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Instant Oz

Being a simple version of the game to get you started quickly
Instant Oz is a simplified version of the Heroes of Oz Aptitudes
Role-Playing Game. Heroes of Oz allows you to make These are the bulk of what make up your character.
very well-rounded characters of almost any thing you
can imagine, and one look at the character sheet can Physical - How strong and healthy you are
tell you everything you want to know about your char- Mental - How smart and knowledgeable you are
acter at a glance. The rules also go into detail to coverSpiritual - The core of your character - her heart and
most situations. willpower
Social - How well your character gets along with other
Sometimes, though, you might want to get into the people
game quickly, or you might start it up at the last min- Movement - How fast you character moves, as well as
utes, or you just don't need all the options the main her agility.
game gives. For a quick game, we give you Instant Oz. Fighting - How good your character can fight. In-
cludes fist, sword and shooting
You Will Need
Pencil and Paper A character is allowed to have 1 Aptitude at Great, 2 at
Character Sheet (Optional but useful) Good, 2 at Fair and 1 at Mediocre.
2 six-sided dice for each player (2d6)
Levels These narrow down your character's Aptitudes to
These describe how good your character is at different things she can do really well. These are specific things
things. Made up of words, levels in instant Oz are: she does well, like swinging an axe or baking cookies.
Since they narrow down Aptitudes, each Specialty is
Outstanding (+4 to dice rolls) linked to one, and starts at the same level.
Superb (+3 to dice rolls)
Great (+2 to dice rolls) Pick three things the character can do. Assign each to
Good (+1 to dice rolls) an Aptitude that makes sense for it. Baking cookies is
Fair (No change to dice rolls) a knowledge-type skill, so it would do well under
Mediocre (-1 to dice rolls) Mental. Axe would go under Fighting (if the character
is also a woodcutter, that would go under Mental as
Who are you? Woodcutter - using the axe for both professional and
Name: This is your character's name. fighting would require two Specialties).
Type: You are either a fairy (human-shaped magical
person native to Oz or the surrounding countries), hu- Sometimes, a Specialty might make sense under two
man (look in a mirror), animal (Most don't have hands, or more Aptitudes. In this case, figure out which is
but do have natural weapons like claws or teeth or more likely according to how you imagine it.
beak - creatures like the Woozy fit this category), or a (Example: Cooking for nutrition would go under Men-
construct (you're made of something artificial like tal, but cooking for parties could go under Social.
metal or glass). Family meals and Catering are two different things.)
Culture: Where are you from?
Background: What do you do? More than likely, this Look at the Level for each, and then add 2 more Lev-
is a job description, but can include other things (like els to one of them, and one Level to the other two (so,
wanderer, for instance) if you do catering best and you put it under Social and
Instant Oz
the level is Good, then adding two will make your ca- Coward: You like to preserve yourself, a lot! Roll
tering Superb) against Spiritual to keep from running away.
Curious: You have to know! Roll against Spiritual to
Suggested way of recording Specialties is resist.
"Aptitude:Specialty - Level" Enemy: Someone is out to get you.
Example: Social:Catering - Superb Gullible: You're easy to fool. Roll against Mental to
avoid being fooled.
Gifts and Faults Lazy: You don't like to do things, including adventur-
Gifts are things that give a character a bonus, and ing.
Faults limit her in some way (this can be great for role- Over-Confident: Even if you can't, you think you can.
playing). Pick two Gifts and one Fault. Other Fault: You have something else that's bad
about you that's not listed here.
Some Gifts and Faults to choose from: Secret: If they find out, it will be bad!
Ugly: Mirrors don't like you, and people are hard to
Gifts make friends with. -2 to Social dice rolls when you're
Allies: You have a group of people at your side. first getting to know someone.
Beautiful/Handsome: You're gorgeous, and get +2 to Weak: Because of small size or something else, you're
Social dice rolls. not that strong, and take a -2 to dice rolls for strength
Charisma: You have a way with people, and you get and doing damage in fighting.
+2 to Social dice rolls. Weak Material: Constructs only. You're made of
Friend: You have a high-placed friend somewhere for something breakable, and take +2 additional damage in
favors or information. combat, or roll Physical at -2 to rolls when something
Magic Item: You have an item of magical might. could break you.
Lucky: Lurline loves you. Once per real-time hour,
you can reroll a bad dice roll. The Rules
Perfect Timing: You're always in the right place at the To do anything in Instant Oz, pick the right Aptitude
right time. or Specialty, roll 2 dice, add the Level bonus (see
Reputation: People like you from what they hear. +2 above) and any bonuses or penalties from Gifts and
to Social rolls. Faults to the result, and roll 7 or more.
Strong: Either because of size, magic or whatever
else, you get +3 on dice Physical dice rolls involving If a character is doing something particularly difficult,
strength. subtract 3 from the result, and if they're doing some-
Strong Material: Constructs only. You're made of thing really easy, add 3 to it. These have to be really
tough stuff, and get +2 to combat when defending, and outstanding things to warrant the modifier.
+2 to damage if you're hard metal or stone.
The Right Tool: No matter where you are, you always Opposed Rolls
have the right tool for the job on you. If two characters are trying to outdo each other in
Other Gift: You have something else that's good some way, both characters roll and try to beat 7, as
about you that's not listed here. mentioned earlier. Rolling under 7 is automatically a
failure, and if they both roll 7 or more, whoever rolls
Faults higher wins. Ties mean nothing has changed and they
Annoying: Something about you bothers people. can try again.
Bad Luck: If it's bad and could happen to your charac-
ter, it likely will. This will not lead to total destruction Combat
or take her out of the game, but it won't be pretty When two characters fight each other, it's the same as
Bad Reputation: People don't like what they've heard. an opposed roll. The attacker uses the Fighting Apti-
-2 to Social dice rolls. tude or related Specialty, and the defender uses Move-
Code of Honor: You've made a promise that you have ment (or Specialty) to defend. If both are attacking at
to stick to. the same time, they both use Fighting.

Instant Oz
Like opposed rolls, rolling under 7 is automatically a
failure. If both roll above 7, whoever rolls highest Character Improvement
wins. If it's the attacker, they do damage. If the defend- In Instant Oz, a character can improve in one of two
er wins or the rolls are tied, they take no damage. If ways:
both are attacking, whoever wins does the damage.
She can have an ability she's used raised by a level, or
Damage receive a new Background or Culture or Gift based on
When an attacker wins the attack roll, she takes her what happened in the adventure by the Historian.
result and subtracts the other person's result from it.
The result is the damage, which is recorded on the fol- -or-
lowing track:
She can raise or add the ability and provide a story or
reason to the Historian, who then approves the change
Damage: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7 or or disallows it.

Wounds: Scratch Hurt Very Incapa- Faults can be removed either way.
Hurt citated

[ ][ ][ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Sample Character:

Lye Ten Opp, Emerald City Citizen
Look at the damage number and compare it to the
track. Whatever the number is, put a check in the box. Type: Fairy
If there already is a check in the box, it goes in the Culture: 1910's Emerald City of Oz
next one down (if someone is already Hurt, they would Background: Pampered noble
then be Very Hurt).
Physical - Fair
The Damage levels are: Mental - Fair
Scratch: Almost meaningless. You're hit, but it's not Spiritual - Good
enough to cause much pain. Social - Great
Hurt: You're hit, and it hurts. -1 to all dice rolls. Movement - Mediocre
Very Hurt: You're really feeling the pain. -2 to to all Fighting - Good
dice rolls
Incapacitated: You can't move because you're hurt Specialties:
too bad or something else happens. No penalty to dice Fighting:Umbrella Fu - Great
rolls because you can't move to make them! Social: Party Life - Superb
Spiritual:Painting - Superb
For flesh characters, healing in Oz can go rather quick- Gifts: Charisma, Lucky
ly. Scratches go away after a day. Every new day, Faults: Bored Easily
characters make a Physical roll at -1 per level of dam-
age after Scratch, so Hurt would be at -1, Very Hurt Background: Lye is the kind of girl that likes to have
would be -2, and Incapacitated -3. Success means one fun, and her cheerfulness and optimism borders on be-
level is healed, starting from the worst. Characters can ing annoying (but it's not). Slightly hedonistic, Lye
only heal one level per day. wanders from event to event, whether it's the most re-
cent social event (she's never once missed Ozma's
For Constructs, healing doesn't happen automatically; birthday parties at the palace) or watching a wagon
they have to be fixed. Until a Construct is fixed by being repaired. If there's an adventure to be had, she'll
someone skilled enough to do it, they stay at the level likely insist on coming along.
of Damage they're currently at.

Character Name

Instant Oz Player

Character Sheet
Aptitudes Type:____________________
Physical Culture:__________________


Social Gifts

Specialties Fault
Aptitude Specialty Level

Damage: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7 or More
Wounds: Scratch Hurt Very Hurt Incapacitated
Character Name
Lye Ten Opp
Instant Oz Player

Character Sheet
Aptitudes Fairy
Physical Fair 1910's Emerald City of Oz

Mental Fair Pampered noble

Spiritual Good
Social Great Gifts
Movement Mediocre Charisma
Fighting Good

Specialties Fault

Aptitude Specialty Level Bored Easily

Fighting Umbrella Fu Great

Social Party Life Superb

Spiritual Painting Superb

Damage: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7 or More
Wounds: Scratch Hurt Very Hurt Incapacitated
Character Name
Lulu, the Cross-eyed Raven
Instant Oz Player

Character Sheet
Aptitudes Animal (Bird)
Physical Fair Winkie Woodlands
Food Crit ic
Mental Good
Spiritual Fair
Social Mediocre Gifts
Movement Great Other Gift: Flying
Fighting Good
Specialties Weak (Small Size)
Aptitude Specialty Level
(Note: Lulu’s cross-eyed cond ition
Social Parley Fair is cosmetic. She can see just fine.)

Movement Dodge Outstanding

Mental Food Critic Great

Damage: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7 or More
Wounds: Scratch Hurt Very Hurt Incapacitated
Character Name
Naynda, the Diamond Stud
Instant Oz Player

Character Sheet
Aptitudes Construct
Flathead Mountain
Physical Great
Mental Mediocre
Spiritual Fair
Social Good Gifts
Movement Fair Strong Material
Fighting Good
Specialties Annoying - “See how my d iamond
muscles sparkle?”
Aptitude Specialty Level
Fighting Mining Great

Movement Modeling Great

Social Anthropology Great

Damage: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7 or More
Wounds: Scratch Hurt Very Hurt Incapacitated
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