LESSON PLAN IN HEALTH III I. Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson the students should be able to: 1. 2. 3. 4. II. Explain pollution, it’s cause and effect to human and environment; Identify and discuss the cause and effect of water pollution; Determine the ways to prevent and control water pollution; Participate actively in the class activity.

Learning Content: Subject Matter: A. TOPIC: Water pollution B. CONCEPT: Pollution is the toxic in the air that can cause damage to our environment and to our health. C. MATERIALS: Visual Aids, DVD Player D. REFERENCE: Our World of MAPEH III by Lugne, et al. pp. 279- 281.


Learning Procedure: A. Preliminary Activities 1. 2. 3. 4. Checking the cleanliness of the room Prayer Greetings Checking of attendance

B. Lesson Proper 1. Motivation “Song Analysis” (KAPALIGIRAN) The teacher will play the song entitled “Kapaligiran” to the students after playing the song, the teacher will ask the students about the insights concerning the song or what did they understand about it.

water pollution is caused pollution. What causes water by organic nutrients. water pollution is caused by organic nutrients. what is its cause and effects What is pollution? Ma’am. While.Guide and Questions: A. inorganic nutrients includes nitrate. paper mills. inorganic nutrients. Pollutants enter water supplies from . phosphate and sulfate that enters fresh water as fertilizer or laundry detergent that pollutes the water and treatments aquatic plants and animals. toxic pollutants include chlorinated biphynels. and sediments. Good! What are toxic pollutants? Ma’am. Cleaning solvent. heavy metals and salts. What is did you understand about the message of the song? 2. Activity Class Discussion TEACHER’S ACTIVITY STUDENT’S ACTIVITY Class our lesson for today is about water pollution. sewage treatments plants. pesticides. heat pollution and pathogen pollution Excellent! One type of pollution is the water Ma’am. and meat packing plants. toxic pollution? pollutants. toxic pollutants and sediments. gasoline oil. organic nutrients are nutrients? chemical that are washed away feedlots. heat pollution and pathogen pollution Very Good! Differentiate organic and inorganic Ma’am.

Use surface water to coil reactors. allowing it to be washed or blown away. and other equipment. Good! How does heat pollution occurs? Ma’am. and paper mills. when the logging. Good! . or settle from polluted air. steel mills. the diseases that may result from water pollution? result from water pollution is hepatitis. heat pollution occurs when power plants. gastrointestinal infections and typhoid fever.industrial in charge run off from farm or city streets. turbines. sediments are suspended particles of soil with bits of insoluble inorganic and organic materials Good! How does the sediments Ma’am. sewage and mining activities. Discharge the heated water back into the lakes or rivers. Excellent! What are sediments? Ma’am. and other cultural practices loosen top soil. improper waste disposal pollution? damages the shorelines by contaminating the ground and surface water supplies. oil refineries. Good! What are the effects of water Ma’am. Good! What are the diseases that may Ma’am. road formation accelerated? construction overgrazing.

Good! 3. Dredging to improve ship channels should be avoided because this may cause pollution due to silt. Abstraction: Open-ended statements Complete the following statement I learned that … I realized that … I observed that … .What year and did the worst oil Ma’am. proper disposal of waste control water pollution? and used of sanitary toilets or building toilets in all communities prevents water contamination. regular check up/ clean up of water sewage systems and polluted bodies of water rivers and esteros in urban areas should be done. Excellent! What are the ways to prevent and Ma’am. Analysis: A. it happened last 2006 spill happened in the history of our when it was considered that the country? And in what place? worst oil spill in the history of our country and it was at Guimaras Island. Does the increasing number of people in our country adds to the problems of pollution? 4. Good! Other? Ma’am.

Ways to Prevent Water Pollution IV. Effects of Water Pollution 7-10. the effects and the ways to prevent it. Learning Agreement Identify that other types of pollution and enumerate the cause.5. Evaluation: “Quiz” 1-3. . Causes of Water Pollution 4-6.

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