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Assignment-2Training in Organizations
Muhammad Mobeen 11L - 5637 2/21/2012


Knowledge Declarative knowledge Definition: Declarative knowledge refers to factual knowledge and information that a person knows. Procedural knowledge is instruction-oriented. . how to make the ball go where I wanted to by the follow through. Example: A method to balance a checkbook would be considered procedural knowledge. Example: Writing an expository paper. preparing a persuasive speech. A strategy can be seen as general plan of action in which sequence of solution activities is laid down. where to come into contact with the ball on my racket. planning a vacation or travel to a new city. This is a set of factual information. for a specific type of solution. Knowledge about "how" to do something is procedural knowledge. Strategic Knowledge Definition: Strategic Knowledge helps to organize the process by directing which stages to go through. It focuses on how to obtain a result. and how to position my body for a backhand stroke. Procedural knowledge Definition: Procedural knowledge is knowledge of how to do something and knowledge of procedure how to carry an action out. I learned all about the rules of the game. Example: Learning to play tennis.

or the generation of clear mental pictures of the task . Automaticity Definition: The Second stage of skill acquisition is the autonomous stage. service or institutions. Attitude Definition: Attitudes are learned predispositions towards aspects of our environment. Conceptualization . This will necessitate knowing what to do and an insight about how to do it. Example: . Execution of the movement is now properly sequenced and performed instinctively. which is characterized by the ability to automatically execute the skill.Skills Compilation Definition: The first stage of skill learning is the Compilation stage. The fundamental requirement here is that the athlete gains an understanding of the task required. Example: An athlete gets training for a specific set of exercises for a week. They may be positively or negatively directed towards certain people. he understands the procedure to carry out them safely and realize for how much time he is required to perform these daily. now he will perform in a essential for good movement reproduction. Example: Now in the autonomous stage athlete have all the procedure back in his mind to carry out the exercises safely and rapidity.

Training Program PTCL a) Sales and Marketing b) Line Staff c) Customer Services a) Sales and Marketing The company needs to lay out an effective communication skills training program. . An effective communication skills training program encompasses all areas of communication:              Verbal communication Oral communication skills Public speaking skills Confidence building Body language Written communication skills Gestures that build audience impact Teambuilding workshops Personality development programs Management and supervisory programs Leadership training Stress management programs Basic accounting and finance WHY?? We have chosen this training program for the Sales and Marketing staff of the PTCL because their job is more diversified and they have to deal with different types of clients and the job they have to perform is more demanding and important for the company.

people have many options available to switch to other service provider even at cheaper rates. So they have to deal with the equipments often they have to climb over the poles to adjust the wires so it’s ample to equip them with above mentioned training programs. What creates the difference here is the customer service. WHY?? In telecommunication industry the most important department is of Customer services. .  One-on-one customer service training consultations tailor the training to solutions that calm difficult customers quickly and satisfy customer needs. That’s why the above mentioned Training program is suggested. c) Customer Services  Role playing exercises reinforce the material and shape each customer service approach to fit your representatives individual personality and style.b) Line Staff  Safety training  conflict management  communication skills training WHY?? Line staffs are the operatives who deal with the technical faults occurring in the server client lines. The customer service department must be trained in a way that it can easily handle any sort of problem at hand.

Respect for all – man has priority over others. . Enjoy your work and encourage open communications. access to natural resources.Internal environment Internal environment includes employee interaction with other employees. Strive constantly for a harmonious flow of work. main staff. Atlas Honda: The internal environment of Atlas Honda:       Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness. Be ever mindful of the value of research and endeavor. Respect sound theory. operational potential. develop fresh ideas. and management interaction with shareholders. etc. brand awareness. and make the most effective use of time. organizational structure. manager interaction with other managers. employee interaction with management.