1. To instill in the participants the right attitudes of a household leader. 2. To make sure that Household Heads know that their most important goal is to bring their members to JESUS.


A great deal about being a household leader depends not on what you do, but on who you are. A lot of it has to do with the state of the heart. A Household leader should have a heart for God and a heart for His people. “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example of love, faith and purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 We are reminded that it not our age that will determine our response to be household leaders but what is in our hearts and the actions that we do.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength” Matt.22

A. A household leader should have a deep love for God
1. It must be clear to him how much God has blessed him. 2. He understands that he is serving, not because he has the skill for it, but because he wants to thank God for the love he has received by helping others experience it too. 3. A household leader must be prayerful. (How else can he ask the Lord to teach him how to care for his members.)

B. A Household leader knows that his number one role and goal is to bring his members to Jesus
1. Jesus Saves He knows that no amount of his own love, or guidance or processing can heal and change his members – He knows only Jesus saves. 2. His mission statement is “Before my members leave the Household, they must have felt and seen Jesus!” He looks for opportunities to help them be more aware and open to God’s presence – Praisefests, prayer meetings, household meetings, fellowship, honoring sessions, mission trips / youth camps, conferences etc… Like Martha and Mary, we should have a heart that listens to God in order for us to be like Martha in taking care of other people. We work as hard as Martha but we remained fixed on Jesus like Mary.

Note: Sometimes people have the impression that one-to-ones are times for correction – This “misconception” occurs when household leaders are not able to conduct them regularly and end up having to do so on occasions when members have to be reprimanded. Love life. We should deeply desire these blessings on others as well – especially our members. Zeal for Righteousness means deciding to care 1.” Matt. Be a Good Example 2. 3. Those who are content with their own righteousness This is much better than the first – These are the ones who go to prayer meetings.III. However this still falls short of God’s call. Pray for your members and their concerns everyday . where they can pour their hearts out. We should not be content that we feel peace and are able to sleep at night. 5. You should be concerned You should be concerned that your members will need to be regularly encouraged. Try to have regular one-to-one sessions with your members – just to grow to know and love them more. You should be especially concerned for the areas that often make or break a person (Family. No week should go by without the household meeting either as a group discussion session or a fellowship. Take time out to call your members. 6. 22 Zeal for Righteousness Christians can be classified into three groups 1. Friends. That we experience healing and have a personal relationship with God. who listen to talks and love the feeling of being in a conference or a Praise-fest. Find out how they are doing midweek in between your regular Household meetings. School) 4. We should not be content until others feel as well the peace we feel when we worship in Praisefests. Those who desire righteousness for others as much as for themselves This is the kind of person we want to be as household heads. 3. A HEART FOR GOD’S PEOPLE “… and love your neighbor as yourself. Those who are Christian by name alone These are people who have been baptized as Christians but have no desire to know Jesus or to follow His teaching 2.

Coordinator. I will bring my household members to the Lord by teaching them how to apply Christ’s words in their personal lives – their family. 2. CONCLUSION Being a Household leader is difficult. We can learn as much from our members as they from us. As Household Leaders. B. I will care for my household members by communicating with them regularly. 3. As Household Leaders we must have workers’ hearts 1. We should be teachable We should be open as to how we can better lead our Household meetings. . I. And may avoid you or not take your calls 2. I will teach my household members to love – their fellow household members. We have no right to be mad if our members do not attend our household meetings. informing them of all YFC activities and by making their concerns my own. or relationships in school. Full Time Mission Worker) for advice. friends. and in praying for them always. We should regularly ask our leaders (Unit Head. Imagine having to put somebody else’s concern first before yours. Are they holy? – This is probably the most important question –“Do they know Jesus?” IV. 4. A HEART OF A SERVANT A. We need to realize that they continue to undergo the process of evangelization – We need to wi 3. We should seek out your members. We should expect things to be difficult 2. healthy and holy? There are three questions a household leader should regularly ask about his members 1. we must have humble hearts 1. It is only God that can give us the grace to love. Are they happy? – “Do each of my members realize his dignity?” “How’s his love-life. Their brothers and sisters in YFC. COMMITMENT OF A HOUSEHOLDLEADER 1. We should be ready to be rejected – Some of your members may be difficult. We should go to our members and not conduct meetings considering our comfort. their family and friends and all those around them. Are they healthy? – “How are the grades of my member?” “Is he well?” 3. family? Etc… 2.Are they happy. schooling and love life.

Teach me to love. 5.24) Lord Jesus.4. teach me. Fill me. I realize that I am most unworthy. guide me and give me strength. Take my heart of stone and turn it into flesh. You know everything I do… Find out if there is any unrighteousness in me and guide in the everlasting way. my sin and my pain. and my family especially to my parents. Forgive my sinfulness and my stubbornness. I will be a witness of Jesus Christ – by being pure and righteous. You know me. faithful to my studies. let Your love and strength bridge the gap. I will attend all activities of YFC that are applicable to me – especially the regular household leaders training. Go out of your way to bring them to your meetings . genuine concern and courage. I thank you for choosing me to serve you by caring for Your people. loyal to my brothers and sisters in YFC.” (Psalm 139:1-2. my guilt. n them over. AMEN. When I lack patience. Let me love with Your Love and Wisdom. and so I ask for your grace. yet You call for me. and bless those I will care for that they may love. The Household Leaders’ Prayer “Lord you have searched me and You know me.

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