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AIAC Seminar Announcement Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha! Aum Gurave Namaha!

Dear friends, Happy spring 2012!

From 2009 I have conducted numerous lectures on jyotish, Vedic philosophy, Hindu mythology and related subjects. For long I had a desire to build a forum where all of you could access all the seminars I ever held. With the help of Laxmi and her team, this dream is coming true. Laxmi will manage an online portal with all seminars I ever held or will hold in a centralized location. As you all know, a project like this needs wealth for survival. We need to fund this project and to support this venture I am putting all my seminars on sale this spring [Vernal Equinox] for $10 each. Every penny collected through this sale will go towards funding this project. Please spread this message and help AIAC build this centralized portal where everything can be accessed. Recordings of all my seminars that I conduct from now on will be available only through this portal. For your donation, please use the paypal address - or contact Laxmi at Once you pay, please send a note to Laxmi for which seminar you would want, she will send you the audio and the slides for the lecture.

Every lecture is for $10 each. However, if you wish to purchase a complete section instead, you can just pay the following $50 for the complete Hindu Philosophy section $60 for the complete Vedic Astrology Beginners section $70 for the complete Vedic Astrology Advanced section I request you not to share these audio recordings once you purchase them. Each can get their own audio/audio set. It is for a good cause, so please support this sharing of knowledge. ©Ancient Indian Astrology Classes Page 2

AIAC Seminar Announcement

Hindu Philosophy Section Devi - the Power of the Divine Feminine Hindu Philosophy - The Essence Law of Karma - The Inevitable Fact of Life Dasa Mahavidya - The Ten Forms of the Divine Feminine Lakshmi - The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity Saraswati - The Goddess of Learning and Purity Vishnu Dasawatara - The Ten Forms of the Preserver of the Universe Shiva Shakti - Matter and Energy Ramayana - The History, Myth and Legend Holi - the Festival of colors Uttarayan - the upward movement of the Sun

Vedic Astrology Section [Beginners] Lunar Nodes Part 1 & 2 Mythology of the Planets Foundation of Jyotish [Vedic Astrology] Moon and Human Mind - Phases of the Moon Shani - Saturn, the giver of Justice Vedanga Jyotisha - The connection of Jyotish with the Vedas Sankranti - The entry of Sun

Vedic Astrology Section [Advanced] Predicting Global Disasters

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AIAC Seminar Announcement Rohini Sakata Vedha - the splitting of the wane of Rohini Vara Chakra - the cycle of the Weekdays Punya Chakra - How to read Death charts - Part 1 & 2 Karma and Directions - Dasamsa Sages of Ancient India - Drekkana Sons of Brahma - Chaturamsa Children of the Gods - Dwadasamsa If you have any questions, please feel free to mail Laxmi for further details.

Kind Regards, Guru, AIAC March 20, 2012 Chicago, IL

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