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Dallas Residents, Property Values at Risk

Don’t Let the Dallas City Council Roll Back Protections for Homeowners, Public Park Lands and the Trinity River
1. Keep Drilling Away From People, Parks
Based on the noise, fumes, pollution, and vibration caused by gas drilling, we need a guaranteed 1000-3000 foot buffer zone between fracking wells and our homes, schools, and workplaces. The gas drilling task force had recommended 1000 feet for months, but reversed itself during its very last meeting and voted for only 500 feet in some cases—less than any other major city in D/FW! We must fight for protections where we live, work, worship and play. Drilling doesn’t belong anywhere near our parks, either. The gas drilling task force had recommended prohibiting drilling inside publicly-owned park lands, but then reversed itself during its final meeting and voted to roll this back. We must protect our parks! The current ordinance also prohibits drilling inside the Trinity River flood plain. The gas drilling task force proposed that since Dallas has historically dumped in the flood plains, it would be OK to allow fracking there as well. We can’t add modern insult to historical injury.


Citywide Organizing Meeting on Gas Drilling in Dallas
Tuesday, March 27th 7 to 8:30 pm Center for Community Cooperation 2900 Live Oak Dallas, TX 75204

Dallas has a commitment to clean up our chronic air pollution. If the city doesn’t treat the gas industry the same as other polluting industries in the region, that commitment will go up in smoke! The gas drilling task force has urged the city to look for ways that air pollution from fracking should be balanced out so Dallas will keep its clean air promise.

Each new gas well can use millions gallons of water, all of which is permanently contaminated and is disposed of in special waste sites. Dallas should charge drilling companies more for water that cannot be reused, and restrict water during Stage 3 drought conditions. Gas companies are also trucking Dallas water out of town for fracking in other cities. We must protect our water for Dallas residents!

2. Dallas Water For Drinking, Not Drilling

3. Don’t Make Bad Air Worse

4. Full Disclosure of Toxic Risks

Gas companies can keep the full list of toxic chemicals they use hidden, calling it their “trade secret.” Our first responders are on the front lines every day and will be put at high risk of exposure to these toxic chemicals, but not even Dallas police, firefighters and medical professionals would be given this information until after an accident occurs!

5. 24/7 Effective Oversight
Experience has shown that relying on state and federal bureaucracies to regulate fracking operations will be a failure. Dallas must establish its own industry-funded office of gas drilling oversight with enough trained personnel, equipped with the latest technology, to be able to provide help to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Dallas Residents at Risk is: Texas Campaign for the Environment— Mountain Creek Neighborhood Alliance—Downwinders at Risk— Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling—Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project—Dallas Sierra Club Contact Zac Trahan, 214-599-7840,