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on wings.Aero engine and airframe sealing solutions Safety critical sealing solutions Demanding aeroengine requirements The aeroengine designer cannot risk component failure and major manufacturers rely on the experience of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to ensure sealing integrity over extended aircraft service life. where they contribute to aerodynamic efficiency. Specialist airframe products Airframe seals are not only used within the engine compartment but throughout the aircraft body. 2 . windows and doors.

windows.Aircraft engines represent the most demanding of all sealing environments. each individually designed and manufactured to complex 3dimensional geometries. featuring on all major platforms including the Joint Strike Fighter and Airbus A380. within the engine and engine compartment. The range of products offer: • Temperature resistance from cryogenic up to 850 °C (1560 °F) and fire seals withstanding flame temperatures up to 1100 °C (2012 °F) • Compounds with almost universal chemical compatibility and superior contaminant resistance to aggressive phosphate ester fluid and synthetic hydrocarbon based oils. is of paramount importance. while meeting rigorous performance demands. • Excellent thermal stability • Good mechanical strengths • Low long-term compression set • Aerospace approved materials. 3 . As the leading supplier in our field. we are able to work with our customers to offer the optimum configuration. lubricants and media. innovative airframe seals provide enhanced fuel efficiency. Continuously developing our proven technologies. Our solutions. with the ultimate in safety-critical requirements. They also successfully contribute to aerodynamic performance on all parts of the airframe. Seals must withstand extremes of temperature and pressure in areas where they are often exposed to high humidity. over necessarily extended service lives. on wing movable surfaces. powerful high frequency vibration and exceptionally destructive chemicals. A further refinement of this technology is inflatable seals. doors and hatches. demonstrate outstanding sealing integrity. being vital elements in such systems. intense friction. we offer a unique range that utilizes our proprietary materials. individually designed and manufactured for numerous models of fighter jets. The aeroengine designer cannot risk component failure and for sealing parts. Whether a seal solution involves a custom design or a standard O-Ring. products and manufacturing Innovative inflatable sealing Trelleborg Sealing Solutions inflatable seals are proven to successfully perform in challenging safety-critical cockpit applications. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has been involved in aircraft engine development for over 50 years and is recognized as pioneering in aerospace sealing. innovative manufacturing methods and patented products. a partnership with a proven supplier of experience and excellence. fire safety and reliability.

significant investment is made in research and development.Aero engine and airframe sealing solutions Service from concept to delivery Products tested to destruction To ensure Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products meet and exceed operational requirements. 4 . Innovative manufacturing methods The success of TSS is founded on pioneering manufacturing methods such as proprietary glass braided sleeving technology. a development demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of market needs. including destruction testing.

Only through research and development specifically linked to the exacting requirements of the aerospace industry. whose expertise is enhanced by focus on a specific material or product type. Our committed research and development facilities worldwide. In addition to this. Where every component within a system must exceed maximum operational limits. France. Sweden and the United Kingdom. Dedicated aerospace production takes place in America. which we prove in a virtual environment. seamlessly combine their knowledge with our manufacturing units. In collaboration with major producers worldwide. using techniques such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA). where our success has been founded on groundbreaking manufacturing methods and a comprehensive understanding of market needs. Total service capabilities Trelleborg Sealing Solutions service reflects and surpasses industry requirements with facilities such as Direct Line Feed and kitting aiding our customers in efficient aircraft build and maintenance. supplement our leading edge elastomer capabilities. to meet strict aerospace and military criteria. constantly challenging ourselves to achieve results previously thought to be impossible. We combine effective supply from our European logistics center with sub-assembly. Unrivalled PTFE expertise and pioneering products. rigorous tests are undertaken to ensure long service life. has Trelleborg Sealing Solutions managed to develop solutions that match the performance and safety-critical standards specified by our customers. we use state of the art design tools. all backed by round-the-clock product assistance. 5 . Within this global network we continuously develop new materials and products to meet ever more stringent standards. Denmark. to develop sealing configurations. often in special packaging. including customer compatible CAD systems and rapid prototyping. the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions service reflects and surpasses industry requirements from concept to delivery. Direct Line Feed and kitting at our manufacturing units. As the foremost seal supplier to aerospace. we contribute our outstanding expertise from the initial stages of aircraft development though to final build and on-going aftermarket support. such as Wills Rings®.

Aero engine and airframe sealing solutions High performance sealing technology Advanced elastomers Ideal for applications with temperatures up to 260 °C (500 °F). these almost universally chemically compatible materials operate effectively in aggressive aerospace applications in extreme temperatures up to 325 °C (617 °F). Isolast® Perfluoroelastomer The ultimate in elastomer sealing. 6 . the Turel® range of aerospace elastomers are engineered for maximum temperature performance and chemical resistance.

Excluder®. up to 260 °C (500 °F). Plus Seal. 7 . air intakes. whether supplied as O-Rings. Specialist grades. custom moulded parts or bonded to metal. Glyd Ring®. as well as. Unique product types specified by the aeroengine designers include AQ Seal®. O-Rings are available to meet all internationally recognized size standards. exceptional chemical compatibility and the power to withstand high pressures and temperature extremes in rotary and linear movement. including fan blade annulus fillers. Fluorosilicones and Fluorocarbons. heat exchangers. having proven superior capabilities in comparative testing within high temperature lubrication systems in aeroengines. VL-Seal™ and Wedgpak®. demonstrating outstanding chemical resistance and operating from an extreme low temperature of -54 °C (-65 °F). fairings and coupling systems. custom dimensions and moulded designs. Double Delta®. These innovative compounds help meet our aims of offering extended service life and exceptional sealing integrity. Our proprietary Turcon® material offers incomparable performance characteristics including friction reduction. EPDMs. Turel® elastomer range For static applications. Hatseal®. abrasion resistance. Advanced Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM). designers can specify seals that meet the challenge of balancing cost effectiveness with performance on all aeroengine applications. Kantseal. Inventive Turcon® Designs Trelleborg Sealing Solutions was the first company to realise the huge potential of PTFE in aerospace sealing applications and pioneered most of the PTFE sealing technology commonly used today. Roto Glyd Ring®. fan cowl and thrust reverser doors. specifically developed for the aerospace industry. which includes Nitriles. Isolast® Perfluoroelastomer Isolast® offers the ultimate in elastomer sealing. Isolast® compounds are virtually inert and demonstrate almost universal chemical compatibility. in our Turel® range of high specification compounds. are ideal for situations when seals encounter elevated temperatures in conjunction with aggressive media. Stepseal®. CX(S) and (D) Seals.Breadth of range Due to the breadth of range offered by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Unique Turcon® products Trelleborg Sealing Solutions was the first company to realise the huge potential of PTFE in aerospace sealing applications and pioneered most of the PTFE sealing technology commonly used today. which operate at continuous temperatures up to 325 °C (617 °F). drive shafts. static situations. T-Seal.

it is capable of providing the same level of system integrity. Wills Rings® for the optimum solution Wills Rings® in O or C cross sections can operate within continuous temperatures from cryogenic up to 850 °C (1560 °F) and are ideal for fire safe sealing.Aero engine and airframe sealing solutions Innovative engineered sealing options Variseal® extreme sealing Field-proven in extreme applications. 8 . whether the Variseal® is only 3 mm or 2.5 m (1/8th inch or 8 feet) in diameter.

Variseal® An extremely important product to the aerospace industry. inventive products and materials allow Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to fulfill the specific performance requirements of the aeroengine designer with cost efficient options. flanges and plates for gases and liquids. 9 .000 psi (10. having been used in the most demanding of aeroengine applications. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides a broad range of custom and standard options based on engineered plastic and metal technologies. These single or multi-lip seals are ideal for use in aeroengine applications where.Unique products and materials Utilizing the latest technologies in metal and Turcon® PTFE sealing. Designed to fit in existing O-Ring grooves. Wills Rings® are available in a variety of metals.000 psi (2.000 bar). appropriate spring material and profile. they demonstrate low friction. They exhibit the ultimate in reliability under extremes of temperature. Variseal® can provide the highest level of system integrity. often being utilized when fire safe sealing is required. ranging from cryogenic to 850 °C (1560 °F) and severe pressures up to 150. Varilip® PDR rotary shaft seal At the leading edge of sealing developments. comprise a Turcon® PTFE sealing lip retained in a crimped or clamped metal case. For static and dynamic applications at high speeds. with the correct selection of Turcon® compound. leading to extended service life. Wills Rings® Wills Rings® are the original metal seals. high performance Varilip® PDR rotary shaft seals. Outstanding. TSS provides rotary shaft seals in custom and standard options based on engineered plastic and metal technologies. custom designed for each application. Variseal® spring energized Turcon® PTFE seals are field-proven in extreme aircraft operating conditions. providing the most effective option for static sealing on connectors. they demonstrate low friction and wear characteristics and offer almost universal chemical compatibility over an extremely wide temperature range. even in the most aggressive and corrosive of chemical media at high temperatures up to 300 °C (570 °F) and pressures of 30. Varilip® PDR At the leading edge of sealing developments.000 bar). O or C cross section with either pressure filled or system pressure activation.

ensuring high quality supply whatever their application. built up layer by layer in individual 3-dimensional tools. are bonded by heating the complete tool and testing at line-side.Aero engine and airframe sealing solutions Technologies matching customer needs Airframes to exacting standards Manufactured to standard or custom profiles. each airframe seal is handfabricated with absolute attention to detail. 10 . the full size of the sealing profile. Unique inflatable technology Inflatable seals.

replicating the increasingly complex geometries of airframe sections of. often from existing tooling are used within the engine. wings. each airframe seal is hand-fabricated. Effective fire barrier seals Through material research. leads to maximum service life. hatches and windows. zero defect quality is the objective. This provides products to reduce friction on metal clips and cable carriers for critical areas where sheering may occur. In fact. they offer reliability in service. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed an advanced composite fire seal. A patented ‘splitseal’ option facilitates retrofitting without the need for dismantling other parts of the system. Such tools incorporate heating and pressurisation systems for precise manufacturing control and with testing at line-side. for instance. which are sub-assembled to the metal rotor blade and our unique method of coating glass fiber sleeving with PTFE. to meet customer needs throughout the aircraft. cockpits or doors. This specifies that fire barrier seals must withstand flame temperatures of 1100 °C (2012 °F) for 15 minutes. The use of advanced FEA combined with product qualification programs. which are translated into tooling the full size of the sealing profile. 11 . Complex geometries Trelleborg Sealing Solutions works with major airframe manufacturers to produce advanced inflatable seals from 3-D models. with absolute attention to detail and quality assured through 100% inspection. along with efficiency in assembly and maintenance. Developments meeting industry requirements Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has unrivalled experience within the aerospace industry and this leads to development of innovative products to meet specific requirements. compliant with international standard ISO 2685. such as near to helicopter rotor blades and other areas subject to high vibration.Airframe solutions Manufactured to standard or custom profiles. doors. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions airframe seals. including extensive testing and verification. which specifies seals must withstand flame temperatures of 1100 °C (2012 °F) for 15 minutes. Focusing on aerodynamic efficiency. Two examples are rotor blade filler seals. some withstanding the temperature for 30 minutes. structural gaps. Superior fire sealing Trelleborg Sealing Solutions advanced fire seals are proven to exceed international standard ISO 2685. tests have shown that these seals are capable of exceeding this requirement.

superior miniature sealing aiding design of smaller and lighter aerospace components.Aero engine and airframe sealing solutions Development partnerships optimise applications Miniature Turcon® Variseal® Whatever their size. 12 . Turcon® Variseal® demonstrate the same performance characteristics. Turcon® Varilip® PDR Examination for leaked media between the two lips of Turcon® Varilip® PDR rotary shaft seal. is a failsafe devise to highlight any seal deterioration in a critical application.

demonstrates all the same performance characteristics of larger designs and meeting strict delivery and quality criteria. Innovative manufacturing reduces friction Fuel pipes. 13 . Expert solution maximizes fuel efficiency Through partnerships with aeroengine manufacturers. components are becoming smaller and lighter and therefore the requirement for miniature sealing is increasing. annulus filler seals improve aeroengine fuel efficiency. Wear was found on these copper fuel pipes caused by the harder metal of the stainless steel clips that held them in place. a second lip excluded media from the system in the unlikely event of seal leakage passed the first and as a failsafe. helically wrapped around aircraft engines. are subjected to significant friction. effectively reduced friction and wear. to house the clips in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions PTFE glass braided sleeving. PTFE coated glass braided sleeving effectively reduced wear caused by friction of stainless steel clips on the fuel pipes of aircraft engines. a potential fire hazard.Trelleborg Sealing Solutions works with aerospace customers in development partnerships. For absolute sealing integrity. Annulus filler seals Constructed from silicone elastomer with fabric reinforcement. PTFE coated glass braided sleeving A proprietary method of manufacture. are supplied in individual blister packs. Custom designed. they incorporate silicone elastomers in conjunction with fabrics and either metallic or carbon composites. through improved engine efficiency and lower operating costs. extending the life of the fuel pipes. examination for leaked media between the two lips highlights any seal deterioration. Turcon® Varilip® PDR rotary shaft seal was chosen for a critical aeroengine application. Inventive failsafe leak detection As it offered required resistance to extreme temperatures and chemical media at high speeds. identifying the best sealing option for specific applications from a broad choice of materials and seal profiles. At only 12 millimeters (1/2 inch). The solution. Superior miniature sealing To maximise aeroengine fuel efficiency. The use of these has resulted in competitive advantage. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed an expertise in the manufacture of annulus filler seals. an important element in reducing overall operating costs. a tiny Turcon® Variseal® proposed for an electrical connection on an engine.

14 .Aero engine and airframe sealing solutions Total .Sealing technology Extensive test facilities Strategically positioned materials development laboratories and fully resourced design and application centres. Innovative material development Developing and formulating materials inhouse and engaging in on-going programs of development. we are also skilled in the field of applied materials technology. continuously deliver innovative sealing solutions.

manufactures and markets safety-critical polymer-based precision seals and associated systems. Facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2000. Innovation .Total . fully customer-compatible CAD systems and leading edge Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This includes project management of design. 8 strategically positioned materials and development laboratories and fully resourced design and application centers. production. one which has provided solutions that feature in virtually every application conceivable within the aerospace.A worldwide presence Globally servicing. industrial. Working in close cooperation with worldwide partners. prototyping. Superior logistics support We invested in an advanced logistical support system. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has acquired significant skills in the field of applied materials technology. durable solutions.Sealing technology Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a major international sealing force.Our proven capabilities With over 50-years experience in development and application of sealing systems. We are one of the world's foremost experts in polymer sealing technology. which includes over 2. Global . which effectively delivers products to our customers worldwide from central warehouses in Europe and the Americas.1. we are engaged in on-going programs of material and product development. and automotive industries. uniquely placed to offer a dedicated design and development service for sealing arrangements. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops. supporting and supplying our customers.To customers' needs long-term The aim of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is to facilitate customers in the achievement of cost effective. with many manufacturing sites also working to QS9000 and VDA 6. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has an international network of over 70 facilities worldwide including more than 20 manufacturing sites. from our market leading product and material portfolio. Expertise . Trelleborg Sealing Solutions engineering personnel contribute their knowledge of this specialized technology directly to customers. test and installation using state-of-the-art design tools. 15 . utilizing latest technologies and the resource of our material database. Commitment .000 proprietary compounds.In materials and supply Developing and formulating our materials in-house.

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