Skill Set

• Business Development
• Coordinating a sales team - Briefing a team of 10 salespeople on a new target market

• Business Intelligence

65375 Oestrich Winkel

Am Pfaffenberg 6
+49 177 9741 345

• Market Potential Analysis - Determining product / market fit via extensive research • Product Categorization / Rating Model - Impacting €20m in yearly revenue • Gross Profit Projection Model - Optimizing deal selection process

• Marketing

• Search Engine Marketing understanding - Executive assistance on 150-employee, global online advertising project influencing a €1m daily budget • Social Media Strategy - Conception and execution assistance for €1bn global company • Event Management - strategy and startup relations for a 300+ international EBSpreneurship conference • Interviewing - Assistance for 10 sales level, 4 corporate level interviews, designed application process and led 50 interviews for the Harvard WMUN Vancouver delegation 2012 • Compensation Structure - Concept and execution assistance for widespread changes affecting 200 salespeople • Workflow Optimization - Observing sales people and issuing recommendations to managing directors

• Human Resources

• Entrepreneurial Mindset
• I’ve been monetizing creative solutions to the demand of market’s ever since I can remember

• Passion
• I want to create things that have the potential to affect people’s lives and disrupt the way things are done for the better, and I’m willing to work more hours for less money than I could get elsewhere • I love analytics, technology and economics, which adds up to a business acumen I believe can go a long way in a dynamic startup environment

• Philosophy
• I take a data-driven approach to life and am rational about the irrational. I believe that society would greatly benefit from intelligently questioning the status quo

• Other Interests
• Data Visualization, skiing, playing guitar, DJing, video editing, coding, expanding my geographical, cultural, and philosophical horizons

Started B.Sc. in Management and Information Systems at EBS Business School Oestrich Winkel

Bilingual Int’l Baccalaureate from Int’l School of Düsseldorf, Higher Level: Economics

Born on April 11th in New York

Organized a 300+ Entrepreneurship Conference

Internship at Grohe, global sanitary fittings company

Learned English, German and Italian

Joined executive board of EBS NINE, Entrepreneurship association

Internship at Düsseldorf International Airport, Advertising

Internship at Bardehle Pagenberg, IP Law firm

Business Intelligence Freelance Contract for Groupon International

Head of marketing team (5) at James Consulting, student consulting firm

Founded “The Vent,” a high school newspaper
Internship at FGK, advertising agency

2006 2008 1994 1992

Business Development Internship at Groupon

2009 2010
Made Varsity NRW State Rugby Selection

JV Basketball NECIS Tournament Champions


Started a rock band and played at a 300+ charity event

First Venture: selling T-shirts at school athletic events

Led French delegation (20) at Harvard World Model United Nations in Singapore

Set a school dance party revenue record for charity by introducing tiered ticket pricing

Strategically titled the video thereof, resulting in 3m YouTube views 1/2

Skill Set



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