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Moternal& ChildHeolth Nursing

CEU-Makati Reprodudiveand SexuolHeolth


v.esdirecl personol core to mqternil moternity
clientsond lhqir newborn infqnls or lo relqled
ociivilies on thei)nQeholfduring the vqrious
'Rgview of the
phosesof ihe childbegringexperience. Anotorhy.$ Physiology
Objeclive ol Mcilernlly t'tuninq Reproductivd'system
To ensurethot every expeclcint,nursing
mother moinlqinsgood heolth,leoms-thech
normol delivery,qnd beors

System \
1. Penis \1
- the orgoirgf copulotion;o cylindricolshoftconsisling

o. Two loterol'betumnsof erectiletissue{corporo
covernoso, ):.-
b. A column of ereclite..fissueon the undersideof me
penis/corpusspongio\m/ ihot encosesihe
.- &r&! cawnogh
urelhro. t"
c. the glonspenis,o cone-shcilqd exponsionof ihe
corpusspongiosumthol ishighllqensitiveio sexuol
stimulus. \r //
d. the prepuce or fore skin.o skinflop
the glonspenisin uncircumcisedmole.

Mete InternolStructures
2. Scrolum
- o pouch honging below the
penisthol contoinslhe tesles, l. Tesfis 't..
\ epididymis,ond the lower - two solidovdN,orgons4-5cm long, divided into
\ poriion of the spermoiic lobes. Eoch festlsQcomposed of o number of
lobules,eoch conicjini,nginterstifiotceils{Leydig's
the mediol seotum cells)ond o seminiferorRtubule.
ihe scrotuminto two - functionsof ihe lestistherdfqreinclude hormone
socs,eobh of which conloins production (tesiosferone)ondrqermotogenesis.
o lestis.
Maternol & ChildHeolth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveond SexuolHeolth

2. EpidldyniK..
- o tubulorsbqlocoied
next to eoch feqtisthot
servesos reservohfer
spermsloroge ond \

- ii h opproximotely20 ft, 4. EjoculoloryDucl
ond it tokes l2-20 doys '..
- ihe conol formed by the union\lhe vos deferens
for the sperm1olrovel
ond the excreloryducl of the sem)nglvesicle,which
the lengfh of epididymis.
enten the urethrool the Orortot" n'ohd,,,.,rr

l. SemindLVesicles
5. Urelhro - ore two\sonvoluted
- lhe possogewoyfor pouches lh)r{ lie olono *
bolh urineond semen, lhe tower pori)bq of tnie E
, extendingftom the posteriorsurfoceiX,ttre j!
.'. blodder to the urethrol blodder ond empty irrtq S
\\.. meolus. the urelhro by woy of \ fl ' '
:rit isopproximotely8 in the ejoculoforyducls.
(l&2Ocml lono. - theseglondssecrele o
viscousportion of the
\ semen,which hos c
high content of o bosic
sugor,protein ond
prosloglondinsond is

4. Semehor Semlnol fluid
- is o thi\/hifish ftuid ejocutoted by lhe mote during
orgosm. cbqloins spermolozoo ond fruciose-rich
- semenisderived'fro.1n the prostoteglond (60%),ihe
seminolvesicles(30%),.iheepididymis(S%),ond the
bulbourethrolglonds {5x1,
- lhe normolvolume of semd\s 2 to 5 ml, eoch ml
conioining obout l@ millionspegmcells. A sperm
count below 20 millionisconsideibdobnormot_
- the semen (spermcells)con livewiih'leihe femole
g e n i t o l t r o c t f o r o b o u i 2 4 l7
o 2 h o u r s . '. . \ , r /

Motemal & Childtteslth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveand SexuolHeolth

- ii is covered by curly hoir, lrdlhdrd- i-lwtF
:- Y{ir
(hokpotterniscolled Y--
ercuicheon), ofler
puberty. Thehoir potlern
in femole istriongulor
with bose uo, ond in
mole, diomond-shooed.

2. LoblolAojoro
- longitudinolfoldsof -'r. Cliloris
pigmented skin l. olons i'Fe{s
extendingfrom the mons - erectiletislue locoted ol
pubisto the perineum. the upper endqf lobio
- contoinsthe Boriholin's mtnoro. -.t'
\ glond thot secreleso - it isthe primorysiteoF..
\. yellowishmucusthot ocls sexuolorousol. '.'.
bqo lubricontduring - the clilorisisusedos o
sexboloctivity. guide in femole
.-.{m cotheterizotion.
i 3. l.obio
- sofi longiiudihql skin
between the

h.Jrefhroll eolus
:\oll opening befween
Vulva 5. Voginol Veslibule thbqlitorisond voginol
orifice$o,rthe purpose of The
- o norow spoce seen
when lobio minoroore urinotion.\. lh6lFrill
8. Voglnol ortffcb'/.i4toiius/
seporoted. lt contoinslhe
voginol introitus,Bortholin' opening \' r,i#::
ond Skene'sglond,ond - extemol opening ol*!e liH$!'- *,n*
. vogino thot conloinsihe, ;';{#-ffi
ogitro. *.-1i3,-1:-6**
-rr., urethrolmeotus. -
hymen. \. . oi*m-
trfid"dild---3#"f- hslF
6. fos\ttoviculoris 9. Hymen Fdtdde . -
- o membronoustissue -l-E--n!n
- refers'*gthe spoce lstlafi l:1, ,'
ringingthe voginol
ond vogir
tus. inlroitus.
- tissuebeiween lhe onus
ond vogino. Thesile of il; \..
episiolomy. ,/

Marlon Bernardo,RN
Maternot & chitd Heolth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveond SexualHeolth

Skene'sGlond! (PorcurelhrotGlonds)
Skene'sglondsore locoted just loterol to the .:. Yqe exlernolgeniiolio'sblood supplyismoinV
meotus,one on eoch side, from ihe pudendal aiqy ond o portiori of
the infedorrecfur orlery. Relurnis through pudendol
12,Borfholin'sElgnds(VulvovoglnolGtonds) vein whictrlvhen
whicllwhen impeded
imDeded bybv the pressure
oressrrreof the
- locoted justlot)rol to lhe voginol opening on bolh fetol heod dixing childbirfh,con produce
t'l voricosities.On\e otherhond, thisrich blood supply
isodvontogeousfo)-tfe fosterheoling of lesions
* Secrefionsfrom bolh \fhe5eglondshetp coused by troumo during childbirihl
to lubdcale
fhe exfernorgenitolio durinqcoifus. Ihe otkofinepH
of fheiisecrefion helps fo irnprqve spermsuwivol in * Nervesupplyof lhe onterior comes moinly
the vogino. "\ from the lllo-inguinol ond genllo
leve[, while the pudendo, aerves{S3'teyel}moinly
I 3. Fourchelle supplythe posteriorportion. Thisisthe rd'cqonwhy
- isthe ridge of tissueformed by the one type of onesthesioused for childbirthii
of the two lobio minoroond ihe lobio is pudendorblock
somelimescut during childbirth. ,r' \

IntemolStructures &frhq.*.r.rbtLix{$b

I Heproductive
2. Uterus
l. Vqginol 0tgans{F) - o hollowpeor-shoped
- 3.4in
3.4in long)Qllotobte
conol betwee\he - size:3 in. long. 2 in. wide,
blodderond thelectum. ond I in. ihick
- conloinsrugoe thoi\
permilsshetchingwithcii*tr \. - weigth: 50 gms in non-
teoring. \. pregnonl
- funclionsinclude: cdrv.t
- positioR;.onteverled
menslruoldischorges, - loyers:pdriqretrium,
receivespenisduring mvometrium','.ond
intercourse,ond serves
os ihe birih conol.

Itsbq!'dinolfunciion isos on orgon of reproduction.
- Orgohqf menslruotion Loyers'btrfheuferus:
- Ulerinecbqtroction - io expel the felus during lobor o. perimeiltqm- the outermostserosolloyerottoched
ond to seol tom blood vesselsofter deliveryof to the brooflligoments
\ b. illyomefrium- inq mUOtemusculorloyerresponsible
Theporfs of the cervx ole1 for ulerinecontroiliqns during lobor.
a. lnfernolos - opens io corilup c. Endomehlum- lhe innbrryrost cilioled mucosotloyer
contoiningnumerousuterihqglondsfhot secreleso
b.Cervlcolconol-ospindle -\ ihin olkolinefluid to keep theb grine coviliy moisl.
shdoed oreo
ored which
which is
i< ocftiolly
anllrnllrr \.
Thisloyer undergo chonges in reipgnse to the
oconiinuotionofthe \ /ft'H hormoneof voriousphosesof menslftr-ol
trionguloruterinecovity cycle ond
during pregnoncy.
locoted between the internol
ond exlernolos.
c. Exlernolos - opens lo vogino

Marlon Bernardo,RN
Moternzl & ChildHeolth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveond SexuolHeolth

onsvetse-ceMcot/Mockenrodf ligomenf s
- ihe portion of the brood ligomenis. lt is the d. AnLiorligoments
morn of lhe uterus. Domoge io this - providqssupportto ihe uterusin connection Wlh
the bloddgr. Over slretchingof thisligomentwill
ligomeni to ligoment prolopse. leod to hentie{ionof lhe blodder to ihe vogino.
o condition colfqd cystocere.
Ligomenls , \..
- originolesfrom the the corpus ond extends e. Posleriorllgomenls'\-
to fhe loierol pelvic wolls, ihe sides of lhe - thisligomentsformsthe cDt-Qe-socof Dougtos.
uterusond ossists in holding tn Domoge to ihisligomenlswihtAodto herniolion
onteversion. of rectum to the vogino, o cond*ion colled
recfocele. \
c. Roundligomenls
- connecis uterusto the lobio mojoro. Gives*Sb'flfi
io ihe uterus. /,t'\,

2. FollopionTubeslOvlducls '\..
- 4 incheslong from eoch 3. ovodes ta.
sidesof lhe fundus.
- femole sexghnds
- Funcfions:tronsport locoted on eoch'siQeof
ovum from ovory to the the uterus. \r.
\, uteru,ihe siteof - functionsinclude '...
'..fertilizotion.ond provides oogenesis,ovulotion,
n'ou,rishment io lhe ovum ond hormone
durin'g(lsjoumey. production.
- Porfs:islhgrus,ompullo,
ondinfun\m ,

b. Sbqum -wedge-shoped, forinsthe bock port
The Pelvis-'\- of fhq pelvis;consistsof 5 fused vertebroe.
- iso bonyhqg locoted in lowerportion of the c. Coccyx\owest porl of the spine;mode up of
lrunk. \. 4 rudimedtqryvertebreoe.
Sfrucfures: \,
Atticulotion:pelvic bonbs ore held iogether by 4
o. 2 innominote bones vlhich rbmode up of: joints:
lleum- upper extendedlqrt; curve upper o. syrnohyslb oubis- joinsih'b,{ pubistogether
border is the ilioc crest;on-leiorsuperiorilioc b. 2 socroilioc joinfs - join the ibc.rum ond the ilio
spinesore importont \\\.
c. socrococcvoeo/jorirf- joinsthi'socrum ond
,schium- under port; when siiiingihq bone \\\
reslson ihe ischioliuberosilies;ischicil-spines
ore imporiont. \_
Pubr3- front porl

Marlon Bernardo,RN
Moternol & ChildHealth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveond SexualHealth

o. Nipole o)r\4ommoryPoo,rloe- locoted ol the center of
{rrnudn lhe onteridn{urfoceof och breost. lt hos 15-20
opening condegted lo locliferousducts ond in which
uiI milkflowsout. \.
b. Areoro- the pigmentdq.skinlhol sunoundsthe nipple.
Bothnipple ond oreolohqve pigmenled ond
muscles,between the c. MontaomeNt ubercles-glonds'h\theoreolo thot
second hond ond sixth secreteon oilysubsionceihot keeBsthe oreolo ond
ribs. nipple lubricoted. -\\\
O Thebreoslore supported
by ihe Cowper's '

o. lobes -'fs.lo 20 lobesore found in eoch breostthot Hormoneslhol/nfluencethe Mommary Glonds
ore divideb.inloseverollobules. o. Fslrooen- i"tiqrulolesdevelopmenl of the ductile
b. Lobures- compoqed of clustersof ocini cells structuresof\e breost
c. Acini ce/ls- milksebr€iingcellsthol isstimulotedby b. Progresferone - stiixlloies the developmenl of the
proloclin \
d. Locfiferousducfs - ducls\i serveos possogewoyof - promolesbreosl
milk -.r developmenl during
e. Loclferoussinus- diloted porticihpf the ducts locoied
behind the nipple thot serveos res\>r of milk.
\ .,"

ond FemoleReproductive

Neuro\docrinology of

Maternol & ChildHeolth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveand SexuolHeslth

,rrr. +f_*,***
*o"ol I
Howj'i\ *,"*-"1
spermotozoJ-.. _L6

. ..!

produced? <1.-._ rhF!(5

o Eoch contoins 300,000+ 400,000
- Monlhtydischor.qeof immolure ihol were formed during
blood from the utbqs the first5 of intrauierinelife,
occuning from pubeily,. however, mony degenerotesond
to menopousewherein - by 7 yeon of oge;
obout3G60cc of
holf remoinsin eoch
blood, epitheliotcelts ovory. By oge 22, only third cqn be
ond mucusore being found. Only 300-400 moture during
dischorged. the enfire reproduclive cycle o womon.

o li isinitiotedby menorche qnd ends

period lostgfrom 3- 5 dovs.
o Mensfiwl cycle loslsfrom 2335 doys. hypothoJomus, onlerior
Averoge:"?gdoy cycle.
"a, ond ulerus. \\\\\\.
o Associoted lerm\.,.
Amenonhea - morkb-elydiminished
menslruolflow .,., o Hormonesinvolved;-'\..
follicle stimuloling "',..@
Menorrhoqio- excessiveb'le.edinodurino
regulormenstruqtion -
". \
Polvmenanhea - frequentmensti
occuning of inlervolsof lesslhon 3
Dysmenonheo- poinful

Maternal & ChildHealth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveand SexuolHealth


Eshqgen Ef\fsof Eslrogen:
\ o Inhibiilollicle sllmuloiing hormone.
- Theso c\led "Hormoneof Women",which o Stimuldlet deposition of fot in subcutoneous
isproduced.QyGrqofionlollicle. tissuestho{lives o femole shoDe ond
developmenlo(secondory sexuolchorocleristics
\ in femole (breost'dqvelopmenl. foi deposiiion
- lt is metqbotized bxthe liver ond excreled thol gives o womon\eody femole shopel
in lhe urine. \" o Stimulotesgrowth of vog'ing ond uterus,ond lhe
lhickening of lhe endometrii_x{r.
o Cousesmucus to be thin, lronsd'or.ent,
- Thereore lhree kindsof esliogen: estrone stretchoble.
ond highly
(El), eslrodiol(E2).ond esrriot(EBl.
o Slimuloteslhe grovylhof ductile slructuiesof the
breosls, "r....
o Menorcheond menstruolion. ...
o Premenslruolwolerrefention.

fs of Progeslerone..
o Thehnogenic effecl.
- Theso-c\s{ed o Reloxealjerinemuscles
"Hormoneis{ o Promotesglqryth of the ocini cellsof lhe breosls.
Mother". '\
o Cousesfluid retbniionthot resullin weight goin.
\ o lslhrough to be the"eguseof premensiruol
- Producedby corpus\.. Syndrome(PMS).
luleum. \.
o Cousessecreiorychonges")n.lheendomelriumin
preporolion for implontciion.-.1
o Couseslinglingsensotionond fee}ng of fullnessin
the breostbefore menslruotion. -\\\

lirtenorche MenstruolCycle
o Menorbtl,srsfers lo the very firstmenslruolion,
on event ihgt signifiesthe end of puberty ond l. On the thkd'<{oyof ihe mensiruolcycle, serum
the beginninilqf the reproductiveyeorsof o esirogenlevelllqt loweslwhich stimulolesthe
womon, \ hypotholomus lolqduce follictestimutoting
o Theoveroge oge oiV6icn menorche occurs hormone releosingfo-etor(FSHRF).
is 12to 13yeon, but the\set of menstruotion
moy occur onytime betwei}q.9to I Z yeorsold 2. FSHRF isresponsibleforslimu'totingthe onterior
depending on nutrition,heredhyoroceond piiuiforyglond (ApG)io produle foilictestimutoting
climole. hormone (FSH)which will oct on
o Thefirslmenstruolcyclesore usuolly oocyle insideo primordiolfollicle,stimblQting
onovulotory,poinlessond inegulor.


Msternol& ChildHealth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reprodudiveond SexuolHeolth

3. lh{ew of the FSH,eslrogen is now going to be S. bn.fne l3rhdoy of the menstruolcycte, ihere isnow
in on increosingomount insidethe follicle. o vely_lowlevel ot progesleronein the blood. This
which is\und in the ovory. Once eslrogenis stimuloQhe hypotholomusto produce Luleinilng
presenl, thb.Brimordiol follicle is now termed Hormoneri\sing foctor (LHRF).
GroofionfotlblsJcFr. TheGFisthe structure
thereforethoicohteins high omountsof estrogen. 6. LHRFisresponsibldfgrstimulotingthe onteriorpituitory
glond to produce Luteipilng Hormone{LH).
4. Estrogenin the GFwill cbtrseihe cellsin lhe uteruslo .\
proliferote(grow ropidly),in'creosingitsthicknessto 7. TheLHin turn,isresponsiblefogstimulotingthe ovory
obout eight fold. Thisiscolled ihg protiferotivel to produce progesterone.Thdingreosedomountsof
Folliculorphose '\ both esirogenond progesteroneilqsh lhe new
molure ovum io ihe surfoceof the oiory untilthe
followingdoy (l4rh),the GFrupturesond\eoses
moture ovum.


8. O\ce ovulofionhos token ploce, the GFwhich rMPelqANr:
conloinsincreosedomount of progesleronewill tum
to CORP{SIUTEUM, which isyeilowin oppeoronce. > Despitri:'the
voriobilityof o womon's cycle (2325
doys),ovul'dtionoccurs exocfly 2 weeksbefore lhe
9. Progesteronebquses the glond of lhe ulerine next menslruolion.ThefirstI 4 doys of lhe cycle is
endolheliumlo bbqome corkscrewortwisted in vorioble.Thus,ov\otion occun not on the l4h doy
oppeoronce. Thisislhe formone of pregnoncy of the cycle, but I 4 doys priorto the firstdoy of the
becouse it preventsuleifirgcontrociions. Once ihe next menslruolcycle, un\s o pregnoncy occurs.
fertilizedovum develdped hnger{ikeprojections
OROPHOBTAST) oround the bl*locyst, lhese F Firstdoy of the cycle isthe finilqy of menstruotion,
trophoblosisore the onesihot wilDrqplonthigh on ond one menstruolcycle isfrom the.Jirsidoy of the
lhe onterioror posleriorsurfoceof menstruolperioduntilthe firstdoy of ihqnext cycle.
ploce obout o week ofler fertllizotion. -\/

,. Phosesof MenstruolCycle t$tgrineCycle:
l. Prqliferotive
-ir'trir-;i - lmmedid{glyoflero menstruolflow(first4 orS doys of
the cycle),-fte endomentriumisvery lhin. As ihe'
ovory beginstbproduce estrogen,the endometrium
beginsto prolifercitq.Thisincreosesihe thicknessof
lhe endomelriumoplrgximoiely eighlfotd.

Ihis holf of the menslruotcltq (opproximotelydoy $
I4) istermed interchongeoblylhe esirogenic,
folliculor,or postmenstruolphqse.

*,*l Underlhe influenceof estrogen.the geniioJtroci
prepored forsperm migrolion:cervicol
thnrcfii!(: becomes obundoni, ihin ond wotery to foc.fildte.lhe
35* joumeyofspermotozootoiheuterus.,r/ t

RN 10
Maternal & ChildHeslth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductiveqnd SexuolHealth

2. SegretoryPhose 3.'.lschemic
- tf feihfiaotiondoes not occur. ihe corpusluteum in the
After oiUlgfion, lhe formofionof progesteronein the
ovory bdgi5rslo regressofier 8 to l0 doys. As it
couseslhe glondsof the uterine regresses, thqproduction of estrogenond
- Withthe withdrowoloTprogesleronestimulofion,ihe
omounl untilthe lining
endometriumof the uterts,beginsio degenerote
rich,spongyvelvet. (opproximolelydoy 24 or 29ie(the cycle. The
copillcriesrupture,wilh minvte hqmonhoges,gnd the
endomelriumsloughsoff. \.

Progesteronewithdrowqlresultsin formolionond
releoseof prostoglondinsond possiblyof enlogrSin-
I which cousesorteriorolsposmsond contrgCiidrr.of i

FlowPhose \orion
''.., Cycle: ;:_ii ::::
#lli;::! x..#lni1*."_
- Themehs(uol flow or mensesinclude blood from ihe r Folici,Nh:::_ lw l'"'""
rupturedcdpillories;mucin from the glonds;
frogmenlsof eihQomelrioltissue;ond the
- PrimohdPrimor- $::;f
microscopic,otro\ed, ond unfertilizedovum. diolFotticte. r*-m
diolFottibq, **--4fr Ii .mrqro'
- Growing Follie[e :ii'---W |
- Mensfruolflowcontoinsfuy opproximoiely3G80cc - c,.oqrro"n
n;iiilrb.firX.- 1;1*ffi,"
of blood. -..r \ffTm I
ovulotion ,r{iffi#
- A womon lossesopproximotelyI l-fng of iron during
thisphose. w
\.- LuteolPhose l- '
- Corpus Luleum l .-lT:l,ilT,*

N{olliculor Phose
- The\m groofion follicleisderived from the nome of
Regnerdq Groof, the Dufch onolomisiwho first
describedit iQ1672.
Primordiol ore the irnmolurefolliclesinsioe \
the ovory thot Itoin immotureovo. - Atler puberty,sele(ol folliclesbegin to develop under
fhe influenceof FSH.\
\. \
- Everymensfruolcycle, of thesefollicles
develop under the of FSH. - Fromthe numerousfolliclei"t\ot showsignsof
development,only one will be\osen tb reoch fult
GrowingFolllrcte -t motudly ond releoselhg ovum.
- Sfillunder the influene of FSH,the - Thegroofion fotlicleisdescribedos o bliiler like
fo grow, opproximotelyon doys 5-6 of the slructureborely visibleto the noked eye.
menstruolcycle. . develops,it produce lorge omountsof
Moternal & Child Heolth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reproductive ond Sexual Heolth

2. lotion - Chqngesoccuring in o womon's body in relolionto
her tnerslruolcycle:
- Al midpoin(of ihe cycle. lhe very high estrogentevel
Mittelschmbrq-the lower obdominol poin felt ot the
orrd very low irqrgesieronelevel triggersthe releoseof
sideof the ovo'ty\thotreleosedthe ovum.
Spinnborkheit- signo'b.thotthe womon isneoring
- LHislhe hormonethoilromoies ovulotion. The ovulolion or isovuloting.)sqtdoes not indicote the
exposedareo of the Grooftonfolliclewhich protrudes
exoci time of ovulolion. '\...
ol the ovorionsurfocegroducillathins,coupled by
pressureof lhe folliculorfluidwithhr;..the - Thissignischorbc.terizedby cervicol
Groofionfollicle mucoso thoi isihin, wolery or lron$greni, obundont
finollyrupturesreleosingthe ovum, tir)a_tolliculor
fluid ond highlystretchoble. \,
ond o considergblenumber of gronuloib.e..ells.
- Whendried ond viewed\nder lhe
microscope,the mucusreveolso fern potteirL.The
pollem isdue io the elevoted levelsof sodiumb.lft

lrrqeosed bosol body temperoture- the surgeof
prouEsleroneofter ovulotionresultsin increosed
restingbedy temperolure. Thisisso becouse - Thefirs'itolf iso vorioble period while ihe second holf is
progesterbnghos thermogeniceffect. o fixed pdriod becouse I 4 doys ofter ovulolion,
menstruoiior}\ill occur. In prolonged cycles,if is
Peokblood level\luteinizing hormone- there ore olwoysihe prollffsrotiveor the firstholf of the cycle thol
urinetestsnow thotbOuld determinethe level of LH isexiended.
ond thuspredicl when\yv-omon isovuloting.
- Tocompule for the dote df.gvulotion,count bock l4
- Thefirstholf ot tne cycte extehUsfrom lhe fiat doy of doys from the firstdoy of merisi(uoiionor subtroct l4
menstruotionuntilovulotion,il cciVqnthe proliferotive from the totol number of doys thbt compose o
phose. '\.. menstruolcycle. '....

- Thesecond holf exlendsfrom ovulolion
to\l-re doy
aav .-
before menstruolion,covgring the secretoryphope-
ond ischemicphoses. ,.-\

teol Phose thq.corpusluteumhos o tifesponof Z io I doys.
lf feXi(zoiiondo not toke ploce withinihisperiod. it
- TheGroo'fio5r Follicleconlinue lo proliferoteond willotrdp[yin i0- l2 doysond stopproducing
enlorgeuntifi{becomes o dense mossof cellsobout progester\
3 mm in dioineter lhot produce o yellowishfluid
colled lutein.
ihe spoce thotwos once - Complete regreiir:o{rof the corpustuieum occur
occupied by the ovur\iving it o yellowishcolorotion. before mensiruqtion,\.lqteriiWll be seenos o whiie
Thisiswhy the follicleistefu1edCorpusLuteumofier fibrouslissue,colled co'ipqsolbiconsond corpus
olbicontio. '-\r.
ovulotion,which meonsyellci\body.

- *rer :tr:fitrtr rcrge ornount of prc!;esterone ond - lt fertilizoiiontokesploce, the hurir\spchorionic
lOrre esi:r.Dger- gonodolropin produced by the troph)eblostcellsof
the lygote will prolonglhe life of ihe cobvs luleum for
ii lo continue producing progesieroneunfillueh time,
when the plocenio is moture enough to ioke d!94h
function of producing progeslerone. ,z'

Marlon Bemardo, RN
Mqternol & Child Heolth Nursing:
CEU-Makati . Reprodudive ond Sexuol Heolth

truolProblems b.-.t€condory d)6meno.rheo - hos on undslying dlFose condilion
inflommotory dismse {PlD}
ii. Fnqomefrlcis - prolifsotion of endomelriollisues oulside
l. Dysmenorihqo - poinlul mensiruotion. the Oierus such os the ovories, inieslines ond ligomenls.
o. fnmoy ay\nonheq - no known or idenlified couse iii. Ademyc}rs - ulerine mcs
l. Dbcomfort bbgins I - 2 doys befoe onset of menses iv. Uierineprolfupe
ihen sub6ldesbhhe second doy. v. Utsine myomos'oodpolyps
ii. Oiher symploms inihsqe: noueo. vomiting, dionheo, tnteNentioft Primory mondgrqmenl is lo treol lhe couse.
syncope, leg poin
Inferuenlions: 2. Amenffhe - obsence of meros).f$oy be due lo pregnancy,
loctotion, obnmolity of the endociiqe syslem, ropid welght
- lmmediole eliet's by sdotives bnQ norcotic: lo$, onorexio nervoF d slrenous <i6tvilies, Trtrfment is
ibuprcfen {Mofrin), mefenomic ocid'fp.onsion), occtrding lothe couse. \
(Anofiox). 3. Oligomentrheo- deseosed menlruolflow. '..''
-a,, \/\./

4. Mqntrhogio - h6vy ond prolonged mens. Mqy be due to
endq{ne imbolonc, infectbn ond utsine fumoB. Mqnopouse
5. MeAoarhogib\ d€ding in between menses, Frequenlly cou€d \
by on underlyiigtdiffise proces. - Refersto ilibt time in o womon's life when she
undergoeso lrbesilionfrom ihe reproduclivesioge
6. Polymenonheo - bledlnq ot frequenl infwols. Frequenfly due to the non-reprodUqtivestoge.
lo o direose process. '..
\.-\\ \
- lt generollyoccun betwbqn the oges of 45 lo 55 or o
\ lime eorlierin somewomen.\t thistime fertility
'" decreosesond menstruotionb'6qomesinegulor,
\\,\\\\\ coused by very few folliclesleft in ihe ovory os most
of lhem ore olreody spentin fhe prev'ibusmeniruol

:deoch how fo monoge hof flushes:
ond Sympfomsof Menopouse..

o. Hot\hes > Drbslin the loyerlook,remove ouler clothing during
b. Lossof brebel.mossond firmness,cnd olrophy of .
reproductivedrgons. F Avoid hot eirvironment.
\ > Avoid getiing exci{bQ.ond emotionolslress.
c. Dysporeuniodue todqcrecsed voginol lubricolion.
d. Musculoskeleiol
symptom)'1 F Avoid foods thot could tri(1gerhot flushes:spicy
foods, coffee, teo ond olcohbL\
e. Mood instobility,lossof sexuoldeile. depression
ond onxietydue io fluctuoling hormdnq.levels. F Usbcooling lechniques:fons,showbrs,icecubes

> Keep o diory to monitorhol flusheso""ufuqO fry
ovoid precipitotingsituotionin the fulure.

F Supplementsof vitomin B ond E. ,r' '-'

RN r.3
Moternal & ChildHeolth Nursing:
CEU-Makati Reprodudiveand SexuolHeolth

Fncourogelhe women to engoge in regulor
exprciseregimenlo mointginmuscletone but ovoid FlueonSexuolity
iodmqch weight lifiingto preveni ftoctures.
! Emhosizelhq.importonceof odequole intoke of includelfgelings,ottitudes,ond octions. lt hqs
colcuim ond \4{ominD to preveni osleoporosis- rich both biolodiKrd cullurol compgnents.
in milk. 'a...
EiologrbGender* denbtes chromesomolsexuql
> lnslructon proper usehqoler solublevoginol development. '\!.
lubriconifor poinfvl interco\ \\\
GenderAexuotldentity- the innbr.sense
o personhos
) ProvideemotionglsuBporfond of being mole or femole, which'rRoy be the some
understonding os or differentfrom biologic
}' Referfor counsellingos lhe need orise. Gender Role - the behovlor o oenon
-' being mole or femole, which moy or moy
> lnstructtoovoid smokingond olcohol. ,/ '. the some os biologic gender or gender

ituqnonSexuolResponse ypesof SexuolOrientotion
FourDiscfete Sloges of lhe Sexuo,ResponseCycrej \.
findssexuolfulfitlmeniwith the
l. Excitemenf\curs with physicolond psychologicol opposile gender-
slimulotion. \ \
\_ Homosexuality- finds i\uot futfillmentwith o member
2. Ploteau- reoched jusitbqforeorgqsm. of hisor her own sex. '.,
\ .,.
3. Orgosm- stimulotionpro"eddr,throrgh ihe ploleou - people who ochievilsgxuol sotisfoction
sfoge to o point ot which the bo-dgsuddenly from both sexer. -'\.
dischorgesoccumuloted sexuoltenlie!.
Ironssexuolify- on individuol who feels os hhe or she
4. Resolufirn-the exiernolond intemol shouldbe of the opposite gender.
returnlo on unorousedsiote.

of SexuolExpression
of SexuolFunctioning
i. cdio)\. \
PrimorySexudfDysf unction
ii. Mosturbotion\.. o. EreclileDlMgrnclion
\. b. PremotureEjdsploiion
iii. EroticStimulolion \ c. Foilure1oAchievbQrgosmor DecreosedSexuol
Desire '...
iv. Fefishism d. Voginismus- involuntorlgonlroction of the
musclesot lhe oullet of the.vogino when
v. Tronsvestism -'\.
e. Dysporeunio tr,
vi. Voyeurism f. InhibitedSexuolDesire ,/
vii. Sodomosochism SecondorysexuotDysfunciion
,.)>(,, _

RN ttl.
Moternal & ChildHeotthNursing:
CEU-Makati Reprodudiveond SexuolHeolth

Brleflntroductionto Moternol
ond \
SbriuolHeolth PrlmoryGool
t'... It con be stoted shnplyos the promofion
ond moinlenonce of optimol fomilyheollh fo
ensurecyclesof optimol childbqoringond
, '\..\.
Centro Bcolor

Fhllosophyof Moternolond o A'.moternolond child heolthnurseserves
Chil{Heoth Nursing os an{dvocole to protect the rightsof
\ oll fomifyqnembers,
includingthe felus.
o lt isfornily:Centered.
s lt iscommunityr,ceniered os the heolthof
the fomiliesdepdndson ond influences o lt useso high dbgree of independent
the heollh of commbeiiies. nursingfunctionsdbqouseleoching ond
counselingore so freQuqntlyrequired.
o lt isreseorch-oriented oi'rqseorch
increosescrilicolknowledg'b1. '\
o Nursingtheoryond evidenc o Promoiingheolthison importbn{nursing
proctice provide o foundoiion for hqr5ir role becouse thisprolects the heb(h of
core. r'4. the next generotion. X.

o'R()gnoncyor childhoodillness con be
skdls{ulond con olier fomilylifein both \.
subtle'o4dextensivewoys. Obslefrics
-\\ \.
o Personol,cultulcf ond religiousolfitudes Primorilycoie-emed with the phenomenon
ond beliefsinfluerleEr
the meoningof ond the monogemeiht.ofpregnoncy.lobor ond
ond ih impoct'onthe fomily. puerperiumbolh underhermql ond qbnormol isderived'frpmthe Lotinword
Obsfefrixwhich meons midwifb:.
o Motemolondchild heolthniXlng iso
chollengingrolefor fhe nurseon)d,[s
mojorfoctor in promotinghighJeve\"
wellnessin fomilies. ,r"'