Anti-gravity formula Volume x time x motion squared (VTMt) where Mt (motion is squared) squared E=energy, M= mass, C is the

speed of light squared. 1 theorem VTMt2 = E V= feet3 T= seconds Mt= miles per second E= hp say ( mass moved one foot per one second.) M=pounds C=speed of light squared VTMt2=MC2 F cubed(seconds)(feet per second)squared=lbs(feet per second squared) (5280)(186000) divided out equals feet to the 5th power (lbs) over seconds= lbs(5280)(186000) Leaving feet to the 4th power/ seconds cubed= lbs(seconds squared) Feet 4th = lbs or ……….. V/M(5280)(186000) 2 theorem VTM2 = E Ft cubed(seconds)(feet per second)squared= lbs/feet/sec Feet to the 5th power per second to the 2nd power = lbs/feet/sec Feet to the 4th per sec = lbs therefore, F to the 4th per sec equals lbs F to the 4th/lbs or F to the 4thper sec /M 3rd hypothesis Volume to the 4th per sec is equal to Mass 4th hypothesis Volume to the 4th is two interacting motions of space divided by mass For ex: the earth revolves on an axis while also revolving around the sun. two motions interacting in space through gravity. The key to anti-gravity is obvious. The sun’s gravity is only a force when it has a counterforce to act on. F to the 4th power, what is the forth power? Gravities intersection point between two objects. That interaction. The earth travels in an ellipse. The give and take of gravity. If mass is a factor on motion, then let’s say all motion stopped, the planets would “fall” into the sun at the same rate of speed. Mass would be irrelevant. In motion mass and gravity are directly related. But how do they interact if you understand the sun is not a stationary object. It is traveling through space in relation to the stars. These two motions, the sun through the universe and the planets to the sun are two separate motions. What is the earth’s ellipse’s relationship when earth is farthest from the sun as it is aligned to the nearest next star? Each gravitational field is part of that bodies space in the universe. Those spaces overlap. Those gravitational fields interact. And that is where the motion begins. One spinning metal/super-conductor disc spinning is like the sun, alone in the universe, its gravity useless. But with a second mass interacting with the first, motion can begin. You are uselessly spinning your wheels on your antigravity device experiment in Huntsville, Alabama because the spin is only interacting with the stationary electromagnets that are spinning it. See the duality. A box in a box. Two objects occupying the same space through gravity. My question is why do we spin our wheels on the singular when duality rules the universe? = E or MC

A black hole as theorized in the electrical/magnetic/motion string theory suggests a 4th dimension as defined in this paper. A black hole could be seen as a funnel that swirls with motion causing great gravitational forces. The interaction of these forces could be found to be exponential. John Henry Greenfield Ma 01301