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Guru Prasad
E-mail : CAREER OBJECTIVE: : +919247841646

To seek a challenging and innovative job that helps in enhancing the skills in real time environment with a comprehensive, methodical and purposeful participation in the ever changing global technologies.

Graduated B.Tech with CSE as Specialization from Auroras seethaiah Engg College, Patancheru, Hyderabad. Affiliated by AICTU and secured 62% aggregate in the exams conducted by board of technical education JNTU, Hyderabad during the period 2006-2011. Completed Intermediate with MPC as main stream from Ramakrishna Jr. College, Guntur securing a percentage of 93.9% in the exams conducted by Board of Intermediate during the period 2004-2006. Completed X class from Z.P.H.S School, Pinnelli, Guntur (dist) securing 86% in SSC Board exams during 2003-2004.


Languages : Web Technologies: RDBMS : Office Tools : Platforms :

C, C++, Core JAVA. HTML, JSPs, Java script, CSS. Oracle, MySQL, MsSQL. MS-Office. Windows 2003/XP/Windows7.




Human Resource Recruitment Process

In future this project can be treated as product according to specification and needs of any organization. Since recruitment plays key role in any organization; thus, success over a long period of time and reliance of organization over recruitment is going to be one of the most considered topic for any organization. Therefore On-Line Recruiting Process will be of great help in carrying out recruitment process smoothly and effectively. At present days every organization is using web technology for their proper functioning, so this web based project is all in all important from market aspects. Furthermore if this project will be uploaded, it can be used as recruitment site and any organization can register their self on the site to carry out their recruitment process making this site as central recruitment system.

Platform: Java Operating system: Windows XP



BUS RESERVATION SYSTEM USING CPP This project is useful for implementations of OOPS concept.

Operating system: Windows XP Platform: CPP

PERSONAL SKILLS: Ability to lead a team with Positive attitude and enthusiastic in teamwork. Ability to adjust quickly to new environment and to deal with effectiveness.

STRENGTHS: Unconditionally confident and highly optimistic. Tough guy and can keep up my spirits always high. Working with me can always be a pleasant experience. I can excel through higher ranks by adapting the working environment.

PERSONAL DOSSIER: Name Fathers Name Mothers Name Sex Nationality Date of Birth Hobbies/Interests : T.Guru Prasad : T.Yesu : T.Lakshmi : Male. : Indian. : May 1st 1989 : Reading novels, playing field games like shuttle, Relax myself watching random programs or sports, listen to music, meeting mates, riding long distances etc,. Languages Known Permanent Address : Telugu, Hindi, and English. : HNO: 7-136, Pinnelli (post), Machavaram mandal, Guntur DIST, Ap-522435

DECLARATION: I here by declare that all the above-mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge. Place: Date:

(T.Guru Prasad)