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Instruktionsbok Nissei mjukglassmaskiner Fjderpumpen 2003 Engelsk

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USER MANUAL We ask 10 minutes of your time to read this manual and follow the instructions carefully If you still have questions or have difficulties with the use of the machine, you can call us during office hours.


Declaration We, Win Equipment B.V. , take full responsibility that the products Nissei softice and milkshake machines NA 3331, NA 3341, NA 3342, NA 3336, NA 3032 Are conform to the next standards and other documents: Standards EN / IEC 60335-1 EN / IEC 60335-2-24 EN / IEC 60335-2-7 Rapport Reference 2002124.50 EN 55014 NEN-EN 61000-3-2 EN 61004-2/3/4 Rapport Reference NLR-CR-99448

Test results EMC

Test results

According terms of: Low voltage guidelines 73/23/EEC + 93/68/EEC Machine guideline 89/392/EEC EMC guideline 89/336/EEC

Bunschoten, 30 Maart 2003

W. van den Bosch Directeur

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General warnings Machine dimensions and connections Installation rules and recommendations Operating the machine Tips Cleaning and disinfecting the machine Cleaning mix tank and freezing cylinder Cleaning and disinfecting the mix pump Cleaning the ice tap Cleaning the mixer and freezing cylinder Start up machine to make soft ice Daily pasteurization Start up after pasteurization Possible solutions for problems Errors shown on display List of spare parts

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General warnings

The machine has to be plugged in a wall socket according regulations and protected against overload and short circuit The machine has to be connected to the water supply through a tap, and also drainage, according rules and regulations. Never open the machine or put fingers or hands in the machine when it is still connected to the wall socket The machine can not be cleaned with a high power jet of water or a high-pressured cleaner Do not remove parts from the machine. Do not operate the machine before all parts are in the correct place. ALRP AGENTUR ABis not responsible for accidents that occur during maintenance, operation and cleaning of the machine. Safety regulations and manual have to be followed strictly. The machine is only suitable for making soft ice or milkshakes with ingredients water, ice mix and flavouring syrups. The machine can only be operated by trained personnel. Faulty electric connection or water supply has to be repaired by classified personnel or service mechanic. Local regulations according connecting to Water Company have to be regarded.

Dimensions: Total height 140.5 cm (with tap 152 cm) Width 42 cm Depth 75 cm without handle Depth 82.5 cm with handle Weight approx. 150 kg Tension: 400 Volts Water: Water pressure minimum 1 bar / maximum 3 bar General: Temperature +5 35 Celsius

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Installation rules and recommendations

Install the machine on a flat surface to avoid vibration and noise. Place the machine slightly leaning forward, so that water runs to the drainage openings at the front of the machine. Leave a gap of 10 cm at the back for ventilation. Keep 2 cm space left and right. Make sure no water can run in the machine. Electric parts in the machine can be damaged. Do not place the machine in direct sunlight (behind glass is not allowed either) or close to a heating source (ex. Radiator, oven). Do not use lightly inflammable substances or spray cans close to the machine. Do not place the machine in a space where it is below zero in winter. Freezing can cause damage. Do not open the covers of the machine. This is highly dangerous. When you do take the covers off, please pull the plug from the wall socket. Please pay attention when moving or placing the machine that the water supply and drainage pipe dont get bend or blocked. After moving the machine you have to put the front wheels on brake. This prevents moving of the machine during operation. The wheels are adjustable in height. To adjust the height, you loosen the locking nut a couple turns and turn the wheel to the correct height.

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A. Control panel to switch machine in different positions : OFF, WASH, RUN, STAND-BY and PASTEURIZING B. ON / OFF switch for the air compressor. Should be in RUN position always on. C. Ice tap and handle to tap soft ice D. Door to enter the machine. Here is a pressure gauge for the air pressure. E. Wheels for replacing the machine. Front 2 wheels with brake.

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Picture 2

Controls on the front of the machine. (See picture 2) A. Orange switch for the air compressor. When the indicator light in the switch burns, the compressor is on. Should be always on during RUN. B. OFF tip-switch. With this the machine is placed in rest. From this position you go to other programs. An orange light is on above the tip-switch that is selected. C. WASH tip-switch. This only switches on the stirring mechanism in the ice cylinder. This position is used during cleaning and at start-up to thoroughly mix air in the ice mix. D. RUN tip-switch. This turns on the machine to prepare ice. E. STANDBY tip-switch. In this position the machine first defrosts and after that is switched to conserve. The machine cools the mix tank and freeze cylinder to approx. 5 Celsius. E. DEFROSTING tip-switch. In this position the machine defrosts the cylinder In order to reduce cleaning time (versions before -2000) F. PASTEURIZING tip-switch. This starts pasteurization of the mix tank and freeze cylinder. During this process the red light HEATING is on. The pasteurization program can not be interrupted (with exception only before cleaning machine 15 minutes pasteurizing before defrosting). G. Indicator light HEATING. Is red when machine is pasteurizing. H. REPLENISH MIX. Will light up when not enough mixture in the mix tank. I. EMERGENCY STOP. By pressing this switch you switch off the machine completely. It is also the main switch. Machine can be switched back on after resetting the emergency stop switch. J. Indicator light STANDBY. Is red when machine is pasteurizing. M. REFRESH push button (white). Use this button when for a longer period no soft ice or milkshake was tapped. The first one is not so soft. Push this button short before tapping soft ice. N. Tap opening soft ice. R. With tip-switches R, you control the viscosity of the product. Raising or lowering the viscosity goes as follows. Push both switches R at the same time, display S starts blinking. With the higher / lower switches you ca change viscosity. The left display gives +1 +2 +3 +4 or -1 -2 -3 -4. The standard value is 1.7 (in right display). Example: You want to raise the viscosity from 1.7 to 1.8. Push both switches R; the display starts blinking. Use the switch R until the left display say +2. After about 5 seconds the altered value is shown on the right display. S. Display to read viscosity and error messages.

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ALRp AGENTUR AB supplies also:

Degreaser for cleaning the machine. Disinfectant for the machine Petrogel for preserving the O-rings. IMMEDIATELY order a new set spare parts after replacing them.

Online ordering at

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Picture 3 standard type

Cleaning and disinfecting the machine

We advice that you clean and disinfect the machine at least every six weeks. This keeps the machine in good condition and the ice is top quality. This is best done in stages, as described further. This is to prevent that when you finish cleaning you dont remember which part goes where. Dissassembling, cleaning, disinfectin and assembling is described in the next stages : 1. 2. 3. 4. Mix tank and freeze cylinder Mix pump and accessories Ice tap and accessories stirring mechanism freeze cylinder

Make sure when you are going to clean the machine, it is empty or nearly empty.

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Cleaning mix tank and freeze cylinder

Defrosting the machine is quickest by switching the machine on pasteurization for 15 minutes. After that you interrupt pasteurization with the emergency stop and switch the machine back on after 1 minute. The ice is now molten. Switch the air compressor off and defrost the freeze cylinder with pasteurization during 15 minutes. Do not keep remainder of old ice mix!!! Release the pressure from the freeze cylinder by tapping ice mix in a bucket. The first mix comes out with force. When the pressure in the cylinder is gone, remove the pump. (Push in and at the same time turn locking away and pull out the mixing tube with a turning motion. See also picture 4). Switch the machine to WASH and tap the freeze cylinder empty. Pour lukewarm water in the mix tank and rinse the freeze cilinder until the drained water is reasonably clean. Pour lukewarm water with disinfectant in the upper tank. Let the machine operate on WASH for 3 minutes. !!! Never switch a machine filled with water on RUN. This can damage the freeze cylinder irreparable. Switch OFF on the control panel and disconnect from power with the emergency stop switch. Remove all the water from the freeze cylinder and mix tank. Fill the freeze cylinder and upper tank again with lukewarm water (no disinfectant) and repeat the process.

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Cleaning of mix pump and accessories

Picture 4a / 4b

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Cleaning and disinfecting of mix pump and accessories (Pictures 4a and 4b) . Clean the mix pump at least once every 3 weeks!!! Disassemble all the parts carefully. Clean them and check the rubbers for damage, replace if necessary. The pump house can be taken apart by removing the two locking pins. When loosening the nut, hold the big spring in a cloth. This to prevent the spring from flying away. Clean and disinfect all parts carefully and grease every rubber EXCEPT the mix valve (c).

A = Pump lid B = Air nozzle C = Mix valve (DO NOT GREASE) D = O-ring lid 55 x 3 E = Nut F = Spring G = O-Ring piston rod H = Pump house I = Piston K = O-ring piston 52 x 4 (2x) L = O-Ring inlet RVS M = Inlet valve N = O-Ring inlet valve 16 x 3 (2x) O = Silicone valve P = O-Ring coupling

33505 33409 96682 33422 33426 33417 33418 33440 33415 33413 33470 33412 33475 33400

available in different sizes

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Picture 5

Cleaning ice tap (ice head) and accessories After the water is drained, the ice tap can be disassembled. First remove the locking pin from the handle and the handle of the ice tap. Loosen the 4 nuts and remove the complete ice tap from the machine. Remove the ice ..... A from the ice tap. Remove both O-Rings B from the ice ..... Remove gasket C from the back of the ice tap. Clean, disinfect and rinse all the parts thoroughly. Grease all O-rings lightly with petrogel. Beware: dont grease gasket C!! Reassemble the ice tap, except the handle and the locking pin.

B = O-Rings ice .... C = Gasket


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Picture 6 Stirring mechanism

Disassembling, cleaning and disinfecting of the stirring mechanism, Freeze cylinder(See picture 6) Pull the complete stirring mechanism from the freeze cylinder. Take the white synthetic bearing A out. This bearing sometimes along when the ice tap is removed from the machine. Loosen the scrape knife holder and synthetic scrape knife (parts B and C) from the stirring mechanism. Slide the scrape knife until the ridge on the knife holder C is free and turn the scrape knife B sideways. Remove the black creamseal D of the drive shaft in the back of the freeze cylinder. Clean and rinse all the parts. Grease the black creamseal D With petrogel and place it back on the end of the drive shaft in the back of the freeze cylinder. Assemble the stirring mechanism again and place it back in the freeze cylinder. Watch out: the mechanism can not stick out of the cylinder. Is this the case, turn the mechanism slightly and push it in. Place the ice tap on the 4 threaded ends on the front of the freeze cylinder and tighten the 4 bolts. Attach the handle with the locking pin. Fill the freeze cylinder and mix tank with cold water and disinfectant. Put the pump with loose cover in the top tank for disinfecting. (See picture 4b) Reset the emergency stop and switch the machine for about 3 minutes on WASH Let the disinfectant work for 15 minutes. Remove the water with disinfectant through the tap. Repeat this process at least twice with cold water.

Scrape knife Creamseal Synthetic bearing

30092 35000 30096

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Starting the machine to make soft ice After the last time rinsing with water, drain as much as possible from the freeze cylinder. Water that stays there freezes and can cause ice crystals in the soft ice. Install the disinfected mix pump in the top tank and secure it with the clasp under the ridge. Connect the air supply to the pump. Pour a bag of mix in the mix tank. Turn the air compressor on (orange switch; picture 2) Fill the freeze cylinder by pulling the handle down, moving the ice piston up. Keep a bucket under the open tap until ice mix comes out. Push the handle back up, moving the ice piston goes down. The mix pump keeps pumping for a few seconds and pushes ice mix in the freeze cylinder. After the pump is stopped, tap about 50 cc of ice mix. Watch out: this ice mix comes out with great force. Repeat this 3 times. Switch the machine for 2 minutes in WASH After this switch the machine via OFF to RUN After 10 minutes the machine will stop freezing. You can tap soft ice now. Tap soft ice to see if everything works properly. Watch out: there can still come air with the ice. After a while this will stop. Daily pasteurizing (best done at the end of the working day) 1. Switch the machine off. (Push the OFF switch until the light above the switch lights up.) 2. Switch the air compressor off by pushing orange switch (see picture 2) 3. Clean underside ice tap (tap opening) 4. Spray disinfecting alcohol on the bottom and topside of the piston and the Orings. 5. Clean and disinfect the outside of the machine, also the lid of the mix tank. Check if the hole of the black air nozzle is completely open. 6. Push STERILIZING until the light above the switch is on. After that the red light HEATING lights up. 7. The pasteurizing cycle is now started and complete its program automatically. Do not interrupt. At the end of the cycle the machine will switch to cooling and the green light STANDBY will light up. Remark: Make sure that the mix tank is at least half full. The mix pump has to be under the mix during pasteurizing. During pasteurizing the air disappear from the mix and this reduces in volume. Restart after pasteurizing (Short before selling) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Spray the tap opening and topside of the piston with alcohol Switch the air compressor on (orange switch) Push OFF and then WASH After 2 minutes on WASH go via OFF to RUN The machine is ready for selling soft ice after about 10 minutes.

Possible solutions for problems 1. Machine doesnt react and no lights are burning a. Fuse in fuse box is faulty Sida nr 15

Replace fuse b. Main switch in OFF position Switch to ON c. Problem with plug or socket Solve problem 2. After pushing RUN no ice comes out a. Piston doesnt go up. Piston isnt secured correctly. Steel wire is broken Secure piston, temporarily lift with hand. Call service. b. Freeze cylinder has not enough mix. Add mix and defrost cylinder c. Air compressor is off. Switch air compressor on 3. The product is too soft. High sale volume is not the cause. a. Viscosity regulator is turned to SOFT Adjust viscosity regulator b. The scraping knife isnt properly mounted or is worn out. Replace scraping knife or mount properly. c. The ice mix compound has changed. Alter ice mix compound d. During start up after cleaning, there was too much or not enough mix in the freeze cylinder. Defrost and correct the amount of mix e. Not much air in the product. (Long time low sale is not the cause) Check air nozzle for clogging. Clean or maybe use bigger size. 4. Machine keeps working and wont switch off. (If solutions dont help, call service) a. Viscosity is unsettled. Check viscosity b. Not enough mix in the cylinder Check mix amount 5. Ice is too thick a. Not enough mix in the cylinder Defrost and refill with mix b. Viscosity is set wrong Check viscosity c. Too much product is tapped off too quickly. Patience please. Start pump for a minute. (Push ice pedal) 6. Machine vibrates abnormally. a. Machine isnt positioned correctly. Adjust wheels. Let the machine lean forward a bit. b. Motors make noise. Belts are faulty. Call service. 7. Ice is leaking behind the head. a. Parts not correctly assembled. (Nuts are loose) Assemble correctly. Check if nozzle and nozzle pipe are clean. b. Gasket is worn out. Check and replace if necessary Sida nr 16

8. Product is decaying. a. The machine isnt properly cleaned / pasteurized. Empty the machine and clean thoroughly. 9. The green STAND BY light doesnt burn after pasteurizing. a. There has been a fault. Check product and replace if necessary. b. Stirring assembly in mix tank didnt work. Check. Empty machine and clean. c. Lid on mix tank didnt close properly; (heat loss) Close lid tight. d. Too much mix in the tank. Check product. e. OFF light is burning. There was a fault that switched off the machine. Call service f. CHECK light is on. Check. g. BIB/NORMAL is in wrong position Errors shown on display ERROR 1 ERROR 2 ERROR 3 ERROR 4 ERROR 5 ERROR 6 ERROR 7 ERROR 8 ERROR 9 ERROR 10 ERROR 11 ERROR 12 ERROR 13 List of spare parts Article Description Manual Fuse 1A (glass) Fuse 4A (glass) Brush 12mm Brush 30mm Rubber gloves Petrogel MIXPUMP O-ring (lid without thread) O-ring piston pump 52x4 O-ring air coupling 7.66x1.78 O-ring piston rod 13x3 Sida nr 17 Number 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 Power supply faulty, wrong rotation Machine doesnt get cooling water Overload cooling compressor or stirring assembly motor Temperature doesnt rise during pasteurizing Temperature in cylinder too high during pasteurizing Temperature in mix tank too high during pasteurizing Temperature in cylinder too high during defrosting Overheating cooling compressor Faulty micro switch in foot pedal Error temperature sensor H cylinder Error temperature F in cylinder Error temperature sensor G

811018 811019 310022 310025 310030 310015

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O-ring inlet valve 10x2 O-ring inlet valve 16x3 Nozzle Mix valve Silicone valve ICE TAP O-ring piston Creamseal Gasket 95 cylinder

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