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Panorama Museum of circular building in the city. It por- to the Ukrainian administration. In topol in 1783.

She visited the city in
trays the situation in the height of the May 1997, Russia and Ukraine signed 1787 accompanied by Joseph II, the
siege, on 18 June 1855. the “Peace & Friendship” treaty rul- Emperor of Austria, and other foreign
One of the most notable events in-
ing out Moscow’s territorial claims to dignitaries. In the west of the city there
volving the city is the Siege of Sevas-
Ukraine. are well-preserved ruins of an ancient
topol (1854–1855) carried out by the Eduard Totleben Monu-
Greek port city Chersonesos founded
British, French, Sardinian, and Turkish ment in Sevastopol (1909). in the 5th c. BC.
troops during the Crimean War, which Like in the rest of the Crimea, Russian
During World War II Sevastopol with-
lasted for 11 months. Despite its ef- remains the predominant language
stood bombardment by the Ger-
forts, the Russian army had to leave in the city, although following the in- The name means “peninsula” reflect-
mans in 1941–1942, during the Axis
its stronghold and evacuate over a dependence of Ukraine there have ing its location and is not related to the
siege which lasted for 250 days be-
pontoon bridge to the north shore of been some attempts at Ukrainization ancient Greek name for the Crimean
fore it fell in July 1942. The city was
the inlet. The Russians had to sink their that have had very little success.Ety- Peninsula, Chersonēsos Taurikē (“the
liberated by the Red Army on May 9,
entire fleet to prevent it from falling mology of the name Taurian Peninsula”).
1944 and was awarded with the Hero
into the hands of the enemy and at City title a year later.
the same time to block the entrance The ruins of an ancient Sights and monuments
of the Western ships into the inlet.
When the enemy troops entered Sev-
During the Soviet era, Sevastopol, be- Greek theatre. Due to its military history, most streets
in the city are named after Russian
astopol, they were faced with the ru-
came a so-called “closed city”. This Chersonesus, Sevastopol.
meant that any non-residents had and Soviet military heroes. There are
ins of a formerly glorious city. Despite its Greek origin, the name is
to apply to the authorities for a tem- hundreds of monuments and plaques
not old. The city was probably named
porary permit to visit the city. It was in various parts of Sevastopol com-
after the Empress (= “Augusta”) Cath-
A panorama of the siege created directly subordinate to the central memorating its military past.
erine II of Russia who founded Sevas-
by Franz Roubaud and which was Russian SFSR authorities rather than
restored after its destruction in 1942 the local oblast and later (after 1978)
is housed in a specially constructed
Attractions list Sevastopol is a port city in Ukraine,

Welcome to Sevastopol
located on the Black Sea coast
• Diorama Storm of Sapun Moun- of the Crimea peninsula. It has a
tain on May 7, 1944 Museum population of 342,451 (2001). The
city, formerly the home of the So-
• Chersonessos National Archeo- viet Black Sea Fleet, is now a Ukrai-
logical Reserve nian naval base mutually used by
the Ukrainian Navy and Russian
• The Panorama Museum (Heroic
Sevastopol Defence during the
Crimean War) The unique geographic location
and navigation conditions of the
• Malakhov Kurgan (Barrow) with city’s harbours make Sevastopol a
Demographics its White Tower strategically important naval point.
The population of Sevastopol is It is also a popular seaside resort
342,451 (2001), making it the 15th
• Vladimirsky Cathedral (St. Vladi- and tourist destination, mainly for
largest city in Ukraine and the second
mir Cathedral) on the Central Hill visitors from the Commonwealth
largest in Crimea (after its capital Sim-
of Independent States (CIS) coun-
feropol).[1] According to the Ukraini-
an National Census, 2001, the ethnic • The Sunken Ships Monument on tries.The trade and shipbuilding
groups of Sevastopol include Russians Marine Blvd. importance of Sevastopol’s Port
(71.6%), Ukrainians (22.4%), Belaru- has been growing since the fall of
sians (1.6%), Tatars (0.7%), Crimean • The Russian Black Sea Fleet Mu-
the Soviet Union,[citation needed]
Tatars (0.5%), Armenians (0.3%), Jews seum despite the difficulties that arise
(0.3%), Moldovans/Romanians (0.2%), from the joint military control over
and Azerbaijanis (0.2%). [4] its harbours and piers.
• The May 7, 1944 Storm of Sapun
Mtn Diorama Museum (World
Economy War II) Sevastopol is also an important
Apart from navy-related civil facili- centre of marine biology research.
ties, Sevastopol hosts some other no- • Brotherhood (Communal) War In particular, studying and training
table industries, such as “Phiolent” Cemetery of dolphins has been conducted
- Ukraine’s largest power tools manu- in the city since the end of World
facturer and Stroitel one of the lead- War II. It was first conducted as a
ing plastics manufacturers in Ukraine. secret naval program to use the
animals for special undersea op-