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14 Herald, Thursday, April 29, 2010 (H)



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Dave White (Lib Dem)
AGE: 26. MARITAL STATUS/CHILDREN: Married. EDUCATION/CAREER: I have a physics degree from Oxford. I am currently working as a business analyst at a Harlow telecoms company. HOBBIES: Real ale and reading. LINK WITH THE TOWN: I live in Church Langley and work for a local firm. WITH THE RECENT JOB LOSSES AT GSK, HOW WILL YOUR PARTY STIMULATE JOBS IN THE TOWN? The way to bring jobs to our town is stimulate the economy. To this end the Lib Dems are already prepared for an emergency budget to cut wasteful programmes like ID cards and use the money to raise the income tax allowance to 10,000. ARE YOU FOR OR AGAINST THE HARLOW NORTH DEVELOPMENT? With thousands of local people unable

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to get on the property ladder, Harlow North is the only opportunity to provide them with that most basic right a home to live in. TRANSPORT IS A KEY ISSUE IN HARLOW. WHAT IS YOUR POLICY ON ROADS AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT? The Lib Dems are committed to improving public transport by massively extending the rail network and returning control of local buses to local people.

Eric Pickles (left) with Rob Halfon


Chairman rallies troops

CONSERVATIVE party chairman Eric Pickles took the election campaign to a Harlow supermarket last week. Mr Pickles met Conservative parliamentary candidate Rob Halfon and a number of supporters in the car park of Tesco in Church Langley. After delivering a speech to the crowd, Mr Pickles joined supporters in handing out leaflets to shoppers. Mr Pickles told the Herald: The turnout today is very good and one of the nice things is there is a mix of age groups. Rob has become an integral part of Harlow. Someone of his talent could have gone and looked for a safe seat, but he is committed and has been a key figure in the town. Im confident he will make it.


The way to bring jobs to our town is to stimulate the economy

Also standing: Bill Rammell (Labour) Robert Halfon (Conservative) John Croft (UKIP) Edward Butler (BNP) Oluyemi Adeeko (The Christian Party)

Defence boss drops by

MEB_200410 _Ainsworth

DEFENCE secretary Bob Ainsworth MP visited Harlow last week to help drum up support for Labour candidate Bill Rammell. Mr Ainsworth (pictured right) spent about an hour in the town talking to voters in the Sumners area about the campaign and answering their questions. Speaking about Mr Rammell and his role as Armed Forces Minister, Mr Ainsworth said: Bill has been a joy to work with. The response from people we have spoken to has been good overall, which is quite encouraging. He also spoke about what the Government was doing to help those who had been stranded abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud.

College hosts live debate

HARLOW College hosted its own live debate with three of Harlows parliamentary candidates. Robert Halfon (Conservative), Bill Rammell (Labour) and Dave White (Liberal Democrat) were invited to the college on Wednesday April 21, the eve of the second leaders debate, to answer questions from students. The debate, which was chaired by Jerry Thomas, head of learner involvement at the college, kicked off at 10am and lasted for more than hour with Mr Rammell having to leave early due to other commitments. The three candidates took centre stage to answer questions on subjects including the environment, EU, the Iraq War, jobs, university fees, university places and the voting system. Some local issues were raised around funding for local charities such as Home Start and facilities for youths in the town. All three started off by

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The candidates took it in turns to address the students introducing themselves and outlining what each of them championed politically. They emphasised how important it was for all 18-year-olds to vote to get their voices heard. Questions were asked from students from different courses such as politics, history, English literature, hairdressing, and art and design. One student raised questions around funding for the Harlow based Home Start charity which supports families with child care and social and emotional support. Funding for local organisations was high up on the agenda as Amy, a student on the national diploma for art and design and a volunteer at The Square Rock School said funding for the project had been taken away. The two remaining candidates finally took two minutes each to sum up why people in Harlow should vote for them.