only loves the two headed mon ster. no more harm for the world i n the next ten years.super human strength but for Lord Cotteril that isn’t enough. He was brilliant academically he was brilliant at sports. drama a nd much more. . He got there and in a fraction of a second he se es the two headed beast. but Lady Cotteril didn’t love him. The fought day and night but Jon couldn’t kill the two headed monster and the two headed monster could kill Jon but then the two h eaded monster slipped and banged on the ice floor Jon didn’t waste the opportunity and killed the beast. Jon has no plane to go to the North Pole so he thinks he ca n swim until there and he does. Jon was in disadvantage with all that ice and already t ried because of that long swim. The world was back in peace. Lady Cotteril lies to the police and sa ys that it was her who killed all these people and she is the one who suffers th e consequences. Later on the two headed monster escapes from that island and goe s to the North Pole. “I will kill him” thought the two headed monster.

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