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Digging Out Your
or anywhere, he’s a nightmare to
go out with – it’s Liam Gallagher:
people are all over him. But when

I’m with him, it’s not like, “It’s Liam
Gallagher and that other guy who
used to be in Oasis”, they go, “It’s
Liam and Bonehead! Oasis!”

Is it weird, though, to see them
performing and stuff, and
you’re not there, there’s Gem
(Archer) in your place?
Not at all. I was mates with him
years before and I was delighted
with the choice. He’s a far better
guitarist than me. Gem just takes
pressure off Noel; gives him a lot
more scope.

Would you go back and play
with Oasis if they asked you?
Ha, ha! I’m saying nothing...

Are there any bands that have
caught your eye at the mo-
What? Up-and-coming bands?
There’s not that much, actually.
There’s one band from Manchester
called The Vortex. Unsigned. They’re
brilliant. They could do it, big time. I
went on stage and performed with
them. It was like being back in Oasis,
in ’94; they had so much passion.

Is real passion the extra thing
you need to make it?
Yeah, but it’s more about your
songs. I mean, Noel’s an unbeliev-
Oasis’s seventh studio album comes out this month and the first reviews able songwriter. He had all of these
songs coming out of him. He’d be
indicate a return to form and further improvement on the well-received sitting in the corner in the studio
Don’t Believe The Truth. To coincide with the release of Dig Out Your with his guitar and say, “I’ve writ-
ten a new song”. He did that with
Soul, we saved our summer interview with founding member and iconic Supersonic. “He’s going, “I’m feeling
supersonic, give me gin and tonic”
guitarist Bonehead until now. Luc Ciotkowski had a few beers with the ex- and there was this dog called Elsa in
Oasis man in Supersonic the day after his DJ set at the Madrid indie club. the studio: “I know a girl called Elsa,
she’s into Alka-seltzer...” and Alan Mc-
WORDS & INTERVIEW by Luc Ciotkowski
Gee (Creation Records boss) goes,

“Right, that’s your first single”.
onsoling a distraught interview became more like a been made available.)
fiancée who had been 1-hour-20-minute chat. The Yeah, I’ve heard it. I’m Oasis’s Something I’ve been wondering
painted like a clown Heinekens were going down well number one fan. It’s groovy. That’s about for years and that me and
by an over-zealous and could have turned into a few all I’m gonna say. It’s a record they my mates used to argue about –
make-up artist meant more, had it not been for a polite should probably have done years You know on the album cover of
I missed Bonehead’s reminder from Supersonic’s Pati ago. Definitely Maybe, in your
(Sunday name Paul Arthurs) DJ that another, understandably, living room, what really
set. The packed house and hero’s increasingly annoyed journalist Did you get a rest was the big ball thing?
welcome at his “Best one yet”, was waiting for an interview. after you left Oasis Was it a lamp?
however, were proof enough Conversation went from his or have you kept No, no, it was a globe. A big
that no indie fans have forgotten appreciation for the Prado busy all the time? inflatable globe.
the rhythm guitarist who parted museum, to his lament that I’ve been doing things
company with his Oasis band ex-international Irish footballer all the time. Been Ahh, right. And it was
mates in 1999. Convinced to Roy Keane quit drinking, to how on loads of people’s George Best in the pic-
give deejaying a go last year and his life might have been different records, you just won’t have heard ture, wasn’t it?
inundated with offers when he had he followed Liam Gallagher’s about it. Yes. And the glasses of wine – that’s
set up a MySpace page, Bonehead lead and moved to London. what you don’t know... Ribena!
came to Madrid’s Supersonic club Here are some good bits of my Do you feel quite detached
on the personal recommendation interview with Bonehead: from it all now? Really!?
of The Charlatans. Detached, no. Wherever I go, in the Yeah, it was Ribena; we were all
The following day, I met So, have you heard the new supermarket, in the street, people drinking beer, but you know, how
Bonehead in the club and what Oasis record? (This was in the are like, “It’s Bonehead from Oasis!” would that look on the cover –
was meant to be a 20-minute summer before any songs had When I go out with Liam in London, drinking beer?

10 oct 08
I can’t believe it was Ribena...
You made it rock and roll and DJ Cosy O’s
alright for young fellas to
drink red wine. I think for the
next three years every young
Urban Review
person in the country wanted 10 tunes that you should
to copy your front room, too. have been getting down to
We couldn’t decide what to do for
this month

1 6
the cover. I mean, we didn’t know
what it was supposed to look like.
We were all round at my house.
Liam wanted to get a block of
butter or margarine on a plate, have
photos of that and put it on. We Pharrell feat. Nicole Ludacris feat. Chris Brown
were like, “Yeah Liam, fuck off”. Then Heartbeat What Them Girls Like

2 7
we decided, “Let’s just do it right
here, right now”.

What happened to all the
I’ve got the windows at my house
now. I took them and I’ve got the Kanye West Robin Thicke
Love Lockdown Magic
fireplace, too. And the flamingo...

Album Review
3 8
I gave that house to my sisters, my
sisters lived there together. The
people that have it now have one Title: Dig Out Your Soul Release Date: 6 October 2008 (worldwide)
day a year when the act out the Artist: Oasis Label: Big Brother
scene again.
Someone lies on the floor and they Musiq Ne-Yo
all get in the positions we were in. Oasis always seem to Radio Closer

4 9
manage to pull a storming
What did you make of all the first single out of the bag
controversy going on after with every new record,
Noel (Gallagher) questioned regardless of how good
Glastonbury having Jay Z as a the rest of the album is.
headliner? So, as heartened as Oasis Beyonce Madcon
Noel’s a businessman. He says that fans would be on the first Case Begging

5 10
and the sales of the album [(What’s hearing of The Shock Of The Lightning, many
the story) Morning Glory?] go up by would be containing their excitement, though
200% and Wonderwall gets back in it’s clear that the opening single’s sound is closer
the top 100. His band’s got a new to something off Definitely Maybe than has been
album out soon and everyone’s the case with recent albums. Noel has shared
talking about Oasis again. I know for the songwriting duties like never before with Common feat. Pharrell T.I.
a fact he likes Jay Z. So what? Next Andy Bell and Gem Archer each ably chipping Announcement Swing your Rag
royalties cheque’s going to be good. in a song and Liam Gallagher contributing three.
Liam’s I’m Outta Time looks
Amy Winehouse set to be the album’s > new cd releases
got a lot of second single and might
just be the best thing Something Else
criticism for her
on the record, it will at Robin Thicke
performance at If you don’t own his debut offering The
Glastonbury, and least be memorable as
Evolution of Robin Thicke, stop reading and
people weren’t the younger Gallagher’s order it. Following up a great first album
impressed with first great song. There is not easy, just ask Lauryn Hill, Maxwell
her at Rock in Rio, are no attempts to hide or Miss Dynamite. The world of RnB waits
here in Madrid, the bits lifted from with baited breath. Lead single Magic
either. What did other artists’ work (The indicates we won’t be disappointed.
you think of her? Beatles, as ever, being the
Nah, I saw her at favourite resource bank),
Glastonbury... I’ll give but Oasis have always Paper Trail
her one more year been artful recyclers T.I.
like this and she’s finished. It’s the and it’s pointless to continue whingeing about The dominance of east coast and west
drugs: they ruin it all. Everyone said something they’ve been doing since 1994. What coast in the rap game seems long gone.
Noel Gallagher said about the album not having Atlanta’s T.I and New Orleans native Lil’
we were all on drugs ten years ago.
any stand-out singles is true, but The Shock Of Wayne appear to have moved to the head
But I wasn’t. of the class. This third album includes the
Even when Liam was falling apart, The Lightning, I’m Outta Time, Bag It Up and (Get
smash hit Whatever You Like and dance
we were all there to pick him up. Off Your) High Horse Lady are the songs most floor banger Swing your Rag.
But what’s she (Amy Winehouse) likely to be remembered.
going to do? She’s got a bunch of
session musicians on stage with This is an Oasis album for Oasis fans. If you Check out where
her that don’t give a shit, just get
paid and fuck off.
think, “Who cares about Oasis?” forget this one,
go back, get Definitely Maybe and give yourself cosy o will be
That Duffy, if she doesn’t go the an education. If you love Oasis, you’ll love Dig spinning this
same way, in two years, she’ll have Out Your Soul. month at
taken Amy Winehouse’s place. VIBE STARS oct 08 11