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Ballad of a teaching week It was not Mahzib´s first time this to teach the cause of God.

She´d been in battle once before upon Tabarsi son. She´d raised her sword then, unafraid, among the ranks of men. The lion´s courage then displayed was seen today again. Refrain Creation praised the rising of these souls to teach the cause of Baha`u´llah to people who knew not of His new laws. Need it be said? The force released could shake earth to the core. And they were not alone my friends. No, there were many more. Can it be said that Socrates had spoke with wisdom when he said to people, "know thyself"? And drank the hemlock then in self-effacement `fore the law? We know now this was wise. You want to feel his strength once more? Look into Kosta´s eyes. Refrain Have you ever jumped with joy on hearing Mozart-sound? Have you thought, "Walk I on air, or stand I on the ground." Come, listen to Irene laugh. The sound will lift your soul. And Mozart waits to kiss her feet for working towards this goal. Refrain A baby´s gurgle when she sees a bird descent from flight. A daddy´s tear when first he sees his daughter´s wedding white. Or Margot´s soft smile when she prays. Are things which move all pain. Are things which you just want to see again, again, again. Refrain Tahirah, to the Cause of God is like heat to a fire. What Elham was to our small team I can´t with words attire. I can´t describe her voice in prayer. I can´t describe that sound. Just, when it was her turn to pray,

We gathered closer round. Refrain Not since the time of Roland has a price like him appeared. Stand beside him and you´ll think Mullah Hussayn is near. Adel, the proof Baha`u´llahs way is better than the rest. That love between two races will bring forth the very best. Refrain Great Sulima stood up to cheer. His death was not in vain. No cowardly sword can stop this word. No threat, no fear, no pain. Nesdet, great spirit of the Turks and beautiful Meryem arose to teach the Cause of God. All praise be unto them. Refrain These people are the kind of folk who like to laugh and sing. From their big hearts they gave us love. An extra special thing. Nuschn and Maghir say it´s plain that what you have, you give. How can I praise folk who know no other way to live? Refrain Amin and Nachme came to help from just across the Rhine. They heard that work was being done said, "Let´s give of our time." "I think I saw that beard before." My brain said to my eye. "Yes," my memory banks replied. "It was on Sheikh As´ai." Refrain Four guys were there who´d come along to work all day and night. Willie, Francis, - black as coal And Peter, Christian - white. Four brothers quietly did their job. You know the reason why. Simple guys who love their God. Simply good Baha´i. Refrain

That Wolfe and Gerhardt came to help will come as no surprise. That Sophani, to teach the Cause

would cross four hundred miles. Afscharian and Judy rushed like doctors to a birth. "God grant the light of Unity envelop this whole earth." Refrain Now any army in the field needs good lines of supply. Batteries need to be recharged if weakened by and by. And since our weapons are the words that Baha`u´llah did say. Farsin and Fariba stayed home upon their knees to pray. Refrain Raised ´neath the shadow of a House built solely for our God. She´s found her way into all hearts in this far foreign sod. Example of the living word, To do and not to say. Betty quietly gets things done in this God´s precious day. Refrain A daughter of Confucius with a knowledge of the Tao. The spirit of the Martha Root is burning in her now. Pat has the power to raise the call among the yellow race. Go with Baha`u´llah my dear. No one can take your place. Refrain The wisdom of a Solomon, The beauty of a Ruth. The sweetness of Elizabeth with eyes that sparkle truth. Three homes made open to the world A friend of theirs I am. All heaven sings the praises of the name Missaghian. Refrain Of their number is a girl I´ve sung about before. But Barbara will be sung about for ever ever more. None can do what she can do as all will testify.

to show us how to get things done. "Get off your butt, go teach the Cause." Said this big western son. "Plant seeds of love in all those hearts," were his words I believe. All Europe, on its knees should thank this mighty person Steve. Refrain For twenty thousand leagues around, the world won´t be the same. Take a breadth and you will see. The air is fresh again. Ye children of Abdu´l Baha. Ye teachers of the truth. Ye saviours of the human race. Ye saints. God´s choicest fruit. Refrain March 1983 - Lorcan Flynn

" May He, Who through the irresistible operation of the Will of His almighty Father, called this community into being, nursed it in its infancy through the inestimable benefits conferred by a divinely appointed Covenant through His watchful care and unfailing grace, continue to sustain them, individually and collectively, in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan which He has primarily entrusted to them, and on the successful persecution of which their entire spiritual destiny must depend." Quoted from last letter written by Shogi Effendi. 21.09.1957

So stand and sing her praises now between the earth and sky. Refrain And then the guy who came