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12 Hot Chick tn pig: HOT CHICR/ ERISTY 12 HOTEL HALLWAY RNOCKS. When the door opens, revealing... A HOT CHICK, wearing a flimsy, short, lingerie-like ROBE. They weren't expecting her. She’s a bit confused herself. oko HOT CHICK CARISTYS So. Where is it? Guy Where's... what? HOT CHICK CKeisty) The pizza, That taxes two guys to deliver...? uy Um... I think we got the wrong room. When SAM WINCHESTER enters from the bathroom. SAM Hey, that the pizz-2 Sam CHARGES throws him roughly against the wall! Sam winds back with a SILVER ENIFE. The Hot Chick SCREAMS! Geriery SRKXERRKRAR KAR HKAKEAKRERK AE RERANCH IH HER, The Hot Chick watches, too, Weizded out and confused. HOT cHTCK CKR\sqy) are you guys, like, tegethex? SAM What? No. He’s my Dad. Um. HOT CHICK CKe1sty) Oh. Got it. Look, I think IT should go. SAM Yeah. It’s probably a good idea. Sorry. \atS Jeanpanadns For carce (Kessrry) T’1l just go change in the bathroom. Guy You should change right here. The Hot Chick is no shrinking violet, she rolls her eyes-~ HOT CBICK (KQigety) Keep dreaming, pal. pscctebeessntseniieteesteciccvecsstecsssttusssten sree sett tt’ INT. HOTEL HALLWAY ~ MOMENTS LATER We're outside in the hall, as the door OPENS, and the Hot Chick, now fully dressed, exits. Sam sees her out. HOT cHIcK CKRSTY) So... call me. nn SAM Yeah. Sure thing, Kathy. Hon caIcK (RRL) Rristy. sa Right. down the hall, Sam closes the door-~ Kristy. The hot oMek from sam’s doing here? An Act I. What's she You can“send ‘om packin’ y\ by now. You don’t need me. 2% D INT. HOTEL HALLWAY - MC the door OPENS, and the Hot ts. Sam sees her out. She heads gown the hall, sam closes te door—— sponGUENY A RNR KAR KKARAARAKAXAXAXAAAXAK AKL EK EXE RERER, Kristy. The hot chick from Sam’s room in Act I. What’s she doing here? RRISTY Getting pretty slick there, Sam. Better all the time. SAM What tock you so long? kristy Please. A small fry like that? You can send ‘em packin’ yourself by now. You don't need me. Zh S