Note 634038 - MRP: Returns order and delivery

Header SAP Link Version Release Status Released on Priority Category Primary Component Secondary Components 634038 4 Released for Customer 15.08.2003 13:30:04 Recommendations/additional info Consulting PP-MRP PP-MRP-PR,LE-SHP-DL Summary Symptom You work with returns orders: Either by stock transfer of plant to plant ('Plant return' or 'Store return'), or returns back to the vendor ('Return to vendor'). You create a delivery for a returns order. The processing of the delivery and the purchase order within the materials planning is not clear or results in undesired effects; for example both the purchase order and the delivery are relevant for the materials planning relevant in case of a return to vendor so that the available quantity is reduced twice. Other terms Returns, returns order, MRP, materials planning, MD01, MD02, MD03, MD04, Stock transfer order, returns delivery, ... Reason and Prerequisites For a returns order indicator 'Returns' is only set in the item. 'Sender' and 'Destination' are not adjusted to the actual goods flow (see also related Note 430074: "Entities 'Branch' and 'Distribution center' are not swapped in the purchase order. In a 'standard' stock transfer order (no returns) the delivery replaces the call in the delivering plant. In the receiving plant the purchase order is still visible as an element relevant for planning purposes. The returns order is handled similarly: The delivery does not replace the purchase order here, either (even though the returns order is an expected issue element for the goods flow). In case of a stock transfer it replaces the call (and is therefore an expected receipt element in this case). In case of a return to vendor the delivery is not supposed to be relevant for the materials planning at all; the relevant element is still the purchase order. Due to the technical implementation of the returns order (only indicator 'Returns item', no swapping of senders and destinations) this behavior is unavoidable and necessary in order to ensure consistent data. For this subject and the settings concerning the ATP, it is necessary to also consider the related Note 606282. Solution Due to the defaults listed above, the Customizing of the returns order and the respective deliveries must be set as follows: The delivery for a stock transfer returns order must be relevant for the materials planning (the delivery then replaces the release as an expected receipt element). The delivery for a return to vendor must not be relevant for the materials planning (the release is outside of the system with the external supplier and therefore cannot be replaced by the delivery, the purchase order remains as the relevant element for planning purposes). The control occurs via several steps: Customizing of the returns order (Allocation of the delivery type, in the Standard system NLR for the stock transfer case and RL for the

question 6) and can be avoided only via a modification within the MRP. For the problematic nature of the ATP (visibly in CO09). requirements and ATP MD04: Returns order disappears when creating delivery Advice note plant return / store return From Release 45B 46B 46C 470 To Release X X X X And subsequent .Summary return to vendor) Item category determination in the Customizing of the delivery (in the Standard system NLRN for delivery type NLR and RLN for delivery type RL) By means of the allocation of the requirements type to the activity you must make sure in case of a stock transfer that you select a requirements type in such a way that by the assigned requirements class a requirement is generated which is relevant for the materials planning. consider question 4 from Note 606282 after the creation of the delivery. as a consequence both the purchase returns and the delivery are regarded as relevant requirement. This behavior cannot be avoided in the R/3 standard system(see Note 606282. If you desire a delivery relevant for requirements for the return to vendor from reasons of the ATP and if the Customizing is correspondingly prepared. Affected Releases Software Component SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL SAP_APPL 45 46 46C 470 Release 45B 46B 46C 470 Related Notes 606282 553926 430074 FAQ: Returns processing. For the return to vendor a requirements type must be selected in case of which the assigned requirements class does not result in a requirement which is relevant for the materials planning.

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