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WCC 110

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I can start using it immediately with my Vodafone mobile phone to make STD & ISD calls. Vodafone even helps me to keep track of my long-distance calling costs. Now the world is just a call away!


Rs. 110

To view revised tariffs for high cost destinations,click here Validity (after first use): 1 month Talktime (Rs): 99 Shelf Life: STD & ISD Calling

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to Vodafone to Others 1 p/sec 1 p/sec

US Canada Africa Australia & NZ (Mobile) UK (Mobile) S.E. Asia Rest of Europe (Mobile) SAARC China Gulf Japan UK (Fixed) Rest of Europe (Fixed) Australia & NZ (Fixed) ROW 8 p/sec 15 p/sec 14 p/sec 14 p/sec 11 p/sec 15 p/sec 15 p/sec 17 p/sec 15 p/sec 17 p/sec 9 p/sec 9 p/sec 14 p/sec 17 p/sec

Using a World Calling Card

Back to top Follow the simple instructions and start talking

Scratch the silver foil on the card and note your secret 12/14-digit PIN Dial the toll free access number mentioned at the back of the card or dial 50118,50218 or 50318 (toll free)

Enter the PIN To make an STD call, dial 0 followed by the STD code and then the phone number To make an ISD call, dial 00 followed by the ISD code and the phone number

Checking your balance

Back to top Know how you can check how much talktime is left on your World Calling Card.

Using a call-access number: Step 1:Dial the toll free access number Step 2:Enter your PIN number By sending an sms to 111 (toll free): sms WCCBAL <12/14 digit PIN> to 111 (toll free)

Do away with long numbers

Back to top Now you can make calls without entering your pin number every time. Just sms WCC CREATE <12/14-digit pin> to 111 (toll free) to register your number to a particular pin number. Once done, you can make calls without the pin by dialling 50118/50218/50318 <STD / ISD code > <destination number > For eg, 50318-001-12345678.

This facility is available with only 1 pin at a time. If you send an SMS with a second pin, it will automatically overwrite the first one without carrying your balance forward.

For more information

Back to top Dial 50119 (toll free) for all the answers.

Gulf covers Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Yemen Southeast Asia covers Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Singapore US covers only the contiguous United States. It excludes the states of Alaska and Hawaii and all offshore U.S. territories and possessions. To view revised tariffs for high cost destinations, click here To view the list of countries which are blocked and cannot be dialed through World Calling Cards, click here For terms & conditions, click here