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The Apache POI is pleased to announce the release of POI 3.7.

See the downloads page for binary and source distributions: http://poi.apache.or g/download.html Release Notes -- Apache POI -- Version 3.7 Apache POI is an open source Java library for working with Microsoft Office docu ments. POI 3.7 is an incremental feature release based on the earlier 3.6 release. The most notable changes since POI 3.6 are: ------------------------------------------OOXML * support for reading aes-encrypted/write-protected ooxml files * support Java 1.5 in auto-generated xmlbeans for ooxml schemas Spreadsheet (Excel) * initial support for autofilters * support for data validation for ooxml format * initial support for themes for ooxml format * added implementation for new functions: RANDBETWEEN, POISSON, SUBTOTAL, TEXT, TRUNC * support evaluation of indirect defined names in INDIRECT * numerous fixes and performance optimizations in the Formula Evaluation module * ability to add, modify and remove series from HSSF Charts * numerous improvements in the cell data formatter (handling more formatting ru les, better color detection, allow overriding of default locale) * more examples including a rich "spreadsheet to HTML" converter Document (Word) * initial support for the HWPF revision marks authors list * support for border codes in HWPF * support for processing of symbols in HWPF * support sections in Word 6 and Word 95 files * improved reading of auto-saved ("complex") documents in HWPF * improved support for manipulation of tables and paragraphs in XWPF SlideShow (PowerPoint) * allow editing workbooks embedded into HSLF slide shows Text Extraction * support for text extraction from XSLF tables * add PublisherTextExtractor support to extractorfactory * support attachments as embedded documents within the new OutlookTextExtactor * new event based XSSF text extractor (XSSFEventBasedExcelExtractor) * make it easier to tell which content types each POIXMLTextExtractor handles * paragraph level as well as whole-file text extraction for word 6/95 files * ...and much much more: code cleanup, many bug fixes and performance improveme nts Contributors -----------The following people have contributed to this release by submitting bug reports or by participating in the issue resolution process (in strict alphabeti cal order).

Since POI or poi-src-3.tar. The public key used for the PGP signature can be found at http://svn.gz) .org/repos/asf/poi/tags/REL_3_7/KEYS About Apache POI ----------------------Apache POI is well-known in the Java field as a library for reading and writing Microsoft Office file formats. such as Excel.gz) Pre-built versions of all POI components are also available in the central Mave n repository under Group ID "org.7-20101029.5. Kirst Maxim Valyanskiy Michael Vilensky Michel Boudinot Nick Burch Paul Spencer Payam Hekmat Peter Kutak Petr Udalau Phil Dunlea Phil Varner Philipp Epp Philippe Laflamme Raiko Eckstein Rainer Schwarze Ranvijay Singh Rick Cameron Robert Kish Robin Salkeld Ryan Lauck Ryan Skow Samuel Yung Simon Kelly Stefan Stern Steve Wolke TK Gospodinov Tao Jiang Ted Schrader Thomas Herre Tomas Prochazka Tony Harvey Trejkaz (pen name) Tsutomu YANO Viveck Shastri Vladimir Korenev William J.7" All release artifacts are accompanied by MD5 checksums and a PGP signatures that you can use to verify the authenticity of your download. .pre-built binaries containing compiled versions of all Apache POI components and documentation (poi-bin-3. Visio and Word. Coleda Yegor Kozlov Zhang Zhang Thank you all very much! Contributions are always welcome. PowerPoint.7-20101029.apache.Alexey Butchik Andrew Shirley Andrzej Bialecki Antoni Mylka Antony Bowesman Antti Koskimaki Attila Kiraily Bob Smith Brendan Nolan Charlie Chang Chris Barlock Chris Lott Christiaan Fluit Dave Fisher Dave Syer David Agnew David Lewis Dmitry Sviridov Domenico Napoletano Ed Beaty Fabio Ebner Fred Ross Grzegorz Bloch Henry Huang Immad Naseer Jan Stette Jeff Lavezzo Jens Gatze Jerry Soung Jonathan Holloway Josh Micich Jukka Zitting Kai Zimmermann Kalpesh Parmar Kamil Soltys Karl Eilebrecht Ken Arnold Liu Yan Lon Binder Martin Studer Martin or poi-bin-3. come join the project .source archive you can build POI from (poi-src-3.poi" and Version "3.7-20101029. Release Contents ---------------This release comes in two forms: .apache. 7-20101029.tar. the new OOXML (Office Open XML) formats introduced in Offic e 2007 have been supported.

apache.For more For the Apache POI Team Yegor Kozlov . visit http://poi.