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Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

FEDERAL Employers with 15 or more Equal Employment Race, Color, National Origin,
employees (Title VII and Opportunity Religion, Sex (including
ADA) or more than 20 Commission pregnancy and childbirth).
employees (ADEA). 1801 L Street, NW Title VII, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e, et
Washington, DC 20507 seq.,
(202) 663-4900
Age (40+)
National Contact Age Discrimination in
Center (NCC) Employment Act, 29 U.S.C.
P.O. Box 7033 § 621, et seq.
Lawrence, KS 66044
(800) 669-4000 Physical and Mental Disabilities Americans with Disabilities
Act, 42 U.S.C. § 12101, et seq.

Alabama Employers with 20 or more Alabama Dept. of Age (40+) and handicap.
employees; employment Industrial Relations
agencies and labor 649 Monroe Street ALA. CODE §§ 21-7-8; 25-1-20,
organizations. Montgomery, AL et seq.

Alaska All public and private Alaska State Race, religion, color, national
employers, employment Commission for origin, ancestry, age, physical
agencies, labor Human Rights or mental disability, sex,
organizations and 800 A St., Ste 204 martial status (and changes
communications media Anchorage, AK 99501- thereto), pregnancy and
other than social clubs and 3669 parenthood.
nonprofit religious, (907) 274-4692 or
fraternal, charitable, or (800) 478-4692 ALASKA STAT. § 18.80.220;
educations organizations. §18.80.300(10).

Arizona The state and its agencies, Arizona Attorney Race, color, religion, sex, age
private employers with 15 General, Civil Rights (40+), disability and national
or more employees, Division origin.
employment agencies and 1275 W. Washington,
labor organizations, but not Phoenix, AZ 85007 ARIZ. REV. STAT. ANN. §§ 23-
the United States, Indian (602) 542-4374. 341; 41-1463.
tribes, and bona fide tax-
exempt private membership
clubs. For sexual
harassment actions,
employer means a person
who has one (1) or more
employees in the current or
preceding calendar year.

Arkansas Applies to all public and No state agency. Race, religion, national origin,
private employers that ancestry, gender, or the
employ nine (9) plus presence of any sensory,
employees in the state, but mental or physical disability.
does not apply to
employment by religious ARK. CODE ANN. § 11-4-601;
entities. Ark. Code Ann. § 16-123-102(6); § 16-123-107.
§ 16-123-102(5).
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

California The discrimination and Dept. of Fair Race, religious creed, color,
harassment provisions of Employment & national origin, ancestry, physi-
the Fair Employment and Housing, cal disability (including HIV
Housing Act (FEHA) apply 2000 "O" St., Ste 120 and AIDS), mental disability,
to all public and private Sacramento , CA 95814 medical condition (cancer and
employers, employment (916) 445-5523 or genetic characteristics), marital
agencies and labor (800) 884-1684. status, sex (including
organizations, but not pregnancy, childbirth or related
nonprofit religious medical conditions), age (40+),
organizations. sexual orientation, gender
Last updated: 10/20/03 (including gender-identity);
denial of family and medical
care leave; alcohol and drug
abuse, political affiliation.

CAL. GOV’T CODE § 12940(a), (j);
CAL. LAB. CODE §§ 1025; 1101, et

Colorado All public and private Colorado Civil Rights Disability, race, creed, color,
employers, employment Division sex (including pregnancy),
agencies and labor 1560 Broadway age (40-70), national origin,
organizations, other than Suite. 1050 ancestry, religion, tobacco use
religious organizations not Denver, CO 80202 and other lawful activities,
supported in whole or part (303) 894-2997. and sexual orientation.
by taxation or public
borrowing. COLO. REV. STAT. ANN. §§ 24-34-
301, 24-34-402; Colo. Const.
Art. II, § 30B.

Connecticut Public employers, private Connecticut Race, color, religious creed,
employers with three (3) or Commission on Human age, marital status, national
more employees, employment Rights and origin, sex, ancestry, present
agencies, and labor Opportunities or past history of mental
organizations. 21 Grand St. disability, mental retardation,
Hartford, CT 06106 pregnancy, sexual orientation
(860) 541-3400 genetic information, learning
(800) 477-5737. or physical disabilities, and
tobacco use.

CONN. GEN. STAT. ANN. §§ 31-
40s; 31-57e; 46a-51; 46a-60;

Delaware Public employers, private Delaware Department Race, color, religion, creed,
employers with four (4) or of Labor, Division of sex, national origin, ancestry,
more employees, Industrial Affairs age (40), disability and
employment agencies, and Office of Labor Law handicap, and marital status.
labor organizations, but not Enforcement
certain religious 4425 North Market DEL. CODE ANN. tit. 19 § 711-
organizations. The Street 717, 721-724.
handicap discrimination Wilmington, DE 19802
statute only applies to (302) 761-8200.
employers with 15 or more
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

District of All public and private Office of Human Rights Race, color, religion, sex
Columbia employers, professional 441 4th St. NW (including pregnancy,
associations, employment Suite 570 childbirth and related medical
agencies, and labor N. Washington, D.C. conditions), national origin,
organizations. 20001 age (actual or perceived),
(202) 727-4559. disability and handicap,
marital status, personal
appearance, sexual orientation,
family responsibilities (actual
or perceived), matriculation
(actual or perceived, political
affiliation (actual or
perceived), and tobacco use.

D.C. STAT. 2-1402.11.

Florida All public and private Florida Commission on Race, color, religion, sex,
employers with 15 or more Human Relation, 2009 national origin, ancestry, age,
employees, employment Apalachee Parkway, handicap, marital status,
agencies, and labor Suite 100, FL 32301 AIDS, sickle-cell trait, political
organizations. (850) 488-7082. opinion or affiliation and
tobacco use.

§ 448.075; 760.10; 760.50(2);
City of North Miami v. Kurtz,
653 So.2d 1025 (Fla. 1995).

Georgia The State and its agencies Georgia Office of Fair Race, color, religion, national
that employ at least 15 Employment Practice origin, sex, disability, and age
employees. For age 710 Cain Towers (40-70).
discrimination in Peachtree Center
employment only: public 229 Peachtree St. N.W. GA. CODE ANN. §§ 34-1-2; 34-5-
and private employers Atlanta, GA 30303 3; 45-19-20 et seq.
with at least one (1) (404) 656-1736.
employee. For sex
discrimination in wages
only: public and private
employers with 10 or more

Hawaii All public and private Hawaii Civil Rights Race, color, religion, sex or
employers, employment Commission, pregnancy, national origin,
agencies, and labor 830 Punchbowl Street ancestry, age, disability,
organizations other than Room 411 sexual orientation, age,
the United States. Honolulu, HI 96813 marital status, politics and
(808) 586-8636. arrest and court record.

HAW. REV. STAT. ANN. 378-2.

Idaho All public and private Idaho Commission on Race, color, religion, creed,
employers who hire five (5) Human Rights sex, national origin, ancestry,
employees for each 1109 Main St., age (40+), and disability.
working day in 20 or more Suite 400
calendar weeks in the Boise, ID 83720-0040 IDAHO CODE § 67-5909.
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

current or preceding year, (208) 334-2873 or
employment agencies, and (888) 249-7025.
labor organizations. Does
not include household

Illinois Public and private Illinois Department of Race, color, religion, creed,
employers with at least 15 Human Rights, sex (including pregnancy),
employees, employment 100 West Randolph sexual orientation, citizenship
agencies, and labor Street status, national origin,
organizations, but not Suite 10-100 ancestry, age, marital status,
elected public officials and Chicago, IL 60601 physical or mental handicap,
members of their immediate (312) 814-6200. military status or unfavorable
personal staff and not discharge from military
nonprofit religious status, arrest and criminal
organizations. However, in history records information,
cases of handicap off duty use of lawful
discrimination or sexual products, and genetic
harassment, only one (1) or information.
more employee is required.
775 Ill. COMP. STAT. ANN. 5/1-
101 et seq. § 5/2-102; Ill
Admin. Code § 5210.110.

Indiana Public and private Indiana Civil Rights Race, religion, color, sex,
employers that employ six Commission, disability, national origin,
(6) or more persons, 100 N. Senate Ave., ancestry, and age (40-70),
employment agencies, and Room N103 tobacco use.
labor organizations, but not Indianapolis, IN 46204
nonprofit religious or (317) 232-2600 or IND. CODE ANN. §§ 22-9-1-1 et
fraternal organizations or (800) 628-2909. seq., and 22-9-2-1, et seq.
social clubs. For purposes of
age discrimination, only one
(1) or more employee is

Iowa Public and private Iowa Civil Rights Age, race, color, creed,
employers employing Commission, 400 E. 14th national origin, religion, sex,
employees within the state, Street, Des Moines IA pregnancy, childbirth and
employment agencies, and 50319. (515) 281-4121 related medical conditions,
labor organizations. or (800) 457-4416. and physical or mental

IOWA CODE § 216.6.

Kansas Public and private Kansas Human Rights Race, religion, color, sex,
employers with at least Commission, 900 SW disability, national origin or
four (4) employees, Jackson, Suite 568-S ancestry, age (18+), and HIV
employment agencies, Topeka, KS 66612-1258 infection. KAN. STAT. ANN.
labor organizations, and (785) 296-3206 or §§ 44.1001. In addition, the
organizations engaged in (888) 793-6874. law also prohibits
social service work, but not discrimination based on an
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

nonprofit fraternal or social employee’s, or prospective
organizations. employee’s, genetic screening
or testing information.

KAN. STAT. ANN. § 44-1009, 44-
1111 et seq.

Kentucky Employers with at least Kentucky Commission Age (40-70), race, color,
eight (8) employees within on Human Rights national origin, religion, sex,
the state, employment The Heyburn Bldg. disability, familial status, HIV
agencies, and labor Suite 700, 332 status, pregnancy, childbirth
organizations. For purposes West Broadway and related medical
of disability discrimination, Louisville, KY conditions, smokers/
employer means employing 40202 nonsmokers, Sabbath
15 or more employees and (502) 595-4024 or observance.
shall not include the U.S. (800) 292-5566.
government, Indian tribes or KY. REV. STAT. § 207.130,
bona fide private 207.135, 344.010, 344.040;
membership clubs. 436.165.

Louisiana Employers of 20 or more Louisiana Commission Race, color, religion, sex,
employees (in cases of on Human Rights, disability, age (40+), sickle cell
pregnancy, childbirth and 1001, N. 23rd Street, trait, pregnancy, national
related medical condition Suite 262 , Baton origin, genetic information,
discrimination, more than Rouge, LA 70802 childbirth and related medical
25), labor organizations, (225) 342-6969. conditions and smoking.
joint labor-management
committees, apprenticeship LA. REV. STAT. Title 23 301 et
and training programs, and seq., 332 et. seq., 341 et seq.,
agencies of state and local 351 et seq., 368 et seq.; Title 51 §
governments. 2231 et seq.

Maine All public and private Maine Human Rights Race, color, religion, national
employers and their Commission, origin, ancestry, physical or
agents, employment 51 State House Station mental disability, age; sex
agencies, and labor Augusta, ME 04333- (including pregnancy and
organizations. Except for 0051 related medical conditions),
purposes of disability (207) 624-6050. sexual orientation, and
discrimination, does not smoking.
include nonprofit religious
or fraternal corporations or ME. REV. STAT. ANN. Title VII
associations, with respect §§ 4551 et seq., 4572; Title 26 §
to its members of the same 597.
religion, sect or fraternity.
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

Maryland Public and private Maryland Commission Race, color, religion, sex
employers with at least 15 on Human Relations (including pregnancy,
employees, employment Suite 900 childbirth and related medical
agencies, and labor Schaefer Towers conditions), age, national
organizations, but not bona 6 Saint Paul Street origin, marital status, sexual
fide private membership Baltimore, MD 21202 orientation, genetic
club that is tax-exempt. (410) 767-8600 or information, disability
(800) 637-6247. unrelated in nature and extent
so as to reasonably preclude
the performance of the
employment, and because of
the individual's refusal to
submit to a genetic test or
make available the results of a
genetic test, and Sabbath

MD. CODE ART. 49B § 15-18;

Massachusetts Public and private Massachusetts Age (40+), race, color,
employers with at least six Commission Against religious creed, national
(6) employees, Discrimination, origin, ancestry, sex (inc.
employment agencies, and One Ashburton Place pregnancy and maternity
labor organizations, but not Room 601 leave), sexual orientation
nonprofit private social Boston, MA 02108 (except pedophilia) genetic
clubs, associations and (617) 994-6000. information, AIDS and
fraternal organizations. handicap.

MASS. GEN. LAWS, c 93 § 102 et
seq.; c 149 § 105A; c 151B, § 4.

Michigan All public and private Michigan Department Religion, race, color, national
employers employing one of Civil Rights Lansing origin, sex, disability, age,
or more employees, Executive Office marital status, familial status,
employment agencies, and Capitol Tower Bldg., pregnancy, childbirth and
labor organizations. Suite 800 related conditions except
Lansing, MI 48933 nontherapeutic abortions not
(517) 335-3165. intended to save the life of the
mother, height and weight.

MICH. COMP. LAWS § 37.1102 et
seq., § 37.2102 et seq.
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

Minnesota Public and private Minnesota Department Race, color, creed, religion,
employers with one or of Human Rights, national origin, sex,
more employees, Army Corps of (including pregnancy,
employment agencies, and Engineers Centre childbirth and disability
labor organizations. 190 East 5th Street because of childbirth) marital
Suite 700 status, status with regard to
St. Paul, MN 55101 public assistance,
(651) 296-5663 or membership or activity in a
(800) 657-3704. local commission, disability,
sexual orientation (except
pedophilia) and age (25-70).

MINN. STAT. ANN. §§ 181; 363A.
01 et seq.

Mississippi All public and private not applicable Corporate employees’ social ,
employers. civil or political rights,
smoking during non-working
hours, membership in labor
union as condition of

Miss. Const. Ann. Art. 7,
§ 191, MISS. CODE ANN. §§ 79-1-
9; 71-7-33; 71-1-47

Missouri Employers with at least six Missouri Commission Race, color, religion, national
(6) employees within the on Human Rights, origin, sex, ancestry, age (40-
state, employment 3315 W. Truman Blvd. 70), disability, AIDS, genetic
agencies, and labor Jefferson City, MO testing, and off-duty tobacco
organizations, but not 651020-1129 and alcohol use.
corporations and (573) 751-3325. MO. REV. STAT. § 191.665, 213,
associations owned and 375; § 213.055
operated by religious or
sectarian groups. The public employment and
government contractor
executive order prohibits
discrimination by
government contractors based
on race, color, religion,
national origin, sex, handicap,
age and disabled or Vietnam-
era veteran’s status. Mo. Exec.
Order 87-6 Art XIII § 4.

Montana All public and private Montana Human Race, creed, religion, color,
employers ,with one or Rights Bureau sex, physical or mental
more employees, 1625 11th Ave., disability, age, national
employment agencies, P.O. Box 1728 origin, ancestry, marital
labor organizations, and Helena, MT 59624- status, pregnancy and off-
training committees, but 1728 duty use of lawful products.
not non-profit private (406) 444-2884 or (The off-duty use of lawful
membership clubs. (800) 542-0807. products does not apply to
nonprofit organizations
whose primary purpose
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

includes discouraging the use
of one or more lawful
products by the general
public). Montana Human
Rights Act § 49-2-303(1)(a).
MONT. CODE ANN. § 39-2-313.

Nebraska Employers with at least 15 Nebraska Equal Race, color, national origin,
employees, and any party Opportunity religion, sex (including
whose business is financed Commission, pregnancy, childbirth and
in whole or in part under 301 Centennial Mall related medical conditions),
the Nebraska Investment South, 5th Floor, disability, marital status, age
Finance Authority Act Lincoln, NE 68509- (40-70) and HIV/AIDS. NEB.
regardless of the number of 4934(402) 471-2024 or REV. STAt. §§ 20-168(1), 48-
employees, including the (800) 642-6112. 1004, 648-1101 et seq.
State of Nebraska,
governmental agencies, Government contractors are
and political subdivisions, covered by the above
regardless of the number of provisions, except for age and
employees; employment HIV/AIDS, and additionally,
agencies; labor there is an executive order for
organizations; government government contractors
contractors; and joint labor- which reiterates the same
management committees, protected classes. Neb. Ex. Or.
but not the United States, 1-78.
Indian tribes, or bona fide
tax-exempt private
membership clubs.
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

Nevada Employers with 15 or more Nevada Equal Rights Race, color, religion, sex,
employees, employment Commission sexual orientation, pregnancy,
agencies, labor 1515 East Tropicana age (40+), disability, national
organizations, joint labor- Suite 590 origin, genetic information,
management committees Las Vegas, NV 89119- and lawful use of a product
and government 6522 during non-working hours.
contractors, but not the (702) 486-7161. NEV. REV. STAT. §§ 613.310 et
United States, Indian seq. NEV. STAT. 1991 c359 § 1.
tribes, or tax-exempt
private membership clubs. There is a separate law for
government contractors, with
respect to race, color, creed,
national origin, sex and age.
NEV. REV. STAT. § 338.125(1).

New Employers with six (6) or New Hampshire Age, sex (including
Hampshire more employees, Commission for pregnancy and pregnancy-
employment agencies, and Human Rights related medical conditions),
labor organizations, but not 2 Chenell Drive sexual orientation, race,
nonprofit religious Concord, NH 03301- religious creed, color, marital
organizations or nonprofit 8501 (603) 271-2767. status, , physical or mental
social, fraternal, or disability, national origin, and
charitable clubs and tobacco use. N.H. REV. STAT. §§
associations. 275: 37-a, 354:A-7.
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

New Jersey All public and private New Jersey Dept. of the Race, creed, color, national
employers, state and Attorney General origin, nationality, ancestry,
municipal contractors, Division on Civil age (18-70), sex (including
employment agencies, and Rights pregnancy and sexual
labor organizations. 140 East Front Street, harassment), marital status,
6th Floor, PO Box 090 affectional or sexual
Trenton, NJ 08625- orientation, familial status,
0090 (609) 292-4605. domestic partnership status,
displaying of American flag
on person or workstation,
atypical hereditary, cellular or
blood trait, genetic
information, liability for
military service, tobacco use
and mental and physical
disability (including AIDS
and HIV-related illnesses);
gender identity or expression.
N.J. STAT. §§ 10:5-1 et seq.,

There are two separate
statutes which can apply to
government contractors, the
Government Contractor
Discrimination Statute which
applies to all government
contractors with respect to
race, color, creed, national
origin, ancestry, marital
status, affectional or sexual
orientation and sex. N.J. STAT.
§ 10: 2-1. In addition, the
defense contractor statute
applies to defense contractors
and covers the same protected
classes, except for affectional
or sexual orientation. N.J.
STAT. § 10:1-10.

New Mexico Employers with four (4) or New Mexico Human Race, color, national origin,
more employees, the state Rights Division ancestry, religion, sex, age,
and all its political 1596 Pacheco Street physical or mental handicap,
subdivisions, employment Aspen Plaza, serious medical condition,
agencies, government Suite 103 genetic information, HIV
contractors and labor Santa Fe, NM 87502 testing and tobacco use. If the
organizations. (800) 566-9471. employer has 50 or more
employees, spousal affiliation
is protected. If the employer
has 15 or more employees,
sexual orientation or gender
identity is protected. N.M.
STAT. §§ 24-21-1 et seq., 28-1-7,
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

28-10A-1, 50-11-3.

Government contractors are
only covered under the public
employment sexual
preference executive order.
N.M. Executive Order 85-15.

New York Employers with four (4) or New York State Age (18+), race, creed, color,
more employees, licensing Division of Human national origin, ancestry, sex,
agencies, employment Rights pregnancy, disability, sexual
agencies, labor One Fordham Plaza orientation, genetic
organizations and 4th Floor predisposition or carrier
government contractors Bronx, NY 10458 (718) status, arrest or conviction,
741-8400. military status, lawful off-
duty activities and marital
status. N.Y. Consol. Laws, ch.
18, art. 15, § 296.

There is a separate law for
government contractors
which prohibits
discrimination based upon
race, creed, color, national
origin, sex, age, disability or
marital status. N.Y. Exec. Law
§ 312.

North Employers with at least 15 North Carolina Human Age, sex, race, color, national
Carolina employees, the state and its Relations Commission origin, religion, creed,
agencies, and local 1318 Mail Service disability/ handicap, sickle
government entities. Center cell or hemoglobin C trait,
Raleigh, NC 27699 genetic testing and AIDS
(919) 733-7996. virus/HIV infection or results
of AIDS test. N.C. GEN. STAT.
§§ 95-28.1A, 130A-148, 143-
422.2, 168.A-1 et seq.

North Dakota Private employers with one North Dakota Race, color, religion, sex,
or more employees, the Department of Labor pregnancy, childbirth,
state and its agencies, Human Rights pregnancy related disabilities
employment agencies and Division national origin, age (40+),
labor organizations. 600 E. Boulevard Ave., mental or physical disability,
Dept. 406 Bismarck, status with regard to
ND 58505-0340 (701) marriage or public assistance,
328-2660 or (800) 582- participation in lawful
8032. activities during non-work
hours off the employers
premises and exercising
rights under the smoking
statute. N.D. Cent. Code § 14-
02.4 et seq.

Ohio The state and its agencies, Ohio Civil Rights Race, color, religion, sex
employers with four (4) or Commission (including pregnancy and
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

more employees, 1111 E. Broad Street related conditions), national
employment agencies, joint Suite 301 origin, disability, age (40+)
labor-management Columbus, OH 43205 and ancestry. OHIO REV. CODE
committees, labor (614) 466- 7742 or § 4112.01-02.
organizations and (888) 278-7101.
government contractors. There is a separate public
works contractor statute
which contains a
nondiscrimination provision
specifying that no
discrimination may occur
based on race, creed, sex,
disability and color. OHIO REV.
CODE § 153.59.

Oklahoma Public and private Oklahoma Human Race, color, religion, sex,
employers with at least 15 Rights Commission, pregnancy, national origin,
employees, employment Jim Thorpe Building age (40+), tobacco use, genetic
agencies, labor organizations 2101 North Lincoln testing and handicap. OKLA.
and government contractors, Boulevard Room 480 STAT. §§ 25-1201 et seq., OKLA.
but not Indian tribes or bona Oklahoma City, OK ADMIN. CODE §§ 335:15-1-2.- 15-
fide nonprofit membership 73105 1-3; 335:15-3-1 et seq.
clubs. (405) 521-2360 or
(888) 456-2558.

Oregon All public and private Oregon Bureau of Race, color, national origin,
employers, employment Labor & Industries ancestry, sex, pregnancy,
agencies and labor Civil Rights Division childbirth, pregnancy related
organizations. 800 N.E. Oregon conditions, religion, age (18+),
Street, #32 physical or mental disability
Portland, OR 97232 (employers with 6 or more
(971) 673-0761 employees), genetic
screening, juvenile records,
personal associations and
marital status. OR. REV. STAT.
§§ 659A.006, 659A.030.

Pennsylvania Employers with at least four Pennsylvania Human Race, color, religious creed,
(4) employees in Relations Commission ancestry, age (40+), sex,
Pennsylvania, the Central Office pregnancy, national origin,
Commonwealth and any 301 Chestnut Street, non-job related handicap or
political subdivisions, Suite 300 disability, use of a guide or
employment agencies, labor Harrisburg, PA 17101 support animal, willingness
organizations and (717) 787-4410. or refusal to perform or
government contractors. participate in abortion, and
Does not include religious, persons who hold general
fraternal, charitable or education development
sectarian corporations or certificates rather than high
associations (unless school diplomas. 43 PA. STAT.
supported by government § 951 et seq.
appropriations), except with Government contractors are
respect to claims related to covered by the Human
race, color, age, sex or Relations Commission’s
handicap discrimination. contract compliance
regulations. Discrimination
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

based on race, color, national
origin, ancestry, religious
creed, age and sex is
prohibited. 16 PA. CODE
§§ 49.2, 49.101.

Rhode Island The state and its political Rhode Island Race, color, sex, pregnancy
subdivisions, employers Commission for (including childbirth or
with at least four (4) Human Rights related medical conditions),
employees, employment 180 Westminster St., ancestral origin, disability,
agencies, labor 3rd Floor age (40+), sexual orientation,
organizations, licensing Providence, RI 02903, gender identity or expression,
agencies and government (401) 222-2661. religion, AIDS testing, genetic
contractors. testing and tobacco use
outside of employment. R.I.
GEN. LAWS, §§ 23-6-22, 28-5-1
et. seq., 28-5-5, 28-6.7-1. State
Fair Employment Practices

Employers, employment
agencies and licensing
agencies are prohibited from
discriminating against victims
of domestic violence. R.I. GEN.
LAWS § 12-28-10.

The public employment and
government contractor law
prohibits discrimination on
the basis of race, color,
religion, sex, pregnancy,
national origin, age or
handicap by government
contractors. R.I. GEN. LAWS
§ 28-5.1-10.

South Employers with at least 15 South Carolina Human Race, religion, color, sex
Carolina employees, employment Affairs Commission (including pregnancy, child
agencies, labor P.O. Box 4490 birth and pregnancy related
organizations and joint 2611 Forest Drive, medical conditions) age (40+),
labor-management Suite 200 national origin, ancestry,
committees, but not Indian Columbia, SC 29204 disability and tobacco use
tribes and bona fide private (803) 737-7800 or outside the work place. S.C.
membership clubs other (800) 521-0725. CODE, §§ 1-13-10 et seq., 41-1-
than labor organizations. 85.

South Dakota Public and private South Dakota Division Race, color, creed, religion,
employers, employment of Human Rights sex, disability, blindness and
agencies and labor 700 Governors Dr. partial blindness, ancestry,
organizations. Pierre, SD 57501 national origin and tobacco
(605) 773-4493. use during non-work hours.
S.D. CODE §§ 20-13-1 et seq.,
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

Tennessee The state and its political Tennessee Human Race, creed, color, religion,
subdivisions, employers Rights Commission 530 sex, national origin, and
with at least eight (8) Church Street, ancestry are prohibited
employees within the state, Cornerstone Square discriminatory classifications
employment agencies, Bldg., Suite 305 for all employers under the
labor organizations and Nashville, TN 3724- Human Rights Act. All
joint labor-management 0745 (615) 741-5825 or employers, excluding joint
training committees. (800) 251-3589. labor-management training
committees, are prohibited
from discriminating based on
age. TENN. CODE ANN. §§ 4-21-
201 et seq. TENN. CODE §§ 4-21-
401-4-21-404 TENN. CODE § 50-
1-304 (e).

Discrimination by all
employers against people
who use tobacco is
prohibited. TENN. CODE § 50-1-

Discrimination against the
handicapped is prohibited by
public and private employers.
TENN. CODE § 8-50-103.

Texas State and local government Texas Commission on Race, color, disability,
entities, employers with at Human Rights, religion, sex (including
least 15 employees, P.O. Box 13006 pregnancy, childbirth or
employment agencies, 6330 Highway 290 related medical conditions),
labor organizations and East, Suite 250 national origin, age (40+) use
joint labor-management Austin, TX 78711 of genetic test results or
committees. (512) 437-3450. employees’ refusal to submit
to such tests and probably
ANN. ch. 21 § 21-001 et seq.;
ANN. Ch. 81, § 81.101, 81.102.

Utah The state and its political Utah Labor Race, color, sex, pregnancy
subdivisions (within state), Commission, (including childbirth and
employers with at least 15 Antidiscrimination & pregnancy-related
employees, employment Labor Division, conditions), age (40+),
agencies, labor 160 East 300 South 3rd religion, national origin, and
organizations, joint labor- Floor, disability and
management committees Salt Lake City, UT Utah Code, tit. 34A, ch. 5.
and government 84111 UTAH CODE ANN., Title 34A,
contractors, but not (801) 530-6801 or § 34A-5-101 et seq.
religious organizations, (800) 222-1238.
corporations or The Governor’s Fair Practices
associations. for State Government
Employment and Contracts
requires the inclusion of a
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

nondiscrimination clause in
state contracts. Utah Exec.
Order July 25, 1986.

Vermont Public and private Vermont Human Race, color, religion, sex,
employers with one or Rights Commission, sexual orientation, national
more employees, 135 State Street origin, ancestry, place of
employment agencies, Drawer 33, Montpelier, birth, age (18+), HIV status
labor organizations that VT and physical/mental
represent at least five 05633-6301 condition. 21 VT. STAT. ANN. ,
(5)employees and (802) 828-2480 or tit.21 § 494 et seq., § 495.
government contractors (800) 416-2010.
and subcontractors.

Virginia Public and private Virginia Council on Race, color, religion, national
employers, employment Human Rights origin, sex, pregnancy,
agencies, labor 900 E. Main St., childbirth or related medical
organizations, joint labor- Pocahontas Bldg., conditions, age, marital status,
management committees, 4th Floor disability (mental or physical
and government Richmond, VA 23219 impairments), genetic testing,
contractors and (804) 225-2292 former members of armed
subcontractors with services or in reserve forces of
contracts of more than armed services, the National
$10,000. Guard and election officers.
VA. CODE, § 2.2-3900 (Human
Rights Act), 44-93 et seq. VA.
CODE ANN. §24.2-118.1., VA.
CODE ANN. § 40.1-28.7.1.

A separate statute covers
government contractors who
may not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, religion,
sex or national origin. VA. CODE
tit. 11, chs. 44 and 51.

Washington Employers with at least Washington State Age (40+), sex (including
eight (8) employees, Human Rights pregnancy), sexual
employment agencies, Commission orientation, marital status,
labor organizations and 711 South Capitol race, creed, color, national
government contractors, Way, #402 origin, ancestry, the presence
but not nonprofit religious P.O. Box 42490 of any sensory, mental or
or sectarian organizations. Olympia, WA 98504- physical disability, use of a
2490 (360) 753-6770 or trained dog guide or service
(800) 233-3247. animal by a disabled person,
the results of a HIV or
Hepatitis C test, and using
sick leave to care for a child or
family member. R.C.W.
49.12.175, WAC 296-130-035;
49.44.090, 49.60.010, 49.60.030,
49.60.172, 49.60.180.

Government contractors are
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

covered by an executive order
that prohibits discrimination
based on race, color, national
origin, ancestry and religion.
Wash. Exec. Or., Art. III

West Virginia The state and its political West Virginia Human Race, religion, color, national
subdivisions, employers Rights Commission origin, ancestry, sex, age
with at least 12 persons 1321 Plaza East, Room (40+), blindness, disability,
within the state, 108A Charleston, WV pregnancy and off-duty
employment agencies, 25301-1400 tobacco use (applies to public
training committees and (304) 558-2616 or and private employers). W.V.
labor organizations, but not (888) 676-5546. Code §§ 5-11-1 et seq., 21-3-19,
private clubs. 21-5B-3.

Wisconsin The state and its agencies, Wisconsin Department Age (40+), race, creed, color,
private employers and of Workforce disability, marital status, sex
their agents, employment Development, Equal (including pregnancy,
agencies, labor Rights Division, childbirth, maternity leave or
organizations, licensing 201 E. Washington related medical condition),
agencies and government Ave., Room A300 P.O. HIV testing (applies only to
contractors and Box 8928 Madison, WI employers and agents of
subcontractors, but not 53708 (608) 266-6860. employers), genetic testing,
social clubs or fraternal national origin, ancestry,
societies with respect to a sexual orientation, arrest or
particular job for which the conviction record,
club or society seeks to membership in the national
employ or employs a guard or military service,
member. use/nonuse of lawful
products off the employers
premises during nonworking
hours and lie detector testing.
WIS. STAT. §§ 103.15, 111.31-

Government contractors are
covered under a separate
statute which prohibits
discrimination on the basis of
age, race, religion, color, sex,
sexual orientation, national
origin and physical and
mental handicaps. WIS. STAT.
§ 16.765.

Wyoming The state and its political Wyoming Dept. of Age (40+), sex, race, creed,
subdivisions, employers Employment, Labor color, national origin,
with at least two (2) or Standards Office ancestry, disability and use/
more employees, 1510 E. Pershing Blvd., nonuse of tobacco products
employment agencies, West Wing Cheyenne, outside course of
labor organizations and WY 82002 employment. WYO. STAT. §§
government contractors, (307) 777-7261. 27-4-302, 27-9-105.
but not religious
Jurisdiction Covered Employers Enforcement Agency Categories
Protected/Relevant Statute

organizations or Government contractors are
associations. also covered, but there is no
protection for age, disability
or tobacco use under the
government contractor
executive order. Wyo. Exec.
Or. 1976-6 § 2-3.