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of Deccan college of Engineering and Technology has taken another great opportunity for the initiative of the most exciting and fascinating field ROBOTICS. Apart from academics excellence, ECE dept is now also known for its versatility. 22nd Feb was the day of ECE Dept, where it had conducted an international 2 day workshop ROBOTRONIX. A workshop that was packed with knowledge, fun, and excitement. This workshop was taken up by Technophilia System, the pioneers and the National Leader in Robotics Education providing prospective training solutions to the Indian masses in the fields of Robotics, Embedded Systems Design, Internet Security and Cloud Computing. Its a good news for people of DCET dat our clg has been selected as a central zone (zonal center) for IURL (indo US robotics league) ,, all together 50 clgs has been selected in india,, in which dcet stands 1.......hamare hod saab bhot khush hue the ye baat se phr gauhar madam ku hamare peeche lagadye.. chuu chuu bolke uske baad bhot dedication aur hard work ke baad ke workshop successful hua jainish Kothari bolke banda aya thaa technophilia, Mumbai se .. zabardast seminar diya un workshop mey lunch ka b intezaam kiya gaya tha sabke waste aur ye workshop mey acha khasa childye bacho ku 1600 INR lye per head a total of 92 students participated . that was huge :D. ye hamare clg ka pehle robotix workshop hai This workshop envisaged to provide a platform for the young hopped-up minds so as to smoothen their technical journey in the field of robotics. It basically included fundamental and practical concepts of basic electronics, robotics and its various applications. 1. 2. 3. 4. IR wireless controlled robot Line follower robot Obstacle avoider robot Obstacle follower robot

5. Photo phobic robot 6. Photo tropic robot 7. Wall follower robot 8. Fire-fighter robot 9. Mobile phone controlled robot 10.Sound controlled robot 11. Time controlled robot Ye falane robotaaa banai the us din bhot khush hue potte A prelim round of IURL 2012 competition was held just after the workshop, the winners of this zonal round got a wild card entry in the finals of IURL 2012 which is going to be held at IIT Mumbai. Winners of the National round will be sent to RoboGames ( in California, USA to represent India through a fully funded trip. Students of following branches participated in this spectacular workshop: Dept of Electronics and Telecommunication, Dept of Computer science, Dept of Mechanical, Dept of Electronic Instrumentation. Aur kya bharsakte bhardo bhai idar.. Virtusa 2k12