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by Joseph B. St. John







March 21, 2012



Everything Matters
In a world where it's okay to slander the poor and the "innocent, until proven guilty, the question remains: why does the government get a free pass? ere are no mug shots of the corporate/government ocials who steal from the taxpayers and neglect their duties as public servants. ere are no "Most Wanted" pictures of government ocials who run up debt, then run out of town, leaving you, the tax payer, holding the bills. Nope, but have your girlfriend call the PD on you and you're on the front page of the paper, bent over "the ol' squad car", with that "I am not having a good day" look on your face. And, that it is the state of media in "THE USA TODAY" (all due respect to Hank, Jr.) We are tantalized by the "public stockade" mentality that beats down the poor, the disenfranchised and the unfortunate. We love to shame the underprivileged. It makes us feel better about ourselves. But, what about the government - those people who are elected and hired to protect, serve and answer to the community? ey should have an active watchdog on them, every day. No questions asked. And, the media plays that role, every day. It is the only reason that the media exists. Plain and simple. No other reason! We are the "Watchdogs." e community owes it to themselves to stand up and be counted. ere should be a "no B.S." directive toward the government, from the media and citizens. No holds barred. We, the media, are not, never should be, and never will be a friend of the government. Almost every important "newsmaker" in our community, in one way or another, makes their living o the taxpayers sweat. So, none of them are doing anyone a favor, when they do their job. As a matter of fact, it should be expected. e City of Columbus has either ocially or unocially enacted a "don't talk to the media" mantra to their employees. at's okay, McQueen and Smith. e Real Story has three words for both of you - Open Records Request - and you have seven business days in which to respond. And, oh by the way, lie about or withhold anything requested in that paperwork and we will be at the Attorney Generals oce quicker than you can say, "Who, me? What do I know about paving parking lots?" Game time is over. e reality is e Real Story is no longer on the Columbus Police Departments Public Information Ocer list. We have not been sent anything from the department in a few weeks. e paper will live. e walls still talk. So, Columbus public ocials - don't get your feelings hurt when we don't call you first, before we do a story. At e Real Story, the tail doesn't wag the dog. We will write the story, regardless. However, the question will always remain, "Should you trust your local government?" Woodrow Wilson said, Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. e history of liberty is a history of resistance." It may sound extreme, but we should not let local government move forward, without its every move being questioned. It is not okay to relax and let everything be. We have a school system and a city that are in financial crisis, and we have to hold people accountable and keep people's feet to the fire to correct the problem. We also need to support the people who have to make the tough decisions and make their organizations fiscally sound. You can't work toward financial stability and not have to make tough choices. In both the City of Columbus and the CMSD, the checks are due. Now, it's time to pay the piper. e School district is trying. Let's see what happens at this year's City budget planning meeting. It should be interesting. In the end, the government works for its citizens, but somehow many leaders forget this concept and think they are above the citizens and, in some cases, above the law. At e Real Story, we have made the commitment to stay true to the cause of watching the leaders. An incompetent elected leader is as dangerous to you as a petty crook. Using your position for personal benefit is as illegal as being a crack dealer. Let's show the same consistency in worrying about our leaders, as we do some minor thief. I know we are, at e Real Story. As the great Bob Dylan sang, "Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king." Joseph B. St. John Mr. MoJo Rising










Woodrow Wilson said, Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance.












Every organization that you read about daily - whether it is e LINK, the County, the City of Columbus, the CCVB, CMSD and all the other organizations are funded by taxpayers money. ese organizations have a legal obligation to share how they spend taxpayers money. ey are not being nice or polite, if they share this information. In fairness, the County does seem to have a more open policy and meetings are run more eciently. ere are usually several meetings aer the ocial meeting to clear up issues with the media and citizens. And, this adds an additional amount of order to the gathering.






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Chief MoJo, Ive been busting at the seams wanting to say something, but I was concerned about how you would take it. You being a former chief of police and most everyone knowing your experience with the city, I know I wasnt the only person who wondered, once you announced your intention to pursue another path (into journalism), how you would handle the two most important topics in the city at this time; crime and politics. It was said to me many times that you would hesitate on both, based on events of the past. If you went too easy on the subjects, you wouldnt be considered an eective journalist and couldnt sell the product of your eorts. If you looked to be too harsh on either, the tired old song of sour grapes would rain down. I have heard that one, many, many times when I have commented on local politics.

limit your expression of what you know and what you feel. Im interested and I know others are as well. Youre in a dierent arena now. ere is absolutely no way you can avoid oending somebody with every edition, every article and every opinion. Just no way, so stop worrying about it. If I think I can say something tech-related that might enlighten or help someone, I will do it and those who read it will either be interested enough to check it out or not care for it (or me) and dismiss it. at is on them. Just say it like you know it and feel it and let the reader sort it out for themselves what they are going to do with it. In other words, youre a journalist now, dont hold back. Just my humble opinion. -om Geiger I have great concern that the Lowndes County School Board is going to support the unconstitutional law allowing prayer in schools. Indeed, the School Board was addressing the topic of prayer, and the Boards support of the unconstitutional law that is working its way through the Legislature, in Jackson, and is, so far, un-named. It is going to be called either the Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act (RVADA) or the Schoolchildrens Religious Liberties Act (SRLA). Whatever they call it, it is illegal. is topic dominated the other "im-

portant" issue addressed during the meeting - the New Curriculum. Reported by the Commercial Dispatch in their Saturday, March 10, 2012 edition as other news, this little New Curriculum matter was intended to pay lip service to promoting a nationwide educational standard. Elementary Coordinator Dr. Robin Ballard, was quoted as saying this New Curriculum concept would aect every principal, every child, every parent, every room. Dr. Ballard sounds like a dedicated soldier for the County schools, and must have tapped her foot mightily to play second fiddle to the religious agenda of this board. is is the sort of legislative soap box-shouting these elected ocials must engage in to be re-elected. Who wants an anti-God school board member? Damn the torpedoes, and the First Amendment to the Constitution (and any child who may worship another God), lets cram Christianity down their throats at school (or ostracize/bully them into it). School Board President Jane Kilgore says I think thats a great idea. God needs to be brought back into the schools. ese so-called free prayer laws are designed to do just that, and any elected Board member must agree, or face life o of the Board. (ere was one abstention in this 4-0 decision - the lone abstention called by name). When will our school ocials put education first? When will Mississip-

pians realize that our forefathers and immigrants today came/come from diverse socio-economic and religious backgrounds? Indias population is projected to overtake Chinas, soon. In this digital age, with a world that gets smaller every day, it seems like our educators would promote an education for all of our citizens, and leave the religion for the families to enjoy, on whatever religious day their religion desires. Such myopic thought as the likes of RVADA/SRLA imperils the very children the board is charged with educating and promotes the bigoted agenda of our elected ocials. - A Very Concerned Citizen Why is it that we hear, every day, that yet another convicted criminal, even the Mayor's son, is allowed on the streets of Columbus and in possession of a deadly weapon? And, why did the Chief not tell a local media outlet (e Commercial Dispatch)? Would a child of an ordinary citizen get such treatment? Or, is this special treatment? In regard to the bomb threats at Columbus High School, can anyone else see that the main problem is kids with cell phones at the school? No child needs a cell phone or iPod at school. ey are there to learn. Period! Administrators put up with way too much from the students. - Jim Dierking

March 21, 2012


Until and unless crime is no longer a significant problem in our community, crime will be a front and center public concern. Chief, I really dont know how god a journalist you are, and I doubt you are you are that familiar with the ins and outs of southern politics, but chief, you are a highly trained law enforcement professional. Your opinion and critique of the nuts and bolts of how our local LE process is functioning can be both enlightening and informative, from a former insiders knowledgeable viewpoint. Make use of that and dont listen to the voices, internal or external, trying to

e Beauty of Spring

Ahhspring in Columbus, Mississippicould there be anything as good for the soul as stepping out of ones door, into the cool morning sunshine of the coming day, thick with flowering scents and the pastel colors of March? Pilgrimage is around the corner, crappie fishermen are holding spring tournaments, and visitors are flocking to our town, in search of discovery and diversion from routine. Dogwoods, azaleas, and redbuds brilliant purple stand out against the clear blue sky. Renewal is everywhere; even dandelions are welcome, popping through the winter soil and reflecting the hues of the sun. All around us, our environment is bursting forth, given as a gi, a visual delight. But wait.whats that eyesore? Ill pretend that I didnt see it; yeah, ignore it! Maybe my visitor didnt see it I can only hope. What an embarrassment on our streets. Its as bad as an unclean toilet in my house. A negative reflection on us all. Everyone knows that an unsightly mess in the corner cancels a houseful of charm, and has a more lasting impact. is is our home. ere is so much ugliness in life that we have no control over-- politics, world aairs, disasters, famine, drought and war-- but we do have control over the environment where we live. We spend a lot of money and eort in Columbus, trying to make it

Courtesy Photo

Litter along Lincoln Road.


Courtesy Photo

Pond on Wilkins-Wise Road.

an attractive and welcoming place, a place we can be proud of and enjoy. But what some of us strive for, others squander and despoil. Why? Whats the point? Is it carelessness, ignorance, stupidity, laziness or just a disregard for others and the natural See SPRING Pg. 5


Enemies of the State

I tried, folks. I tried really hard to take pause, this week, and focus on lighter subjects. I even started another o-topic article that was going to poke fun at silly inventions and gadgets. is tangent from politics included things as the Kitty Wig and the Motorized Ice Cream Cone. But, no longer. I leave you for seven days and you let the government take away your right to protest, the right to complain, the right to confront them on their own grounds and voice our opinion and concerns. I've voiced my concerns about Rep. Lamar Smith. Well, there's another bastard in town, and he's been charged with the removal of due process and the continued eorts of silencing the voice of the people. Who's this? His name is omas J. Rooney of Florida. e most recent act of tyranny proposed by Rooney is H.R. 347, or Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (FRB). Unlike the snake-in-the-grass approach of our esteemed Mr. Smith, Rooney likes to be short and sweet. He doesn't mince words, he doesn't mash several ideas into one bill, and he certainly doesn't advertise his apparent intentions. H.R. 347 removes the right of the people to protest, and it directly attacks part of the reason for the right to bear arms to exist. FRB, if it passes and is enacted, will make it illegal to "knowingly [enter or remain] in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority to do so". Trying to stay positive, perhaps Mr. Rooney thinks we are all vampires and that we shouldn't be allowed into his house without being invited. Perhaps he thinks we're going to drink his blood, if we rally in Washington, D.C. against his will and the will of tyrants. Perhaps he's crazy. Perhaps he's exercising a subversive form of legislative terrorism. You be the judge. Let's hear the voice of the people. But H.R. 347 doesn't stop, there. FRB attempts to punish, for up to ten years and, possibly, a fine, anyone who attempts to "impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or ocial functions." Notice that while FRB's very name refers to the federal government, this second statement does nothing to distinguish between federal. state, or local governments. is is because this is intended to be a nationwide edict. e name is a red herring. Moreover, FRB creates a terrible synergy with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that went into eect on March 1st and Rooney's HR 388, Detainee Trials at Gitmo Act (DTGA). On the basis


March 21, 2012

that poor and vague wording of NDAA allows for interpretations and otherwise false reports of terrorist activity, anyone protesting our legislature in Washington can now be shipped o to Guantanamo Bay, without due process, on the grounds that such disruption is indicative of terrorist activity.

We're all just so sorry, Mr. Rooney; if the voice of the people is such a terrible inconvenience for you and your buddies who voted 383-3 in favor of this stinker of a bill. But, we have a history of being stubborn and loud. It's called democracy. You should try it sometime, Mr. Rooney. I remind you, Mr. Rooney, that aer the draing of the U.S. Constitution by the Continental Congress, Benjamin Franklin was asked

See ENEMY Pg. 5



A Truly Relaxing Experience

Pam Lewis very first painting. Rachel Richardson paints.


March 21, 2012


Photo by Shelly Harper

The artists display their finished paintings.

Kayla Dobbs teaches the class.

is past ursday night I was invited to A Taste of Art Studio, located at e Shops at Brickerton. Owner Shelly Harper welcomed me into the Art Studio and gave me a personal tour. As I was touring the studio, I asked Shelly what made her decide to open A Taste of Art Studio in November of 2011, and she told me that she was a former art teacher, here in Columbus. She wanted the people who live here to have something to experience and she also believes that everyone has artistic ability within them. I learned that, in addition to the regular adult classes, A Taste of Art Studio also oers teen classes, and can be booked for corporate and birthday parties.

Kaitlan Downs and Derek Harper.

Aer I sat down at an easel, Shelly introduced me and the other students to instructor Kayla Dobb, who was going to teach the painting class, that evening. Kayla started o by telling us that this wasnt as hard as it looked. She instructed us to look at the canvas in front of us, and to notice that it was a blank canvas with a pencil sketch of a margarita glass on it. She indicated that, by the end of the two-hour class, we would have a finished painting. I picked up my brush and, since this was my first time doing this, I found it hard to believe that I could accomplish this in just two hours. As the time progressed, I was amazed at what I had done. e painting was coming together and it looked very similar to those done by the people sitting on either side of me. By the end of the class,

Kathy Cox works on her margarita glass.

I had a finished work of art that I could display proudly in my home. I would highly recommend that everyone experience A Taste of Art Studio. For more information or to sign up for a class, please visit their website @

Christy Tracey Christy is a wife and mother of four children and wants to capture Columbus one photo at a time.

ENEMY cont. from pg. 4

SPRING cont. from pg. 3

world that would explain such callous treatment for ones surroundings? My mother told me that there is no shame in being poor, but there is shame in being a slob. Look around, Lowndes County. Rich or poor, we are slobs. Litter is ubiquitous. Now, in the spring, before the grasses grow tall along our highways and hide last years refuse, it is evident everywhere I look. I walk through my neighborhood and pick up litter, stagnant in front of neighbors homes for weeks, until I get my collection bag out. How deep would it get if I overlooked it? Like cancer, it worsens if something is not done, yet nobody seems to care. Too busy, I guess. Businesses are carelessly surrounded by the litter of the products that they sold. Every road I drive is lined with litter. As a kayaker on our rivers, lakes and tributaries, I have yet to launch my small boat without having to shove plastic bottles, cans or even rotting carcasses, aside. Once on the water, there is trash everywhere - from tires,

by a woman, "What kind of government do we have?". Benjamin Franklin looked at the old woman and said, "A Republic, if you can keep it." Did you ever ask yourself why we started out as a Republic? Here, I'll outline the basic idea for you: people and law matter. Le to their own devices, they exist in harmony, though it may not appear that way at all times. When we begin to devalue one in favor of the other, or introduce a third element that devalues either entity, then the system fails. I guess your plan is working, in that case. Well, Mr. Rooney and Mr. Smith, I have my eyes on you, and if I'm going to Guantanamo Bay, then you are going to Hell. But then again, what's the dierence?

Wetlands near a local business.

Courtesy Photo

plastic and paper detritus to metal tanks, barrels and rusting washing machines. Our euent is seen even in protected backwaters and estuaries - snagged in deadfall, See SPRING Pg. 6


Invino Veritas Attempting to make sense of his universe, Invino Veritas bubbles outward from the chaos, sometimes submitting to its infinite whirl, and other times raging against its disregard for its own elements. His writings incorporate multiple styles and energies which can be found on his own blog of random things at


From the Citizen is a column that will appear, periodically, in the print edition of e Real Story, and will feature commentary from members of the community, and from both ends of the political spectrum. Individuals who are interested in submitting commentary for this column should write to

Why is Obama spending big money for attack ads on Newt Gingrich and Sara Palin? I think he knows that they are the ones who have large bold ideas, with plans on how to implement them in order to get the USA back on track, and who have solid solutions to problems that have been put in place by his (Obama's) administration's policies. He knows a Gingrich nomination would upset his apple cart, big time. e good ol boy establishments in both parties are obviously afraid of Newt, too, and do not want him ever coming back to DC, again. ey remember how eective he was before, by making them actually balance a budget, and you know how most of them love to borrow and spend. ey remember how he kept his promise, by fulfilling the first "Contract with America", and they know he has a new one for the 21st Century that they will have to work on, when he comes back as President. Now, that will upset a whole bunch of apple carts in DC, but will be good for the USA. e vote held on Tuesday of last week was living proof that we, the people for Newt, were stronger than big money and lies against him. It plainly upset some apple carts in MS. Let me say that I am proud to be a resident of Lowndes County, because Newt

was the winner here, which shows we have some very smart people living here, don't you agree? I think Romney's campaign was the biggest cart turned upside down in MS, and in Alabama, too. Even aer spending millions of dollars on false, misleading, negative ads and robo-calls against Newt, and being endorsed by the MS Governor, Lt. Governor and Sec. of State, Romney still lost to Mr. Newt in MS and in Ala too. Santorum was spending some money on negative stu about Newt, too; plus, many folks who normally vote for Democrats crossed over and voted for Rick, but then will vote for Obama in November, just like some did in other states, this year, because they want Obama to have it easy in his attempt for a second term, by wiping the floor with Santorum in the debates. It would be a cinch for Obama to do the same with Romney, too, because they are not very far apart on some of the issues. I haven't seen any ads of Obama attacking Santorum, because he doesn't fear him or Romney. Evidently, he does fear Newt; especially Newt's energy plan that will take us back to low gas prices, $1.75-$2.50 per gallon in his first year in the White House versus prices going up as high as $10.00 per gallon, during a second term with Obama. Now, if I

was Obama, I'd be shaking in my sneakers even at the thought of having to face Mr. Newt in seven 3hour Lincoln/Douglas-style debates, and I'm thinking that might be exactly what's on his mind. us, attack ads, already, against the undaunted Speaker.

March 21, 2012

Now, that's a good sign, folks; meaning Newt Gingrich is the best man to be our, we, the people's President. He is smarter than the whole bunch of them put together; so, be strong, Newt supporters, and keep up the good fight. Newt has a plan and a God-given vision for the USA, to get us back on track and lead us to prosperity in the 21st Century.


e 1st half isn't even over yet, and Newt is positioned just right for the second half of the Primary elections. We'll let Mitt and Rick continue to butt heads, while Newt continues to reveal the massive separation and dierence between him and Obama, all the way to the convention in Tampa, where Newt will become our Nominee.

Raymond Gross

SPRING cont. from pg. 5

washed onto the shoreline or floating downstream on the current. It never ceases to amaze me how much garbage is discarded and remains forever in our local watersamong our pristine wildlife. Sad, really, to see natures abundance - deer, possum, beaver, nutria, egrets, herons, white pelicans, grebes, ducks, turtles and fish - all living, nesting and feeding in our filth and floating garbage. Much of it was washed into gutters, only to end in the wild. is is supposed to be a sanctuary, not a sewer. ey dont deserve to live like this; it is a violation of their natural state. e situation Laird Bagnall worsens as the litter piles up, year aer Laird Bagnall is a military retiree since year aer year. 1993 and a Columbus resident since 1995. Maybe there are more important He is a 2002 MUW graduate, with a things to worry about; all kinds of degree in Fine Arts. His interests include: problems facing society, but this par- visual and performance arts, photography, ticular problem seems elemental to biking, travel, kayaking, camping and me. If we arent able to prevent somenational politics.

thing as simple as trashing our natural environment, what hope is there for dealing with more complex, societal problems? Start locally. Pick it up; even if you didnt put it there, its yours now - in your neighborhood and town - a community blight in your backyard. Mississippi is the worst Ive seen for litter; maybe its a question of respect for ourselves and where we live - I dont know. What I do know is that we can do better than this embarrassing display. I love what Mississippi has to oer us all, but it hurts me to the core to see our dirty, discarded laundry hung out along our pathways. As my Mom told me, there is just no excuse for being a slob.

The Cheesy, Cheesy, Cheesiest Artichoke Dip

Ingredients 2 (14 ounce) cans artichoke hearts, drained 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 cup mayonnaise 1 teaspoon dried parsley


Prep Time: 10 Min Cook Time: 40 Min

Ready In: 50 Min Servings: 6 to 8

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Drain the artichokes, squeeze the juice out of them, pull them apart and place in a 1-quart casserole dish. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese and mayonnaise. Pour this mixture into the casserole and mix well until the artichoke hearts are mixed in well. Sprinkle the parsley over the top. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 40 minutes, or until the dip is brown on top

Website Poll Results from March 16, 2012

Q: Do you plan to attend any Spring Pilgrimage events, later this month?
Yes 40% No 40% Not Sure 20%



Safety Tips
Tips for Staying Safe at Work
Keep your purse, wallet, keys, or other valuables with you at all times or locked in a drawer or closet. Check the identity of any strangers who are in your oce. If anyone makes you uncomfortable, inform security or management, immediately. Dont stay late if youll be alone in the oce. Create a buddy system for walking to parking lots or public transportation aer hours, or ask a security guard to escort you. Report any broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors, broken windows, and doors that dont lock properly. If you notice signs of potential violence in a fellow employee, report your concerns to the appropriate person. Immediately report any incidents of sexual harassment. Know your companys emergency plan. If your company does not have such a plan, volunteer to help develop one. If the company does not supply an emergency kit, keep your own emergency supplies (flashlight, walking shoes, water bottle, nonperishable food, etc.) in a desk drawer. If you work at home, in addition to making your home safe and secure, you should hang window treatments that obstruct the view into your oce. You dont want to advertise your expensive oce equipment. Review your insurance policyalmost all policies require an extra rider to cover a home oce. Mark your equipment with identification numbers, and keep an updated inventory list (with photos, if possible) in a home safe or a bank safe-deposit box. Its a good idea to keep backups of your work in a secure, separate location as well. Exercise the same caution with deliveries and pickups that businesses do. Anyone making a delivery to your home oce should be properly identified before you open the door. Do not let the person enter your home. If you own the company, take a hard look at your businessphysical layout, employees, hiring practices, operating procedures, and special security risks. Assess the companys vulnerability to all kinds of crime, from burglary to embezzlement. Follow basic crime prevention principles, and work with local law enforcement to protect your business.


When is that scheduled for?

In order for us to undertake a project of this magnitude, and be as successful as we are committed to being, we are going to need your help. Do you serve on the sta, board, or a committee for a local organization? Is your company sponsoring an event to raise funds for a particular cause? Does your favorite sports team have a game, coming up? Well then, crack those knuckles, loosen up your fingers, and send that information to us! Paired with this new calendar will be a user-friendly form, which you can use to provide us with all of the information that we need to spread the word. Now, as always, we reserve the right to edit or reject any information, due to space considerations or for any other reason. Still, we believe that our calendar is going to be the #1, go-to source for whats happening in northeast Mississippi!

Over that past few years, I have received that response (or a similar refrain) countless times, upon asking a friend or colleague whether they will be attending this-or-that event. It always amazes me, because the event in question, usually, has been promoted on TV, radio, in newspapers, and on the internet.

March 21, 2012

is conundrum has prompted us, at e Real Story, to do something about it! In the next few days, we will be launching a dynamic, interactive, comprehensive calendar on our website.


We are going to call it Do662* be, cause it will be the source to turn to, when you want to know what there is to do in northeast Mississippi.

I t will include information on events and activities of all kinds: sports, educational, civic, recreation and, oh yes, arts and culture. (You didnt think that we would neglect loyal readers of Culturally Speaking, did you?)

Get out and get your culture on!

*e name Do662 has been graciously loaned to us by a friend of e Real Story.

Readers of e Real Story are going to be amazed at the number of activities taking place in our area. Why, on any given day, there is the distinct possibility that you will have to make some dicult choices, because there are multiple events that are scheduled at the same time.

Special to e Real Story Special to e Real Story

Beneke Magnolia, Inc. Acquires Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc.

ecutive ocer of Beneke Magnolia, Inc. e company currently employs more than 400 people at its Columbus location. e purchase of SPPI will allow for the continued operation of the company and Beneke Magnolia, Inc. will retain SPPIs current infrastructure and location. e acquisition was accomplished through the assistance of the Columbus Lowndes Development Link and Mississippi Development Authority. We feel that these jobs and this facility are invaluable to Columbus, Lowndes County and the State of Mississippi, and we look forward to growing and expanding our business, said Tom Whitaker, chief exBeneke Magnolia, Inc. is a full line manufacturer of toilet seats, producing molded wood, injection molded solid plastic, aircra, healthcare, manufactured home, OEM and so vinyl toilet seats. Beneke Magnolia, Inc. toilet seats are sold worldwide. e company was the exclusive supplier of toilet seats to the NASA Space Shuttle Program.

Beneke Magnolia, Inc., announced Friday, March 16, 2012, that it has acquired Sanderson Plumbing Products, Incorporated (SPPI). SPPI is the oldest manufacturer of toilet seats, starting in 1893, when it was located in Chicago and operated under the name Findeisen-Kropf Manufacturing Company. Henry Beneke Sr., purchased the company in 1939, and moved Beneke Manufacturing Company to Columbus, Mississippi, where it has been in continuous operation for more than 119 years. Beneke Corporation merged with Beatrice Foods Company in 1969. Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc. acquired Beneke Corporation, a division of Beatrice Foods Company in 1983.

Special to e Real Story


March 21, 2012


Mt. Zion Church Oers Hand to Feed the Homeless

Chefs Lisa Martin and Terry Lile

The Mt. Zion Church Group at Loaves & Fishes, this past Thursday.


On the third ursday of each month, a local church oers a hand in feeding the homeless at the Loaves & Fish building. Ms. Dawkins, a member of Mt. Zion church, issued a personal invitation for us to join them for lunch. When we arrived, we were greeted by the smiling faces and warm hearts of truly Christian people, who wanted to make a dierence. I noticed Lisa Martin wiping tables o and getting them ready for the next person to sit down and eat. As she did this, I asked her what she received from donating her time to the people and she explained is is a way for our church to

oer a hand and its a true blessing to know that you have helped others. She and Terry Lile plan the monthly feeding of the homeless. I learned that Terry Lile does all the cooking of the food that they oer. is is a group eort, she stated. Lisa and Ms. Dawkins want to thank everyone that is involved in making this happen. If you would like to donate, or for more info, visit

Christy Tracey

Several folks got to enjoy a hot meal.

Elton McCray, Daryel Lavender, and John Barksdale

The Real Story sta sit down to enjoy a meal together.

Annie Hicks

Mary Roby, Jimmy Roby, and Jakhyila Shinn

ALWAYS THE TRUTH...NO compromise

Carl Brewer and Mary Harris

American Wind Symphony Students Learn the Value of a Dollar Orchestra to Visit Columbus
On ursday, March 15th, I observed Beyonce McCray holding a white sign on the side of Alabama Street, inviting me in to have my car washed. When I pulled in and spoke to Loretta Tucker, the owner of Tuckers Play & Learn Preschool, she explained to me that these students were hosting a carwash to raises money for numerous summer trips. is is a way for the students to earn the money, themselves, instead of their parents having to come up with the funds for the activities, and so they can learn some responsibility, at the same time. Tommy Williams, Pastor of Bibleway Church on Military Road, was also on hand to oer assistance with the carwash.


Beyonce McCray holds a Carwash sign as she shouts, CARWASH. She hopes to earn money for summer trips.

March 21, 2012

Courtesy Photos Graule Studios

Lets take a look into the future, here in Columbus. Its late June of 2012. You are sitting in your own lawn chair or reclining on a so blanket, on the East Bank of the John C. Stennis Lock and Dam, at the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway, in Lowndes County. You and thousands of other music lovers are bathed in the strains of Mozarts Grand Serenade, as you breathe in the fresh night air.

Counterpoint II, which has served as the groups venue since 1976. e barge is outfitted with a 75-foot wide stage, the roof of which is raised by hydraulic lis at performance time. e musicians are arrayed in a series of stainless steel sculptured trees, so that all of them are visible to the audience. Even the percussionists perform right out front, with their gleaming batteries of timpani, drums, mallet instruments, chimes and bells. e orchestra will be performing classical works, Broadway medleys, newly-commissioned works, and even Sousa marches. Robert Austin Boudreau, who grew up in Massachusetts, is the maestro of the orchestra, and has been with the company since the early days of its 53-year existence. Orchestra members will be staying in the homes of local families during their four-day stay in Columbus. Sponsorships for businesses and individuals are available, with patrons being invited to tour the vessels art galleries, as well as attend an onboard reception. For more information on the concert or sponsorships, call Agnes Zaiontz, Business Manager for the Tenn-Tom Waterway Association and one of the committee members for the Orchestras visit, at 662-328-8936.


Beyonce McCrary, Lauretta Tucker, and Toriana Savors.

Is this a dream? An elaborate fantasy, perhaps? e answer is, its neither.

You really are experiencing the magnificent sounds of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, which is performing aboard a speciallydesigned barge, complete with a music shell, and which is moored at the waters edge.

The group from Tuckers Play and Learn carwash.

Tuckers Play & Learn would like to extend a thank you to everyone who patronized the carwash.

ats right for the first time since 2002, this internationally-renowned orchestra returns to Columbus on June 20th, to delight the community with a series of workshops at local schools, mini public chamber concerts, and a gala public performance of the full orchestra on June 23rd.

Christy Tracey

e vessel upon which the 45-member orchestra will be performing is the 195-foot-long Point

Special to e Real Story

Website Poll Results from March 15, 2012

Q: How concerned are you about crime in Columbus? Very 93% Somewhat 7% Not at All - 0%




Character and Moral Values:

David Brooks, in the New York Times, has written an article on James Q. Wilson, the social scientist and political theorist on whom I have commented recently in another article, entitled Moral Sense. Wilson was so influential a thinker, and ahead of his time in understanding the nature of character in society, that I thought I would cite this article by Brooks and oer some commentary. When Wilson began looking at social policy at the University of Redlands, the University of Chicago and Harvard, most people did not pay much attention to character. The Marxists looked at material forces. Darwinians, at the time, treated people as isolated products of competition. Policy makers of right and left thought about how to rearrange economic incentives. Wilson worked within this tradition. But during the 1960s and 70s, he noticed that the nations problems could not be understood by looking at incentives. Schools were expanding, but James Coleman found that the key to education success was the relationships at home and in the neighborhood. Income transfers to the poor increased, but poor neighborhoods did not improve; instead, families disintegrated. The economy boomed and factory jobs opened up, but crime rates skyrocketed. Every generation has an incentive to spend on itself, but none ran up huge deficits, until the current one. Some sort of moral norms prevented them. At root, Wilson wrote in 1985 in The Public Interest, in almost every area of important concern, we are seeking to induce persons to act virtuously, whether as schoolchildren, applicants for public assistance, would-be-lawbreakers or voters and public ocials. What Wilson wrote is even truer today, than ever. While most policymakers still assume that social problems can be best addressed from outside the community i.e. social or educational programs few are willing to recognize that the root cause of the dysfunction in many communities is the lack of adherence to majority norms. ese norms, as I have written before, have been common to successful human society for millennia a strong social order built on mutual respect. ere is no way for a society or community or the individuals within it to progress, if it is characterized by lack of respect, aggressive individualism, and lack of a moral compass. In todays troubled neighborhoods, too few religious or secular leaders are willing to condemn anti-social behavior and to identify the roots of community regression and failure as coming from within, not from without. ere is only so much that schools and other public institutions or wellmeaning remedial programs can do, if the basic values of discipline, hard work, respect, aspiration, honesty, and duty are absent. It is as if it were a mark of sophistication for us to shun the language of morality in discussing the problems of mankind, Wilson recalled in his earlier days; and was surprised at the label his colleagues gave him: When Wilson started talking about character, he was surprised that many in the academy regarded him as an archconservative. Why should character be conservative? I, too, have wondered at the thunder from the Le when I raise this issue. Part of the criticism comes from those who believe in a social determinism people are poor because of a dysfunction in the larger society rather than within their own communities or within themselves; black inner-city neighborhoods are dysfunctional because of persistent racism. ere is no doubt, however, that exogenous factors play a role. I have spent the greater part of the last ten years visiting the South and reading Southern history, to try to understand the roots of racism and how the legacy of slavery persists today. ere is no doubt that the Civil Rights and Voting Acts and the vigorous eorts of federal authority helped to dismantle racism. I also understand that the legacy of slavery deliberately broken homes, the focus on fertility as an economic imperative, the oen brutal rule of white overseers cannot be erased easily; and that slavery really only ended in 1965, not 1865. is does not change my view, nor would it change Wilsons, I imagine. Understanding a legacy is not the same as addressing it with the same instruments over time. Civil legislation had its day. Armative action had its day; but aer almost fiy years of social interventions to remediate the poverty and dysfunction of inner cities, most of which have had little success, it is time to look elsewhere, to look at the problem for what it is today, not what it was yesterday or last year or last cen-

The Foundation for Social Progress

March 21, 2012

tury. At some point, communities must adopt or return to the social norms that have characterized every successful society or civilization in the past.

Character, of course, does not only apply to inner-city neighborhoods. e avarice, unalloyed individualism, and lack of moral sense i.e. a breakdown in character were clearly a factor in the recent Wall Street collapse. How can one explain an Enron, a Bernie Mado, a Lehman Bros., without looking at character? Yes, the federal watchdogs were asleep at the switch. Yes, Wall Street, like good capitalist institutions everywhere, is all about stretching the law to the limit. Yet, there had to have been individuals within these institutions who legitimized or justified their immoral behavior by exclaiming Everybodys doing it or If I didnt do it, someone else would or the more venal Just this once, until I get out of the hole Im in. Wilson lived in an individualistic age, but he emphasized that character was formed in groups. As he wrote in The Moral Sense, his 1993 masterpiece, Order exists because a system of beliefs and sentiments held by members of a society sets limits to what those members can do.


When this set of beliefs is out of synch with the rest of society, problems begin. If a culture of street creds replaces a culture of excellence and no one calls it out for the poverty of its principles there is a problem. If a culture of greed permeates a corporate culture and no one calls it out because it appears to represent the best aggressive spirit of America it is doomed, because we are at heart, as Wilson has said in Moral Sense moral.

Encouraging moral values is not the same as promoting a slavish conformity to social norms. e activists of the Sixties, although they are vilified by the Right, today, were very moral in their convictions about civil rights and the war in Vietnam; and their challenge to a previous social order, which in its Puritanical conservatism restricted thought, feeling, and action, was timely, necessary, and important. ey did not challenge a credo of morality. See FOUNDATION Pg. 19


The History of Columbus Air Force Base



Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

Sign at Columbus Air Force Base entrance.

Cmdt. Col. Louie C. Mallory

Capt. Kaye

Birney Imes, Sr.

A Timeline

All photos courtesy of Carlos Rosales June 1940 - Representatives from Lowndes, Clay, Monroe, Oktibbeha and Noxubee counties form the Prairie Belt Council, with the sole purpose of securing worthwhile projects for the area and supporting the war, at the same time. July 1940 - Civil leaders are working hard to obtain a local airport. Captain Sam Kaye, the city's local WWI flying hero, and Mr. Herman Owen, are the trail blazers.

November 1941 - Base headquarters are established on Highway 45, which, at this time, runs through the base. December 1941 - Fiy buildings had been completed and over 1,700 workers are employed. About 75% of the airfield and 95% of the streets have been graded. e attack on Pearl harbor takes place on December 7th. All work comes to a halt and, the next day, the base is placed on "alert status." Leave is canceled and guards are doubled on-base. Highway 45, which runs through the middle of the base, is permanently closed to through trac. A temporary bypass is constructed and the permanent bypass opens in 1944. January 1942 - e base is ocially named Kaye Field and the base is activated. Eventually, the name of the air field is changed, because of confusion between Kaye Field and Key Field in Meridian. February 1942 - e first training class begins, with about 25 cadets, who have already completed most of their basic training. Kaye Field is an advanced training school. e graduates receive their coveted silver wings as pilots in the US Army Air Corp and their gold bars as Second Lieutenants. August 1945 - Aer the end of the war, the number of personnel continues to decrease and the base is finally placed on "temporary" inactive status. A minimum number of ocers and civilians remain, to keep the base operating. September 1947 - e base's name is ocially changed to Columbus Air Force Base. February 1951 - e base is reactivated, with the onset of e Korean War. April 1955 - Air Training command turns over control of Columbus Air Force Base to the Strategic Air Command (SAC). An extensive building program begins, to prepare the base for its new mission. July 1969 - e base once again becomes a pilot training facility, and the 3650th Training Wing assumes command.

March 21, 2012

Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

The crew of the Memphis Belle.

Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

Col. Mallory and Clark Gable

February 1941 - Citizens from Aberdeen, West Point, Brooksville, Macon, Starkville and Columbus gather in Columbus to organize an association focused on obtaining defense industries. ey send Ed Kuykendall to represent them in Washington D.C., to ask that Columbus be considered for a new air base. ree sites are chosen as possible locations for the air base, and on March 13, 1941 Gen. Walter R. Weaver, Commander of the Army Air Forces Southeast Training Center, Maxwell Field, Alabama, arrives to pre-inspect the three sites. He likes the site located on Highway 45, north of Columbus, but the site is woefully short of the acreage needed for the air base. Later this spring, the citizens of Columbus pass a $100,000 supplemental bond issue and the process of procuring the necessary land begins.

June 1972 - e 3650th Pilot Training Wing is deactivated, and the 14th Flying Training Wing is activated in its place. 1980 - Columbus Air Force Base graduates its first women student pilots. October 1998 - DynCorp Technical Services is hired to provide aircra maintenance at Columbus Air Force Base. Eventually, they begin operating under the name DynCorp International; they continue to handle all of the aircra maintenance, to the present day. Over the years there have been many upgrades in technologies, planes and methods of instruction and CAFB has maintained the highest level of excellence. As you look back over the years you can see how the entire community came together, in a joint eort, to make what is now known as Columbus Air Force Base something to be proud of for each and every citizen in this area.
Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales


Four cadet students

July 1941 - Commandant Col. Louie C. Mallory and his executive ocer, Major Joseph B. Duckworth, arrive with the main body of the Army Engineers to oversee construction. Ground-breaking occurs at this time, and actual construction begins in September.

Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

Airmen with the TB-25

August 1941 - e land that is to become Columbus Air Force Base is leased to the United States for the price of $1 per year.

Fran Andresen Fran is a homemaker who enjoys experimenting and creating tasteful diabetic and kidney-disease-friendly recipes. She is married to John Andresen and likes to crochet in her free time.

September 1941 - e St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad begins work on a railroad spur to transport construction supplies from near Lolola Springs to the air field. e line is completed in November 1941.

Courtesy Photo Carlos Rosales

Motor Pool 1942



ANNIVERSARY cont. from pg.13

"is date was chosen to highlight the first class, 42-C, to graduate at Columbus on March 6, 1942, earning not only their wings of silver, but also their Second Lieutenant bars. All but four of the newly commissioned flying Lieutenants stayed at Columbus to train subsequent classes of student pilots, stated Sonic Johnson, 14th Flying Training Wing, Chief of Public Aairs, in his press release. e keynote speaker, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., reminisces back to a time when he trained at the base, serving in the Air Force from 1976 to 1980. Sen. Wicker also served in the Air Force Reserve from 1980 to 2003, when he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. His fond memories of Columbus Air Force Base brought to mind a time when tales were told of the rigors of training, USO dances and visits to "e Drop-In Hangar." e "Drop In Hangar" was in the basement of one of our local antebellum homes, Whitehall, which, at the time, belonged to Mr. T. C. Billups. He renovated his basement to create a lounge where the cadets could relax and visit with the Billups family. Wing Commander Barre Seguin and Vice Commander Col. Matt Isler, along with Capt. Keith Napolitano, 70th Ball Committee Chairman, as well as others in attendance, made the visit back in time more real by wearing vintage Army Air Corps uniforms and street attire from that time. Carlos and Roberto Rosales have been working on a documentary on the history of Columbus Air Force Base. e guests were privileged to get a sneak peek at the movie. Once completed, the movie will be donated to the Air Force Historian. Once the formal part of the program was completed, the Itawamba Community College Jazz Band played swing and jazz music for the enjoyment of the guests. Looking back over the last 70 years, the history is rich; there is not enough time to give it the attention that it deserves, so we will try to give you a brief description of how Columbus Air Force Base became a vital force in our community. In 1940, Columbus civic leaders, known as e Prairie Belt Council, wanted to secure an airport for our city. Captain Sam Kaye (pronounced "Coy"), the city's WWI flying hero, and Mr. Herman Owen were the two innovators. As the U.S forces were preparing for war, the need for pilots increased greatly. With the national needs changing at a rapid pace, e Prairie Belt Council changed their focus and started to work for a military flying field, as well as a commercial airport for this area. In early 1941, a group of citizens from Columbus and all the surrounding areas met at the Gilmer Inn to form an organization to secure defense industries. Mr. Ed Kuykendall represented the organization in Washington, D.C., asking that Columbus be considered as a site for a new air base. In preparation for an inspection by War Department ocials, there were three sites selected for evaluation. Ralph Webb, Birney Imes, Sr. and Ed Kuykendall were appointed to a subcommittee and contacted General Walter R. Weaver, from Alabama, to visit Columbus and pre-inspect the locations. General Weaver liked the site that was located on Highway 45, but found that this area was woefully inadequate, in terms of size, to meet the needs of a military flying field. e City of Columbus got busy, passing a $100,000 supplemental bond issue, which was used to secure additional parcels of land that were adjacent to the original site. By late summer, this package of land, which was to become known as Columbus Air Force Base, was leased to the United States for $1 a year and construction started soon thereaer. e Commandant, Colonel Louie C. Mallory, and his executive ocer, Major Joseph B. Duckworth, arrived with the first wave of Army Engineers, to oversee the construction. Colonel Mallory set up headquarters in a temporary US Army Corps of Engineers building on Highway 45, which, at the time, ran through the base. e St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad constructed a railroad spur, so that construction supplies could be moved to the air field. As you can see, every aspect of the construction prcoess was a joint eort by the entire community. Fiy buildings had been built and over 1,700 were employed at the site, by the end of 1941. e air field was near completion, and many of the roads had been graded; then the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor occurred, and everything changed. e next day, the air base was put on full alert, through trac was halted (remember, that means Hwy. 45) and all leaves were canceled. e base was running 24 hours a day, and the first class of cadets were due to arrive within a month, so it became necessary to pick a name for the base. e name Kaye Field was chosen, in honor of Captain Sam Kaye; it soon became necessary to change the name to Columbus Army Flying School, to avoid confusion with Key Field in Meridian. e first class to graduate from Kaye Field received their coveted silver wings as pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps and their gold bars as 2nd Lieutenants on March 6, 1942. roughout the years, Columbus Air Force Base has been deactivated and reactivated many times, but always has been on the ready to provide training to pilots who are tops in their field. In late 1998, DynCorp Technical Services assumed maintenance duties for the aircra fleet, an arrangement that continues to this day. As an alternate landing site for NASA's 747, which carries the shuttle orbiter vehicle, Columbus has been utilized 12 times, hosting the Space Shuttles Atlantis, Columbia, Endeavor and Discovery. Continually changing and updating equipment and teaching methods, Columbus Air Force Base continues to be a leading force in pilot training in our country. Ahhh, the Glenn Miller music dris back into my head, and I return to the present day. Mr. Tandy Wilson, 89, a 2nd Lieutenant during WWII who trained at Columbus Air Force Base, reflects back on his assignments during the war and how the training he received saved his life on some of the missions he flew. e lights dim, the music rises and, as the evening draws to a close, couples are dancing with a backdrop of old World War II training planes. We bid Columbus Air Force Base a good night, with promises of future accomplishments and successes. is has been a night of both reflection and celebration. Happy 70th Anniversary to Columbus Air Force Base from the citizens of Columbus and our surrounding areas and, most especially, from the sta of e Real Story Publishing! Editors Note: We want to give a special thank you to e Columbus Air Force Base's Public Aairs Department and to Carlos, Roberto and Chris Rosales for their willingness to share their pictures and help with dates and information. Without these wonderful people there would be very few pictures and the story of Columbus Air Force Base would not have been nearly as interesting.


March 21, 2012


Fran Andresen Fran is a homemaker who enjoys experimenting and creating tasteful diabetic and kidney-diseasefriendly recipes. She is married to John Andresen and likes to crochet in her free time



The Real How To of Exercise

Lower emotional health and self-esteem Decreased mobility and agility Increased risk of bone fractures Decreased sexual and reproductive health Exercise and nutrition are the ways to reduce body fat. e cornerstone of your exercise program should be strength training. Strength training is also referred to as resistance training or weight training. is resistance includes weights, kettle bells, ones own body weight, resistance bands and resistance/ weight machines. When women gain lean muscle mass, they will look tighter and firmer. Men will look stronger and more athletic. Muscle burns fat and increases the metabolism, during activity and at rest. Muscle mass is lost over time, due to the lack of strength training. So, basically, the old adage of use it or lose it applies here. Cardiovascular exercise is important, as it does increase the metabolism for several hours aerward. If cardio exercise is being done in conjunction with strength training, it should be done aerward, because muscle energy should be used on resistance first. e benefits of strength training include: Reduced body fat Improved overall health Improved balance, mobility and strength Increased metabolic rate Increased energy Decreased risk of injuries Reduced diabetes Improved self esteem Decreased bad cholesterol and blood pressure Improved bone density e primary focus of strength training should be on performing each exercise correctly, so that maximum results are achieved, with no injuries. Workouts consist of sets of repetitions, with the average number of sets ranging from two to four, and with eight to fieen repetitions for each exercise. e amount of weight used for each exercise depends on using proper form and ability, to finish the desired number of repetitions. e whole body should be exercised, as well, which includes chest, shoulders, back, legs, butt, arms and abdominals (core). A basic exercise program would consist of three days a week of strength training and two to three days a week of cardiovascular exercise. Depending on ones fitness level and goals, an exercise program can be developed in many ways. If you are not sure of how to reach your goals and develop a quality exercise program, consult a recommended fitness professional, who can design an individualized program for you. Proper nutrition must be followed, in conjunction with your exercise program, to get successful results. is will create a healthy lifestyle that will have farreaching benefits over the course of your life. ere is no better time to make a lifestyle change, than now.



For years, people have been told - by doctors, family, friends, and the media, as well as the voice in their head that reminds them that their clothes are too tight - that they need to exercise for better health. ey are also reminded that the number that shows up on the scale, every time they step on it, is too high. So, the search to find the right solution to this monumental problem of how to lose weight begins. For the most part, the fitness and nutrition sector has sold products based on only partial truths. ey also encourage the belief that the results can be attained almost instantly. People have spent thousands of dollars on workout equipment, DVDs, diet plans and weight loss products, only to find that the results they expected are dicult to attain. People are le feeling discouraged and continue their search for the one thing that will work instantly. Unfortunately, there is so much information available on exercising and diet, that it can be overwhelming to si through, in search of the right things to do for you and what actually works. To put this into the proper perspective, the accurate measurement of being considered overweight and unhealthy is through your body fat percentage and measurements. e truth is NOT found in the number on the scale. Excess body fat isnt just a cosmetic problem, it has negative eects on every part of our life, including: Increased risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, etc. Increased risk of cancer Poor circulation

March 21, 2012

Melinda Due

Melinda Due is a certified personal trainer, with additional expertise in nutrition counseling and life coaching, as well as a B.A. in Business.

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MUWs TVA Investment Club Wins Latest Challenge


eir hard work earnings to more than $40,000 over the rooms to discuss the students logic paid o, recently, as years, according to Luccasen. e club and strategies behind their portfolio management decisions, and oer conthey won the most finished in eighth place in 2010. recent competition, TVAs Investment Challenge is a part- structive feedback on strategies. earning a 14.94 per- nership between TVA and universities Club President Savannah Tubbs said, cent return on their in its service territory that provides a is years win is our own sort of portfolio. e sec- real-world learning experience in port- proof that there is still hope in the ond-place team folio management. e Challenge gives economy. Being patient with the finanearned only 6.8 per- teams of students hands-on experience cial market, and sticking by our choices cent, according to in managing TVA stock portfolios. in stocks, is paying o in the end. Dr. Andrew LucLuccasen added, ey have done a Students actively manage TVA funds casen, assistant professor of finance and by designing long-term investment great job, and I am very proud of them. economics at strategies, placing trades and providing MUWs TVA Investment Club has 25 performance reports to TVAall stocks in its portfolio. ese stocks inMUW. under the guidance of a faculty mem- clude Apple, Nike and Starbucks. MUW's TVA In- ber. vestment Club had e club meets twice a month to evalTo support the program, TVA utilizes uate its portfolio of stocks and decide the highest return, for the calendar year the expertise of some of its most expe- whether to buy or sell those stocks. It is 2011, of the 24 rienced financial managers and ana- open to all MUW students. schools competing lysts to provide guidance and resources For more information, e-mail alucin the TVA Invest- to help students apply financial Challenge, agement concepts to real-world situaPhoto by Chris Jenkins/MUW Oce of Public Aairs ment beating schools tions. Members of MUWs TVA Investment Club include Terence Nicholsuch as Mississippi Special to e Real Story TVA representatives visit the classson of West Point; standing, Jase Sayre of Winfield, AL, Chun Chen of Aberdeen, president Savannah Tubbs of Pascagoula, State, University of Lucy Oyeleye of Nigeria and Shristina Shrestha of Kathmandu. Memphis, UniverSeated are David Omotola of Nigeria and Dr. Andrew Luccasen, sity of Kentucky, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt assistant professor of finance and economics at MUW. University. e portfolio they manFor the past few years, Mississippi age is now worth over $500,000, he University for Women students have said. participated in managing stock portfoBased on the MUW Investment lios for the Tennessee Valley Authority, Dr. Phillip Cockrell, Director of Stu- impact Upward Bound Programs as part of its TVA Investment Chal- Club's performance, last year, the group dent Life at Mississippi University for have on these students experiences. has won $12,500, bringing its total Women, has been selected to present lenge. As a high school student, I particihis research at two upcoming conferpated in Upward Bound for four ences. years, as well as completed the SumAs a recipient of the 2012 Doctoral mer Bridge Program component at Student Conference Grant, Cockrell Mary Holmes Junior College. e will present at the American Associa- program provided me with the skills tion of Blacks in Higher Education and guidance to successfully matricu(AABHE) conference in Atlanta, GA, late to and obtain a degree at MissisMarch 22-24. He will participate in sippi University for Women. the graduate student session. Cockrell recently earned his Ph.D. Cockrell will also present at the in Urban Higher Education from Noel-Levitz and American College Jackson State University. He received Personnel Association 2012 Sympo- his Masters in Educational Leadersium for the Recruitment and Reten- shipStudent Aairs Administration tion of Students of Color, to be held in in 2005 from Florida International Denver, CO, April 18-20. e session University, and his Bachelor of Sciis entitled e Impact of Upward ence in Family Studies at MUW in Bound Programs-Summer Bridge 2003. Programs on African-American ColHe serves as the Graduate Advisor lege Students . for the Alpha Omicron Alpha Chapter He said, Im excited about the op- of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and portunity to share the experiences of advisor for the National Pan-Hellenic first-generation, low-income, African- Council, National Society for LeaderAmerican college students and the ship and Success and the Young Black impact Upward Bound Programs Leadership Association. have on their secondary and post-secSpecial to e Real Story ondary careers. I know, firsthand, the


March 21, 2012

Cockrell to Present Research at Upcoming Conferences


New to DVD: Tintin Revives Movie Joy

I began to doubt director/producer Steven Spielbergs gi for adventure aer Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was a minor distraction at best. e Adventures of Tintin is a bold follow-up, as it is Spielbergs first animated feature, but it rearms that he is one of the greatest filmmakers in the world. e plot concerns a boy reporter, Tintin, and his trusty, mischievous dog, Snowy. ey acquire a model ship that is connected to buried treasure and an old battle between a captain and a pirate. e story doesnt really take o until Tintin and Snowy meet Haddock, the captains descendent. is isnt to say the film is boring at the start; there is always something happening in e Adventures of Tintin. But, Spielberg saves the majority of his imagination for the films second and third acts. Even though Tintin is likable and Snowy provides constant interest (you never know what the dogs going to do), the drunken Haddock is an inspired film creation. Its his anguish that drives perhaps the greatest scene in the movie (I say perhaps because there is a chase sequence involving a



e Adventures of Tintin wastes no time. Beginning with its brilliant opening credits, the film is exciting and even intoxicating. Whereas Pixar films like WALL-E, Up and Cars 2 are slaves to agendas, formula and sentimentality, e Adventures of Tintin is about cra and entertainment.

March 21, 2012

Courtesy Photo


The Adventures of Tintin recalls the greatness of Steven Spielberg's first three Indiana Jones films.

hawk that must be seen to be believed). Lost in a desert, Haddock hallucinates, as Tintin and Snowy look on. Haddocks mirage turns into a flashback of the battle between his ancestors ship and a crew of pirates. Spielbergs handling of this battle is nothing short of amazing. At times, it was hard to believe I was watching a cartoon, not a live-action film. is flashback is interrupted, but the scene returns when Snowy gets Haddock more than enough alcohol to fuel his vision. Spielberg demonstrates how film adaptations and adventures should be

done. Based on a comic strip by Belgian artist Herg, the film discards what would have seemed awkward to an audience (in the comic, Snowy thinks in human words, for example), and retains the fast pace of the comic that any movie adventure needs. In contrast, most high-profile film adaptations and adventures are fat stories designed to appease rabid fans of content - pacing and storytelling be damned. e Adventures of Tintin corrects this assault on our senses.

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. But, unlike the ending of Jacksons first two Lord of the Rings movies, Tintins conclusion didnt make me thirst for the next installment. Instead, it le me excited about what I had just watched. Spielberg knows a movie should make us feel like humans, not consumers. Hopefully, upcoming hits like e Hunger Games and e Avengers will follow suit.

Jed Pressgrove

From the beginning, e Adventures of Tintin was planned to be a trilogy Jed Pressgrove is a technical writer and masters by its two big producers, Spielberg and student in sociology at Mississippi State University.

Local Man Fulfilling Bucket List Wins Fastest Time at Talladega

David Laster, an electrician at Malone Electric Company, Inc. in Columbus, is in the process of fulfilling his Bucket List. is past Saturday, as part of his Christmas present, David drove 10 laps in car #44 at Talladega, and won the fastest time! Other items that he has checked o of the list include: skydiving; riding a bull; and visiting Spain, Africa, Courtesy Photo Gibraltar and Portugal. Skydiving David was also featured in Rack magazine and Buckmasters for a world and new Mississippi record in the velvet category of Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records, with a deer sporting 28 points, a 23 spread, and weighing in at 208 lbs. Some of the experiences that he hopes to cross o of the list, soon, include: flying a fighter jet; taking his wife, Angela, to Hawaii; and getting a tattoo.
Courtesy Photo Courtesy Photo

Special to e Real Story

David poses with the record-breaking deer.

David Laster drove 10 laps at Talladega.


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by Mo & No-Mo
A gentle scent of spices catches the imagination as you open the doors to e Golden Star Restaurant; flavors only dreamed of, as you swallow because you are salivating from the aromas of the orient. Let's go on in and sample the delicacies oered at this delicious buet. e oriental decor is inviting and interesting. Pictures, lanterns and whatnots catch the eye and promote dreams of days gone by in foreign countries. You are greeted by a warm and friendly host or hostess, who seats you pretty much anywhere you ask to be seated. Customer service seems to be the name of the game at this restaurant and they know how to make their customers happy. We have been there during the week for an evening meal and on the weekend for a noon meal; the food and service exceeded our expectations both times. As you look at the buet, you are struck by the small portions in each container. As I sat back and looked at this unusual aspect of a buet, it became clear pretty quickly that this is done with the intention of providing quality food for the customers, at all times. Most restaurants in our town fill the containers up and walk o and leave the buet until somebody complains that they are out of food this is not true at e Golden Star. Employees constantly work the buet,

March 21, 2012

filling containers with just enough to provide their customers with ample servings, but not enough for the food to become stale, dried out or burned; but to remain fresh at all times. ere is a wide range of flavors and foods to try, all of which are good. My personal favorite - the green beans -are to die for; but it is all good. No matter whether you have a group, are there as a couple, or just by yourself - walk on in and try e Golden Star Restaurant, located in Leigh Mall (where Garfield's used to be) for some of the best oriental food in town. Eat a green bean for me!


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Q: Should Cal-City Grocery be allowed to sell beer?

Yes 92% No 8%


Education Part II:

that educated children would become more compliant and, subsequently, more productive workers. e present widespread system of students sitting in straight rows and following all instructions to the letter was no accident. It was an investment in the nations economic future. As always, there was a trade-o: short-term child labor pay for longer-term productivity. It was meant to give students a head start in learning to do exactly what they are told. It was a mild form of necessary brainwashing. up to their potential. As long as we harbor an unnecessary fear of science, we will continue to swim in the cesspool of mediocrity. And as long as we seem to be afraid to teach leadership and free-thinking, we can go ahead and declare ourselves Winners of the Race to the Bottom.



Changing the Course of an Illness

road, the American education system also knows. Its just too easy, though, to ignore our bad habits, to keep doing things the easy way, and to avoid engaging ourselves in some serious exercise. e doctors say its time. And a final word to the 60 Columbus school teachers who were told a few weeks ago that you will not have a job here, next year. No one likes to hear that their job is gone, but this could be the perfect time for you to become an agent of change. If you have a voice, some guts, and a dream to help students learn how to read, write, think, argue, solve problems, and become curious responsible producers, then find a place to do that. You may have to move. If youre helping make the transformation from the dangerous Easy Way to educate students, it really doesnt matter where in the United States you teach, because the disease is systemic. Your work and that of your students will become a healing force that our country so desperately needs.

March 21, 2012

If you havent been living under a rock or in a cave, you know that about one-third of our population either has diabetes or is destined to develop it. In the majority of cases, it comes from eating whatever we want, as much as we want, and not exercising.

On top of this, many families seem to harbor the genes that make them likely candidates. But, not always. We know too much about nutrition to give up and say, Well, so many of my kin folks have diabetes, so what can I do about it? Im gonna eat whatever I want! Its the easy way. Ill worry about it when my doctor tells me that its time. e same thing is occurring, right before our eyes, in education. e system is sick, and we know it. Weve been told, by the doctor, that if we dont change the way that we educate our children, we are doomed.


A Call for Spine and Guts

e picture of whats going on in education in this country is not totally gloomy. ere are bright spots; oh yes, many. One is the Harlem Village Academy. (Yes, Harlem, for those of you who raised an eyebrow.) Charter, private, public schools, and institutions with a special focus are succeeding in preparing students for problem-solving, logistics, and data management - the types of jobs that are available in the new workplace landscape. e Edison schools, as well as the Kahn On-line Tutoring Program, have le their marks in unique ways, becoming coaches for their students who, for the most part, become curious, responsible producers. If you look closely at the people who run these schools, you will find individuals who stood up and said, No more. ey came from districts where doing things dierently was considered mutiny. ere were those who smuggled a few progressive strategies here-and-there into their classrooms, and some who stepped out of the status quo and started their own schools; they had guts. ey had backbone and saw the Big Picture. at, my friend, is what it takes. Just as potential diabetics know what is likely to happen to them down the

Michael Spence, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, tells of two main types of jobs: tradable (doing things that can be done in other places, such as building cars, assembling cell phone components, and designing apps) and non-tradable jobs, such as cooking French fries in a fast-food chain. Spence reports that, between 1990 and 2008, the US economy added only 600,000 tradable jobs. He said, If you do a job where someone tells you what to do, he will find someone cheaper than you to do it. e Big Question is are we going to allow our nations schools to continue to practice safe school and to keep producing test-weary, desensitized, robot-like graduates who are fit to work in the factory, which in most cases no longer exists? As long as we are willing to allow and accept the practice of mass standardized testing (usually for the benefit of politicians), then we are preventing our students from living

A Short History

Seth Godin, author of several books about changes in our society, said, e economy has changed, probably forever. School hasnt. To say that the present system is outdated is an understatement.

Over 150 years ago, American factory workers were concerned about child labor, but not in the way that you may think. e fact is that low-wage child workers were taking away jobs from working adults!

John Dorroh John Dorroh is a Columbus resident who presently works and lives part-time in the St. Louis area. He works as an educational consultant, traveling in the Midwest and Southeast. He writes short stories, essays, and cheesy poetry about people he has met along the way.

Gradually, a transformation occurred, one that took the industrialists a while to grasp. No compulsory education existed until 1918, and that was because there was the realization, part of the aforementioned transformation,

FOUNDATION cont. from pg. 10

ey challenged a social order which had perverted morality. to the Bible is far less egregious than using the name of Christ or Christianity to justify immoral behavior. He cited the profligate invocation of religion on the political stump. Summing up, the minister admonished his congregation for not being truly moral and focusing only on the superficial elements of religious expression. It is this distinction which is important. We need to focus on the principles of character and morality in Wilsons words to be good whether leading an uneventful life or challenging received wisdom and social order.
Ron Parlato is a writer living in Washington, DC. He has close ties with Columbus which he visits frequently. His writings on literature, politics and culture, travel, and cooking can be found on his own blog,

I once heard a Methodist minister defining the dierence between blasphemy and taking the Lords name in vain. e two are oen confused, he said, but blasphemy which incites, in this case, the anti-Christian behavior of adultery, fornication, and disrespect

Ron Parlato

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by Jeremiah Short


Does the Perfect Quarterback Exist?

March 21, 2012

Davis. Other than those guys, the rest of the Super Bowl winners were never expected to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.

Andrew Luck

Courtesy Photo

Robert Grin

As the 2012 NFL Dra approaches, there are, once again, two elite quarterbacks at the top of the Dra Robert Grin and Andrew Luck. e two athletes present contrasting styles to evaluate. Luck is a 63, 234-pound prototype signal caller, who embodies the classic NFL mold. He has been called the best quarterback prospect since John Elway, who won two Super Bowls and played in three others. Luck, the former Stanford Cardinal, also has a great pedigree - being the son of former pro quarterback Oliver Luck. e redshirt junior led Stanford to two straight B.C.S. bowl games high-

lighted by an Orange Bowl win in 2011. Grin, on the other hand, is a dualthreat quarterback, who was clocked at 4.41 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine; he also throws an elite-level deep ball - rivaling Saints quarterback Drew Brees in that facet of the game. He, like Luck, won games, leading the Baylor Bears to a 10-3 record, this past season; the electric quarterback was recognized for his impressive accomplishments by being awarded the Heisman Trophy, at the conclusion of the 2011-2012 season. Upon reviewing the credentials of both quarterbacks, its hard to tell

which one is the superior player. NFL scouts and decision makers have already made their decision: Andrew Luck, primarily because he fits the profile that most evaluators look for in a quarterback. He is tall, sits in the pocket, and comes from a solid pedigree - sounds like something that would be heard in horse racing, but this is the NFL way of evaluating. Luck, in their eyes, is the perfect quarterback. I ask, though, does the perfect quarterback exist? And is the method used to evaluate them flawed? For years, Ive heard the statement, e only way you can win is with a strong-armed pocket passer. e stats, in my opinion, dont support the claim. Since winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal of every NFL team, I decided to go back and look at the winning Super Bowl quarterbacks, over the past 20 years.

Tom Brady, Steve Young, and Drew Brees are the most prominent of those players, but none of them fit the traditional mold, coming out of college. Brady was a 6th round pick and Young was a dualthreat, like Grin. Brees was allowed to leave the San Diego Chargers aer the 2005 season, because the Chargers general Courtesy Photo manager had to prove his prototype quarterback, Phillip Rivers, was a smart pick. Rivers has done well, but I think Brees has proven to be the better quarterback, over the past six years.


Over the past two decades, Super Bowls have also been won by marginal quarterbacks, such as Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Je Hostetler.

Unconventional quarterbacks, like Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and Dante Culpepper, all had success, as well - with McNabb leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl, before falling short in the big game.

Tim Tebow is the most recent case of a quarterback shattering the mold, in the words of ESPN commentator Skip Bayless. Tebow has brought the spread-option to the NFL and led the Denver Broncos to an improbable playo berth, this past season.

He has forced everyone to re-evaluate how quarterbacks are judged. With the success of players like Tebow, Vick and Brees, I have to wonder - should the evaluation system that tries to find the perfect quarterback be discarded?


What I found was that only three Because, I wonder, Does e Perfect quarterbacks fit the Quarterback Exist? traditional NFL mold entering the NFL: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and John Elway Jeremiah Short four if Troy man is included. Elway was in the later stages of his Jeremiah Short covers Mississippi State University football and basketball. career and was aided by star run- Follow him on Twitter, @JeremiahShort26; or join ning back Terrell his Facebook blog, Real Story Sports: J.Shorts Blog.

It would seem the best strategy would be not to look for a quarterback who fits the mold, but the one who actually wins games.

Stansburys Departure Long Overdue

court drama ever since those days. Stansbury has always held on to his job by blaming the problems of the program on supposed cancers: Jamont Gordon, e Delk Twins, Phil Turner, Renardo Sidney, Kodi Augustus, and Ravern Johnson. Ive long had problems with Stansbury, for this exact reason. A coach is always supposed to stay loyal to his players, and Stansbury never did. I think this was his Red Herring; as if he were saying we lost not because of my inability to call good oensive sets or manage personalities, but because these bad apples ruined my teams. In some cases, there may have been some validity to the claims, but the constant excuse just seemed like the boy crying wolf . Stansbury was always able to somehow hold it together, mainly because of the presence of former lead assistant, Robert Kirby, who kept things from falling completely apart. Some have even gone so far as to refer to Kirby as the real coach of the Bulldogs, with Stansbury being more of a figure-head. Its not hard to fathom, as Kirby personally recruited most of the talent on the roster - with little or no help from Stansbury. Kirby was truly, for the past 12 years, the now-former Bulldog head coachs right-hand man. Kirby eventually le the program aer the 2009-2010 season, and it was only a matter of time before everyone realized Kirbys true value. It didnt take long; two players got caught on ESPNs camera, fighting in the stands. Ravern Johnson, the teams starting small forward, was critical of teammate Dee Bost on Twitter. Sidney retweeted the criticism. e season turned out to be a nightmare, with several suspensions handed down during the year. Many thought Stansbury should have been relieved aer the 2010-2011 season, but he was given one more shot this time sporting an impressive recruiting class, headlined by 5-star player Rodney Hood. Stansburys



By now, the whole Bulldog nation knows about Rick Stansburys retirement or forced retirement - depending on the individuals level of skepticism. At the 1 p.m. press conference, ursday, Stansbury cited his desire to spend more time with his family as the primary reason for his retirement. However, if the press conference video was played on ESPNs Sportsnation, during the B.S. Meter segment, the meter would have been on 100. I have no problem with a coach caring about his family, but any rat with one eye can tell thats not the reason Stansbury called it quits.

March 21, 2012


I would cite, in response, the widespread criticism of Stansbury aer his once top-15 team imploded down the stretch. e Bulldogs failed to reach the NCAA tournament, for the 3rd straight year, and got bounced in the first round of the N.I.T. I think everyone knew something was coming, aer reserve power forward Wendell Lewis tweeted: " Laying here trying see if I want to practice today e apathy by one of Stansburys players once again struck a chord with detractors of the 14-year head coach, who always criticized the recruiter (as some affectionately call him) for his inability to control a team. So, Stansbury made the decision to hang up the whistle giving the fan base what theyve wanted for years. And I commend him for it; but, Stansburys departure was long overdue. I wrote a column a few weeks back, asking the question: Is just enough, good enough anymore? Obviously, Rick Stansbury, himself, didnt think his best was good enough anymore and it hasnt been for years. I dont think anyone can deny that Stansbury got o to a strong start in his Bulldog coaching career. He led the Bulldogs to four straight tournaments, from 2001-2005, but the program has been marred by inconsistent play, chemistry problems, and o-the-

Rick Stansbury

Courtesy Photo

teams had always operated within the margins, talent-wise, but this team was talented enough to compete with anyone. But, what is a Rick Stansbury team, without drama? Enigmatic center Renardo Sidney didnt attend a five-game overseas exhibition trip; then Parade All-American D.J. Gardner was dismissed, aer some profane tweets from the highly-touted true freshman. I think everyone was thinking, Here we go again!, but, surprisingly, the Bulldogs came out the gate charging going 13-2 in their non-conference schedule. e Bulldogs earned a top15 national ranking, in that time period. en, the SEC-portion of the schedule began, and the problems started. e SEC slate culminated with the team nose-diving - losing five of its last seven games of the season. e Bulldogs proceeded to lose the first game of the SEC tournament to Georgia - subsequently playing themselves out of a NCAA tournament berth. And the Bulldogs (to add insult to injury) lost in the first round of the N.I.T. to UMass.

All of this was, finally, too much, and Stansbury retired. I give the administration kudos for allowing him to hang it up gracefully - considering they would have been justified in firing him, years ago. Aer the fan base is done celebrating in the streets, the subject at hand must be addressed. Who will lead the Bulldog program into the future? Will it be someone like former Stansbury lead assistant Robert Kirby or a young up-and-comer, like Shaka Smart, or some o-the-grid coach, like Bob Marlin?

Jeremiah Short Jeremiah Short covers Mississippi State University football and basketball. Follow him on Twitter, @JeremiahShort26; or join his Facebook blog, Real Story Sports: J.Shorts Blog.

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Brown is Setting High Goals

Mississippi State signed what was, possibly, their best class of the Dan Mullen Era, this past February. ere were several impact players who could see early playing time. Richie Brown, a 62, 233-pound linebacker, is one of those extraordinary talents. He chose to attend Mississippi State, spurning close to 20 teams that oered him a scholarship. Brown had a stellar high school career, tallying 522 tackles from his sophomore through his senior season. He led the state of Mississippi, with 209 stops, his senior season. I caught up with Brown, to discuss his tremendous high school career, signing with Mississippi State (including the drama leading up to it), and his future goals. e explosive linebacker, who has been consistently timed at 4.4 in 40yard dash, racked up an impressive amount of tackles, during his career. Brown related how he was able to produce at that level. My sophomore year, I realized I had an ability to freeze an oense and get to the ball quick. I led State with 162, my sophomore year. at was the year I got everything rolling, and figured out I could do this and gained some confidence, said Brown. At the beginning of my sophomore year, my coach moved me to dierent positions. Aer that year, I was constantly in the middle. He didnt set up the whole defense around me, but once he realized I could make that many tackles, he le me there. ere were some games he would try to free me up, more. I think, by my senior year, we had it pretty much perfected. Brown received an invitation to play in the Mississippi-Alabama All-Star game, where he was the Defensive M.V.P., making 13 tackles. With the All-Star game out of the way, Brown focused on deciding on his college destination. He took a more deliberate approach than most recruits. For one, I learned time kills all. Waiting so long to do my recruiting process, I think, really helped me out

that, if he showed up on their campus, he would be escorted o campus by the campus police.

March 21, 2012


I figured Ole Miss would do something to make a big deal out of it, said Brown, of the ordeal. ey had to do something to make themselves feel better. I mean, really, I called the coaches; I was as respectful as I could be. I told them I thought Mississippi State was the place for me. I told them that I didnt want to waste their time. ere was no point in me visiting their school, if I was 110-percent sure I was going to (Mississippi) State.

e Long Beach High School product is now focused on becoming a factor as a freshman in the SEC, and, potentially, starting.

Im busting my tail right now. Im up to 233 pounds; I weigh myself everyday and Im consistently gaining weight. eyre fine with me being 230. ey just want me to keep my endurance and speed up. ey sent me a playbook; Im going up there as much as possible, and talking with Coach Collins. Im doing everything I can, without being there, to get prepared for this summer, says Brown, on preparing for the college level.

Im doing everything I can to compete. I know they want me to come and start at middle linebacker; it is what they are talking about.

Along with playing as a freshman, Brown has set high goals for his Mississippi State career.
Richie Brown
Courtesy Photo

a lot. As soon as I knew, I knew. When you take your time, you see who really wants you, Brown said. Brown signed with Mississippi State, although he never publicly committed to be a Bulldog before Signing Day. It was a fun day for sure; a big relief. I had been waiting, for a while, to make it public to everybody. It was a great day for me and my family, said Brown, on his signing day experience. ere was some drama before signing day. A.J. Jeerson, a fellow 2012 signee and Browns good friend tweeted: Me and Richie Brown are officially Mississippi State Bulldogs!!!

It caused a frenzy throughout Bulldog nation, but it wasnt true - at least at that time. A.J. committed, and I told him that State was at the top of my list, but dont tell anybody. He went and tweeted that, and I got onto him for it, Brown says, with a chuckle.

Its definitely to go to the NFL combine; nothing short of going to the NFL. My cousin Robby and I like to set goals. We have one for this year All-SEC freshman for defense. Its something we are shooting for and if we are close, thats good. I just want to do something big and maybe lead the SEC in tackles in three or four years, said Brown.

Jeremiah Short

I woke up to a lot of phone calls. I didnt commit until the next weekend. Jeremiah Short covers Aer Brown did make his choice known, he made all of the other schools pursuing him aware of his destination. Mississippi States in-state rival was rumored to have told Brown

Mississippi State University football and basketball. Follow him on Twitter, @JeremiahShort26; or join his Facebook blog, Real Story Sports: J.Shorts Blog.

Campbell Was Part of a Special Era

ere was a time when Mississippi State basketball was heading down the right track appearing in four tournaments in four years, from 20012005 - including a 26-4 season in 2003-2004. One of the key members of those teams was Marcus Campbell; the Albany, Georgia native averaged 4.7 points, along with 3.3 rebounds, during his time as a Bulldog. He went on to play in a few professional leagues - with his most recent stop being in Iran. I spoke with Campbell, a few weeks ago, to discuss the 2003-2004 season, his time as a Bulldog, and his pro career. Campbell came to Mississippi State as a highly-touted prospect, turning down several other oers, to become a Bulldog. I liked the recruiting style of Robert Kirby, the best former Rick Stansbury lead assistant. He was very aggressive and had me feeling like it would be a famMarcus Campbell
Courtesy Photo


Campbell got his chance to start at the five (center) entering his junior season, which turned out to be one of the seasons in Bulldog history. It was special. We had a special bond. We worked hard in practice; the coaches put a lot of positive things in us. It was a year where we all were on the same page. We all wanted to do something special, said Campbell, talking about the 2003-2004 season. One of the more memorable games, that season, and in Bulldog history, was the January showdown with Kentucky, which the Bulldogs lost in a heartbreaker, 67-66. It was very hard. A lot of tears were shed aer that game. A lot of us wanted to win that game, said Campbell, on the loss. See CAMPBELL Pg. 23

ily atmosphere. And that made me want to come, said Campbell. e imposing big man played his freshman and sophomore seasons as a reserve, although he expected to start from day one. I was promised on the visit that I would play the five and Mario was going to play the four, Campbell said.

CAMPBELL cont. from pg. 22

e team lost the big game to Kentucky, but they were expected to make a deep tournament run. ey were eliminated, in the second round, by Xavier. e team returned several key players, the next season, including All-American Lawrence Roberts. ey were expected to have success similar to what they experienced the previous season. But the 20042005 season was a disappointment, as the Bulldogs got bounced in the second round, for a second straight year. We definitely thought we were going to be stronger. We did some things we hadnt done before. But, its all good, said Campbell. Campbell didnt get draed aer his final year. He got a chance to play in the NBA Developmental League (or the D-League, as it has been coined), along with several stints with several teams abroad - including a recent stop in Iran. He talked about his experiences playing overseas. I think its something where if youre not in the League (NBA); you should consider it. Its an opportunity to learn dierent cultures and learn dierent things. Most of all, you learn a dierent brand of basketball, said Campbell. e Bulldog program has endured some hardships since Campbell last stepped foot in Humphrey Coliseum. e ugliest incident was a fight between two Bulldogs, Elgin Bailey and Renardo Sidney, during the 2010-2011 season. I dont know, tempers can flare; these are young men. It looks bad, but, in a sense, these young guys are still learning to be men. So, if tempers flare, nobody knows what the situation is all about. I dont see it in a negative light its just young guys learning to be men, Campbell said of the Sidney-Bailey fight. e program may be in dark times, but there were bright days at one point in history. Marcus Campbell is one of the results of that time.

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Jeremiah Short Jeremiah Short covers Mississippi State University football and basketball. Follow him on Twitter, @JeremiahShort26; or join his Facebook blog, Real Story Sports: J.Shorts Blog.

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