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by Ruel Guerrero

We are to teach all that Jesus commanded that we should disciple all nations by teaching them
Jesus commanded His commandments. Somewhere along the way we seem to have
missed the part where we are to teach His commands rather than our
own man-made traditions.

Discipleship—our strategy for raising disciples is not to indoctrinate or
bring a person through a program. Rather, our desire is to raise follow-
ers of Jesus who live His life 24/7. That takes effort but is more effective
than simply downloading a bunch of doctrines into a person’s head.

Love God and neighbor Jesus is looking for followers, not Pharisees. Hence, the very first step
is to personally follow His life. Live a life of love for God, for neighbor,
and for enemy. Be compassionate, forgiving, giving, and caring. Relate
with everyone, poor, rich, young, old, disabled, dissatisfied, sick,
healthy, widows, widowers, unfathered, abandoned, etc. Let His light
shine through you. Be a city set upon a hill. Be the salt of the earth.

Let God open your eyes Then allow the Holy Spirit to draw others to you. Let Him choose the
next disciple—whether he/she be a new believer, an old believer, or a
non-believer. Open your eyes to see on whom He is moving with His
Spirit. Look for marks of faith upon people.

Let God open his eyes Then open your life to that person. Let him/her see Jesus’ life in you.
Let him/her be drawn to the light that is in you. Remember, it is the Holy
Spirit that draws a person to Jesus Christ, not us. We cannot draw a
person to Jesus, in spite of any training we may have. You have to pray
to the Lord of the Harvest for more laborers. He alone can build His
Church. That is why Jesus said, “I will build My Church.”

Let the anointing teach When he/she begins to ask questions about the hope that dwells in your
him heart, be ready to give an answer. Point him/her to Jesus, not to Chris-
tian leaders or to Christian programs or to Christian organizations. We
are to be followers of Jesus, not followers of human apostles or de-
nominations or organizations or programs. (I find too many people
claiming to be Christians but are actually followers of men.) Let the Holy
Spirit and His anointing teach the new disciple. God has lent his child to
you only for a season and only to serve as a guide to the next phase in
his life.

What to share and how When you share from the Scriptures, be sure to share what Jesus
to share taught. Our Lord commanded us to “teach them to do everything that I
have commanded you.” Share Matthew 5-7, John 13-17. Share the life

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of Jesus in the Gospels. Then share how the New Testament church
obeyed His commands.

Too many organizations have taught traditions of men handed down
from their founders. But very few have really emphasized what Jesus
taught. That is why we have so many denominations each saying that
they are right and the others are wrong.

Again, let your actions speak louder than your words. Love God will all
your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And let that love for Him be ex-
pressed outwardly to your family, church, neighbors, and enemies. Offer
your life to God as a living sacrifice for the people around you.

Let him/her realize his part in spreading the Gospel. Lead him through
the process above. Show that he/she must teach only what Jesus
commanded. Lead him/her in becoming a light to the world and a salt of
the earth. Then let the Holy Spirit, the Great Comforter and Teacher, do
the rest. Only He can take the new disciple towards God’s vision for

Now it’s time for you to step back and find another disciple for Jesus.

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