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1) PROCESS BACKGROUND The PBD seed is preliminary produced and store in Seed storage tank before used for

PBD polymerization. It is essential to ensure the quality of charging seed for PBDK polymerization are according to specification as particle size distribution of the seed will be reflected in the size distribution of the final latex. In other words, it would contribute to high PBDKL turbidity consequently it is resulting in better ABS quality especially in term fish eyes. The monitored qualities for seed latex are total solid (45%-50%) and turbidity (0.15 – 0.3 cP). In August to September 2010, turbidity of seed latex grew to higher range. As a result it gave low turbidity value for PBDK latex and affected the ABS fish eyes. This is due to the seed latex settling down at the bottom part of seed storage tank. To certain extent, it accumulated and generate huge amount of coagulum. This is proven from MT6 seed storage tank where 6500 kg were scoping out from bottom part of seed storage tank during MT6 Shut down. The loss of seed production due to formation into coagulum can be improved by introduce the agitator in the storage tank to prevent from seed latex stagnating. 2) OBJECTIVE 1. To provide uniform dispersion of seed latex in seed storage tank 2. To reduce formation of coagulum in seed storage tank 3. To improve seed latex and PBDK latex in term of turbidity. 3) EXPECTED MERIT Production Loss Based on MT6 Annual Shut Down 2011, 65 drums were collected from Seed storage tank, No of HR batch loss = 65 drums x 100 kg seed/drums x 1/2880 batch PBDK/kg seed x 50378.6 kg PBDKL/batch PBDK x 1/9580 batch HR/kg PBDKL = 12 batches

Total ABS production loss = 260. The velocity is ND where N is the rotational speed (revolutions per second). solids suspension and mass transfer to suspended particles.90 RM/year Coagulum treatment cost Labor cost = 5 person/ day x 45person/day x 5 days = RM 1125 4) EQUIPMENT SELECTION These include agitator power requirements.54 RM/kg = 70 416.168 m3 2600L/ batch HR x 1 /2 ton 2600P/m3 2600L = 260.40 MT ABS/year Marginal profit ABS = 0. Stirred Vessel In a cylindrical vessel stirred by a central rotating paddle.80 ton 2600P/annual S/D x 1/0.24 MT ABS/ part 2600P x 0. .24 part. Total ABS profit loss= 130. heat transfer.80 ton 2600P By considering Type 700-X-01 = 0. Then the Reynolds number is: .5annual S/D / years = 130. turbine or propellor. the characteristic dimension is the diameter of the agitator D.54 RM/kg.40 MT ABS/year x 1000 kg/MT x 0.Amount of 2600P loss = 12 batches HR x 44.

¼ 62:4 lbm=ft3 ¼ 1. The required power will be calculated. YAMASHITA PROD.740 gal. NP ¼ 5.000 From Figure 10. thus P ¼ (NP)rN3D5 ¼ (5)(1.Impeller Power for a Specified Impeller at a Given Speed A 3200 diameter 6BD impeller. is agitating water (m ¼ 1 cP.000 gal PREPARED BY CHECKED BY VERIFIED BY APPROVED BY NAME DESIGNATION DATE AZRUL ALIAS PROCESS ENGINEER 27 MAY 2011 YEOH CHIN HOE SECTION MANAGER 27 MAY 2011 JAMAL ISMAIL SECTION MANAGER 27 MAY 2011 TENGKU SHAMSUL OPERATION MANAGER 27 MAY 2011 T. NRe ¼ ND2r=m ¼ (56=60)(0:0254 _ 32)21. giving a batch volume of 1.000) ¼ 616. located 3200 off the vessel bottom. The batch height is 8000.000=(1=1.6. MANAGER 27 MAY 2011 .442W ¼ 1:93HP This is a rather low specific power level of 1:93=1:74 ¼ 1:11HP=1. ADVISOR 27 MAY 2011 JOHARI BAHARUDIN DEPT.000 kg=m3) in an 8000 diameter vessel at 56 rpm.000)(56=60)3(:0254 _ 32)5 ¼ 1.

Prepolymer heater reconstruction (1) Mist Separator installation: Install one long line and mist separator at Vent #0-0 and #0-1. (2) Vent pot 0-0 and 0-1 installation: Install new vent pot that increase 6” than old and 4” long for outlet vent pot. 2.2) DESIGN BASE 1) Production Rate: Based on current CAP 3&4 condition Production Rate: 5500kg/hr Total Solid: 70% 2) Heat Exchanger ATM: Vapor Inlet Heat Exchanger ATM Temperature: 145oC Vapor Outlet Heat Exchanger ATM Temperature: 50oC Liquid Outlet Heat Exchanger ATM Temperature: 40oC Water Inlet Heat Exchanger ATM Temperature: 31oC Water Outlet Heat Exchanger ATM Temperature: 36oC 3) Equipment Reconstruction and New Outline 1. Condenser reconstruction .

which circulated by the circulation pump to monomer cooler for cooling. It’s the condense by the monomer spray from scrubber. Remaining monomer gas is cooled and condensed by the monomer condenser. some monomer will be channeled to the reactor via settler. (2) Change condenser unit: Vent line 0-0 and 0-1 will be used condenser #1 and mist separator 1 will be used ATM heat exchanger. (3) Spare unit vent line: Install new spare vent line at 0-1 vent line. Cooled monomer returns to the monomer receiver to agitate the monomer inside the receiver while some will be channeled to monomer condenser spray and to the scrubber. 4) Vacuum pipe information (1) Vacuum operating condition 500~600 torr. 3) ATMOSPHERIC VENTILATING SYSTEM Process Flow Diagram The PPH evaporated monomer gas from the two atmospheric pressure vents is channeled to the monomer receiver tank.(1) Condenser installation: Install a new pipeline to condenser 0-0/0-1. All condensate is accumulated in the monomer receiver. (4) Material for vacuum line stainless steel. To maintain a constant level at monomer receiver. . (3) Vacuum line pipe size 4" with steam trace. (2) CV size 4" jacketed with steam.

ATM system abnormal.Vent pot #0-0 &#0-1 no choked during normal running 2.No frequent short stoppage vent line #0-0 & #0-1 change(average 3 times per month) Demerit 1. Less load to busch pump & vacuum pump.4) MERIT AND DEMERIT OF ATM SYSTEM Process & Facility Merit 1.Pump frequent repair (choked with gel)Rm 500K for 2009 iii. (facilities) i. 4.Valve jammed ii.tank first flanges.spray nozzles & condenser) 2.Less load to condensor #0/1 3.Gel and Pop corn generation during normal running(Tank.ATM tank level abnormal(LIT choked with pop corn) .

Down time period longer if process need to stop for ATM system trouble rectification Quality With ATM 1.1 5) PROPOSAL FOR NEW IMPROVEMENT Process Flow Diagram The flow of unreacted monomer gas is explained as below: The PPH unreacted monomer gas from the two vent pot #0-0 and #0-1 are channel to mist separator 0-0 and 0-1. .MI fluctuate due to RMN flowrate fluctuate caused by ATM flowrate fluctuation with big range Without ATM 1. Reactor agitation power fluctuates due to ATM flowrate inconsistent.2~15.Settler effeciency drop due to ATM flowrate create turbulent (water separation between monomer inconsistent) 5. Remaining unreacted monomer will be flow and condense at condenser.7~16.3.Charpy(kJ/m2) 14. 4.SM Residue(ppm) 1800~2200 2.3 3.Charpy(kJ/m2) 13.SM Residue(ppm) 1800~2200 2. Condense monomer returns to settler and some monomer will be channel to reactor via settler which represents the actual amount of unreacted monomer from PPH.

n E isting x co d .CP 3 A .02 kg/hr Flowrate Outlet liquid = 1288. e n M 0 -0 S M 0 -1 S s ttle e r se r ttle M1 S Pre o m r H a r p ly e e te De la e vo tiliz r 6) CALCULATION FOR HEAT BALANCE 1) Total heat removes for unreacted monomer from PPH DATA : Flowrate Inlet Gas = 1302 kg/hr Flowrate Outlet Gas = 13.08 kg/hr Latent Heat Evaporation .4 G rd ua co d . n N w co d .

298+90*0.08kg/hr.[inlet gas]145 oC)(1288.02kg/hr.[outlet gas]40 oC) dQ1=1302*(0.702)*(145-45) = 44661.3457 kcal/kg-deg 2) Cp SM = 0.4*0.5 kcal/kg-deg 2) Cp SM = 0.4 kcal/kg-deg Temperature Inlet Gas = 145oC Outlet Gas = 40 oC Outlet liquid = 45 oC Weight percentage of SM = 0.036kcal/hr Total Heat Removed = 181574.8kcal/hr dQ2 = 1230*(0.702)*(45-40) = 5540.702 (1) Total Heat Remove For Unreacted Monomer From PPH (1302kg/hr.298 Weight percentage of AN = 0.3457*0.3676*0.298+0.[outlet liquid]45oC)(13.056 kcal/hr .702)*1230 = 131372.5*0.1) Hv AN = 130 kcal/kg 2) Hv SM = 90 kcal/kg Heat Capacity (Gas) 1) Cp AN = 0.298+0.3676 kcal/kg-deg Heat Capacity (Liq) 1) Cp AN = 0.22kcal/hr Heat of Evaporation Q = (130*0.

1m Total number of tubes = 91 tubes 1) Total surface area of tube As = 3.52) = 17.05/1000) * 1.0658 * 91 = 5.14 * (19.52oC 2) Minimum heat transfer area required Ac = 181574.05mm Length of tube (L) = 3m Total number of tubes = 359 tubes 3) Total surface area of tube .1 = 0.62m2 (3) Heat transfer area for ATM condenser Data: Diameter of tube (I.056 / (200x51.0658 m2 2) Total area of bundle tubes Ab = 0.D) = 19.(2) Minimum Heat Transfer Area Required To Condense Unreacted Monomer from PPH 1) Mean temperature difference (dT) dT = ((50-31)-(145-36))/ln ((50-31)/(145-36)) = 51.D) = 19.05mm Length of tube (L) = 1.987 m2 (Not enough to condense unreacted monomer) (4) Heat transfer area for condenser no #1 Data: Diameter of tube (I.

240 + Sales Operating Fixed Cost 0 . ATM condenser is not enough to condense the unreacted monomer vapor from vent pot 0-0 and 0-1. 7) MERIT INSTALLATION Total loss of Vent line chocked 09~10 731 MT Based on this value.740 + Production Fixed Cost 255.650 Marginal profit = RM 394.05/1000) * 3 = 0. So.14 * (19. our policy is ‘we lost the change to product and additionally we lost the change of sales. 1) For vent line chocked = 731 MT Marginal Profit = Operating Profit 109. II) Based on the physical year Apr 09~Apr10.740 + RM 162.740/year 2) For maintenance fee for vent line chocked I) Based on the figure from Engineering department.4405 m2 (enough to condense unreacted monomer) Based on the calculation.000 = RM 556. we have to switch between condensers no#1 with ATM condenser. maintenance fee for dismantle and close up back the 0-0 and 0-1 vent line = RM 1800.As = 3. So based on this figure total maintenance fee for vent line 0-0 and 0-1= 90 times x RM1800 = RM162. total vent line 0-0 and 0-1 change is 90 times.1795 * 359 = 64. 000 Total merit installation for this project = RM 394.850 + Operating Fixed Cost 29.1795 m2 4) Total area of bundle tubes Ab = 0.