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Job Title (including Dept): Post: Grade of Job: Successor Start Date Visa Support Assistant - United Kingdom Border Agency Mumbai LE A1 (LEIV) 1 Feb 2012 Contract length: 6 to 8 months

Main purpose of job:
As an integral part of the UK Border Agency, to provide clerical support to the entry clearance operation in order to achieve Internal and External Customer Standard targets. To ensure personal targets are met and enhance self-development through training.

Provide a breakdown of your main duties and responsibilities, and the percentage of your time they occupy: Type of work Duties & responsibilities % of time Delivering Results Data checking of visa applications 60% Document verification checks Assisting in visa writing, refusal processing; Despatching passports; Linking correspondence with relevant record; File destruction Job profile may change depending on business need. Communicating Dealing with e-mails, telephone and personal enquiries by 30% applicants and their sponsors Working with Others Ensuring team targets are met by meeting individual targets. Induction Data protection guidelines Hands on training required specific to role Self improvement Ability to present a positive and professional image of the Section through acute approach and appearance. Taking on a variety of clerical roles as required by the team. Included in delivering results. 10%

Learning and Development

Customer Focus

Included in delivering results. Included in delivering results


Line Managers and Incumbents: Please give a brief description of the job as an aid to Selection Board decisions. Please include any developmental opportunities it offers. • Mumbai is one of the busiest and most high profile visa departments in the world. Our team is committed to providing a first class service, balancing the need for a high level of customer service with the requirement to maintain the integrity of the immigration control. We are at the forefront of innovation, always prepared to react positively to change and try new ways of working. Our teams work in a fast-paced and challenging environment as part of a large and diverse team of people, committed to achieving clear service delivery goals.

On the job training and a mandatory course on Protecting Information and Diversity 3. qualifications or experience required for this job. Useful or training/guidance given once in job: Proviso (UKBA Database). including any requirement for special security clearances: Security Clearance Level required: Basic Other:      4. Excel and Outlook. IT literate with experience in using Microsoft Word. Language: English Level of language skill essential for the job: Confidence: Operational: Extensive: For Operational and Extensive levels.) . Specific specialised knowledge. Other job-related or local special factors not mentioned above. Key competences required for the job (the four most important): Essential Communicating Delivering Results Learning & Development Working with Others Useful 2. (NB: Confidence Level only tests oral skills.staff and expenditure: None 1.• The job is primarily clerical in nature but crucial as it provides a supporting framework to the overall visa operation Resources managed . Essential on arrival: • • • Good communicators with a good knowledge of spoken and written English. which language skills are essential? Please tick all boxes that apply.) Oral Listening Reading Writing Translation Language: Gujarati Level of language skill essential for the job: Confidence: Operational: Extensive: For Operational and Extensive levels. which language skills are essential? Please tick all boxes that apply. (NB: Confidence Level only tests oral skills. Ability to demonstrate a typing speed of at least 25 words per minute.

21. educational and professional.Oral Language: Hindi Listening Reading Writing Translation Level of language skill essential for the job: Confidence: Operational: Extensive: For Operational and Extensive levels. as their applications will not be considered. To apply: Please note applications without the following will not be considered. The vast majority of jobs are suitable for job-share or flexible working. the logistics of the entry clearance operation. clear and robust justification must be provided Huge volumes of applications received daily. Where this is not possible. Salary: For BHC candidates. (NB: Confidence Level only tests oral skills. .uk by Thursday.) Oral Listening Reading Writing Translation 5. Please quote “Visa Support Assistant “in the subject line and send to recruitment.mumbai@fco. 196/. • The appointment will be subject to Police Verification and other checks including references. which are guided by Indian employment law “. a) Resume b) Complete the Job Application Form. We will accept only online applications. the LE BHC Terms & Conditions will apply. which language skills are essential? Please tick all boxes that apply. Your statement should include clear examples of how you meet the key competences. Describe here how such arrangements could work for this position. ‘’Staff recruited locally by the British Deputy High Commission (Mumbai) are subject to the British High Commission (India) Terms and Conditions of Service for Local staff. For other than BHC • Applicants who do not have the required qualification & experience should kindly abstain from applying. salary is Rs. • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and no telephone enquires will be dealt with. applications used to deliver processes and the nature of security implications at post will not allow us to effectively manage job-share or flexible working for this position. c) A Statement of Suitability (no more than 1 page of A4) setting out why you are the correct person for this role. 6. 22nd December 2011 midnight 2400 hrs.per month.

disability. colour. belief or creed. We are also open to applications from people who want to work flexibly. 2011 . race. gender. religion. Human Resources Department November 8. sexual orientation.We welcome all applications irrespective of age.