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“An endeavor to perform, to improve and to grow” Career Objective
To be associated with a progressive, innovative organization which can provide me a dynamic work sphere to extract my inherent skills and make use of my aptitude towards achievement of organizations’ objectives.

Professional Snapshot

Hamza Ahmed
Email  :+91 9966216334 (India)

Worked with askan constructions, As a Site engineer, Full time from dec 2008 to dec 2009.

 Worked with Asoka infrastructures ltd, as a Jr planning
engineer from jan2010 to dec 2010.

 Currently working with TUV SUD Consultants pvt ltd, as a
quality controller engineer from jan2011 till date.

Personal Data Father's Name: Ashfaq Ahmed Date of Birth Sex Nationality Religion Languages : 08th Aug, 1986 : Male : Indian : Islam :English, Urdu, Hindi & Telugu Current Status : In India

Education  Bachelors Degree in Technology BTEC (Civil): from Vidya
Vikas Institute of Technology, affiliated to JNTU, Hyderabad, India (2004-08).

Marital Status : Single

Post Graduation Diploma in Construction & Project Management (PGDCPM) from National Academy of Construction, Hyderabad. (2008-09)

Disciplines: Project Management, Planning, Execution.

Computer Skills
o o o o AutoCAD Staad Pro Prima Vera Windows XP, MS Word, MS Excel & Power point


Ashoka is building an infrastructure that supports the growth and expansion of the field of social entrepreneurship. Our work in this area is helping close the historical gap between the business and civil society. whose models of competition and innovation provide critical lessons for citizen organizations. The success of the company lies in their belief in clear dealings and time-bound execution of the projects and above all their futuristic approach. Ashoka Builders attributes its rapid progress and remarkable success to its unflinching commitment to excellence covering every aspect of the business. The Company is credited with promoting a string of exquisite residential and commercial structures that have become the principal landmarks of the twin-cities. particularly business. Ashoka A-LA-Maison (300 villas) is promoted by Ashoka Builders . Dealing with vendor’s contractors. Clients and Consultants. bridges to the business and academic sectors.Experience Summary Akber constructions. Billing and Follow up. There past projects are a testimony to this belief. o o Ashoka infrastructures(Hyderabad). and strategic partnerships that deliver social and financial value. Ashoka A-LA-Maison is among the latest and most prestigious of the Company's ventures 2 . Job Responsibilities: o o Project execution and end-to-end Responsibility. Architects.a premier name among the City's structural engineering ventures. Hyderabad. Ashoka has long recognized the importance of collaboration with other sectors. including seed financing and capital. They have laudable experience in executing both commercial and residential projects in their 25 years of industry standing. Today their projects are major landmarks in the twin cities. projects Management Team. creating important avenues for integration and synergy between both communities. Akber constructions are one among the pioneers of the building industry of Hyderabad. implementation of Manpower plans. Handling labor on site.

Checking status of all the villas every weak. optimistic. Company : National academy of construction. Decision making ability and organizational skills with a strong desire to achieve the results and ability to work under strict deadlines. making adjustments to activities as necessary. Preparing logistics plans and pricing schedules for individual villa. assertive and presentable. Project title: Enabling work Duration : 6months Place : Hyderabad. Project Title: Construction of Residential Apartment Place: Hyderabad (akberbagh) Company: akber constructions Specifications: as per IS cods Method: manually and staad pro Project in post graduation diploma. Using specialist planning computer software. Monitoring progress throughout the construction process and comparing this with the projected schedule of work. o Excellent negotiation skills. o A highly self-motivated. o Excellent communication and inter personal skills. Easy-learner from a challenging environment with a Strong Grasping Skills. Liaising with the site agent and surveyor throughout the process. Aggressive.Job Responsibilities: o Selecting the appropriate techniques and sequence of events for all villas. 3 . o Creative. Drawing up plans and presenting schedules of work. o Clear-cut planning. o Team player with leading ability from the front-side and able to motivate the team. Method Skills : MS project enterprise project software’s. Providing advice and support on the development of specific systems. o Enthusiastic. hard working and self-starter. often with visual aids such as bar charts and procedures diagrams. Academic Project Project in engineering. o Analyzing construction sites and local environments to determine appropriate logistics o o o o o o o solutions and resources.

Disciplined. Organized various events and activities on site as creative head of the team.o Honest. Attended 1st world congress on disaster management. o HAMZA AHMED 4 . Dedicated and Committed Personal Achievements o o o Completion of the activities at site on time. Participated in “Social Welfare Programs in School”.