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Control Dampers In addition to the dampers previously described in the fan section we can include for control dampers

such as non-return and isolating types. In particular if the unit draws in both fresh air and re circulated air modulating control dampers can be fitted on each duct at entry into a common plenum within the unit to regulate the ratio of the two airstreams. The positioners can be suitable for safe of hazardous areas and from electric or pneumatic supplies. Testing Various testing options are available in addition to our comprehensive standard test and inspection procedure. These test include : Fan testing to BS848 Parts 1 and 2 performance and noise respectively Volume / pressure testing assemble units based on BS6583 Leak testing Noise testing Temperature rise through the fan section

Belt guards are included complete with anti-spark features and inlet guard fitted. If units are required with run and standby fan set, they may be installed in separate chambers to enable maintenance on one fan to be carried out whilst the other is in operation. These chambers can be configure at side-by-side or one above the other dependant on size constraints. Inlet guide vane, isolating and non-return dampers can be provided to isolated the fan chamber. Fans can be provided with accessories which include speed sensors, hand held or electronic bearing monitoring, bearing temperature sensing and extended lubricators as required or as specified. Control / Wiring Control panels can be designed, manufactured and, as applicable, installed on the unit skid or supplied loose. The design and the components contained within each panel is dependant upon the application and individual requirements. Control panel can be manufactured for locating in safe hazardous areas though they are best located in safe areas due to high cost and weight implications associated with hazardous area panels. Dynac can provide thyristor control panels and HVAC control panels where applicable to suit customer requirements. Electrical components on the air handling unit shall generally be provide cable out to external junction boxes as required. Cabling shall as a minimum be flame retardant PVC with options to provide low smoke, zero halogen cable both unarmored and armored. Where appropriate earth continuity is provided by cabling equipment to an earthing point on the skid base. Cable penetrations into the unit are by way of undrilled gland plates or transit frames as specified.

Heater Electric heater batteries can supplied. The standard element is 80/20 nickel/chrome resistance wire insulated with compacted magnesium oxide and ceramic beads in incoly sheaths. High temperature thermocouples, RTDs or thermostats are installed to detect air and element over temperature. Element temperature is normally restricted to 150-200c. Electric heaters can be manufactured to suit hazardous area applications and step or thyristor control as dictated. The element mounting plate and enclosure are typically manufactured from stainless steel grade 316. Alternatively heating coils can be provided to suit hot water, steam or heating medium applications. Ancillary components Numerous ancillary components are available as options upon request including: Temperature, pressure and humidity instrumentation. Test points Junction boxes Maintenance beams to lift and move heavy components Spreader beams Access platforms and ladders Drain traps and pipes Trace heating Fans Supply and extract fans may be of the centrifugal type (DIDW or SISW) or mixed flow type. They are usually a fully welded mild steel construction galvanized after manufacture with an epoxy painted impeller, although fans from stainless steel and pregalvanized sheet can be supplied. They are motor driven via antistatic V belts. The motor is mounted on a frame integral to the fan set. The fan set is isolated from Air Handling unit by special non-sparking spring encapsulated type anti-vibration mounts and a flame retardant flexible connection.

Painting Stainless steel units are not normally painted, although a wide range of paint finishes are available to suit customer requirements. Units manufactured from pre-galvanized sheet can be painted as required. Filters A wide selection of panel and bag filters are available to suit most application for the removal of particulate slats and dust. They are arranged on mounting frames within the unit generally to suit side withdrawal although top and front withdrawal can be provided. The filter selection is dependent upon the application and location of the unit. Magnehelic differential pressure gauges are installed to monitor the pressure drop across the filter bank. Differential pressure switches or transmitters may also be installed for remote indication of the dirty filter condition. Dependent upon the application it may be necessary fit a vane eliminator downstream of the filter coalesce to prevent moisture carry-over. Vane eliminators can be supplied manufactures from stainless steel 316, marine grade aluminum or polymers.

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