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Hi, i found many queries and difficulties on this forums regarding installing games in china mobiles, so i decided to share

tip that can help you to install games on your any China Mobile phone. Here it is: Download the attached ZIP file with this post and unzip it anywhere on your hard drive. The folder FOR THE CHINA MOBILE SD, contains the following folders, as shown in the image:

Replace these folders in the Chinese cell phone SD, memory SD did not have these folders. Restart the phone and type the following code: * # 66 * #, waiting to come out a window in that window where it says you are going to ECHO LOOP CYCLE ECO Or press the switch or ON (green button). Quit selling out pressing the button or cancel call. Type the following code: * # 220 807 #. Done.

If the Chinese phone supports NES games, be sure that NES games will appear in the SD. The games folder on the SD memory is Mytrhoad / NES. This trick really worked for me. If it works for you than dont forget to comment here so that everyone has their experience, if it did not work, just comment it leave the make and model of phone to find out which makes it and what's not. Attached Files
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Where is the zip file? that link does not contain any valid zip file games are properly working or not? my cell phone is sigmatel t33z. How could I install the games in my cell. Someone please help me out. my phone is ztc n73. How could I install the games in my cell. HELPPPP!!!!!!!!! i tried the phone is ztc n73 (china made). Still it not working..... suggest something plzzzzzzzz the zip file is showing errors while extracting?? After downloading and extracting with winrar I get the error archive is corrupt. I use mozilla firefox.I have created a checksum of the downloaded file Easy MD5 Creator 1.4.0,please verify if it matches with ur original file.The checksum is 21B6DFF182134E03C4197452B4CD15AF. Attached Files
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What you saying ? I just clicked the attachment and got a zip file with the size of 3.67 MB. And also working properly. Make sure you have the rar. or zip application installed on your system. I tried installing many games on my China Mobile phone using these steps and they are working properly. But note that it may differ with model to model. Mine is Yxtel 850 and its working. Which model you are using ? What is the problem you are facing ? I meant any kind of error, file not opening, file not supported, etc.. ? Please mention it in details to assist you better. I tried it on my 3 different model china mobile and it is working. Do reply . Yeah, there are many games and themes available for China A968 TV mobile phone. Games like Prince of Persia, NFS pro, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and many more. You just need to

do little search on Google. The site i can suggest you for the games and themes is for your mobile model. How is that possible.. ? Its not the code to get connected with internet. Anyways, get out of range of your Wifi or wireless connection and remove your simcard to avoid getting connected to internet and now try the codes.. It works. I had tried those steps. Try to download it from internet explorer browser. Actually if you are using any download managers or third party tools then you are supposed to get the file corrupted. I downloaded it from my internet explorer browser and extracted the file with winrar tools without any issues. The download link is working properly. Many time you will get a error when you click on the download. But as you refresh the page you can get the download link working. I had myself just downloaded the same. The link is not dead. Clear your web page cookies and then reload the page back. It will work. Am sorry guys, i just checked it and found that the file is really got corrupted. It is giving some error while extracting the files. Anyways, i'll try to find out the direct link for those files and upload here as soon as possible. Why you are not able to enter the code ? I meant, is there any error you getting or any other problem ? Please specify, what issue you are facing. I tried to install the game in my China mobile and dint fount any difficulty in between the said process. Do reply soon. Thanks for making us know that you are using KA08 mini, but what is that you dint got ? Have tried to install games and you are unable or anything else? Please specify. Sorry mate, am unable to understand your problem properly, what did you open and where are you getting those option ? Well, I have never heard about the China mobile Mx457g model version before, so check either in its manual or brochure whether it supports multimedia task and all? Can you tell us about its features as well, also did you get any usb cord alongwith the mobile phone in its box, does it has a usb port? It would be good if you can also post a pic of your mobile phone. Thank you. I think that your cell phone is not supporting the format of the application that is why you are unable to make the same. So you have to work with the PC suit of the phone and then install the game with the same. First of all Hi and Welcome to Techarena, ophelle. After copying the files and restarting the mobile phone, you need to enter the following code "* # 66 * #" (without quotes) and a windows will appear with some notification. This should work on every .NES format supported Chinese Mobiles. If it is not doing on your mobile, might be it is not compatible with the same. I am not sure about the same. I have a FXD T33I phone which I had purchased some months before. I am also searching for the application for this but does not found any. There

was post on this forum which says that it is not possible to install application in that because there is no application manager provided on this phones. I think that your device doesnt support .nes games and therefore you should try installing java based games or applications on your device. You see, most of the devices these days dont support different file formats and that is why you need to do some research and development on your own to know which file format does it really supports? Could you tell us which platform does your device comes from? Well, most of the china mobile phone dont support .nes file format games or either java games. You can try to, however install and test which file format of the game does your mobile phone support, try to install .jar or .jad file format game on your china mobile phone, try installing .sis file as well on your phone, that is supported on most of the nokia phones, let us know your results. I have never used any touchscreen China mobile but had used Nokia 5800 and few more touchscreen phones but there is '*' and '#' buttons on the screen itself when we open the dialler. Please check it properly scrolling up and down, it should be there as it is the part of the number pad. I think that most of the china mobile phones dont accept all the codes in the world. Also, you dont have to hold the star button "*" for long time, just press it once. Other ways to get the star button is by going in to message area and pressing it their and then copying it and appyling or pasting it on the screen to get the code working. In any case, I suppose if it is a touch screen mobile phone, then shouldnt it has got the touch keypad inside where you have to press the keys with your fingers? I think there might be some problem with your screen while touching because if we press '*' once it gives '*', if it is pressed twice consecutively than it gives '+', if thrice than 'p' and if 4 times than 'w'. There might be some mistake while pressing the button. Try to do this with the styles. Also you dont need to press and hold '#' button, just press and leave it to get the hash sign. The steps mentioned in the very first post of this thread is the best and working in almost every china mobile that supports .nes games. Anyways, i do agree that you are unable to do so, but would like to suggest you that please post the error message you are getting during this process. This will help users to assist you better. There can be two assumption behind this. The first one is that the game resolution does not fit the mobile due to which you can see a white screen. On that you can simply cannot change the resolution screen. The other issue is that the files which you are using does not support your phone. Games on China phone are really very buggy and due to that such issue occures. Try some other games. White (blank) screen doesn't means that your mobile is not supported for .Nes games. If it is not compatible with the same, you won't have been able to install any .Nes games at start. It might be some other problem. May the game setup you tried have been corrupt. I'll suggest you to please let us know whats your Mobile Model Number is. This will help us to assist you better. The phone model which you are talking about does not have a application manager there.

Due to which you can work with Nes games. But you can give a last try by checking that your phone has a java support or not. Copy some jar files in your phone and check that. If that runs then you can run jar games. But there are really very rare cases where this thing works. For installing games, had you tried the steps mentioned in the very first post of this thread ? It should work. I have tried it on 3 different Chinese phones and it works. Secondly, are you getting any error message while playing video files ? What is the format of the Video files you are trying to play? Try to convert the video in some another format like Mp4 or 3gpp and than try to play the same. As you have already tried to install many game or application that have different file formats, hence it seems that your mobile phone wont install any file rather than the built-in ones. You will have to check its specifications and details to get an idea about what type of file formats does it supports. As you have already tried to install many game or application that have different file formats, hence it seems that your mobile phone wont install any file rather than the built-in ones. You will have to check its specifications and details to get an idea about what type of file formats does it supports. I assume that you cannot install any third party apps or games in your china phone C1000 apart from using the built in ones. You see, most of the china phones dont support different file formats of the games and apps. As they are made out of cheap quality hardware and software, therefore you cant depend more on these kinda of mobile phones. This is a major problem with china mobile phones that they are not supportive. Actually, some of the china phone support .nes game files and also .jar games file, but some of those dont. There doesnt seem to be a proper manufacturer for this kind of mobile phones and hence they lack support for such software and game installations. Normally, pc suites for all china mobile phone are one and the same and they dont differ for any specific model device. Also, most of the china mobile phone dont support third party software, apart from the built in ones, so opera or gtalk wont work on your device. You can try to install pc suite and check whether it works for you or not - China Mobile Phone Pc Suite While performing the said steps, remember to remove your simcard that has GPRS Enabled and also be away from any Wlan network. SO that when you enter *#220807# code, the phone should not have any time chance to get online. What you do you meant by Traditional game ? Anyways, no mater whichever games are they, the only game format that chinese mobile is compatible with is .Nes and some of them also support Java games. If that traditional game is either .nes or java, than you can have it on your chinese phone but in order to install, you can follow the above steps only for the .Nes games and not others.

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Member Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step Quote:

Originally Posted by sk@china that link does not contain any valid zip file i tried to download the attached zip file and it works.. just do not download it with other means of download manager use the default downloader on your browser.. i first downloaded it with my installed free download manager but all i got is an invalid file format with extension but when i use the default downloader (which im using firefox) ive got the .zip file correctly It is now very easy to play games on china mobile phones by installing the .mrp game files in it, incase if Java games or .nes games are not supported in the phone. All you need to do is input this code *#220807# in your china mobile phone and check if your phone gives any kind of response, like connecting to the internet or some other things. If it does, then your china mobile phone supports MRP File Format Games. But if it doesnt give any response then it seems that your china mobile phone doesnt support MRP File Format Games. Dont be disappointed, as still you can try to install either the java game files or .nes games in your china mobile phone, read all the articles below on how to do the same: Free Download Games & Applications for China Mobile Installing Games In China Mobile How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step Incase if your china mobile phone supports MRP File Format Games, then follow the below steps to install it in your phone: 1. First of all you have to download a file called (search it on google), unzip it (with a tool called winzip or winrar), and then create a folder named "mythroad" or "mulgame" or "downdata/mr" in the memory card of your china mobile phone. 2. After that copy the files in the zip archive into the folder of "mythroad" or "mulgame" or "downdata/mr". 3. Now, simply download the MRP game from the below attachments and copy the .mrp files to the folder of "mythroad" or "mulgame" or "downdata/mr". 4. Last but not the least, you again have to input *#220807#, because then you will see the game list, simply choose any of the game and run it in your china mobile phone. Enjoy Attached Files
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Re: Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported

how can i change the resolution of the .mrp games..for example from 176x220 to 220x176... thank you... i hope you can help me...

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Re: Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported Quote:

Originally Posted by rhogejun how can i change the resolution of the .mrp games..for example from 176x220 to 220x176... thank you... i hope you can help me... I dont think there is any way to do that manually, if you are not pro in that. What you can do is better try searching the setup for the same resolution. There are many sites that provide the same game with different resolutions. Google will help you for same.

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Re: Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported

sqaure boxes are coming..wat to do