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e-TEST suite 8.

2 – New Features & Enhancements

e-Manager Enterprise

• New Web Reporting Interface – e-Manager Enterprise 8.2 includes a new Web Reports
interface that provides new and improved capability for viewing, editing and creating e-ME
Reports via e-ME’s Web UI. This major enhancement allows users to:

o Access all of e-ME’s default reports from e-ME’s new Reports tab in the Web
user interface.
o Clone and edit e-ME’s default reports, including editing report content and filters
o Create new custom reports, including both text and graphical reports, from within
e-ME Web UI
o Filter reports using saved filter definitions
o Export reports and data tables in multiple standard formats and email reports to
other users from e-ME
o Save new reports as “Public” and viewable by all users or in a personal “My
Reports” folder
o Create and view multi-report dashboards from e-ME’s new Dashboard tab in the
Web UI
o Specify permissions for report viewing and editing

• Enhanced Search Capability – An enhanced search interface in e-ME’s Web UI enables
users to:
o Perform multi-field conditional searches (using AND, OR and nested AND/OR
o Save search query filters by name and recall them for future searches
o Reuse saved search filters for reports filtering or for filtering the e-ME tree view
o Display and edit search results in the e-ME tree view even if they are filtered out
of the user’s current view

• Improved Usability – e-ME 8.20 also includes multiple usability enhancements such as:

o Ability to save multiple tree view display groupings for Requirements, Tests and
Issues and access saved groups from a dropdown in the main Web UI
o Ability to save multiple tree view or grid view filters for Requirements, Tests and
Issues and access saved filters from a dropdown in the main Web UI.
o “Goto” feature for quick access to any Requirement, Test or Issue by number
from the Web UI toolbar


• Script Updater – e-Tester now includes a batch Script Updater utility that enables users to
update multiple scripts at once. Common updates such as base url, script settings, test
settings, object paths and more can be specified and applied to any number of scripts at
once through this new utility which is accessible from the main e-TEST suite folder.

• Results Report Enhancements – The e-Tester Results Report has been enhanced to
include more detailed content and an improved layout. This HTML report is also now
generated from a customizable XSL file which can be modified by users if needed.

• Web Services Enhancements – e-Tester 8.20 includes multiple enhancements to the Web
Services testing module such as:
o Ability to define which WSDL parser to use for WSDL-based script generation or to
specify the location of a custom parser
o Ability to generate Web Services requests with attachments that utilize DIME,
MTOM and SwA standards
o Ability to generate secure Web Services requests based on username token security


• Reporting Enhancements – e-Load 8.2 includes multiple enhancements for both real-time
and post-run reports including:
o Default Graphs definitions are now available for post-run reporting against stored e-
Load Sessions. This enables users to select from a pre-defined set of default
graphs rather than having to select individual data series to create a graph. New
default graph options are also now available in both real-time and post-run reporting
o Users can now enable a secondary y-axis for viewing multiple data series that are of
varying scales. Users can specify whether to plot each data series against the
primary or secondary y-axis.
o A threshold line can now be added to an e-Load graph to allow users to graph their
data series relative to a predefined threshold value
o The Saved Queries feature has been enhanced to allow users to map counters from
a saved graph query against differently named counters from the e-Load Session
the query is being applied against.
o Graph legends can now be edited through the e-Load graph options
o e-Load 8.2 includes a new report generator for creating load test reports from pre-
defined templates. Templates can be created in RTF format and include both user
defined content as well as tags that extract graphs or test data from e-Load Session
results. These templates can then be uploaded to e-Load and used for generating
reports against any Session file from the Create Reports…Reports tab.

• ServerStats System Editor – e-Load 8.2 includes a new system editor function for more
granularly defining monitored systems. Users can now automatically discover or manually
define the specific components of a monitored system (including CPUs, disks, databases,
etc.) so that ServerStats Profiles and Metrics can be applied against these specific
components rather than just to the system as a whole.

• Unix Agent Support – e-Load 8.2 now supports Virtual User Agent Systems running on
Unix/Linux operating systems through the e-Load Java Agent.


• IE 7 Support – e-TEST suite 8.20 now fully supports Internet Explorer 7.0 for e-Tester, e-
Load and e-Manager Enterprise.

• Windows Vista Support – e-TEST suite 8.20 can now be installed and run on Windows
Vista operating system.

• SQL Server 2005 Support – e-Load and e-Manager Enterprise can now be used with SQL
Server 2005 as the back-end data repository.

• General bug fixes and maintenance updates across the e-TEST suite.