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A Purpose Filled Life Requires Solid Foundations
Randall Paul Pipes
“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? The Lord is in His holy
temple, The Lord's throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men.
The Lord tests the righteous, but the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul
hates, Psalm 11:3-5.” Most...

Out of Orthodoxy - Why This Former Orthodox Rabbi Will Officiate at Interfaith
Rabbi David S. Gruber
Many might ask, even accuse, how can I, a rabbi, who once was Orthodox, who served
an Orthodox congregation, and at the helm of Orthodox educational institutions, be
willing, nay eager, to help interfaith couples and (co)officiate at their weddings? Let me
open with a family story. I remember...

Out of Orthodoxy – From Orthodox Rabbi to Secular Humanist
Rabbi David S. Gruber
Many people reading this will not be happy. I suppose this article will be seen as
somewhat analogous to a person everybody thought of as really, really straight coming
out of the closet and proudly proclaiming him or herself as gay. No, it’s probably worse;
as most Americans would sooner elect a...

Mother Is Still Here: An Interview With Sister Nirmala
Divya Pathak
It has been a decade since Kolkata's “Saint of Gutters”, Mother Teresa went home to God.
But Missionaries of Charity, the order established by Mother in 1950, still continues to
feel her divine presence around. The moment one enters the premises of Mother's House
on AJC Bose Road in central Kolkata,...

Grace To Be Ourselves
Cory L. Kemp
Brett Favre, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, announced his retirement this week.
At a news conference yesterday his simple explanation for the move was that he was
tired. At thirty-eight and possessing graying hair, Favre and his family have been through
multiple tragedies and upheavals in...

Primary Moments
Cory L. Kemp
Tuesday was a big day in United States politics. In case you haven't heard we here in the
US are in the process of figuring out who our next president will be. Final elections won't
be held until November, but state primaries proceed through early summer, determining
how many delegate votes...

To Jerusalem
Cory L. Kemp
What do you do when you are the Savior of the World, have a little over a week left to
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impart your message to your disciples and still have to make the journey to Jerusalem to
celebrate the Passover? If you are Jesus of Nazareth, an itinerant rabbi and preacher, it
appears you keep going about...

The Rite of Water Baptisim
Michael Bradley
As Christians, one of the first rites I believe every born-again believer should observe,
either at the moment of being saved in the Lord or sometime shortly thereafter, is to be
baptized with water. You can either be baptized with water at the moment you are
receiving your gift of eternal salvation...

Lead Us Into Triumph
Steve Clement
2 Corinthians 2:14 But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal
procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere. A
victorious spirit affects every part of who we are. A victorious spirit effects everything
related to us. A...

Psalm 23 Devotional
Steve Clement
Psalm 23 Verse 0ne The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. Personal! Personal!
Personal! That’s what Christianity is. John 10:4 When he has brought out all his own, he
goes before them, and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. God wants you

The Obedience of Faith
Mark Baker
Romans 16:25. Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the
preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery which was kept
secret since the world began 26. but now has been made manifest, and by the prophetic
Scriptures has been made known to all nations,...

Materialism: The Superstition of an Age
Harun Yahya
Ancient Greek thinkers imagined that all bodies consisted of tiny particles called atoms.
They maintained that these atoms shaped the universe and all living things, without
intention or direction and without being subjected to any conscious intervention.
According to this belief, matter was timeless...

The Ethnicity of the Antichrist
Britt Gillette
One of the great mysteries concerning bible prophecy and the end times is the national
identity of the Antichrist. This is an important topic because it will eventually aid the last
days generation of Christians in the correct identification of the Antichrist. Fortunately,
the Bible provides us with...
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The Revived Roman Empire
Britt Gillette
The Bible reveals that in the last days, the world will be ruled by a global government.
This will be the first truly global government since the fall of Adam and Eve, and it will
be responsible for a terrible amount of destruction and murder before being destroyed by
the glorious appearing of Jesus...

Isaiah 17: Destruction of Damascus
Britt Gillette
In the last days, the Bible tells us of a horrible series of events that will take place in the
lands of Israel and Syria. One of these events is the disappearance of Damascus as one of
the premiere cities in the world. The oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet,
Damascus has witnessed at...

The Singularity and the Second Coming
Britt Gillette
In the near future, the technological advance of human civilization will become so rapid
today’s human mind will be unable to comprehend its implications. The point in time at
which this occurs is generally known as “the singularity,” and many believe it will usher
in a new era for the human race....

Jesus and the Fig Tree
Britt Gillette
Throughout the centuries, people have longed to know which generation will witness the
return of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, the answer to that question appeared in the form of a
fig tree more than 2,000 years ago. Jesus Curses the Fig Tree Both the Gospels of
Matthew and Mark tell...

Gog and Magog: What the Bible Says
Britt Gillette
The Bible warns of a future time when the nation of Israel will be surrounded by its
enemies, with no allies to come to its defense. The prophet Ezekiel revealed more than
2,700 years ago that, in the last days, a coalition of nations led by Russia would gather
together to invade Israel. When this...

Why Global Government Is Inevitable
Britt Gillette
According to the bible, in the last days, a unified global government will rule the world.
The head of this global government, the Antichrist, is one of the more infamous figures in
human history, and not a single individual on the face of the earth will lie outside of his
jurisdiction: “And...

Revelation 6: The Rider On The White Horse
Britt Gillette
Some of the most intriguing passages in the Bible can be found in Revelation Chapter 6,
a chapter dealing with events that occur during the Tribulation period of human history.
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Both Old and New Testament prophets mention this period frequently, including Jesus
Christ when he said “unless that time...

Revelation 6: The Rider On The Black Horse
Britt Gillette
This article continues our study of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In Parts 1 and 2,
we examined the riders of the white horse and the red horse respectively. We will now
study the one who follows them, the rider on the black horse. This third horse appears in
verses 5 and 6: “When...

The End of the World?
Britt Gillette
Since the beginning of human history, speculation about the end of the world has
fascinated mankind. Myths and stories about the end of the earth exist in almost every
religion and culture ever known. And yet, somehow, men seem unsatisfied with the
answers they receive. They turn to Nostradamus, Edgar...

Armageddon: What the Bible Says
Britt Gillette
Through the centuries, the human race has been fascinated with the concept of
Armageddon. During that time, the word has been separated from its original biblical
context. The true meaning of Armageddon has been replaced by the secular concept of
humanity destroying itself. The word is now synonymous...

The Antichrist
Britt Gillette
The Bible tells us that in the last days one man will rule the world. He will rule over the
entire human race politically, economically, and religiously, speaking great blasphemies
against God and setting himself up in the Temple as God himself. But this man will not
be God. He will be the very antithesis....

Transhumanism and the Great Rebellion
Britt Gillette
This generation is witness to the emergence of a radical new social movement known as
transhumanism. Expressing an unshakable faith in the continued and rapid advance of
human technology, transhumanists look to the future with what can only be described as a
religious fervor. Many of this movement’s...

Isaiah 53: The Lamb of God
Britt Gillette
More than 2,500 years ago, God revealed the greatest message in history to the Hebrew
prophet Isaiah. In chapter 53 of the book that bears his name, Isaiah unveils God’s
message of salvation to the world, and in so doing, he reveals the identity of the Messiah
– the Lamb of God who would lay down...
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Eternal Rewards From Jesus Christ
Britt Gillette
What does your eternal future hold? For most Christians, the blessed hope is that once the
rapture occurs or they depart from this world after death, they will spend eternity in
heaven with Jesus Christ. For those who trust in Him, this is true. However, few
Christians realize they will also...

Deception In The End Times
Britt Gillette
According to bible, the end times will be marked by widespread deception, counterfeit
miracles, and the appearance of false prophets. Each of these evils will contribute to an
atmosphere that will deceive an untold number of people throughout the world. Almost
2,000 years ago, Jesus warned...

Which Church Is The True Church Of God?
Britt Gillette
Which church is the one true church of God? This is one of most debated questions in
human history. While searching for truth, many people have struggled with this question.
Literally thousands of churches, denominations, and religious organizations throughout
the world and throughout history have...

Peter's Prophecy
Britt Gillette
Almost 2,000 years ago, the apostle Peter prophesied that in the last days scoffers would
appear, arguing against the possibility of Christ’s return. The very argument he said they
would use is today one of the most common among skeptics: “Most importantly, I want
to remind you that in the...

The Coming Abomination
Britt Gillette
In the near future, an event of enormous significance will transpire in Jerusalem, the
effects of which will resound throughout the world and throughout eternity. A man will
ascend the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, go into the Holy of Holies within the rebuilt
Jewish Temple, and proclaim himself to be...

The Messiah's Gate
Britt Gillette
In the near future, the world will witness the most awesome event in all of human history.
Jesus Christ will physically return to earth in order to exact vengeance on the enemies of
God. Known as the “Commander of Heaven’s Armies,” Christ will appear in sky like
lightning, and every eye will see Him....

The Birth of the Messiah
Britt Gillette
Each year, millions of people throughout the world celebrate Christmas. The stated
purpose for so doing is to celebrate the birth of the Messiah. But in a world preoccupied
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with materialism – in a pop culture that inundates its citizens with a 24-hour barrage of
Santa Claus, shopping malls, talking...

The Coming Tribulation
Britt Gillette
The bible states that in the time just prior to the Glorious Appearing of Jesus Christ, the
world will experience a time of unprecedented trial and tribulation. This seven year
period is referred to by most Christians as “the tribulation.” But the bible refers to it by
many names, including “the time...

Revelation 6: The Rider On The Pale Green Horse
Britt Gillette
This article concludes our study of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In Parts 1, 2, and
3, we examined the riders of the white horse, red horse, and black horse. We will now
study the fourth and final of these infamous horsemen, the rider on the pale green horse.
This rider and his horse...

Three Days in May
Travis Knight
“What I'm about to tell you, you may not believe. However, it all happened as best as I
can remember; It started about three years ago, with what I thought would be a great idea
for a new type of bearing. I had been repairing my washing machine for the millionth
time. Mind you, I'm not...

God Delights in Using Broken Things . . .
Rose Weiner
God delights in using broken things ... by Rose Weiner IT WAS AN ARID DAY The dry,
balmy breeze cooled the lonely shepherd as he sat quitely upon the grassy knoll watching
his flock graze lazily in the sun. It had been forty years now. So long ago and yet it
seemed in one way...

The Strength and Power of the Atom Is a Sign of God
Harun Yahya
You breathe air made up of atoms, eat foods composed of atoms and drink water made up
of atoms—with a body that itself consists of atoms. The objects you see around you are
actually nothing more than photons striking the electrons belonging to the atoms in your
eyes. And what about the things...

The Miraculous Measure in Tides
Harun Yahya
Tides have such an effect that they can even change living conditions in some regions of
the Earth. People, who resume their lives after the withdrawal of tides, arrange their
entire lives according to tides. By the Will of Allah, oceans rise up to a certain level. This
way, they never become a threat...
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Miraculous Creatures that Leave Jet Planes in Their Wake
Harun Yahya
Many species of fish, mammals and even insects make astonishing migrations. But of all
the living things on Earth, the most mobile of all are birds. During their journeys, birds
make use of countless features and attributes, every one of which is a separate convincing
proof of creation....

The Chain Reaction to Atlas of Creation Continues
Harun Yahya
Harun Yahya’s (Adnan Oktar) Atlas of Creation has enabled the people of the world to
experience true enlightenment in the social and scientific sense. As is clear from the
examples given in this article, the impact of this can be seen in many countries, such as
France, Belgium and Germany. Nicholas...

Some Miracles of the Qur’an Relating the Universe
Harun Yahya
BLACK HOLES The 20th century saw a great many new discoveries regarding celestial
phenomena in the universe. One of these entities, which has only recently been
encountered, is the Black Hole. These are formed when a star which has consumed all its
fuel collapses in on itself, eventually turning...

Is The False Prophet The Antichrist?
Britt Gillette
In the nearly 2,000 years since the Book of Revelation was written, many have perceived
the false prophet of Revelation 13 to be an ally of the Antichrist rather than the Antichrist
himself. But is this the correct biblical view? Let’s study what the bible says: The Two
Beasts of Revelation...

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Britt Gillette
In the near future, an unprecedented event of worldwide significance will take place.
Jesus Christ will return. In fact, he will return twice. The first time secretly; the second
time so that all eyes can see him. The first instance is known as “the rapture,” and it is the

Material Abundance In The End Times
Britt Gillette
The world of the post-Industrial Revolution is one of vast material wealth, where average
citizens enjoy a lifestyle that in generations past would have been the envy of kings and
queens. Yet, in spite of this great material prosperity, most of the world ignores God,
believing Him to be irrelevant...

Is The Singularity The Rapture?
Britt Gillette
In the near future, the advance of human technology will become so rapid the unaided
human mind will be unable to comprehend its implications. The point in time at which
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this occurs is generally known as “the singularity,” and many believe it will usher in a
new and exciting era for the human race....

Creating Hope
Cory L. Kemp
The Christmas season is upon us and with these days of holiday preparation come certain
expectations and memories that are as integral to our celebrations as traditional foods and
decorations. Cherishing each moment, and the rich blend created among many moments,
makes each year special, adding to...

Islam 101- What is Islam?
Laura Cosse'
This short article is the first in a seven part series called Islam 101. As the name indicates,
this series of articles is meant to, Insha Allah, give a brief, succinct overview of some of
the basic beliefs of Islam. So what exactly is Islam? The name itself comes from the root
word “salam”...

Islam 101- Who is Allah?
Laura Cosse'
One of the greatest misunderstandings of Islam in the west today is the perception of
whom or what is Allah. Many people think that Allah is the “Muslim God”, as if He were
a separate entity from the “Christian God”. In fact, Allah is the standard word for God
amongst all Arabic speakers; Muslims,...

What Is The Purpose For Your Life?
Annagail Lynes
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not
to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV). Question:
What is my purpose? Answer: God has a purpose for your life (Jeremiah 29:11) He
wouldn't have created you otherwise. ...

The Challenge of Manifesting at this Time
Mashubi Rochell
At this very special and momentous time in the Earth's history, many people are
awakening spiritually and coming to realize the vast potentials and gifts of living a life in
harmony with spirit. An evolutionary shift is happening, and as more people awaken, the
momentum of spiritual growth for all...

The New Planetary Consciousness
Mashubi Rochell
The momentum towards a new planetary consciousness has clearly begun in 2007. The
many events that have transpired both for individuals, and for humanity as a whole this
year, have left a mark of truth imprinted upon the collective consciousness. It is now clear
to all who have eyes to see, that our...
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Daily Meditation - Spiritual Support for Today's World
Mashubi Rochell
In days of old, spiritual life was separate from "regular life". People went to church or
temple once a week, and then got on with the rest of their lives. Daily meditation was
something that only nuns, priests, rabbis or monks did. In today's world, our
understanding of spiritual life...

World Change - Is There Hope for Humanity's Future?
Mashubi Rochell
Have you noticed a lot of changes happening around you, some of them which seem to be
not very good ones? With the major changes in weather patterns and the accelerated pace
of world events, most people nowadays are aware that something is going on! The topic
of world change is on the minds and in...

Church Pews: A Historical Perspective
Graciella Chairman
Churches have seen a lot of radical changes over the last couple of centuries. Some of the
changes have revolved around ideologies while some were reflected in the different styles
of church pews that have evolved over the years. Some of the early Christian designers
and architects had developed...

The Church Chairs Evolution
Graciella Chairman
Church chairs are one of the most important pieces in Church furniture. Today, you will
find a variety of designs for a church chair although this was not really the case in the
17th century. Most of the churches as well as cathedrals prior to 1860 had chapel chairs
or church pews in the apse. The...

The History and Origin of Christmas
Frank Dalotto
The origin of Christmas stemmed from pagan festivals like the popular Roman
Saturnalia, which celebrated Winter Solstice. In the early pre-Christian era, winter
celebrations were very popular and followed pagan rituals. Paganism in Europe
celebrated light and the darkest days of winter, the...

Guide to Shopping For Quality Church Furniture
Graciella Chairman
Church furniture is available in different styles and shapes and one of the salient points is
that you can even get them for a competitive price. There was a time when furniture for a
church was simple and had almost no design at all. But today, things have changed and
church furnishings like altars,...

5 Hanukkah Quotes to Celebrate an Amazing Religious Holiday
Noel Jameson
It's that time of year and what better way to celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah than with
some inspiring and uplifting Hanukkah quotes? Miracles are in short supply, and a jug of
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oil refilling itself for eight days is something to remember for eternity. Whether it's your
favorite holiday of the...

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When You're Planning a Bible Lesson
Glenn Brooke
Instead of thinking of yourself as a teacher, think of yourself as a learning session
designer. The objective of any Bible study, lesson, or devotional time is to help people
grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here are six questions that
will help you think about...