Number 2 How would you describe the respective attitudes of Martin and Green: ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric?

What factors do you suspect of having influenced their respective attitudes?
The respective attitude of Charles Martin is geocentric because he respects Uganda¶s culture based on perspective of people in Uganda. Martin¶s decision to approve such a nepotism action or ceremony in Uganda prove that he developed a level of respect for the way things were expected to be done in Uganda, not based on company values. This attitude could be influenced by Martin¶s educational background which is majored in African studies and his experience of participating in Peace Corps in Kenya. By those knowledge an experiences Martin began to develop a negative opinion regarding individuals who can¶t learn and respect other cultures, but he maybe was too extreme in defining this perspective. The respective attitude of James Green is ethnocentric because he makes value judgments about Uganda¶s culture from perspectives of one's own cultural system, or in this case company culture. He can consistently take an objective standpoint to maintain homecountry policies while conducting business in Uganda because he was prioritizing company values. Green was very focus in following company and home-country procedures so it makes him reconsidering to sustain Martin on company¶s projects. Green can have this perspective because he never conducted business project in Uganda before and was not familiar with African culture. Moreover, Green strategic position in the company give him more responsibility to committed to company¶s values, and in this case Green¶s objectivity can be an effective way in handling such a cultural problems in business.

Number 3 Who was right, Green or Martin, about Martin¶s more controversial actions in facilitating the project? How might things have turned out if Martin had not been a member of the project team?

Several Martin¶s controversial action in facilitating the project . no ethical border issue and nepotism in project process but society might be difficult to do business deal with company regarding Martin had skill on that.As the explanation in case of number 2. Green was right in case of Martin did several unethical actions which could give effect to company and society. According to the function of both Green and Martin as the people who responsible for the dam project of company by not harming people in society in Uganda where project located.He held and joined sacrifice ceremony with a religion caretaker hired by him for company which could offend Uganda¶s Christian as majority. there would be two possible situations.His preference isolating himself from the expatriate community which made little use in helping colleagues adapt the kind of life that would be comfortable for them in the alien environment of Uganda. it should be fair to society so that not just support to several groups in society. This action was contra with the assumption that Martin did different lifestyle in case ease company to do deal business with people. each Green and Martin had different respective attitude. First.His lifestyle was inconsistent wit HG culture. ethical issue and nepotism would be there in project in case it had been society culture so that company would be hard to complete the project. . . Nevertheless a company may not border ethical issue though for being able to operate well in local area besides this issue also would make company bad in society.He did such practices which were both normal and legal in Uganda business dealings but they bordered on the ethical in US organization and did nepotism in hiring practice. . Second. Unless Martin had been member of project. . It would be a big deal for company to be worried in assumption Martin with his own ethnocentric believed this lifestyle could ease him to do business deal with them. As International Company which did operation in local area. Martin should consider how the ceremony effect to other society related to the company image.

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