Code No: D109113307 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD M.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations March/April 2010 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (COMMON TO ADVANCED MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, CAD-CAM) Time: 3hours Max.Marks:60 Answer any five questions All questions carry equal marks --1. a) b) What do you understand by Statistical Quality Control? Explain its basic features. Giving examples, explain the various benefits of implementing quality management principles. Discuss the attitude and involvement of top management required for successful implementation of TQM concepts in a business organization. Explain the following terms as related to TQM: Quality focus; Customer satisfaction. What is bench marketing? What are its benefits and pitfalls? Explain. Explain the concept of buyer-supplier relationship.


2. a) b)

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Describe the systems approach of organizing for quality implementation . What is productivity? How is it measured? Discuss the features of transition from a traditional organization to TQM organization. What are quality costs? What are the methods of measuring the quality costs? What are the benefits of ISO 9000 certificate? Discuss. What are the different types of quality audits in practice? Which one of them is preferred for a production organization? Explain. How do you define the cost of quality? How is the quality cost information useful to the organization? Discuss the features of documentation of ISO 9000. Write short notes on: a) Control Charts. b) Quality circles. c) Universal Standards of Quality.

7. a) b) 8.








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