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NOVEMBER 18, 2008
INSIDE THE ISSUE Everything Today is Thoroughly Modern
Page 2 : Chelsea Gray
Bomb Threats
Journalism Grows November 6th, 2008 at 7 kids. If the majority of the cast is to hang out with the seniors. State Fair, which was not as well
Other Energy Crisis p.m. the students of Fond du Lac boys they will select a musical This year, the freshmen don’t known throughout Fond du Lac.
Prescription Abuse High School opened the cur- with a lot of male parts. If there even ask. They just tag along.” “It depends on how we publicize
Page 3 : tains for this year’s production are a lot of good dancers in the All summer long kids trying the show. As a teacher I would also
Cell Phones of Thoroughly Modern Millie. cast, they will pick a show that out for the musical were tak- like to add that I see the kids be-
Election Results If you didn’t get the involves a lot of dancing. Danc- ing lessons in both dancing and ing more excited about this show
Gas Prices chance to attend, Thorough- ing is the way our directors went singing to prepare for this years than any other year. They may not
Counselors ly Modern Millie is a clas- this year when selecting the mu-
Center Spread : sic story placed in the 1920s. sical Thoroughly Modern Millie.
Homecoming “This year’s musical was When asked about the dance
Page 6 : filled with new things, and numbers in this year’s show,
R.I.P. America a lot of funny parts,” Julia Mrs. McVeigh said, “We have
Reading Clementi stated when asked a small amount of dancers on
Smoking Ban about this year’s musical. the stage at one time. Hope-
Anti-Patriotism Clementi played the role of fully this will create cleaner
Page 7 : Ms. Dorothy who happened to dances. I’m also hoping that
Cardinal Basketball be Millie’s friends who taught some of the dance numbers cre-
Athlete of the Month her many lessons along the way. ate a show stopping atmosphere.”
Football Wrap-Up
Fall Sports Wrap-Up Students started practicing Aside from dancing, this show
for tryouts in July, had tryouts is also full of great acting. Two of
Page 8 : in August the main
Clubs leads,
Beater of the Month and start-
Reading (cntd) ed having C a r l y
regular Preissner,
EDITORS practices playing
Nate Peltonen before Millie,
school be- and Kyle
Editor in Chief Baldauf,
Some of the cast dance away in the biggest number
gan. The
Michael Wells cast then playing tryouts. Most kids didn’t know like the way things are going, but
News continued J i m m y, what to expect when it came time they most defiantly seem excited
Mara Krumbein to prac- proved to check the callback list. Most about the show,” McVeigh said.
Center Spread tice every- their act- kids were inquiring, what makes Of course, every good musical
Lance Leque day after ing skills on good enough to get a lead? has a good set of directors work-
Sports school to the fin- “We look for people that can ing behind the scenes. This year’s
Gretta Steiner from 3:30 est degree project without a microphone. directors Cory Schneider, Sarah
Layout & Design p.m. until during Once we hear the voices and McVeigh and Deborah Zwicky
5:30 p.m., tryouts. find good fits for the characters have proven their skills as directors.
CONTRIBUTERS until early Although we create a callback list. There Every year Mr. Schneider takes
Novem- s o m e was no doubt in our mind that on this musical. And every year ev-
Chelsea Behringer ber when musicals Carlee was the perfect fit for eryone is impressed. In McVeigh’s
Gaelan Evans practices have their Millie,” McVeigh stated when words, “Simply because he crosses
were ex- fair share asked about this year’s leads. his t’s and dots his I’s, he is the key
Josh Fugate of drama In the same breath McVeigh point of making the show happen.”
Jon Giblin from 3:45 behind smiled and said, “I feel very
Chelsea Gray p.m. un- Julia Clementi and Matt Baltz on stage the scenes confident with the way we
til they Kirsten casted the show this year.”
Calli Hoyt were finished run- Reddy, who played the role of Ms. Fond du Lac High School
Tyler Sommerfeldt ning through the show. Flanary, feels very confident that has always seemed to have a
Marion Thomas Why Thoroughly Modern this years cast is getting along. rather large audience for our
Millie? Well, every year the “The cast atmosphere is really musical productions. Even
Hilary Zabel musical is based off of how the working out. When I was a fresh- last year’s audience was large
directors feel it will cater to the men I would have never asked when we put on the production
Bomb Threats at Fondy? Construction
Mara Krumbien Marion Thomas
We’ve all heard a variety of sto- “No, because if we were told Some people believe that we Construction on roads in are great; it is just very time con-
ries about bomb threats. They’ve about every one we wouldn’t do know about every one, which town has been going on here suming. A lot of machinery has
been written on pieces of paper, take them as seriously. It would some people may, but it is not for a long time here in Fond du been left here and there; it’s very
planners, bathroom walls, and be like the boy who cried wolf.” announced over the loudspeaker Lac. When will it end? Who dangerous for young children.
wall by the bubbler. Some have Some people have different views every time for everyone to hear. knows but the workers them- Signs are being posted to warn
even been placed on myspace, on that because there is a chance So, what’s the reason that we selves. The construction that is us of nearby danger.
left on answering machines, or that it is real. We have some more aren’t notified every single time? being done has put many people It should be known that work-
even just by word of mouth. cautious people in this school, Mr. Wiltzius said, “If it’s on the edge. Getting to work ers are working very hard to re-
The number of bomb threats such as Erich Beyersdorf, a ju- identified as a threat, a credible and getting home can be hard. pair our torn streets. They work
has decreased over the last nior. He feels opposite of Ethan. threat, we communicate it with Eric Reed, 17 yr. old junior, throughout the day to ensure
few years at Fond du Lac High Beyersdorf answered, the students and community.” has said, “I have seen a lot of that our streets are as smooth
School, but there is always one “Yes, because there is a pos- But how do we decide if a construction work around town. as a baby’s bottom.
question that sticks out when a sibility that it is credible.” bomb threat is credible or not? It’s hard to deal with”. It doesn’t So whenever you get frustrated with
bomb threat is made: “Why do Then, we have people with the We can’t get into the student’s affect some of the students see- the construction work or workers,
students make bomb threats?” same yes or no answer, but with head and rely on just our instincts, ing that construction isn’t being know that by the end, when all
We all have our opinions on different explanations and reasons because one day there may be a done in there neck of the woods. is repaired, it was well worth it.
why teenagers do these crazy for their answers. Some may think student that is serious. Whenever Construction however is tak-
stunts. Mr. Sitter said, “I think it’s not important and some may a bomb threat is made, everybody ing over the main streets.
for the most part it’s just an at- just be thinking if it’s helpful or not. in the school is threatened. How Dirt, sand, and must are con-
tention seeking, look at me, ha- Mr. Sitter of the social stud- can we deem it credible or not? taminating the air. Roads that
ha I’m funny ordeal. Some kids ies pod said, “No, I don’t see Mr. Wiltzius answered, “We do were demolished for a very
might generally be angry and how it benefits anybody.” an investigation collaborating with long time now have smooth
don’t know how to handle it.” He doesn’t think the same the police department and inter- finishing’s. The end results
Other reasons could be to way as Ethan, but he still doesn’t view as many people as possible.”
seek attention and/or guid- think we should know about ev- Really, is it worth it? Making
ance, and that some students ery one. He’s looking out for a bomb threat is an expellable of-
just want to be delinquent. the best interest of the students. fense. One could risk his or her
Another issue comes up with Others aren’t even entirely entire education just because he or
the student body too. We don’t decided on it, because it is a she got angry or needed guidance.
get to know about every single pressing issue. Is it truly im- This is not the way to go
bomb threat unless someone who portant that we know or not? about it. If someone needs guid-
knows slips up. Everybody has Melinda Gozdziewski, a se- ance, go to somebody and tell
their own opinion on whether nior, is somewhat in between. them. Nobody should put oth-
we should get to know or not. “I think we should because ers at risk. We can trust certain
When asked if students should it’s our school, but yet it doesn’t people around us to talk about
know about every single bomb matter because there’s so our problems. Nobody in this
threat, Ethan King, a senior, said, many of them,” she reasoned. school should feel threatened.

The Other Energy Crisis Prescription Drug Abuse:
One of the growing fads in
Gaelan Evans
the bandwagon and has started
In Our Own Halls? Michael V. Wells
America is energy drinks. producing coffee energy drinks.
They’re everywhere and it seems So not only do you get your nor- Drug use has been a consis- sistant Principal Mr. Meznarich. rules,” the student explained.
like ten more come out everyday. mal dose of caffeine, but a heavy tently concerning problem for Students that have gotten caught According to the Office of Na-
The energy drink companies dose of guarana, L-carantine, parents with adolescent children. may suffer heavy consequences in tional Drug Control Policy, pre-
are some of biggest sponsors at taurine, ginseng, and about a Illicit substances can make their both the short term and long term. scription drugs are only second
sporting events and almost ev- pound of sugar. way to teens not just by way of “I was expelled from school to marijuana in terms common
eryone has tried one. They’re It’s these ingredients that are in drug dealers, but by the child’s for two years, referred to the dis- use among teens. But while mari-
the new drug for teens. Be it the energy drinks that can be poten- friends and even their parents. trict attorney and had six months juana use among teens continues
student trying to finish that paper tially dangerous to one’s health. Prescription drugs like pain probation,” said a Fondy High to decline each year, prescription
late at night, or the gamer who is Do to the large amount of chemi- killers (Oxycontin, Vicodin, De- student (who shall remain anony- drug use is steadily climbing.
trying to win his/her 40-hours- cals and supplements in energy merol), depressants (Valium, mous) who was convicted of tak- “I believe prescription drugs
without-sleep gaming spree. drinks, that while in small amounts Xanax, Nembutal), and stimulants ing Vicodin and selling it to two will continue to be more and
Some of the biggest names, for and in moderated amounts of (Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall) are other students last school year. more of a problem than any
those of you that don’t know, time, can be okay. But the large all very legal and very danger- “During my probation, I had other illegal drugs,” com-
are Monster, Rockstar, amount normally consumed ous. Children have been known to to go to an AODA (Alcohol and mented Mr. Meznarich.
NoS, Bawls and Red Bull. in a short period of time, can steal these drugs from their par- Other Drug Abuse) program and “There was a lot at the time
Companies like Bawls, ac- cause things like disruption ents’ or relatives’ medicine cabi- had a nine o’clock curfew every that I got in trouble and there is
tually give out free energy of electrolytes, nausea, vom- nets and distribute them to their night. I also had plenty of drug still prescription drug use in our
drinks to LAN parties if the iting, and heart beat irregu- friends or whoever they wish. tests,” the student also mentioned. school,” claims that same student
participants send pictures larities. They also limit the Some students may bring To get accepted back into who got was expelled last year.
afterward. Red Bull does amount of water the body can these drugs to school to sell our school the student had to When asked about what he
this as well, in the Red Bull absorb, which can quickly or use them while in school. abide by a list of requirements would like to say to students
van that may be seen some- dehydrate during exercise. This is an issue at all high after completing his probation. in our school who are involved
times driving around. So remember, even though schools including Fondy High. “The principals can search me, such activities, the student re-
Lately, energy drink com- energy drinks are awesome, “Yeah, I think it’s a growing my car and my locker randomly. sponded, “I would not advise
panies are creating coffee the can be unhealthy, so it’s problem. I think that’s really due They can also hold random drug doing them. Be careful who
energy drinks, including okay enjoy energy drinks, to more kids being diagnosed tests. If I fail the tests, I get expelled you get involved with because it
Monster, who has eight kinds just don’t live on them. and treated with these prescrip- with no hearing. That goes as well could really mess up your future.”
of coffee drinks, Rockstar, and tions,” claimed Fondy High As- if I break any other normal school
now America’s favorite coffee
shop, Starbucks, is jumping on
2 The Fondy Free Press November 18, 2008
Cell Phones: The Election Results
to be or not to be?
Nate Peltonen
Josh Fugate
With the possibility of this people surrounding this elec- “The fact with the lower value
Cell phone use in schools is one phones are convenient, they do election giving us the first black tion was our financial crisis. of the dollar should be compen-
of the most highly controversial tend to interrupt class like when president and Congress to have When asked if he thought that sated with a higher minimum
issues administrations face to- annoying ring tones suddenly 60 democrats, this was one of the Obama could fix this crisis, Erich wage, and we should heavily tax
day. On one hand it is the infor- go off in the middle of a lecture. biggest elections in U.S. history. Beyersdorf, a junior, said “No, I corporations that send jobs over-
mation age, the technology age, Also text messages have been The Democrats had a big op- don’t think either of the candidates seas,” said Justin Schrank about
an age where people are always used for cheating on tests and portunity this election to have would be able to fix the crisis.” what other problems Obama
connected, literally. Cell phones cameras have been used to take 60 in Congress. This would al- Both candidates, McCain and should address in his term.
are a necessary convenience for embarrassing photographs of low them to call no filibuster. Obama, gave their ideas for what Not only are people worried
teenagers in this day and age. kids changing in locker rooms. A filibuster is when someone would be the best for this country. about the well being of our coun-
Cell phones provide a constant There have also been a growing would go talk about nothing re- Obama says he is going to give tax try, some don’t trust politicians. A
link between a person and his number of incidents where stu- lated to the bill to put off vot- breaks to the working class where few people are worried if Obama
or her peers. Cell phones can be dents have used cell phones to call ing. The democrats fell just short McCain was going to give tax will follow through on his word.
used for safety purposes in times in bomb threats. Another point of 60 seats with this election. breaks to big companies. Many “Yes, I think he will follow
of crisis at a school, as a daily against cell phone use is the fact “I think that everything should other policies were promised to through, starting in February he is
planner to document assignments that they are used to spread ru- be split 50/50, giving no chance the people by both candidates. starting to bring troops home,” Er-
and project due dates, or even mors and notify students of fights. to a unanimous vote to a single “They would be good if he ich Beyersdorf stated about Obama
as a calculator for a math class. According to Ken Trump on side,” Justin Schrank, a senior, could get them all to work,” an going through with what he says.
Students are constantly check-, the said about the possibility of anonymous student said when Now that the election is over,
ing their phones for new mes- president of National School Congress having 60 democrats. asked if the policies prom- we will have to wait and see what
sages. Maybe if they saw that Safety and Security Services, Although the Democrats fell just ised during Obama’s campaign happens in the U.S. Whether
they had a homework assignment “We are now dealing with ‘Gen- short of the magic 60, the White were good for our country. it is better or worse, this was a
due every time they glanced at eration Text’ instead of ‘Gen- House was won by a Democrat, The financial crisis was a big historical election with the elec-
their phones, students would eration X’. The rumors typically Barack Obama. Obama is the first difference maker in this elec- tion of our first black president.
actually do their assignments. become greater than the issue, black president in U.S. history. tion, but the people were also
According to Kari Wagner, problem, or incident itself.” The The biggest concern to many worried about many things.
an FHS senior, “I think the cell
phone policy is mostly okay, but
I think that they should allow cell
issue of cell phone use in school
is a complex and multifaceted
problem with strong arguments Counselors ComeChelsea
to Fondy High
Behringer & Chelsea Gray
phones in the commons, during stemming from both sides.
study halls and lunch periods.” At this point in time, cell phones
On the other hand the argument are not allowed in the vast major- Due to the leaving of Mrs. Pagel Of course stepping into a school It’s tough to start working at a
against cell phone use in schools ity of schools, including FHS, but and Mrs. Pahnke we have had to as large as Fondy can be quite new place and balance between
is a formidable one. While cell who knows what the future holds. make some definite adjustments intimidating. Fortunately; both improving things in the school, and
Gas Prices FallJosh Fugate this year at Fond du Lac High counselors were treated as though
School. Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Hes- they have been here forever.
selbarth have been working hard “Students, staff, and par-
over stepping the “boundaries.”
They are both in agree-
ment that as a school we need
this school year to show they ents have all been welcom- to find a better way to com-
With gas finally falling below senior at Fondy High said about can fill the shoes of the two most ing,” stated Mr. Lynch. municate with the students.
three dollars again, many people finding new sources of energy. impacting counselors in the his- On the other hand Ms. Hessel- Mr. Lynch has even been asking
seem to be happy to drive their If our oil supply is really that tory of Fond du Lac High School. barth is just beginning to learn fellow students to see how they feel
cars. But everyone remembers just low, it would pay to find some- They’re started the year by run- the ropes here at the high school. about not knowing what’s going on.
a few short weeks ago thing new now before ning programs and inspiring us “I’m so used to big cities. Things “We need to make ties to what
when gas was above we run out, or we are with fresh the students want and need.”
four dollars a gallon. just going to have new ideas. Lynch stated when asked about
No ones sure how to drill the oil in our Mrs. Hes- suggestions he’s received.
long gas prices are country and live with selbarth Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Hesselbarth
going to be this low, the consequences. started off are both more than happy to be at
which brings up the “Well if it’s cheaper her teach- Fondy High. They would both like
question, “should our we should. That would ing career in you to know that they are here to
government step in be the logical thing to Brooklyn, help. Not just with scheduling,
and do something to do. We advance so New York but with personal issues as well.
regulate gas prices?” much everyday we will as a Span- With the help of Mr. Lynch
“Yeah, oil com- find something new to ish teacher. and Mrs. Hesselbarth our school
panies are greedy,” replace it,” Melanie She then will make some defiant changes.
Melanie Schneider, a Schneider said about proceeded Some that will stick and some
senior at Fondy High drilling in our country. back to Wis- that won’t. Of course you nev-
said, saying that all “Everyone has their consin to do er know if something will im-
oil companies care own opinion on what social work prove unless you try and fail.
about is the money we should do about at the lo-
they make off us. gas, but if we don’t cal Madison
If our government keep prices down no high school.
doesn’t want to step one will be able to Mr. Lynch
in and regulate the gas afford it. If we don’t on the other
prices, they should find something new, hand has
invest in finding new we will run out and been a coun-
sources of energy for we won’t have cars. selor for nine
day to day life. Too No one is sure of the years. He Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Hesselbarth our new counselors
many people were af- solution but some- started off at
fected by the gas to thing needs to be done. Oshkosh West where he and some here are defiantly slower paced
let it happen again. various students created a cartoon and much more easy going,” said
“Yeah we are go- Gas Prices in FDL 11/17/08 club. He then moved to Minne- Hesselbarth as she explained
ing to be needing it sota where he worked for the next to us about her jobs in Madi-
in the near future,” B.J. Cizek a four years until coming to Fondy. son and Brooklyn, New York.
November 18, 2008 The Fondy Free Press 3
Origin of Homecoming Homecoming Game Girls of the Gridiron Homecoming Antics
Lance LeQue Calli Hoyt & Lance LeQue Calli Hoyt Gaelan Evans
Homecoming. We cele- sible ways of contributing to This year’s homecoming It was a cool October night, but mistake, and thanks to a huge run Coming back to school on Mon- the fired up seniors and sopho- Many of the students here And then I went to the game, but During an interview with head
brate it every year…but why? their alma mater. Their idea re- football game was quite the Fondy was ready to heat things up. by Groeschel, they led 35-27. day, October 6, there was a differ- mores entered to get their shot. at Fondy high look forward to only ended up staying for half be- principal, Mr. Wiltzius, he ex-
Well, when in doubt…Wikipe- sulted in Illinois’ first homecom- “slobber knocker.” The Cardi- With the rip of the Cardi- The momentum had clearly ent feel. There was excitement as Kevin Fitzgerald told his team, homecoming. Be it the chance to cause I had to perform, and then pressed that the writing on the
dia has the answer. This is what it ing event on October 15, 1910 nals (2-4) played the Appleton nal banner, the team came leaned towards the Cardinals’ all the students were looking for- “Pain is weakness leaving the dress up and go to the dance, to me and my friends left to go ‘dec- windows wouldn’t be such a
says: “Homecoming is an annual – the football game against the East Patriots (2-4), and the win- storming onto the field. sideline at this point, and Fon- ward to what this week had to offer. body,” to get his team fired up. show their spirit at the game or orating’, ‘cause we decorate the big problem, if the writing actu-
tradition of the United States. University of Chicago. It also ner kept their playoff hopes The game began out slow, but dy went into the fourth quar- As the spirit days flew by, At the end of the game, however, to go and prank all their friends. city, with you know, toilet paper. ally had to do with homecoming.
People, towns, high schools and included various alumni re- alive. The rest of the loser’s the pace picked up eventually. ter with an eight point lead. Thursday night approached. It it was the sophomores who pulled Every year it is a guarantee that It was pretty fun. And then on But he goes on to say that most
colleges come together, usually unions, initiations, and banquets. season would be meaningless. Scoring started in the mid-first The crowd was just as pumped was the night the it out with a 16-12 vic- toilet paper will be seen strewn Saturday I went to the dance, and of what has been being written is
in late September or early Oc- The history of the Missouri The bleachers were packed with quarter, with an Appleton East as the players were, and what girls finally got tory over the seniors. through out the city, Froot Loops the dance was awesome this year.î simply derogatory, profane and
tober, to welcome back former Homecoming goes back to 1911, Fondy parents, students, fans and touchdown, however, the point looked like a mosh pit had to take their step For the sophomores, will cover front lawns, and some Unfortunately in the last two an overall lack of the school spirit
residents and alumni. It is built when the Tigers first played the alumni. Every week at the foot- after attempt (PAT) failed. Af- formed right around the be- out onto the foot- Liz Thome and Ra- unlucky people may find their to three years, things have gone which homecoming is based on.
around a central event, such as a Kansas Jay- ball game, there’s ter a short motivational speech ginning of the fourth quarter. ball field to play. chel Schmitz showed vehicle, house, front trees or from harmless fun to more seri- He believes that part of the situa-
banquet or a game of American hawks in a theme. This by Coach Lehman, the offense Fondy added on the finish- The first game of great performances. whatever, covered in saran wrap. ous vandalism. Things like fork- tion is somewhat an administrative
football, soccer, basketball, or football. particular week, was ready to take the field. ing touches to a big win with the night was be- As for the seniors, A student, anonymous, was ing, egging and spray painting error, in the way that the actions
ice hockey. When celebrated by To renew sticking true to the A little more than three min- a 30-yard sprint from Bauer, tween the Juniors Morgan Donoven asked what they do for homecom- have become more and more taken were not handled correctly.
schools, the activities vary wide- excitement traditional home- utes after his speech, the Cards and a 30-yard pass from Re- and the Freshmen. and Ksyusha Soko- ing, and replied,îThursday night I prominent. Along with these, He also talked about future ac-
ly. However, they usually consist in the 10- coming theme, scored on a 15-yard TD pass imer. With 7:13 left in the quar- The games were ref- lova tried their best. went to girls of the gridiron, and the writing on the windows tions that will be taken to hope-
of a football game played on the year rivalry, was Fondy Pride. from Tucker Reimer to Joe ter, the Cardinals led 48-27. ereed by Ms. Buch- After the first round then I TP’d the school, which you has become a large problem. fully prevent these school related
school’s home football field, ac- their ath- From knee high Bertram. Parker Hanson’s PAT The night was twice as spe- holz, Mr. Wiltzius, games were over the know, was pretty funî ..... ìon Fri- We wrote on the windows, but vandalisms. These include student
tivities for students and alumni, letic direc- red socks to bright put the Cardinals up 7-6 with cial for the seniors, and the Mr. Meznarich, real match-up began day I participated in float build- I heard there were some inappro- teacher conferences about how to
a parade featuring the school’s tor, Chester red face paint, the 3:20 left in the first quarter. coaches made sure every se- and Mr. Gonzalez. with the juniors taking ing, I think the seniors got second priate things. That made me upset, prevent vandalism, and a more
marching band and sports teams, L. Brewer stands were full of The second quarter was action nior saw the field at some point. Brad Evans, one on the sophomores. place, but I wouldn’t know ‘cause ‘cause they’re going to ruin it for spirited aim and greater respect
and the coronation of a Home- invited all pride and ready to packed as the teams traded scores The Cardinals had survived an- of the Junior girls’ The student section in I ended up marching in the band. everyone else, and that’s not fair....î for the school and its patrons.
coming Queen (and at many a l u m n i go, all to see their shortly after the other. Fondy threw other week, and kept their playoff coaches, said that he the stands was cheer-
schools, a Homecoming King).”
Ok, so that’s WHY we cel-
ebrate this “homecoming” deal,
home” for
boys one last time
at home this year
and the Cards
the first punch as Miles Groeschel hopes alive. Appleton East’s sea-
ran for a 3-yard TD. Another son was all but over, as their last
PAT by Hanson (who was 7-7 on two games would be meaningless.
told his team, “We
won everything to-
day up to this point,
ing for their class, and
everyone could sense
that it would be a battle.
Spirit Week
but how did it all start? Who ball game. didn’t disappoint. the night) made it 14-6, Fondy. With two games left, the Car- and we’re not The clock started Tyler Sommerfeldt
could’ve thought of something Along with Winning the About three minutes lat- dinals still have a slim shot at the changing that now.” and by the end of the
so successful? Some more the football homecoming er, however, East scored an- postseason, but with a tough match The freshmen first half it was 0-0. Spirit week is meant to get Talking about homecoming
research on Wikipedia an- game, the game was not only other touchdown, and af- up this coming week at Kaukauna, showed great effort. The clocked start- everybody excited about home- week brings up the question,
swered both of those questions. celebration important to the ter a 2-point conversion, the and another road game at Menasha, Such perfor- Abbey Schneider running downfield ed up again coming. The 2008-2009 Spirit “Why aren’t there more events
The University of Missouri included students, it was score was again tied, 14-14. Fondy sure will have to do work. mances were and the tough week did an excellent job of that. like this during the school year?”
and University of Illinois are a parade also very impor- Another three minutes passed, turned in by Shavannah Talberts, competition continued. The Fond du Lac has always been Mike Hebert talks about the situ-
both known to have started and pep tant to the players. and the Car- Becca Biddick and Stacia Miller. end of the game came and proud of the pride we have had ation. “If we have more weeks like
the tradition of homecoming. rally with For some of the dinals put six As the clock wound down to its thet were still tied at zero all. whether it is at pep assemblies spirit week, then it wouldn’t be as
In 1909, Baylor University a bonfire. seniors like Kevin more points final seconds, it was the Junior girls Overtime began. Around 4 min- or sports events. Throughout the exciting, because it only comes
organized an alumni event with The event Fitzgerald, Taylor on the board who won with a final score of 16-0. utes into it, the sophomores inter- week students dressed in their ap- around once a year and gives me
the focus point being a varsity was a suc- Schuler, and Sam thanks to Ste- Some of the spectators said cepted pass, caught by Liz Thome, propriate outfits to go along with something to look forward to.”
sports matchup; however, it didn’t cess, with Whealon it was ven Bauer’s it was because of the Junior’s and ran it down the field to score. the theme, and also there were Some teachers say that hav-
materialize until six years later. n e a r l y Katie Ward in 80’s spirit! more important 5-yard run. An- choice to run the ball, and the After a long and intense other events such as girls of the ing a series of spirit week
As a result, Illinois and Mis- 10,000 alumni coming home than ever because is was their last other point after excellence of the defense that battle, it was the sophomores grid iron, the pep assembly, float would be hard for students to
souri are generally given to take part in the celebra- game at legendary Fruth Field. from Hanson pulled it off. The juniors and who would be taking home the building, the football game, and focus on school work with so
credit for the annual event. tion and watch the Tigers and Michael Stephany, a junior, and the Cards freshman walked off the field as victory. The sophomores can of course the homecoming dance many activities going on, which
The University of Indiana also Jayhawks play to a 3-3 tie. commented on what he was were back up now call themselves the Girls itself to get all of the students can bring up another topic.
held its first annual “Home-Com- The Missouri homecom- feeling before the game. “Your top, 21-14. of the Gridiron Champions. ready for a good time and year. Homecoming is a memory
ing” event the same year, but Mis- ing model, with its parade and adrenaline starts pumping, espe- Fondy’s spe- A junior here at Fondy, Brian that can be very important to
souri has received the most credit, pep rally centered on a large cially for the homecoming game”. cial teams, who Kemp, said, “The point of spirit most students. You don’t want
as it was recognized by the NCAA, football game has been recog- The guys went through their have done a week is to unify the student body to forget it. So show your
Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy as be- nized at most colleges and high normal routine when they ar- great job this and to get everybody jacked school spirit and represent your
ing the birthplace of the tradition. schools across the United States. rived at Fruth Field – walk season put the up about the football game, class. Fondy pride is every-
Illinois credits Clarence F. So there you have it, folks. through plays, stretch; everything Patriots deep and the homecoming dance, thing, we are sure about that.
Williams and W. Elmer Ekblaw, You can thank the University of and anything to get prepared. in their own and it did just that.”
Joe Bertram running through
two senior members of the class Missouri for your annual fun and Coach Lehman later impressed field posi-
of 1910, with establishing the games every October. Without the team by pulling out some tion, but a long drive allowed
tradition of homecoming at their them, there wouldn’t be a dance, older footage of Cardinal foot- East to tie the game with less
school. The idea came to them spirit week, or even TP’ing. ball. It was the highlight video of than a minute left in the quar-
while they were discussing pos- the 2004 season. It was interest- ter. Fondy would just run the re-
ing to see the old players, some mainder of the time out, and the
of whom are the older brothers score was tied 21-21 at the half.
of current players. Coach Lehm- After the halftime adjust-
an showed some footage of the ments, and the inspiration-
Left: Molly Vanbommel, preseason and of their first game al speeches, the Cards were
Tom Seidel, and Alexa that season. Coincidentally it fired up for the second half.
Schneider, Senior court was also against Appleton East. At almost the same time as
(not pictured: Stephen To say the least, the video was in the first quarter, this time
Bauer) inspiring with the camera focused the Cardinals scored first on a Matt Baltz with great spirit
upon former Coach Dressler Tucker Reimer 1-yard run. With
who was almost always shown Hanson’s kick, Fondy led 28-21.
giving some sort of speech. Again, two minutes later, East
The team, now focused and scored, but missed the PAT and Mike August, Howard Zhou, Joe Diedrichs
emotionally prepared, trotted onto the Cards held their lead, 28-27. great spectators How low can you go?
the field to begin warming up. Fondy took advantage of East’s Kari Wagner with the ball
4 The Fondy Free Press November 18, 2008 November 18, 2008 The Fondy Free Press 5
R.I.P. AmericaNate Peltonen Reading Mrs. Berka
I am sick of politics. Seriously, that their vote counts on Elec- Okay, I have to confess that Roots, another favorite, and Gone teacher.” Admittedly, that is ini-
if I get one more frickin’ phone tion Day, and that the democratic there were a couple of days this with the Wind, to name a few. tially why I wanted to teach Eng-
call from the Democratic or Re- process will prevail. Hopefully fall when I really didn’t feel like Unfortunately, college came lish. However, now I really don’t
publican party, I’m moving to this election the votes actually being here. I know, I know. Some along and so began my five year enjoy teaching literature. I would
Russia. At least there you don’t will count and the true winner of you are thinking, She can’t feel reading drought. Drought (noun): rather teach writing and grammar.
have a choice who to vote for. will end up the president elect. that way! We students can feel an extended shortage.Oh, make Over the years I think that I
Of course, I am writing this We all have now realized that that way; we’re kids, but she’s a no mistake, I read in college. But have grown to dislike teaching lit-
before the election is determined George W. Bush screwed our teacher! Or, if she feels that way, there was little pleasure in any of erature because I don’t like what
so I don’t know who’s won yet. country up. Horribly. We are now at least she shouldn’t admit to it! it, even the English course read- it does to the great story. More ac-
Oh darn. All I’ve heard in these at war with Iraq and Afghanistan. But I did and I am! Why? I was ing. And, after I graduated and curately, perhaps, I am often con-
past two months from poten- Both of these countries have cost in the middle of a great story, began teaching, I was too over- flicted about teaching literature.
tial voters is the same thing. us absurd amounts of money, and all I wanted to do was read! whelmed to read for the first year. On the one hand, as a reading and
“It’s all about choos- plunging our country into an My love affair with reading re- But then in 1986, my second story lover, I hate picking fiction
ing the lesser of two evils.” ever-worsening financial cris. ally began, I believe, with Char- year teaching, it happened. Pat apart, forcing my students to find
Is that seriously what American The sort of crisis that America lotte’s Web. Next, it was the Little Conroy’ s The Prince of Tides the symbolism and foreshadow-
politics has come to? Sadly, it has. hasn’t dealt with since, oh I don’t House on the Prairie series. Then came out and a colleague said, ing. I often feel like I am ruining
I mean obviously John McCain know, The Great Depression. all the Nancy Drew books. In “You have to read this book.” a good story. On the other hand, I
has gotten pretty senile if he chose Social Security is going down middle school I loved Go Ask Al- I could hardly put it down. know that kids need to develop the
Sara Palin for his running mate. the toilet, along with an un- ice, and in high school it was The My love affair was renewed. ability to become critical think-
And on the other hand Barack heard of number of jobs that Color Purple, a book that remains Of course, some of you are say- ers. And honestly, I do get pretty
Obama must be ridiculous if he used to belong to Americans, one of my all time favorites, ing, “That’s you. You’re an English excited when I see kids read The
thinks people are actually going and now belong to foreign coun- Continued on back page...
to respond to someone whose tries. The dollar bill, formerly
last name sounds like Osama, and the most valuable currency on
whose middle name is Hussein.
I think any reasonable American
can agree that Sara Palin is an insult
Earth, is now the laughing stock
of foreign financial markets.
Maybe I’m being too negative,
Anti-Patriotism Mike Wells
to intelligent women everywhere, though. These last eight years
and that Joe Biden’s hair plugs are, have seen an increase in Ameri- The Irish poet and playwright opinion, it’s my right as a human tant things? Answer: No (that
well, they speak for themselves. can obesity and a higher depen- Oscar Wilde once said, “Patrio- to be as cruel as I want to any sort saved you a lot of time that you
But I guess the bar has been dence on foreign oil so not ev- tism is the virtue of the vicious.” of animal (opposable thumbs= could have wasted on thinking for
set pretty low in recent years for erything has gone wrong (wink, Well I have a quote for power!). This concept doesn’t just yourself, so you are welcome).
the American political standard. I wink). I guess what I’m trying Mr. Wilde: “You stink, Os- pertain to physical acts of abuse, These groups are just the begin-
mean when you have the most ho- to say is that no matter who wins car. This is America, baby!” but verbal as well. If I want to ning of an endless, growing list of
mosexual republican sex scandals this election, be it Obama or Mc- Although I realize that Oscar call my dog a “stinky jerk” I have anti-patriots. They are enemies of
ever, and a democratic Congress Cain, we, the American people, Wilde wasn’t American and never that right under the First Amend- some of the best cornerstones of
that doesn’t get anything done, are still totally up a creek. The lived in America, he does pinpoint ment! I believe the Bill of Rights our American culture: violence
it is pretty easy to be skeptical. outlook for the American future is two of the things that are most also says I can bludgeon him to and exclusion (our “bread and
At the end of the day, Ameri- a bleak one, and it’s up to us to fix detrimental to the success of our death with a bust of Socrates if he butter”). Where would we be if
cans can fall back on the fact it. Nate Peltonen for president? own beloved U. S. A.: creative does his “business” on the dining we did not decimate this great
writing (pretty detrimental) and room rug (amendment made pos- land’s native peoples, persecute
Smoking Ban
Mara Krumbein
anti-patriotism (so detrimental!).
Patriotism is the number one
foundation of our republic (num-
sible by McGuffrey V. Snuffles).
Another group that continues
to be a threat to all good, patri-
strangers for not following our
valiant orthodoxies, or reshape
other people’s traditions into
ber two: hotdogs). The second we otic Americans is what I like to one amorphous blob of beautiful
A new citywide ordinance was really going to want to do that? let any nay-saying, justice-mon- call the “Voter Overreach Front” American culture?
passed on Wednesday, October They won’t, but they still will be- gering, anti-supersizing hooli- (or the V. O. F.). These people So, if you live in the old U.
22nd, at about 11:00 pm. Start- cause they feel the need to smoke. gans take the upper hand, we lose want to get all able Americans to S. of A. in these divisive times,
ing in early 2009, there will be That may pose a problem, too. all that is great about this country. vote. Now, this sounds nice, but try to think more like me and
no smoking in any public place. Police are busy enough keep- The most prevalent no-goodniks do we really want carnival people less like you. This promotes
This ban is taking it way ing people in line late at night at on my list (my “No-goodniks (“Carnies”), homeless people unity and prosperity, which is a
too far. It’s completely in- the bars, but then there’s crowds List”) of dangers to American (“Smellies”), unhappy people whole lot easier than that “peace,
fringing on people’s rights. of drunken people out on the ideals are the proponents of “anti- (“Grumpies”), and old people love, and understanding” stuff.
Restaurants, for example, have sidewalk, too. That may be po- animal cruelty”. In my humble (“Wrinklies”) voting for impor-
separate smoking areas and are tentially dangerous for pass-
well ventilated. The smoke from erbies, because the smokers
those areas never reaches into will be crowding the sidewalk
the non-smoking area, so what’s as they’re trying to walk past.
the problem? If certain members People may say smoke hurts the
of the staff have a problem with people around you, but is it really
the smoke, then they can just worse than all the chemicals and
ra ke y

N for
work in the non-smoking section. pollution in the air we breathe?
G i rr

o y
nd ’s

Also, as Faros does, restau- There are different ways to re-

vo ou
rants can have certain times solve this conflict. For example,
during the day in which smok- maybe we should let the bar/res-

tin !

ing is not allowed at all, cour- taurant owners decide if smoking
tesy of children especially. is allowed. At least some of the

As for bars, this is a little more community would get a say then,
extreme. Some bars may lose a lot instead of having seven people
of business because many people decide for a 45,000+ population.
go to bars to drink and smoke. Smoker or non-smoker, this ban
The only reason it may not be is inflicting on people’s rights.
so bad is if people are willing to Agree or disagree, people need to
go outside to smoke. But with this step up and re-assess the situation.
weather, how many people are
6 The Fondy Free Press November 18, 2008
Cardinals Ready 2008 Fondy Football
For Basketball Wrap-Up
Tyler Sommerfeldt Lance LeQue
Last year’s basketball sea- trol this year. “I think were ready With two weeks left in the away with the lead. It was the
son ended in disappointment for this season, and we are going season, the Cardinals (2-4, at Cardinals’ turn to play catch up,
when the Fond du Lac Cardi- to be able to hold our own,” Nick the time) were fighting for their which they did, but fell short,
nals took a hard loss in the first said. The Cardinals are looking postseason hopes and dreams. and Kaukauna won the battle.
round playoffs against Oshkosh to be pre- Two road trips to Kaukauna and It was a commendable effort.
West. It takes some time to re- pared for Menasha would decide whether The hearts of the Cardinals had
cover after playing and losing to anything or not the Cards would make it. been broken. Tears were being
one of your rivals. this year. A long season can take its toll shed in the end zone during Coach
Now that Fondy has lost Coach The Car- on not only someone’s body, but Lehman’s post-game talk with
Diener after 24 years of coaching dinals bas- their mind and spirit as well. the players. “It’s a shame,” said
the successful Cardinals, Coach ketball team Injuries are almost impossible senior lineman Brent Simmons.
Adam Zakos has come to the stage, has been to avoid, whether they’re mi- “We seniors didn’t get the oppor-
and stepped up to be the new Fond known for nor, or season-ending. It hap- tunity to experience the post-sea-
du Lac Varsity basketball coach. their great pened to the Cardinals, this year. son in our high school careers as
Coach Zakos, a teacher at Wood- basketball, In week 4 against Kimberly, football players. Some will join
worth played for the Fondy Car- coaching, junior cornerback Eric King came other sports and be successful,
dinals a few years back and has and espe- out of the game early. He was hit but for us, this is it. We’re done.”
been around basketball and the cially de- in the side, and it was sore, but With nothing but pride and
Cardinals for almost his entire life. fense in the didn’t think anything was seri- the love of the game left to play
Now that the 2008-2009 sea- past years. ous. It turns out that his spleen for, Fondy was determined to
son is beginning, Coach Zakos In fact in had burst, and he was rushed to end the season on a good note.
is heading into his third season. the last 20 the hospital for emergency sur- Fondy started out on the right
Some say following such a great years, no gery. For the second straight track at a frigid Calder Stadium
coach like Coach Diener will be a city has won season, his season ended early. in Menasha, scoring on a long
disadvantage for Coach Zakos, but more cham- Senior wide receiver Brandon touchdown run. Menasha how-
he has been doing quite well his pionships in Deich tore a ligament in his leg late ever scored on their next drive,
first two years and says “To win our confer- in the season, to “end his career”. and tied the game at seven. The
this year, we are going to have to ence than Nonetheless, practices during the Cardinals were next to score,
give everything we have and nev- the Fondy week of the Kaukauna game were again on a long TD run. Menasha
er leave anything on the court.” Cardinals, intense. The guys were focused tied the game back up, though,
Brayden Wendt after a hard conditioning on nothing but the Terrors, (7-1, at and at halftime it was all even.
Open gyms and weight lifting and don’t the time) who had already secured After the half, the Cardinals
have been going on for months forget that we have Travis Diener their playoff spot. The Cardinals scored twice, both on long TD’s
to get the boys in shape. For the representing Fondy in the Nation- played in their second straight runs, but failed to complete a
second year in a row a condition- al Basketball Association (NBA). homecoming game, this time two-point conversion attempt.
ing program name Speed has No matter where the Cardi- it was Kaukauna’s celebration. The score was 26-14 when the
been training the boys for weeks. nals play, from Goodrich to The trip up to Bayorgen Field coaches started putting in the
Some varsity and junior var- Fondy High, the Fondy Cardi- was like no other. The players seniors for some hard-earned,
sity players have been play- nal basketball teams have been were dead quiet. Only one thing well-deserved playing time. It
ing Fondy volleyball to keep represented well, and hope to was on everyone’s mind: ‘W’. was the last time that most of
up their quickness and vertical. do the same in the future. Go The Cardinals were out to an them would ever play football.
Nick Ford, the four-year varsity Fondy Cardinal basketball! early lead, 14-0, but Kaukauna
point guard is ready to take con- managed to catch up, and pull

Athlete Of The Month & Fall Wrap-Up
Lance LeQue
The athlete of the month for The girls tennis team made was 132nd in 16:24, and Jen- Cardinals swam in 1:58.5 for fifth. be just as successful as this one.
October is boys cross country their very first appearance at ny Strong was 174th in 17:12. That team consisted of Drewsen, Five players, four of them se-
runner Josiah Swanson. Swan- state this year, but unfortu- Vezina and Goebel are the only Kelly Faber, Lauren Rosser and niors, from the boys soccer team
son recently managed to qualify nately was eliminated in the two seniors who ran for Fondy. Maggie Nett. The team dropped are listed on the FVA all-confer-
for state, the only male cross first round of competitions. With only one senior on the more than a second off their pre- ence team. Senior Bryce Bartelt
country runner to do so, this year. The girls cross country team team, the future for the girls vious best time and is only .2 sec- made first team as a midfielder,
Swanson finished with a time scored 317 points for volleyball team looks bright. onds away from a school record. and Thomas Seidel earned first
of 16:47 for 52nd place at the 14th place at state. Sophomore hitter Kayla Pickart The 400 free relay team of Nett, team honors as a defender. Mat-
state meet in Wisconsin Rapids. Junior Marki Klapperich earned second-team honors in the Rosser, Drewsen and Anna Boat- thew Cardinal made the second
“With a half-mile to go, he was in ran 15:47 for 57th place to Fox Valley Association. Freshman man also took fifth (3:54.5). It was team as a defender, and Lucas
30th place,” coach Dennis told the lead the Cardinals. Tiffany setter Emily Riese earned honor- that team’s best time of the season. Baker earned honorable men-
Fond du Lac Reporter. “He was Masters was 101st in 16:09. able mention. Senior libero Kelly The girls’ golf team went tion as a forward. The last player
exactly where he needed up. But “One surprise was Tiffany Mand earned honorable mention. through a tough year, but the to be recognized is sophomore
in the last two minutes, he was Masters, a freshman on our girls The Cards finished 4-5 and tied team is very young, and their midfielder Brent Winkler who
passed by 20 people. He’s a little team,” Dennis said. “She was our for sixth place in the 10-team league. future also looks very bright. also earned honorable mention.
disappointed, but he knows he has No. 6 and 7 runner all season, The girls swimming team fin- Freshman Bianca Mendez earned Congratulations to every team,
two more years, and he’ll do a lot and she ended up being our No. 2 ished in 6th place at the FVA honorable mention in the FVA. and lets’hope for the best next year!
better next year and the year after.” runner. For someone to move up meet at the Aquatic Center. The boys’ volleyball team re-
The Fondy Free Press would that far on the biggest stage of the Sophomore Elise Drewsen took cently won its first-ever WIAA
also like to recognize the rest of season was pretty remarkable.” third in the 200-yard freestyle playoff game defeating Ger-
the boys cross country team, as Brittany Vezina was 112th in 2 minutes, 3 seconds, and mantown in four games. How-
well as the boys soccer, boys vol- in 16:16, and Emily Garton fifth in the 100 free in 55.5 sec- ever, they lost to Nicolet, the
leyball, girls tennis, girls cross was a step behind in 16:18 for onds, second all-time at Fondy. 9th ranked team in the state, in
country, girls volleyball, girls 115th. Maggie Halfman was Fondy’s next best finish came in the sectional final. A relatively
swimming, and girls golf teams. 131st in 16:24, Jenna Goebel the 200 medley relay in which the young team, next year should
November 18, 2008 The Fondy Free Press 7
G.S.A. Enviromental Youth Alive Yearbook FBLA
Josh Fugate Club Hilary Zabel Tyler Sommerfeldt Jon Giblin
Chelsea Behringer In FBLA members compete
This year the Gay Youth Alive met Wednesday For every school there is a year-
Straight Alliance has ten mem- mornings in the commons. book, and there are many reasons against other schools and do ac-
bers. The GSA brings gays, lesbi- The Environmental Club meets Youth Alive carries out a fel- for a yearbook. The yearbook helps tivities. They go to businesses
ans, bisexuals, and straight people every Tuesday in room 1550, lowship and discuss and study you remember the school year. and set up things such as donkey
together to raise awareness and ac- in Mrs. Winter’s room. There the bible, all are welcomed Being a member of the year- basketball and jingle bell walk.
ceptance. They went to Madison are always delicious cookies you don’t have to be Christian. book committee takes dedica- You can still go to the meet-
for GLISTEN on Friday, Novem- and refreshments at the meet- tion throughout the entire school ings at 7:35 am on Thursdays
ings. Everybody is welcome.
ber 14th. GLISTEN is a national
convention to raise awareness and Lately, the environmental club
has been selling energy efficient
Robitics year. It can be very tough, but
has lots of benefits as well. Beth
in room 1153, but you can not
compete in competitions because
acceptance. Anyone interested, light bulbs. So let’s all pitch in Gaelen Evans Mininger says, “Being in the it is past the deadline to sign up.
the meetings are Wednesday af- yearbook is a lot of fun, because
ter school in Mr. Klotz’s room. and help out the environment. In FBLA members compete
against other schools and do ac-
you get to be very creative.” Book Club
Math Team Open Jam tivities. They go to businesses
and set up things such as donkey
After years of high school
you go back and look though
the yearbook to remember the
Mike Wells
Chelsea Gray Lance LeQue basketball and jingle bell walk. great memories at Fondy High, The Fondy High Book Club has
You can still go to the meet- think of the yearbook committee a meeting on the third Tuesday of
Math team is a group of stu- Open Jam is looking for bands to ings at 7:35 am on Thursdays who put the yearbook together. every month at 3:30 p.m. in Room
dents that enjoy math. They join the club. Open Jam annually in room 1153, but you can not 1220 (the English Pod). The club
compete at various schools in performs at Goodstock and home- compete in competitions because is run by Ms. Aspenson and they
the Fox Valley. If you are in- coming. Another performance is it is past the deadline to sign up. are currently finishing up Stuck in
terested in joining please see scheduled for sometime within Neutral, a novel by Terry Trueman.
Hot Lunch
Mr. Smith, or Ms. Anderson. a month or two. If you’re inter-
Also, on December 4th there ested, please see Mr. Doeckel, the
will be a Math Association groups’ advisor, in room 2930.
of America contest at Fond Marion Thomas
du Lac High School. If you
are interested in participating
please see your math teacher.
School lunch used to give
you the creeps like old, gray,
eryday and some unhealthy Everyone here
for the average busy student.
moldy sandwiches, Jell-o Lunch can be a fun and ap- at the Fondy
Beater of the Month with gray hair sticking out the
sides, and four day old milk.
Don’t forget the lunch ladies:
petizing time. There are many
chocies to choose from, all
changing daily on the menu.
Free Press wish-
Chelsea Behringer mean,old, musty, breath smells
bad. This, ladies and gentlemen,
A friendly lunch staff will
help you with your pin number es everyone a
is the average teenage nightmare.
The new beater of the month
has to go to Kirsten Reddy and
perks, “the crapper” also comes
with its fair share of blemishes.
Class after class, stomach
rumbling, and what to look
and questions. They’ll help you
enjoy your lunch or breakfast, Happy
whatever it may be. They will
her Ford Taurus, which is con-
veniently called “The Crapper”.
When you go to check your mir-
rors, you may notice that the
forward to? Mush... of coure.
Lunch like that should be pro-
make you feel right at home.
Our lunch clean-up crew
It is truly marvelous inside and driver’s side mirror is held up hibited and is just plain gross.
out. Having no power steering re- by duct tape and the passenger should provide a clean atmo-
Jasmine Furgenson, an 18-
No School:
ally makes this car fun to drive. side mirror frame is missing. sphere every lunch period. They
There are also a fair share of year-old, senior said, “I don’t get down and dirty to make sure
“Don’t take long trips in the like school lunch. They serve your lunch is clean and edible,
26th 27th,
surprises while driving “the winter,” Kirsten Reddy stated as the same thing everyday. I
crapper”. The windshield wip- she told the chilling story about her so give them some dap, a hol-
ers will go off randomly from would eat out if I could”. la, a shout out. Recognize the
family trip to Minnesota. “The heat
time to time, and the soothing
sound of the squeaky brakes will
accompany her favorite song.
went out for three hours straight!”
Even though Kirsten Reddy
doesn’t have the best vehicle at
Although some students
prefer to eat out, the school
provides healthy chocies ev-
hard work they provide because
their props are well deservied. 28th
Nothing is perfect though. Fondy High, she is still proud to
Along with all of these delightful say that she owns “the crapper”.

Reading (continued...) Mrs. Berka
Catcher in the Rye and like the in school, on tests like the SAT a steady trend upward in student we teachers feel so pressured to Read to perform better on tests
story; but I love the expression and ACT, and even in their jobs. achievement in the populations “get it all in.” How in the world in every area. Read to under-
on their faces when they “get” Did you know that every mea- that engage in lots of voluntary can we “give up” time for read- stand the world better. Read
all the symbolism and appreci- sure that looks at reading for pleasure reading? Oh, I could go ing? However, encouraging stu- to understand yourself better.
ate the book in a whole new way. pleasure and its effects on stan- on and on; there is so much data dents to read will only help them Just read. You won’t be sorry.
Despite this, I am still sad that dardized tests of reading abil- to support the benefits of reading. perform better in every area of
my efforts in the class room with ity--and science and math-- indi- So what do we need? We need school. And if reading is that im-
literature make some kids hate cates that the major predictor of more kids reading because aside portant, shouldn’t we be devoting
books, make them hate to read. student success is the amount of from the fact that, with the right time in school to it? Shouldn’t
What a heartbreaker for me, a time students spend reading? Did book, reading is pleasurable, the we say, “Hey, reading is essen-
book lover. So this summer I you know that U.S. students who data is there to support the impact tial to your overall success and
started doing more reading about are in the top 5 percent read 144 reading has on student achieve- achievement, so read”? I think
the topic of reading. Guess what times more than their non-read- ment in every area of the cur- so. And I know I’m not alone.
I found? I found lots of evidence ing counter parts who score in riculum. Yet, unlike elementary Reading for pleasure is re-
to support the high correlation be- the bottom 5 percent? Did you and middle school where schools warding, but it is also necessary.
tween students who read for plea- know that a study in 1992 in 27 create time to read, we don’t. Our So read. Read for enjoyment.
sure and their achievement levels, countries revealed that there was curriculum is loaded so full, and
8 The Fondy Free Press November 18, 2008