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Ford’s Criticism of Clyburn “Strictly Business”
used his position to pro- by press time, others Movement was about. tions that should be avail-
Charleston Sen. vide perks to family locally had plenty to say. Martin L. King Jr. and
Robert Ford’s recent able to the best qualified,
members and friends. A retired Army veteran Medgar Evers had chil- not handed out because of
criticism of U.S. Sixth “That’s not what this is from Charleston said dren too. They could have
Dist. Cong. James family ties and friendship.”
about,” Ford said of Ford’s criticism is unwar- kept their mouths shut A retired Charleston
Clyburn has drawn Clyburn’s alleged use of ranted. “White politicians and stayed alive to raise
varied responses from County School District
his political rise. “This is have done the same thing their children. But they administrator said
local observers though not about him and his all along. Now that there made the sacrifice so that
the Clyburn hasn’t whether Ford’s charges
family. This is about the is a Black man in a posi- other people’s children have merit is not at issue,
offered any responses people in his district. tion to do something for would have opportunities.
himself. but rather his public pres-
The Sixth District is his family he’s being criti- “Sure we all want the best entation of those charges.
After learning that among the nation’s poor- cized,” the veteran said. for our children and Black
Clyburn’s daughter “If Sen. Ford had those
est, yet it is represented “Anybody else would do politicians should make concerns he should have
,Mignon, is being con- by one of the country’s the same thing.” sure their children get the
sidered for the Federal called Clyburn and talked
most powerful politi- But a Charleston city best just like everybody to Clyburn in private.
Cong. James Clyburn Communications cians and has one of the employee had a different else, but not at the
Commission, Ford Other groups don’t criti-
nation’s busiest inter- opinion. “That’s not what expense of their communi- cize each other publicly as
charged two weeks ago state highways running the Civil Rights ties. We’re talking about
that she is getting the through its entire government jobs and posi- See pg 2
consideration because length. Clyburn should-
of Clyburn’s influence
as Congressional
n’t be fighting for jobs
and positions for his
Election of Bishop Charles Blake Inspires More
Majority Whip. friends and family, he Grant Funding to Educate COGIC Churches
On Monday Ford said should be fighting to get
the political think-tank businesses located in his Portsmouth, VA positive impact
Common Cause district.” ( - towards solving many
charges that Clyburn, Ford said his criticism The recent election of of the problems plagu-
since his 1992 election isn’t personal. “It’s strict- Bishop Charles Blake ing African-American
as South Carolina’s ly business,” he said. to the COGIC gener- communities including
first Black congress- While Clyburn could not al board has motivated high school dropout
man since be reached for comment a wealthy philanthro- rates, HIV/AIDS,
Reconstruction, has pist to help Blake real- prisoner reentry,
Sen. Robert Ford ize the vision that was unemployment, home-
cast in the 2008 lessness, hunger, etc.
Civil Rights Leader Convicted COGIC AIM conven- In addition to confi-
of Incest Set Free tion held in Detroit
MI. The philanthro-
dence in Blake, the
philanthropist is
LEESBURG, Va. - A key figure from the civil rights move- pist believes that encouraged by the size
ment sentenced to 15 years in prison for incest has been Church of God In of COGIC; an interna-
released on bond while he appeals his conviction. Christ (COGIC), tional organization,
It's unlikely the Rev. James L. Bevel will ever serve another under the leadership with over 6 million
day in jail even if his conviction stands because he's been diag- of Presiding Bishop members worldwide,
nosed with pancreatic cancer. Doctors estimate the 71-year-old Charles Blake is well the majority of whom
Rev. James L. Bevel positioned to make a Bishop Charles Blake
See pg 2 See pg 2



VOLUME XXXVII NUMBER 14 •1111 King St. •Charleston, SC 29403• December 3, 2008 • .50

Giant Cement teaches Career CSO Gospel Choir Joins Charleston Symphony
Workshop to Woodland HS students Orchestra Tradition Saturday, December 6
For the culminating activi- Giant Cement received the Saturday, December 6, ing the hallelujah chorus
In this 9-hour workshop, The CSO Gospel Choir, from Soulful Messiah, a
conducted twice a year, ty at the end of the work- Business Education 2008 at 8pm at the Gaillard
under new leadership of Auditorium, 77 Calhoun Gospel version of The
students are given specific- shop, students search for a Partnership Award given music director Sandra
job, prepare a cover letter, by College of Charleston Street, Charleston, South Twelve Days of Christmas,
tools to aid them in suc- Barnhart and Guest Now Messiah Has Come
cessfully obtaining a create a resume, memorize and The Education Carolina.
Conductor Vincent L. (originally premiered in
desired job in their their own self-promoting Foundation at the recent Danner ring in the holiday
summary, formulate ques- Business With its largest member- Charleston in 2003)
careersearch. season with the highly beloved Christmas stan-
tions toask the interviewer, Education Summit for ship in its nine year history,
anticipated Ninth Annual 110 voices of the CSO dards such at Deck the
Students learn how to rehearse how best to their support and sponsor- CSO Gospel Christmas
answer interview ques- ship of the Career Gospel Choir will perform Halls and Joy to the World
complete an employment featuring the CSO Gospel and classical gems from the
application and create a tions, and experience a Workshop. down-home traditional
Choir and the Charleston gospel arrangements, and Charleston Symphony
resume’ with powerful mock job interview con- Symphony Orchestra on
accomplishment state- ducted by area human Giant has sponsored these soulful renditions includ- See pg 2
mentsthat showcase their resources personnel. workshops at Woodland
special skills and talents. HS since 2000.

Joe Benoit, human resources manager for Giant Cement Company, prepares to interview Charleston Symphony Orchestra Gospel Choir
students as part of the Career Workshop Giant sponsors at Woodland High School.

Madam C.J. Walker Descendant Helps Sistahs Get in Touch With Hair, Soul
Black girls who go back in everything. Now, you’re bom- Walker, born Sarah Breedlove
By. Gordon Jackson purpose in addressing Black Bundles, author of Trip in Walker (1867-1919), is the his-
Special to the NNPA from woman and their hair. Time, helps Black women and time to meet Madam Walker. barded with things. That
Through the reading, she makes it even more important toric entrepreneur who
the Dallas Examiner Bundles’ strong pedigree girls deal positively with their amassed wealth selling hair
makes her more than qualified. hair both inside and out. starts to dissolve dangerous for mothers and parents to
misperceptions about what is help their daughters sort care products for African
DALLAS (NNPA) - There’s She is a fourth generational Several girls and young American woman. Not only is
much ado about a hair-do, descendant of Madam C.J. women clustered around “good hair.” through when they’re watch-
“All hair is good hair,” Bundles ing these images on TV and Walker recorded as the first
especially when it concerns Walker, the woman who built Bundles as she read to them at Black self-made female mil-
African-American woman and a multi-million dollar empire the Hampton-Illinois Library tells the audience. “Enjoy what help them shape their values.”
you have, enjoy your natural Bundles adds that a great lionaire but also the first self-
their self-esteem. A’Lelia and revolutionized the Black in Oak Cliff on Aug. 12. The made female millionaire,
Bundles has served a twofold hair care industry. book tells of a group of young hair. It’s all about how little mother-daughter bonding
girls feel about themselves.” opportunity is when the moth- Black or White, in American
Bundles explains that many er is doing their daughter’s history, according to the
Black women have been psy- hair – or even sometimes vice Guinness Book of Records.
chologically scarred about the versa. “She did use the hot comb,
texture of their hair, along Bundles says mothers should but did not use the word
with other features about their use grooming opportunities to “straightener” in her ads dur-
appearance, causing mixed affirm the natural beauty of ing her lifetime,” said Bundles,
signals which adversely affect- their children’s hair to combat who also rested misconcep-
ed their self-image. During her the times when someone from tions that her great-great
visit with the girls, Bundles outside of the home tells them grandmother was trying to
mixes her story of the true his- otherwise. help Black women straighten
tory of Madam Walker with “They are getting all kinds of their hair to make them look
practical advice about nurtur- messages from people,” like Whites.
ing a strong parent-child rela- Bundles continued. “That “It was not about straighten-
tionship. bonding has got to come when ing hair as it was about having
“It starts and ends with the you’re doing your daughter’s hair,” Bundles said, explaining
parents,'' Bundles said. “What hair. This should be a time of that women were able to wash
you see now is a little bit of love, not a time of pain.” See pg 2
2-December 3, 2008 The Chronicle

Young Voters Support Obama Across Party and Racial Lines YOUR MONEY MATTERS
“Year End Tax Tips” Tip #2- Accelerate
Jonathan M. Tisch by Michael G. Shinn, CFP
College of Citizenship and Contributing Writer Allowable deduc-
Public Service, Medford, tions reduce your taxable
MA – Now that the dust There are just a income and your tax bill.
has settled from a record few weeks left before the The following is a sample
turnout of young voters, end of 2008, but there are list of actions that you can
new research reveals young still some opportunities to take before year-end to
Americans voted for successfully manage your help reduce your tax bur-
Obama across party and tax burden. “To manage den:
racial lines, but youth with your taxes, you have to be
no college experience were on top of it. You have to -Pay state and local esti-
underrepresented at the have a good estimate of mated income taxes before
polls, according to Tisch your income and tax the end of the year.
College’s Center for deductible expenses. -Pay property taxes before
Information and Research Don’t wait until April 15th, year-end.
on Civic Learning and because it’s too late to do -Pay your January, 2008
Engagement (CIRCLE) at anything about it then,” mortgage payment in
Tufts University. states Kevin Penn a CPA December-The interest
and tax preparer in will be deductible this
An estimated 23 million Cleveland, Ohio. The gen- year.
young Americans under eral rule of deferring -Be charitable- Make con-
the age of 30 voted in the income and accelerating tributions to your favorite
2008 presidential election, deductions at year-end is charities. Additionally
3.4 million more voters as still good tax planning non-cash contributions
compared to the 2004. strategy. If you used a tax such as clothing, house-
CIRCLE estimated youth advisor in the past, you hold goods and appreciat-
voter turnout rose to should meet with your ed securities can be
for the Democratic candi- larger numbers—55 percent advisor to assess your tax deducted at their fair mar-
between 52 percent and 53 and gay, lesbian, or bisexu- of young voters were
percent, an increase of four date. Similar trends were situation and discuss how ket value.
al in much larger propor- women, which was consis-
to five percentage points. tions than the electorate as seen with African the following tips apply to Tip #3- Harvest Your
Americans and Latinos, tent with the overall trend you. .
Compared to 2000, the a whole. (53 percent of all votes Losses
increase in youth turnout is where a large number of
youth self-identified as were cast by women). This Tip #1- Determine where
at least 11 percentage Unfortunately, young voter trend, however, was espe- Analyze your
points. This year’s youth turnout remains skewed Republicans yet voted for you are? investment portfolio with
Barack Obama, signifying cially strong for young
turnout rivals or exceeds towards those with more Black voters, 61 percent of the objective of balancing
the youth turnout rate of 52 formal education. For youth support for Obama Start by taking out last out capital gains and loss-
seemed to cross racial and whom were women. year’s tax returns, your
percent in 1992, a high year instance, while just 57 per- es. If you have stocks that
for youth voter turnout. A cent of U.S. citizens under partisan lines. most recent pay stubs and have “paper” losses, try to
As for adults, the economy your investment account
complete breakdown of the 30 have ever attended col- was a top issue for young sell enough losers to offset
youth vote can be found at lege, 70 percent of all And as expected, young statements. Make a copy your realized capital gains
African American voters people. Youth were more of your Form 1040 and young voters had gone to likely to oppose U.S. off- for the year. Additionally,
college. The same dispro- overwhelmingly supported pencil in estimates of your you can deduct an addi-
the Democratic Party and shore oil drilling (39 per- 2008 income. Use your
“At this critical moment in portion can be seen when cent versus 28 percent of all tional $3,000 ($1,500 for
our nation, and as we make looking at those without a Barack Obama, but 58 per- investment account state- married filing separately)
cent considered themselves voters). More young peo- ments to estimate your
the transition into a new high school diploma. ple said a candidate’s race of losses from your regular
administration, we must While youth with no high “born-again” or “evangeli- interest and dividend income. Two words of
cal” Christians, and 21 per- was a factor than the gen- income and also whether
continue to encourage and school diploma make up 14 eral voting population (24 caution: Be careful to
motivate all young people percent of the general cent considered themselves you have capital gains or avoid a “wash sale” that is
“conservative.” percent versus 19 percent). losses. If you have a busi-
to get involved in politics, youth population, only six Almost half of young voters re-buying the same security
government and their com- percent of young voters in ness, estimate your busi- within 30 days before or
Young women voters also said they would be “excit- ness income for 2008. If
munity,” said CIRCLE 2008 had no high school ed” if Obama won, as com- after you sold shares.
Director Peter Levine. diploma. came out to the polls in you have rental property, Additionally, losers that
pared to 30 percent of the estimate your full year
“We must continue to overall electorate, and just you dump have to be secu-
engage our nation’s youth One of the most striking income and expenses. rities that you are comfort-
20 percent of voters over
and expand civic opportu- characteristics of this elec- the age of 60. able selling at this time.
nities for young tion was young people’s CSO Gospel ------------ Estimate your
Americans.” itemized deductions for Tip #4- Defer Income
united support for Barack cont. from pg 1
Obama, regardless of their 2008. These include:
The 18-29 age voting bloc allowable medical expens- The basic intent of
political affiliations. Orchestra. deferring income is to
is more diverse than older Thirty-three percent of es, all state and local taxes,
voters—youth voters classi- "If we accept and acqui- allowable interest, charita- lower your taxable income
young white voters self- This year’s performance for the current year. This
fied themselves as identified as “Democrat,” esce in the face of discrim- ble contributions, allow-
Hispanic/Latino, black, will feature the return of able losses and miscella- is limited for most wage
and yet, 54 percent voted Memphis-based, outstand- ination, we accept the earners, however there are
neous deductions. Pencil
ing guest artist Jennifer responsibility ourselves in your total deductions on some opportunities.
Bynum, soprano recently your Form 1040 and sub- Deferring a year-end bonus
seen in the award-winning and allow those responsi- tract it from your adjusted to January 2009 will escape
Ford’s Criticism ------------------------------------------ film Hustle and Flow star- ble to salve their con- gross income to determine taxation in 2008.
cont. from pg 1 ring Terrence Howard. your Taxable Income. Use Investment property, such
science by believing that as real estate, which is
the tax tables to determine
All reserved seats for the they have our acceptance your estimated tax. being sold near the end of
Black people do and they officials whom we may dis- Ninth Annual CSO Gospel and concurrence. We Subtract any applicable the year, could have the
certainly won’t share their agree with,” says retired Christmas are $30 avail- credits from your total tax. closing delayed until early
criticism of a member of Navy Master Chief James able at Gaillard should, therefore, protest 2009.
Using your pay stubs, esti-
their group with someone Powe of West Ashley. Auditorium Box Office; openly everything . . . that mate your withholding for Tip #5- Get Ready
from another group. “Well, if you can’t be criti- Ticketmaster outlets at smacks of discrimination the year and add quarterly
Before they do that they cal of those among us, then Publix Supermarkets or tax payments. Subtract
or slander." First, setup a tax
won’t say anything,” he how shall they know tah we www.charlestonsymphony your payments from the filing system for all of you
said. aren’t agreeing with every- com. total tax to determine the tax related receipts and
“There’s some thing they say or do. Sen. amount of your overpay-
-- Mary McLeod Bethune statements. Keep a copy of
unspoken rule in the Black Ford was right on point in As the largest full-time per- ment or tax due. your tax returns forever. If
community that we should raising the family connec- forming arts organization (1875-1955)
you anticipate receiving a
not be critical of public tion in Clyburn’s trying to in South Carolina, the large refund because of
find a place in the Federal Charleston Symphony over withholding, consider
C o m m u n i c a t i o n Orchestra (CSO) has been filing a new W-4 to reduce
Commision, but just for a central component the Election of ------------------------------------------------ your payroll withholding.
THE CHRONICLE some to say the white folks region’s cultural fabric for cont. from pg 1 Plan ahead for your 2009
have been doing the same visitors and residents alike. IRA, 401K, and similar
1111 King Street for years, doesn’t make it www.charlestonysympho- retirement account contri-
right. If the lady has the reside in urban communities.
Charleston, SC 29403 butions. If you have a med-
•••• skills and attitude to serve ical or child-care flexible
in that position, good for Civil Rights ------------- Urban Awareness USA was selected to receive this addi- spending account, make
(843) 723-2785 her!” tional round of grant funding, in part, because of the
cont. from pg 1 sure you use the full bal-
A n o t h e r vision of its owner, Tracy J. Brown and his proven track ance this year and plan
Fax: (843) 577-6099 Charleston elected official record of helping urban churches achieve their ministry ahead for next year.
Email: said he, too, was surprised has only a few months to visions. Mr. Brown wrote the book titled A Moses for
J. JOHN FRENCH, SR. at the remarks of Sen. live. Urban America in which he outlines his plan to solve the Watch out for the AMT
President - Editor//Publisher Ford. “It is obvious that Bevel was a top lieutenant problems of Urban America by educating African- You might be subject to
the senator is still stinging to Martin Luther King Jr. American churches on how to use funding from the Faith- the alternative minimum
NANETTE FRENCH-SMALLS when his choice for presi- and architect of the 1963 Based Initiative and private sources to implement pro- tax, (AMT) if your income
CEO/ADVERTISING dent, Hillary Clinton, did- Children's Crusade in gramming to solve problems in the inner city. Mr. Brown is above $75,000, had sig-
n’t receive the support from Birmingham, Ala. says, "I feel privileged that Urban Awareness USA has nificant write-offs, exer-
VALENTINA SMALLS Blacks here, has left him In April, a jury convicted been selected to receive this additional funding gift to help cised incentive stock
Operations-Business Mgr./ embittered, so why not Bevel of incest for having COGIC churches become more empowered and equipped options or had significant
Comptroller-Advertising attack Cong. Clyburn?,” he sex more than a decade ago to deal with the problems facing their communities. I'm capital gains. When it
said. He added that what’s with his then-teenage also overjoyed that Urban Awareness USA is quickly applies, the AMT is an
SIMONA A. FRENCH more important is that our daughter. becoming the undisputed authority on community growth “add-on” tax that is over
Receptionist- officials continue to work Prosecutors opposed and development issues for the urban church...prayerfully and above your “regular”
Traffic/Photographer in behalf of their con- Bevel's release. He served funding will continue to pour in so that we can help more tax. To determine your
Marketing stituents and “leave that about seven months of his ministries like COGIC more effectively reach the commu- AMT exposure, get the
Tolbert Smalls, Jr. petty crap aside.” 15-year sentence. nities God has called them to serve." most recent version of
Contributing Writers- Form 6251 and make the
According to sources familiar with the terms of the grant, calculations.
Hakim Abdul-Ali Urban Awareness has received enough funding to assist
Beverly Birch 250 COGIC churches nationwide, with the possibility of The information provided
Bob Small receiving additional funding in phase two as early as here is a basic guideline to
spring 2009. Additional funding for this and future initia- get you started. It is rec-
DEADLINE: tives is contingent, in part, upon the success of phase one ommended that you con-
PUBLIC SERVICES of the COGIC initiative, with similar programs under con- sult a qualified tax profes-
FRIDAY PRIOR TO sideration for Full Gospel, AME, AMEZ, and Baptist sional to assess your per-
organizations. To ensure an impartial application process, sonal situation.
PUBlICATION DATE Urban Awareness USA has established a special website
Member: for COGIC Pastors and leaders to apply for the program Michael G. Shinn, CFP,
National Newspaper Publishers, Assoc. ( or www.cogic-develop- Registered Representative and Advisory Associate of
South Carolina Press Assoc.
and securities offered
Amalgamated Publishers through Financial
S.C. Chamber of Commerce Madame CJ ----------------------------------------------- Network Investment
cont. from pg 1 SIPC. Visit HYPER-
Published Wednesday
TRI State Printing- LINK "http://www.shinn-
North Charleston their hair maybe just once a month. “They were going bald and she" www.shinn-
was trying to address those issues. Hygiene was really different for more
Credo of The Black Press back then. When you don’t have indoor plumbing and central information or to send your
heating and electricity, you just can’t jump in the shower and wash comments or questions to
The Black Press believes that
America can best lead the world your hair. Bathing didn’t happen very often and people didn’t shinnm@financialnet-
from racial and national antago- wash their hair very often, as a result they had a lot of scalp dis- © Michael G.
nism when it accords to every eases.” Shinn 2008. Neither
person, regardless of race, creed Bundles has become a success in her own right, just two years Michael Shinn nor
or color, his or her human and removed from a 30-year career as an award-winning television pro- Financial Network pro-
legal rights. Hating no person, ducer. She was director of talent development from 2000 to 2006 vides tax advice. Please
fearing no person, the Black and deputy bureau chief from 1996 to 1999 of ABC News in consult a tax professional
Press strives to help every person
Washington, following 20 years as a network television producer before implementing any
in the firm belief that all persons
are hurt as long as anyone is with ABC and NBC, producing shows like ABC’s World News strategy.
held back Tonight with Peter Jennings.
The Chronicle December 3, 2008- 3

2008 North Charleston Christmas Festival
North Charleston, SC – Christmas Festival, the Saturdays, and Sundays
The 2008 North Greater Park Circle Film until December 28.
Charleston Christmas Society will present a PG- Parking is free. Inquiries
Festival will take place on rated film, titled What about the Art & Fine Craft
Saturday, December 6, Would Jesus Buy?, at the Co-Op and other exhibi-
2008 from 4:00pm to Olde Village Talking tion opportunities may be
9:00pm. Families, friends, Picture House (1060 East directed to the North
and neighbors are invited Montague Avenue, North Charleston Cultural Arts
to share the joys of the sea- Charleston). This hilari- Department at 843-745-
son through delightful ous, 90 minute documen- 1087.
entertainment, children’s tary, directed by Rob Van
activities, festive food and Alkemade, produces a
decorations, a Holiday scathing assessment of the
market, and an evening shopping culture that has
parade. Park Circle, the consumed the US. It exam-
Felix Davis Community ines the commercialization
Center, the surrounding of Christmas, following
traffic circle, and major Reverend Billy and the
thoroughfares transform Church of Stop Shopping
into a magical holiday Gospel Choir on a cross-
scene with lighted country mission to save
snowflakes, Christmas Christmas from the
trees, and other signs of “Shopocalypse” (the end of
the season. humankind from con-
sumerism, over-consump-
Children’s activities begin tion, and the fires of eter-
at 4:00pm and include nal debt). Show times are
jump castles, hayrides, and at noon, 3:00pm, and
a petting zoo. 8:00pm and admission is
Entertainment will take free. Those attending the
place on the front lawn and evening showing of the
the auditorium or film may choose to attend
amphitheater stages at the the after-film discussion.
Felix Davis Community To learn more about the
Center at Park Circle from Greater Park Circle Film
5:00pm to 6:00pm and Society ,visit
from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. "http://www.parkcircle-
Expect performances by" www.parkcircle-
the Charleston Brass
Ensemble, The Ashley
Gospel Singers, Happy Festival-goers also have
Feet Dance Company, The the option of visiting the
Community Dance City of North Charleston
Theater, Tony & Cultural Arts
Company, as well as a Department’s bi-annual
number of community and Art & Fine Craft Co-Op at
school music and dance the Olde North Charleston
groups. The annual Meeting Place (1077 East
Christmas parade begins Montague Avenue, North
at 6:00pm, followed by the Charleston). The Meeting
Mayor and Santa’s tree Place Art and Fine Craft
lighting ceremony at Co-Op is a temporary
7:00pm. The Festival also artist cooperative gallery.
features a marshmallow The gallery is dedicated to
roasting pit, visits with presenting many artists of
Santa, a Holiday Art, varied backgrounds work-
Craft, and Farmer’s ing in a diverse array of
Market, and the Walgreens media and styles, from rep-
Take Care Health Tour resentational to contempo-
Bus. For more informa- rary, in both two and three
tion, visit the City’s web- dimensions. Works typical-
site at ly exhibited include paint-
"http://www.northcharlest ings, prints, sculptures,
o n . o r g " fine crafts, jewelry, and more. All pieces on exhibit
or contact Sheri Pearson at will be available for sale.
843-740-2538 or Belinda Gallery hours on the day of
Swindler at 843-745-1028. the Christmas Festival are
from 11:00am to 8:00pm.
In conjunction with the The gallery is open to the
North Charleston public on Fridays,
4-December 3, 2008 The Chronicle

Holder Could Be GOP Target Barackonomics
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
– Are You Asked
Before nominating Eric Holder to be his attorney general,
President Elect Barack Obama quietly asked key Senate Cashing In? Me?
Republicans if there would be any potential confirmation
problems with Holder’s nomination. Holder is his first By James Clingman
cabinet pick and Obama wants to make sure that the pick NNPA by Beverly Gadson-Birch
will be hailed as a good one. The last thing he needs is a
bitter, partisan, and contentious scuffle over Holder.

Holder’s legal credentials, administrative experience, and
It Pays to Educate
accomplishments are impeccable. As Clinton’s Deputy Blackonomics The older I get the more of my aptitude I lose. I can
There was Reaganomics in the 1980s, and some of us had remember back in the day, my Trigonometry teacher
the Reaganomic Blues during that time. Old Ronnie ush- didn’t have any problems with me, no siree. It only
ered in a period of economic empowerment, for some, that took me a few seconds and I could rattle off the results
is still remembered, by some, as the best ever. of the ratio of the Sine, Cosine and Tangent. If you ask
To this day, the “Conservatives” are making every attempt a kid today what is a Tangent, he might ask you are you
to reincarnate the Great Communicator, by holding talking about a “tantrum”. In Chemistry, I could mix
séances otherwise known as political debates, like the one up almost anything in the lab without blowing it up. I
we saw held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, remember carving a human body out of plywood for a
California, during the Republican primary. Those folks science project and running tubes through the body to
love themselves some Ronald Reagan – and they loved show how blood flows to and from the heart. I actual-
Reagonomics. ly used an aquarium motor to pump the food colored
Now we have Barackonomics. No, we have not seen the water through the tubes that served as the arteries.
result of Obama’s economic policies yet, but the current And, if I had to recite a poem, just give me a couple of
environment is rife with excitement, anticipation, and days and I would have it down pat. Now-a-day, I am
“hope” for the “change” millions voted to see. We will soon having trouble remembering where I put my eyeglass-
find out what the big picture holds, but even prior to the es.
election, Obamania ushered in a new language, a new zeal If you are a part of the baby boomer era then you can
for politics, and a new economic arrangement for Black relate to how important education was to you.
folks, the likes of which I have never seen. Education was exciting and challenging. The more
Always watching for the economic advantages available information you received the more curious you became.
to Black people, during the campaign I saw hordes of As I reflect back to how little we had to work with in
brothers and sisters making money. Although it was
reported that the lion’s share of the $650 million or so the classroom and how excited students were to learn, I
raised by the campaign flowed into the dominant media can’t help but think about the correlation between
outlets, Black owned media receiving very few of those knowledge and success.. There must be a certain
party favors, some of our more enterprising Black entre- excitement to learn in order to spark that thirst for
preneurs managed to hitch a ride on the Obama gravy knowledge. Even by today’s standards, students who
train. should have been in some type of special education
Eric Holder I attended one of the Obama rallies held at the University class were not tagged as such and did quite well in the
of Cincinnati, during which I saw Black vendors – as mat- end. I know because I run into some of those students
Attorney General, he got high marks for initiating commu- ter of fact, I saw only Black vendors selling everything that I went to school with who are gainfully employed
nity outreach programs to address domestic violence, hate from Obama Action Figures, to Obama Bobble-Head and have their own business. So, why are we having the
crimes and child abuse, devising standards for criminal Dolls, to glow-in-the-dark thingamabobs, to placards, but- problems that we are having with students that have
prosecution of corporations, and handling civil health care tons, glasses, cups, banners, and T-shirts of all designs and just dropped out of the process both physically and
matters. He’s also touted for encouraging greater diversity themes. Barack should have copyrighted his name and mentally. How did our schools get to the point where
and more pro bono work by attorneys. Holder drew loud image. students think it is vogue to carry cell phones to school?
cheers from civil libertarians when he told the American Why do we allow our children to leave home with every
Constitutional Society in a speech earlier this year that he My old friend and world renowned painter, Gilbert part of their young bodies exposed showing off their
would restore the “rule of law” to the Justice Department; Young, called me to announce his latest creation: a paint- tattoos and piercings? Why do we spend more on our
meaning that he’d reverse the worst civil liberties abuses ing of Barack Obama that Obama himself signed and children’s clothes than on their education? Why do our
by Bush’s Justice Department in the terrorism war. endorsed. The painting is titled, “History + Hope = children know more about Bow Wow, Jay-Z and Lil
Change” ( Now you know Kim than they know about Drew, Artistotle or
there will be bushels of money made from that painting. Einstein? Whatever happened to washing mouths out
Yet Holder’s sterling credentials are one thing, but politics And, as they say, “It’s all good!”
is another. A political appointment to a top spot is gener- I can’t recall seeing Black vendors selling Reagan items, with soap if you were caught lying or using profanity
ally a pro forma affair; it may be anything but that with or those of the other 42 Presidents for that matter; no, not (more of a scare tactic)? Why aren’t dress codes for stu-
Holder. even Clinton and Kennedy. (I wonder if Gilbert Young dents enforced? Why are teachers and principals no
did a painting of Reagan; just kidding, Gilbert.) So I was longer placed on a pedestal and regarded for their pro-
The immediate cause for some worry is Holder’s role in encouraged to see so many Black folks cashing in on fessionalism as they once were? What happened to the
Clinton’s pardon of outlaw financier Mark Rich in 2001. Barackonomics, at least as long as the phenomenon lasts. fear children once had of punishment? Perhaps, we
Holder reportedly green lighted the pardon, but soon It’s about time. can thank DSS for watering down our children’ fear of
regretted it. He says he never would have said anything It’s good to see Black folks finally getting in on the eco- punishment.
favorable about Rich if he had known the full details of the nomic side of politics, especially the folks at the bottom of If you have not reviewed the highly publicized
case. Prosecutors, the GOP and even Democrats pounded the heap. Yes, big business got its share, as it always does; DVD that was released last week by the news media,
Clinton for the pardon. But Holder’s input on Rich was the television companies and their affiliates, newspapers, you need to see it. If you don’t think the problems with
only one factor in Clinton’s decision to pardon Rich, and it radio stations, and the major marketing and advertising our young people are getting out of control, just contin-
was ultimately Clinton’s call. firms received a windfall from the Obama campaign. ue to sit home and do nothing. Don’t cry when they
But, finally, thousands and maybe even millions of broth- start selling their wares on your doorsteps. When chil-
That probably alone won’t assure a smooth sail for Holder ers and sisters got in on the act as well. My advice is for dren glorify the criminal elements of our society and
through the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Holder them to stay with Barackonomics as long as they can. make a mockery of the system, you can expect society
nomination gives a badly mauled GOP a chance to show Come up with new ideas, new products, and new services to deteriorate without intervention.
that it still has some fight in it and that it will not simply to sell. There is a big divide in this country between the
be a rubber stamp for Obama. Some conservatives indeed
have said that picking a fight over some of Obama’s top haves and the have nots, between races and between
The ICE Supreme Man(, Ashiki classes. This generation will not sit idly by and wait for
picks might be a good way to show the troops that the Taylor, in Atlanta, has created a new flavor “Obama
party can regain some of its political footing. their ship to come in; instead, they are going out in the
Medley;” Farley’s Coffee ( waters to meet it. They don’t have the patience that
Executives, Raymond Wilford and Ricky Tillman have
The Rich issue is not the only skeleton that the GOP developed an Obama “Hero’s” Blend. I am sure there are their parents had. They want immediate gratification.
could attempt to rattle in Holder’s closet to get that foot- hundreds of other enterprising Black folks across the Young people do not see education as the way out. They
ing. One is the claim that Holder routinely cleared country who are making money via Barackonomics, and I have watched some of their counterparts go off to col-
Clinton’s brother Roger of any wrongdoing when he lob- see no problem with that. lege, get their master’s degree and are still unable to
bied brother Bill to grant pardons for a drug trafficker and I do see a problem with Black folks just settling for the find jobs paying over $30,000. In order to become suc-
other high level crime figures. This charge will also go moment, however. We had better get a good understand- cessful, our children have to leave home for larger cities
nowhere. Clinton did not grant the pardons. And Holder ing of the fact that economics runs politics, and this time is and more lucrative jobs. This is another way of
did not solely make the call absolving Roger Clinton of no different from all the other presidential elections when destroying families. Oftentimes, children just aren’t
wrongdoing in the pardon cases. Top FBI officials and it comes to economics. ready mentally for the separation.
then independent Counsel Robert Ray also said that Let’s not merely live for the moment and then go back to There are two sets of rules that divide this coun-
Clinton did not do anything illegal. sleep in the next couple of months. Let’s take the small les- try. If you are black, you are born into a system that
sons of Barackonomics and do big things with them. Let’s refuses to let the past die. You are looked upon as infe-
Another possible hit point is Holder’s lobbying on behalf support one another with the knowledge that there is rior. And if you are white, you are just right. It is evi-
of telecom giant Global Crossing after the company went enough, more than enough, to go around. dent that blacks will never be afforded the same rights
belly up in 2002. Global Crossing incurred millions in Don’t back off now; raise the bar even higher. Be creative and privileges as whites in this country. Sure, I know
debt. Back in June, the Republican National Committee and innovative; devise new entrepreneurial ventures and a few of y’all think you have made it; but, you really
first brought this up and claimed it would push to make it strategies to capitalize on Barackonomics. You can’t pay haven’t. Take the blinders off. You own nothing. It is
a campaign issue. The RNC didn’t say just what the issue your bills with hope, history, or hysteria. Emotional invest-
was. It didn’t matter. The charge also went nowhere. time to get involved before the drug dealers set up shop
ments do not pay dividends. on your doorsteps.
Then there is the Elian Gonzalez case. In 1999 Cuban The system has targeted black males for failure.
Euphoria is not bankable. Inspiration that is not followed Prisons are being built in anticipation of the large num-
leaders in Florida were furious at Clinton Attorney by perspiration - taking some action, doing some work -
General Janet Reno for enforcing a court order requiring will be as fleeting as a shooting star. If we don’t turn, “Yes ber of young black males they take in each year.
that the six year-old Gonzalez be removed from his rela- we can!” into, “Yes we did!” beyond the election, beyond Prisons are big business. It is virtually impossible for
tives' home in Miami's Little Havana and returned to the inauguration, and beyond the parties, then shame on black males who fall behind on their child support pay-
Cuba. As Deputy Attorney General, Holder took some us. ments for whatever reason to ever get out of that
heat for enforcing the court order. Allow your inspiration to catapult you to collective eco- vicious system. How can a man pay child support if he
nomic empowerment by establishing equity funds, barter- is locked up in jail? How can a man take care of his
The same year Holder drew more fire for his role in ing groups, urban gardens, food cooperatives, rotating family if he has a record? Do you see where I am head-
approving the clemency request for 16 members of the rad- credit associations, small business associations, coopera- ed with this?
ical Puerto Rican independence group FALN convicted of tive purchasing programs, youth entrepreneurial training The gangster DVD points to all that is wrong in
a string of terrorist bombings and murders. The FBI, programs, and all of the entities we need to survive and our society. Television has glamorized sex drugs and
Bureau of Prisons and U.S. state attorneys opposed thrive in this dire economic environment. violence over shows that educate. Drugs and crimes are
clemency for the 16. Holder refused to comment on what If we do these things, and more, we will have justified our being portrayed as lavish lifestyles and it is the lifestyle
part he played in the clemency action. emotional euphoric response to Barack Obama being the that our children find so attractive
44th President of the Untied States. We have got to spend more quality time with
Silence on the part of government officials is always taken If we fail to do these things, we will miss out on the eco- our children. Now, y’all can’t wait until your children
as a sign by politically driven inquistors that an official has nomic benefits that always find their way to the “special are grown to establish rules and restrictions because
something to hide or is trying to dodge culpability for their interests.” Aren’t we special? Don’t we have our own they are not going to listen to you. Stop trying to be
actions when things go wrong. The FALN clemency issue interests? their friend and be their parent. I can’t say enough
could prove to be even more an irritant for Holder than the
Rich case. In June, the RNC tried to stir up the pot on the about discipline. If you fail to discipline your children,
You had better believe the “big guys” will capitalize on the prisons will. It is better that you have the say so in
FALN issue when it issued a press release urging the their investment in Barack Obama. Question is: “Will we?”
FALN clemency be made a campaign issue. There were no how your children are disciplined than to leave it up to
Let’s understand that part of the “change” we voted for is
bites and the issue quickly died. grounded in economics, at least I “hope” it was. And let’s others.
commit that the “change” we receive will be much more It is morally reprehensible to think that man
Then Holder was not an elected official, held no govern- than mere “chump change.” would rather rehabilitate than educate. I say we get
ment office, and was only one of several top advisors to more bucks for the bang when we educate.
Obama. The talk of him being Obama’s pick as attorney
general was just that, talk. However, he now is Obama’s
pick and a GOP thirsting for anyone to target to make
trouble for Obama may just see Holder as that target. For detailed information,
Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. or call 843.574.6201.
His forthcoming book is How Obama Won (Middle
Passage Press, January 2009). Full-time Faculty Part-time Faculty Esthetics Plumbing
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Aircraft Maintenance Technology Graphic Design Sociology
Mechanics Animation Industrial Mechanics Spanish
Developmental Math Anthropology Information Systems Theater
Electrical Line Worker Program Biological Sciences Marketing Welding
"Brave men do not gather by thousands to Coordinator CNC Machining Multimedia and Web Site Design
Industrial Maintenance Mechanics Cosmetology Music Full-time Staff
torture and murder a single individual, so Program Coordinator Criminal Justice Nail Technology Engineer/Associate Engineer II
gagged and bound he cannot make even fee- Nursing Economics Nursing
Temporary Staff
Physics/Astronomy Electrical Facility Maintenance Paralegal
ble resistance or defense." English Photography St. Paul’s Parish Site Student
Services Coordinator

-- Ida Bell Wells (1862-1931)
The Chronicle December 3, 2008-5

As Report Links Rangel School Gift to Tax Loophole
See It By: Associated Press

m i n t e d
chairman of
the House
pay taxes on income from a
beach house in
Dominican Republic, his
Hakim Abdul-Ali Charles Rangel helped pre- Ways and use of several rent-stabi-
serve a tax loophole for an M e a n s lized apartments in
oil drilling company at the Committee, Harlem, and letters he
Thanks For This Day same time the company's
executive pledged $1 mil-
took up their
cause, the
wrote on congressional sta-
tionery trying to drum up
The traditional Thanksgiving Day weekend is over, and families lion to a school to be p a p e r donors for the college cen-
gathered for reunions of the soul and spirit. Sometimes, it’s the named in the congress- reported. ter named in his honor.
opposite as some individuals were alone on this past celebrated man's honor, according to The result,
come-together and reflect day. a published report. according to House Speaker Nancy
For some “colored” souls in the United States it was a day of hap- a congres- Pelosi resisted calls in
piness and joy, and for others it was just another day in Soulsville, The report in The New sional analy- October for him to lose his
alone and depressed. It’s a perplexing landscape to observe if York Times is just the lat- Rep. Charles Rangel sis, was that chairmanship over those
you’re a caring “hue-man” being as the smell of cooked food perme- est in a series of revelations issues, but critics said the
ated many of the dinning room tables. about the personal finances entertain, promote, or Nabors saved tens of mil- new details deserve anoth-
and ethics of the long-serv- secure a tax break or any lions of dollars annually er look.
Many times in our various worlds of existences we experience so ing New York Democrat special favor for anyone as and the federal treasury
many certain indescribable highs and lows until its difficult to who has one of the most an inducement or reward lost $1.1 billion in revenues "Rep. Rangel's ethics
explain to the insensitive heart of the callous “hue-man,” who’s lost, powerful posts in Congress for a contribution to the over a decade. problems continue to
lonely and depressed living in our land of economic and racial - chairman of the tax-writ- City College of New mount, yet the ethics com-
abstractions. When that occurs I feel that we have to travel to a ing Ways and Means York," Rangel said. Isenberg says the school is mittee and the Democratic
place in our own respective hearts where solitude exudes an over- Committee. a worthy cause and he did- leadership remain silent,"
all atmosphere of general goodwill. "It is a clear matter of pub- n't get special treatment. A said Melanie Sloan, execu-
During this sojourn into the self some of us look pensively into The $1 million pledge for lic record that I have con- spokeswoman for the city tive director of Citizens for
our souls and discover that we have much to be thankful for, even the planned Charles B. sistently opposed retroac- college, Mary Lou Responsibility and Ethics
when loneliness and despair are uninvited guests at our past daily Rangel School of Public tive changes to tax law Edmondson declined to in Washington, a watch-
Thanksgiving Day eating arenas. It’s serious food for thought to Service at the City College because I believe it is release information about dog group.
me, and I’m especially overjoyed for each precious moment that of New York was made by unfair to taxpayers and bad other donors, saying the
comes my way with an appreciation that’s hard to explain. Nabors Industries Ltd. tax policy," he said. school would have no com- A spokesman for Pelosi did
Every day and moment in this living episode is pristine and unique chief Eugene M. Isenberg. ment while the ethics com- not immediately respond to
to my senses of understanding. I’ve come to learn and be condi- Last year, when the Senate mittee investigates. an e-mail seeking com-
tioned by that reality, especially as I get older with each passing Rangel denied any impro- sought to rescind an off- ment.
moment in time. prieties in a statement shore tax shelter for four Rangel is under investiga-
issued Tuesday evening. companies, including tion by the House ethics
I think that the majority people in the world that we live in feel "At no time - ever - did I Nabors, Rangel, the newly committee for failure to
that way also, no matter where or from what part of the universe

Black Republicans Ponder Their Future
that they may call home or is their points of origins. I, also, think
that these same folks sincerely thank God Alone for every day that
they share and experience. “Every day is one to give thanks.”
That recognition is crucial to me as I tell about how you I feel
when I proclaim “Thanks For This Day” and every other one to
come, even though the future ones are not promised to me (or By. James Wright mer state party chairman in Congress was J.C. Watts, research associate at the
you). Maybe, that’s why I’m so engulfed about telling you that each Special to the NNPA from Maryland and the first from 1995-2003. There is Joint Center, said that
moment is special and vital, and we should never forget that life is the Afro-American African American elected only one Black person on McCain’s poor perform-
really short in every pragmatic interpretive way of looking at the Newspapers to a statewide office there, the Republican National ance among Black voters
“now” moment of living. Steele said his party has Committee - Virgin Islands had little to do with his
Life is a “now,” sweet journey moment to experience, but it’s all WASHINGTON(NNPA) lost its way and needs to committeewoman Lilliana political career.
transitory in more ways than one to the casual, but ever so serious- - With the election of for- return to its core values. Belardo De O’Neal. “He has largely been a
minded enlightened soul of the universe. I say that knowing fully mer Democratic Sen. “The Republican Party Former Baltimore Ravens stranger to African
well that each moment in time could be my and your last, so that’s Barack Obama as presi- must present a vision for linebacker Peter Boulware Americans, coming from a
why, again, I say, “Thanks For This Day,” (to God Alone) as I live dent of the United States the future of America that ran for the Florida House state with a minimal Black
in the ideal spiritual realm of each mundane inner reflective con- with overwhelming sup- relies on our conservative of Representatives as a population,” Bositis said.
templation. port from communities of values and core principles,” Republican in a district “Rather, his lack of support
I must and do, because I know that life is full of tests beyond our color – 95 percent among Steele has told The that included Tallahassee was a reflection of Obama’s
unsuspecting knowledge, so much so that some people may forget Black voters and over 65 Associated Press. “It is and some of its suburbs. historic candidacy, the
that nothing is promised to us except that death awaits every cre- percent among Latinos – wrong to believe the voters He lost the race by a thin deep and genuine enthusi-
ated thing or being in existence. Never forget that definitive many Black Republicans, have suddenly become lib- margin of only 440 votes. asm for him in the Black
thought on this day and at this precise instance. in contemplating their eral. They have just lost Out of approximately community, and McCain’s
I say that to you as I say it to myself because this present moment future, also are reflecting any sense of confidence 10,000 Black officeholders association with Bush, an
on “this” Thanksgiving Day is as special as every “other” on their place in a party that the Republican Party nationwide, there are only exceptionally unpopular
Thanksgiving Day during “every” day of the year. Yes, knowing that critics say has always holds the answers to their 14 Republicans on the state figure among African
that “every” day (to me) is Thanksgiving Day “is” the reason that I marginalized them. problems.” level, which consists of Americans.”
say “Thanks For This Day.” Leading the way is former His opponents for the state legislators and Mykel Harris, chairman of
Maryland Lt. Gov. GOP’s top post include statewide offices, and 40 in the Prince George’s
I’d like to think that you feel the same way as I do because this Michael Steele who has several state party chairs local offices, according to County, Md., Republican
solo, precious moment is all that we have. We need to thank God decided to run for chair- and political operatives. research conducted by the Central Committee, said
Alone for all moments that we share and, yes, even the difficult, man of the Republican Joint Center for Political his party must reach out
pressing and trying ones. National Committee Steele’s candidacy is the and Economic Studies in more to Blacks if it is to
As I travel back through the annals of “his-story” I find myself which provides national latest development in an Washington. thrive again.
thinking of and about the hard times and difficulties that the orig- leadership for the effort by African
inal (American) Indians and the enslaved Africans, who were Republican Party. The Americans to make an Republican presidential “First and foremost, the
brought here against their wills, and how their so-called committee is responsible imprint on the Republican candidate John McCain GOP must realize that it
Thanksgiving Days were. It must have been some kind of bitter for developing and promot- Party. If elected at the received only 4 percent of cannot compete with the
taste from hell that’s hard to describe as the Pilgrim’s turkey of yes- ing the Republican politi- annual RNC meeting in the Black vote, far behind Democratic Party in giving
teryear’s questionable feast doesn’t serve as a symbol of justice and cal platform, as well as January, Steele would President Bush’s showing away free stuff,” Harris
communal brotherhood for all today. coordinating fundraising become the party’s first of 11 percent in 2004. It is said. “In the final analysis,
With all the recent hoopla about how America is now ready for and election strategy. It is African-American chair- the worst showing of a the GOP must demon-
political change because of the recent presidential election, I most also responsible for organ- man and only the second GOP presidential candi- strate that it can apply con-
certainly hope and, I say genuinely, “Thanks For This Day,” izing and running the Black person to head a date with the Black vote servative principles in a
because serious and desperate changes are needed in our land. As Republican National major political party since since Barry Goldwater got manner which will yield
some “colored” folk sat down to eat their piece of turkey I wonder Convention. Ronald Brown served as 6 percent in 1964. positive solutions in the
if they kept in mine that there are million of homeless and hungry chair of the Democratic Black community.”
Americans who are at their wits’ end waiting for much needed Steele was the only African National Committee, from David Bositis, a senior
help and change. American given a promi- 1989-1993.
I also know that from Haiti to Darfur there are millions of starv- nent speaking role – “drill,
ing and needy souls, along with scores from other nations, who are baby, drill” was his most While the election of
in need of their unrecognized Thanksgiving Day dinners that memorable line -- at this Obama as the first Black
more than likely will never be delivered or served. Will you really year’s Republican National president was a proud and "There is no negro problem. The problem is
enjoy your future meals knowing that there are so many unfortu- Convention held in St. historic day for all Black whether the American people have loyalty
nate mouths to feed in the world, not to mention our own nation? Paul, Minn. Only 36 of the Americans – Democrat and
(It’s just another food for thought dish for your mental plate.) delegates were Black, rep- Republican alike - it did enough, honor enough, patriotism enough, to
That poignant thought alone makes me know that I have to give resenting less than 1.5 per- not bode well for Blacks live up to their own constitution..."
thanks, if not but for this solitary moment in time, knowing that cent of the total delegates within the GOP. No Black
we here in our community and nation have much to be thankful and a 78.4 percent decline Republican who ran
for. The prevailing thought of those who are suffering in the from four years earlier. against a member of the -- Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)
remote corners of “hue-manity’s” geographically unknown chal- Steele, who ran unsuccess- Congressional Black
lenges me to pray to God Alone to change their conditions for the fully for a Senate seat two Caucus came even close to
better. years ago, noted the party’s winning.
I believe that steadfast prayers to the Creator Alone of everything loss this year of the White
and everyone changes things beyond our wildest imaginations. House, six U.S. Senate The last Black Republican
“Prayer is powerful, if you use it.” That’s easily enough to say, but I and 24 House seats. A for- to serve in the U.S.
absolutely mean it and saying and knowing that makes “Thanks
For This Day” an ever-living spiritually conscious reality.
Giving thanks is and can be a work in progress for some disillu-
sioned folks in the universe of their own selfish thinking, who only
see their individual good times as moments of showing apprecia-
tion to just those close to them. I’m not of that vein because I sense
that the time is “now” to examine what an honor it is to be alive in
the spiritual “now.”

Being in the spiritual “now” is all about being comfortable with
the trials and tests of life as we savor that each moment in time is
a Thanksgiving Day second, and that’s all that we all have to show
our glorified homage to God Alone. It’s real.
We have no reason to not recognize that each day is our only
moment to glorify God Alone for everything, even in our lowest OUT HERE, THE FUTURE’S WIDE OPEN.
valleys of trials and depths of pitfalls galore. Giving “Thanks For
This Day” is about love for the so-called good, the bad and the ugly Serious about growth?
trials and times in life’s episodes of diurnal experiences.
Are you in love with the fact that life is more than an isolated plate Join a $2-billion growth company,
turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on a solitary day in November and one of the nation’s fastest-
of each day in opposition to being in the spiritual “now” of always
giving “Thanks For This Day,” no matter what the occasion is or growing retail organizations.
may be?
Think deeply about your answer knowing fully well that the next ASSISTANT MANAGERS
turkey day lasts only as long as you can devour what’s left on the
dinner table. For today and always, I wish you and everyone on TEAM LEADERS
“every’ day in “hue-manity” a very Happy Thanksgiving Day, and,
that’s, “As I See It.” TEAM MEMBERS
9am – 4pm
"Success is to be measured not so much by the One Stop Career Center
176 Lockwood Drive, Charleston, SC
position that one has reached in life as by the
obstacles which he has overcome while trying to

-- Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)

© 2008 NAS
(Media: delete copyright notice)

Charleston Chronicle
3.667 x 6
6- December 3, 2008 The Chronicle

“Real” Affluent Housewives Charter School Wins Lawsuit
Disturbed by Reality Show Against LAUSD
By Corilyn Shropshire,
Houston Chronicle Court Decision Marks 4th school districts like public schools in the state.
Legal Win for State's LAUSD to play games About the California
Watching The Real Charter School Movement with charter schools while Charter Schools
Housewives of Atlanta, in Effort to Secure shortchanging their own Association
you might think it’s easy to Equitable, Publicly- students." The California Charter
get wealthy African- Funded Facilities for The ruling in New West's Schools Association is the
Americans to talk about Students favor came after a several- membership and profes-
money. month dispute which sional organization serving
LOS ANGELES, CA-- began in April, when the more than 700 charter
Concluding its maiden sea- New West Charter Middle LAUSD originally public schools that serve
son on Bravo tonight, the School (New West), a approved a facility request over a quarter million char-
reality program chronicles high-performing charter by New West and several ter school students in the
the conspicuous consump- public school in West Los other charter schools state of California. The
tion of five well-off women Angeles, was victorious in before illegally withdraw- Association's mission is to
who have ordained them- a court ruling Friday, when ing its offer. The court improve student achieve-
selves among Atlanta’s the court ruled that Los ordered LAUSD to imme- ment by supporting and
elite. Four of the Angeles Unified School diately provide New West expanding California's
Housewives are African- District (LAUSD) had with 13 classrooms to quality charter public
American. violated the law after the house 285 students at school movement.
school district denied New Fairfax High School or at
way these characters were sitting on the boards of another location accept-
But the show has hit a raw portrayed,” she said. “I’m such child-focused non- West students their legal
nerve within the black right to classrooms under able to New West.
praying they are not like profits as Chuck Norris’ Attorney Gregory Moser of
community — lighting up that. They are like children Kickstart Foundation. Proposition 39. The court
the Internet and the air- ordered LAUSD to pro- Procopio, Cory,
waves with charges that it
in a candy store. They’ve
been given all this money. “I don’t like talking about vide space for 285 students Hargreaves & Savitch
LLP represented New
Obama Win
perpetuates negative at Fairfax High School or
stereotypes with its focus
It’s almost like the blind
leading the blind.”
money,” she said.
another acceptable school West in the case.
"This is a tremendous win
on catfighting women who facility in conformity with
shamelessly lord their Money is a touchy subject
“We just feel blessed, At
the end of the day, we’re Proposition 39 by October not only for New West's
students, but for all of
Baby Name
wealth and generally mis- 8, 2008.
behave. A particular sore
for most people, but for
some affluent African-
just regular people.”
The court ruling marked California's charter school
students," said Sharon
point is the consistently Americans there’s an added the fourth consecutive
egregious grammar the legal win for charter Weir, Executive Director
layer of self-consciousness THE EAST COOPER and Principal of New West
Housewives stars use. about how the black com- schools under Proposition On the morning of Nov. 5,
INTERDENOMINATIONAL 39, a state ballot measure Charter Middle School. just hours after the United
munity is portrayed. They "This victory sends a clear
Houstonian Phyllis worry that too much bling MASS CHOIR passed by California voters States elected Barack Obama
Williams, well-known for in 2000, which requires message to LAUSD that as its next president, 10 boys
reinforces the public’s they must make adequate
her philanthropic work, worst perceptions. HAPPY HOLIDAYS school districts to share were born at a hospital in
recalled flipping channels public school facilities fair- facilities available to our Freetown, Sierra Leone. Six
on her television on ly among all public school students. It is unfortunate of them were named -- you
“I’m just hoping that most HERE WEARE AGAIN students, including those that the district would guessed it -- Barack Obama.
Election Night — from the people don’t look at this BRINGING IN THE
historic speech of attending charter schools. rather fight than find posi- The Illinois senator's historic
show and think that every YULETIDE SEASON tive solutions. Our stu-
President-Elect Barack wealthy black woman is This includes a lawsuit win isn't just changing poli-
Obama to a Real WITH THE SONGS filed against LAUSD in dents deserve safe, ade- tics, it's making a very unusual
like this,” said Williams. quate and publicly-funded
Housewives episode in YOU LOVE TO HEAR. May 2007 by the California name much more popular,
which two wealthy women Charter Schools classrooms and school dis- both abroad and here at home
Like their old-money coun- tricts must comply with the
learn to let loose on a strip- terparts in the Anglo com- WHERE: GREATER Association, Green Dot in America.
per pole. Public Schools and PUC law."
munity, the black elite are GOODWILL A.M.E. When a charter school is
quiet about their wealth CHURCH 2818 HWY 17 Schools -- a lawsuit that The New York Times report-
“I was appalled,” she said. was settled by all parties not offered district facili- ed that the names Barack,
and would rather die than NORTH MOUNT ties, it is forced to use
“This is not what elite parade themselves showing this April. Obama, Michelle, Malia and
women are about.” PLEASANT, S.C. Since the settlement, money intended for teacher Sasha have inspired first and
off “ridiculous homes that REVEREND salaries and instructional
resemble Potemkin vil- LAUSD has denied, middle names across the coun-
The women on the show, HERBERT TEMONEY, rescinded or made unac- supplies to pay for class- try.
lages,” said Lawrence Otis rooms. Last year, New
she said, are shallow, Graham, author of Our PASTOR ceptable offers to 30 of the
graceless and mean. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 44 (68 percent) facilities West was forced to spend A president named Obama
Kind of People: Inside over $300,000 on obtain-
America’s Black Upper 7, 2008 AT 5:00 PM requests made by its char- could break down the percep-
“They eat and breathe ter schools, actions that ing a school facility. tion "that there is such a thing
Class. Despite its facilities chal-
money and clothing,” may place the district in as a 'normal' name," said
PLEASE COME OUT violation of its own facili- lenges, New West man- Laura Wattenberg, a name
Williams said. In one He labeled The Real
episode, queen of mean TO SUPPORT US! WE ties agreement established aged to successfully expert and author who runs
Housewives as the “P. ARE SINGING TO achieve an Academic
Sheree Whitfield drops Diddy crowd,” who are with its charter schools. the blog The Baby Name
$6,000 on a private shoe- SEND THE YOUNG "The California Charter Performance Index (API) Wizard. Barack has never
“here-today-and-gone- score of 867, making it the
shopping spree in her liv- tomorrow money.” MEN AND WOMEN Schools Association is made the top 1,000 names in
ing room; in another, Kim OF OUR pleased that the court once highest-performing public the U.S., although it is expect-
Zolciak, the show’s only again enforced the law by middle school in LAUSD. ed to shoot up the charts now.
The black upper class, he COMMUNITIES TO New West was also one of
white cast member, calls said, doesn’t want the likes COLLEGE requiring LAUSD to pro- Presidential naming trends
her sugar daddy “Big vide New West with class- the most improved public have happened before.
of them living in their middle schools in LAUSD,
Poppa” to request $68,000 neighborhoods, going to rooms," said Peter Thorp, Franklin surged to number 33
cash so she can buy a Mr. Ronald Ravenell, Interim CEO of the having jumped 32 API in 1933, and Lincoln, Kennedy
school with their kids and Director points during the last
Cadillac Escalade on the certainly not marrying into California Charter Schools and Reagan became popular
spot. Mr. Steve Sanders, Association. "LAUSD school year. This is the in the 1990s. Obama, however,
their ranks. third consecutive year the
President needs to take its legal obli- is a much less common sur-
Despite — or perhaps Mrs. Pearl H. Mazyck, PR gations more seriously. school has scored over 800, name than those of past presi-
“These are not people who which is the goal for all
because of — the furor sur- value education and true 884-2803 The courts won't allow dents.
rounding the show, few philanthropy,” said
Houston women were will- Graham, who lives with his The Washington Post
ing to talk about it with the wife and children in an reports that there are about
Chronicle. When a apartment on Park Avenue 11,000 Clinton families and
reporter struck out to get a in Manhattan and on an ADVERTISEMENT 60,000 Bush families in the
peek into what life is really estate in Chappaqua, near U.S., while there may be fewer
like for the city’s black the home of former On or about Monday 17 November 2008, plans and specifications for SPA Main Office, than 20 families named
elite, she was met with President Bill and Sen. Obama.
Installation of 5 Liebert Challenger Units and Removal of Two Existing Liebert Units, 176 "I'm not related to the presi-
polite no-thank-yous and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
snarky voicemails but Concord Street, State Pier # 2, Charleston, South Carolina. will be available for distribu- dent, but I think Obama is a
“We don’t know people like
mostly unreturned phone them.” tion to qualified contractors by the South Carolina State Ports Authority. good name to have right now,"
calls. said Nicanor Obama, a 28-
Like the women on the A Mandatory pre-bid will be held on Wednesday, December 3, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. at the year-old Virginia resident. He
Merele Yarborough, show, Williams admits to a said after getting pulled over
Main Office Building 341, 176 Concord Street, Charleston, South Carolina. Contractors for driving too fast recently, an
another prominent woman love for fine clothes, exclu-
in charitable fund-raising must attend Pre-Bid to be qualified to Bid on the above project. officer let him off without a
sive vacations and fabulous
circles who has been fea- handbags. She even plans speeding ticket, saying, "Well,
tured on the Chronicle’s to launch her own line of Bids will be received at the Maintenance Department, Building 160, Columbus Street I'm going to let you go
annual Best Dressed list, women’s golf clothing next Terminal, 838 Morrison Drive, Charleston, South Carolina until 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, because you have the Obama
politely declined to throw year. name."
December 16, 2008, at which time there will be a public opening of bids at the Port of
open her closet doors for
public inspection. She Charleston Operation Center Office, Building 160, Columbus Street Terminal. Think you know what names
But there’s more to life
found what she saw on than shopping and parties, are popular in the U.S. right
Housewives troubling and she said. The work consists of Installation of Five New Liebert 5-ton Challenger Units Owner sup- now? Click through the gal-
hopes it reflects the slant of plied in computer room and server room, reworking of electrical controls and refrigerant leries below to see the top 10
the producers. Williams said she prefers for boys and girls -- a few will
lines, and all miscellaneous items to insure proper installation, and any items that are surprise you. And then check
to be known for her work specified in specification or drawings.
“I was disappointed by the out some really bizarre baby
Work also includes the removal of Two Liebert one-10 ton and one 7 ? ton units this include names parents have recently
all electrical work and controls. Contractor will be responsible for disassembly, removal chosen.
and disposal of both units.

Requests for Contract Documents from parties interested in bidding on this work should be
Christmas is not a
filed promptly with the Maintenance Department, South Carolina State Ports Authority.
Cost for Contract Documents, Plans and Specifications are $25.00 per set. Make check time nor a season, but
payable to South Carolina State Ports Authority. Edward W. Piggott, Project Manager, a state of mind. To
Telephone Number (843) 577-8703 or (843) 577-8660, Fax (843) 577-8690. South cherish peace and
Carolina State Ports Authorities consultant engineering service Owens & Associates Inc. goodwill, to be plen-
Bidding materials will be forwarded as soon as possible.
teous in mercy, is to
One hundred percent (100%) labor and material bond and one hundred percent (100%) have the real spirit of
performance bond will be required. The bidder shall have a current’s bidder’s license and Christmas.
contractor’s license for the state of South Carolina

The South Carolina State Ports Authority reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to Calvin Coolidge
accept any bid if considered best for its interest.

Your Guide to Success

By: Associated Press

man convicted of killing
and beheading his then-
girlfriend's 3-year-old
daughter and dumping her
body in the woods was sen-
tenced Thursday to life in
prison without the possi-
bility of parole.

Before being sentenced,
Harrell Johnson again stat-
ed that he is innocent of
the 2001 murder of Erica
Green. The girl's remains
went unidentified for four
years after they were
found, during which time
she was referred to by the
community and in the news
media as "Precious Doe."

"Never once have I harmed
a hair on her head or did
anything to hurt her,"
Johnson told the court.
"God knows my little angel
- Erica - knows the truth.
And I ain't gonna stop
fighting until I prove my
innocence and the truth is
brought to the light."

Johnson, 29, was convicted
last month of first-degree
murder, endangering the
welfare of a child and
abuse of a child.

Erica's mother, Michelle
Johnson, testified at
Harrell Johnson's trial that
he was high on drugs and
kicked Erica in the head
because the girl wouldn't
go to bed. She said she and
Johnson didn't seek med-
ical help for Erica for fear
of going to jail on out-
standing warrants in other

Prosecutors said Johnson
decapitated the girl's body
and dumped it in woods.

Michelle Johnson, 33, who
married Harrell Johnson
after the slaying, was sen-
tenced last month to 25
years in prison for the mur-

Prosecutors did not seek
the death penalty, partly
because Johnson agreed to
withdraw his request to
have the case moved out of
Kansas City.

The only sentence Jackson
County Circuit Judge John
Torrence could hand
Harrell Johnson for the
murder charge was life in
prison without the possi-
bility of parole. He sen-
tenced Johnson to four
years for the endangerment
and 25 years for the abuse.
The sentences will run con-

Johnson will appeal the
conviction, said one of his
lawyers, Kent Hall. He
declined to comment fur-
ther on the case.
By: Jim Salter, Associated

ST. LOUIS - A man who
spent 23 years in prison for
a rape he didn't commit
sued St. Louis County and
the officers who arrested
him, saying investigators
ignored inconsistencies in
the victim's description.

Johnny Briscoe, now 54,
was freed in 2006 after
DNA evidence exonerated
him. He filed suit earlier
this month in U.S. District
Court in St. Louis. The
suit claims his constitu-
tional rights were violated
and seeks unspecified dam-

"The prime of his life was
lost," Briscoe's attorney,
Burt Newman, said
Tuesday. "When he went
into prison he was raising
two young children. When
he got out he had grand-

Spokesmen for St. Louis
County and the county
police declined to com-

The crime occurred in
October 1982, in the sub-
urb of Maryland Heights.
A man burglarized a
woman's apartment and
raped her when she awoke.
He talked to her a while
and gave his name as John
Briscoe. The woman later
picked Briscoe's picture
out of a lineup.

But the lawsuit pointed to
several inconsistencies.
The victim described the
attacker as dark-skinned,
about 5-foot-8, with normal
teeth and a mustache.
Briscoe is a light-skinned
black man and 6-2, and had
a gold-capped front tooth
and a goatee.

Even so, Briscoe was con-
victed by an all-white jury.
He said his defense attor-
ney never met with him.

When the case was
reopened, DNA on a ciga-
rette butt at the rape scene
was found to belong to
Larry Smith, an acquain-
tance of Briscoe's who is
serving a life term for
another sexual assault.

Under state law, Briscoe
was eligible for up to
$36,500 in compensation
for each year he was
wrongly incarcerated, or
more than $800,000, but
he would have had to agree
not to sue. Newman said
the compensation falls
short and Briscoe is confi-
dent he can win in court.

"Let me put it this way: If
you walked up to someone
on the street and asked
them to go to prison for
$36,000 a year, you would-
n't get many takers,"
Newman said.

When Briscoe was released
in 2006, Prosecutor
Robert McCulloch called
the conviction a "terrible
mistake." He said the
wrong was made worse by
years of delay in finding the
cigarette evidence in stor-
age after McCulloch
requested a review in 2000.

Newman said Briscoe con-
tinues to try to get his life
back in order, but often
struggles to find work.

"He has an incredible atti-
tude," Newman said. "The
man is not bitter at all
about what has happened.
It's an inspiration to listen
to him talk."
By Makeisha Lee, Health
and Nutritional Advisor

The change of the seasons
alone is enough to cause
some people to overeat,
especially those in cold cli-
mates. Combine this with
the stress of the economy,
the holidays, and an abun-
dance of seasonal foods -
and the temptation can
become very overwhelming
for some.

So how can you short-cir-
cuit that temptation and
still enjoy yourself? Here
are 5 easy, practical and
realistic tips to use:
1) Don’t Starve Yourself
The number-one rule to
avoid holiday overeating is
to make sure you eat
enough. This is not the
time to start restricting
calories to the point where
you’re so hungry...even the
foods you “hate to eat”
starts to look good. The
key is to eat small meals or
snacks frequently through-
out the day. This way, you
won’t ever really feel hun-
gry, and you’ll be able to
resist all those grains and
high-sugar foods that will
sabotage your healthy diet.
Fill up on all the nutritious
foods, like healthy meats,
vegetables, coconut or
some berries that you want
so that you won’t feel that
you’re missing out.
2) Buy a New Outfit
This tip can work for
Ladies and Gents!
Whether you decide to
indulge in a new blouse,
dress or a special shirt and
tie, the point is to purchase
something that you are
really looking forward to
wearing and that you feel
good about. When you feel
good about yourself on the
outside, it will help you to
respect yourself from the
inside and you’ll be less
inclined to keep reaching
for the “better than sex”

3) Get Some Fresh Air
A simple, quick walk out-
side will not only give you a
quick burst of energy, it
will also take your mind off
of food. By the time you
come back inside, you’ll
feel refreshed and your
food cravings will likely be
diminished. Taking a walk
after dinner is especially
helpful because moving
around will help your meal
to digest and reduce your
chance of becoming slug-
gish or tired.
4) Deal With Your
Many of your food cravings
have nothing to do with
physical cravings and are
actually emotionally based.
You may associate certain
holiday foods with the
comfort of your childhood
and be tempted to overeat
them to try and regain that
sense of comfort. Or, the
stress of the holidays may
be behind your overeating.
Instead opt to get involved
in a fun board game with
friends or relatives. Or you
can relax in a recliner and
sip on some organic hot
apple cider and let the
stress melt away!

5) Remember: Its Just
Another Meal
Focus on being grateful for
life itself and you’ll quickly
see that family and friends
are at the center. This out-
look will take the focus off
of food.

Makeisha Lee is the author
of "Why Black People
Can't Lose Weight". She is
also the founder of the
Black Health Network
online at
The Chronicle December 3, 2008-7

African American Students are not Applying for Scholarships
Even if you do not have a 17) WiredScholar Free 31) Burger King 46) ACT-SO 48) ScienceNet category=MINORITIES
college-aged child at home, Scholarship Search Scholarship Program bEURoeOlympics of the Scholarship Listing 50) RHODES SCHOL-
please share this with http://www.wiredscholar.c http://www.bkscholars.csf Mind "A Scholarships http://www.sciencenet.em ARSHIPS AT OXFORD
someone who does, om/paying/scholarship_sea http://www.rhodesschol-
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mation on to anyone and shipsearch.jsp Competition 47) Black Alliance for 49) Graduate Fellowships 51) The Roothbert
everyone that comes to 18) Hope Scholarships http://www.siemens-foun- Educational Options For Minorities Scholarship Fund
mind. Though there &Lifetime Credits dationorg/ Scholarships Nationwide http://www.roothbertfund
are a number of companies 33) GE and LuLac
ons/privatelyfinanced.jsp tudent/GRFN/list.phtml?

and organizations that ope/
have donated moneys for 19) William Randolph Scholarship Funds
scholarship use to Hearst Endowed
African Americans, a great Scholarship for Minority rams/Scholar.html
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returned because of a lack Scholarship Database
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one is going to knock on 20) Multiple List of om/cgi-bin/M25/index
our doors and ask if we can Minority Scholarships 35) Union Sponsored
use a scholarship. Scholarships and Aid
Take the initiative to get f i n a n c i a l - http://www.aflcioorg/scho
your children involved. assistance/Scholarship/bla larships/scholar.htm
There is no need for money ck.html 36) Federal Scholarships
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donating companies Scholarships Scholarship Gateways
because we fail to apply for http://www.guaranteed- from Black Excel
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tion on to family members, (soma e HBCU connects) 37) Scholarship &Financial
nieces, nephews, friends Aid Help
with children etc. mpanyoffices/educationre-
We must get the word out lations/scholarships /fin-sch.htm
that money is available. If 23) Easley National 38) Scholarship Links (Ed
you are a college student or Scholarship Program Finance Group)
getting ready
to become one, you proba- ior.htm holarship.htm
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ful additional money can S c h o l a r s h i p s (Your Key Aid Form
be. Our youth &Info)
really could use these 26) Jacki Tuckfield
scholarships. Memorial Graduate 40) Aid &Resources For
(If clicking on the link Business Scholarship (for Re-Entry Students
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ually.) http://www.jackituck- 41) Scholarships and Fellowships
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LOWSHIPS FOR College & University ep/links.html
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ED MINORITIES in Paralegal Studies
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P/info.html for Minority Students 43) HBCU Packard Sit
2) Student Inventors http://www.beanactuary.o Abroad Scholarships (for
S c h o l a r s h i p s rg/minority/scholarships.h study around the world) tm
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8) Gates Millennium
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11) National Assoc. of
Black Journalists
Scholarships (NABJ)
12) Saul T. Wilson
Scholarships (Veterinary)
13) Thurgood Marshall
Scholarship Fund
success starts here
14) FinAid: The Smart
Financial Aid scholar-
ships) Karl Williams, The Culinary Institute of Charleston
15) Presidential Freedom
16) Microsoft Scholarship Apply now. Visit for registration schedule. 843.574.6111
Program You must be accepted before registering.
8-December 3, 2008 The Chronicle

Wesley United Methodist Church Faithworks
Johns Island, International Sunday School - 10:00 AM-
Ministries, Sunday Service -11:00 AM
United Methodist Women Group at 721 King Street Thursday Night Bible Study and Prayer Service- 6:00 PM-
presents The church is located at 75 America Street, Charleston,
South Carolina
is sponsoring a
A Women In Red Program and March CAMP HOLIDAY, We are the church where Christians are at work!
REV. CHARLES GREEN a Rewarding (6) day
Sunday, December 7, 2008 experience held during the The Honorable L.B. Fyall- Publicity Committee
HOLY ROCK at 5:00 p.m
school’s Christmas holiday Reverend Leroy Fyall – Pastor
vacation. Register now
MISSIONARY and Let’s Keep Your
BAPTIST Rev. Josephine Richardson of Children Safe and Happy.
CHURCH Payne RUME Church Dedicated and Qualified
James Island, SC Caretakers, Breakfast and
will be the speaker Lunch, Ministry Approved
Curriculum, Supplies and
Rev. Otis Scott, Jr., Pastor Gifts.
Sis. Bettye Legare, President
WED. NITE BIBLE STUDY - 7:00 PM Registration Fee:
$5.00 Per Child Larry J. Ferguson, D.M.D
2111 RONDO ST. All proceeds will benefit our Mission Ministry Registration Deadline:
CHARLESTON, SC December 8, 2008 “Anxiety
Hosted by: Faithworks Free
29414 Women’s Ministries Dentistry”

(843) 763-1005 Pastor Doris Haynes, • Relaxed, comfortable environment
Program Coordinator • Skilled dental care
The FIM Christian Center • Safe, comfortable, “one-hour” in-office
“WE ARE THE whitening
• Nitrous oxide gas-
CHURCH LIFE CHANGING • One pill conscious sedation
THAT SITS BESIDE MINISTRIES- "Come • Same day emergency care
• Dental care credit financing available
join us...and watch your • Free Initial Consultation Appointment
THE ROAD WHERE life change" -
• Exceptional Service Since 1980
EVERYBODY 1852 Wallace School Rd.
IS SOMEBODY & GOD Chas., SC 29407 • Graduate of MUSC School of
Dental Medicine
(Road that runs directly
behind the Larry J. Ferguson, DMD
Marshalls/T.J. Maxx 1812 Wallace Rd. - Ste. 400
Charleston, SC 29407
shopping center)
IN (843-) 571-4411
UNITY Sunday service-
THERE IS 10:00 a.m. 50% off in office whitening with
STRENGTH Bible study- Crown and Bridge work
Wednesdays (located West Ashley- directly behind
@7:00 p.m.
Office Depot & Barnes & Noble Bookstore)
STATE OF SOUTH CAR- Glenn Scott, Pastor



>Å ˆ˜Ìœ ̅i ->ۈ˜}Ã


GILLIARD, a minor child
under the age of Eleven
(11). /…ˆÃ 7iiŽ½Ã -«iVˆ>Ã "˜ /…i ÕÌV…iÀ œVŽ
ABOVE NAMED: 6>Õ /ˆ“i -Õ}>À 7…œi ՓLœ *>VŽ 7…œi
ÀœÕ˜` iiv
REQUIRED to Answer the
Complaint in this action, a
Õi ,ˆLLœ˜ ,ˆVi
-ÌÀˆ«Ã *ˆV˜ˆV
copy of which is herewith
served upon you, and to
serve a copy of your
Answer thereto on the sub-
scriber, Charlie L. Whirl,
f ää
Î L° ÓÉ Î
f ™™
L° £
f ș
L° ™™Z L°
Esquire, at his office, 2112
ÀiÅ ÀÞiÀ i} +ÌÀð
Commander Road, North
>“ˆÞ *>VŽ 6>iÞ`>i œÌ
Charleston, South Carolina
29405, within thirty (30)
days after the date of serv-
>À“ ÀiÅ Àii˜
ˆ“ˆÌ Ó {™ Z
L° +Õ>ÀÌiÀ œˆ˜ œ}à œÀ
ice upon you, exclusive of
Z *œÀŽ
…œ«Ã œœ}˜>
the day of such service;
and if you fail to Answer ÎnZ L° L°
the Complaint within the
time aforesaid, the Plaintiff ˆ` 9iœÜ "˜ˆœ˜Ã 7ˆ˜}à £
f Ι
f ș
L° £Ó œâ° xÉfxää
in this action will apply to
the Court for the relief f -œ` ˆ˜ £ä L° L>}
demanded in the Complaint Ó Lð
œÀˆ`> />˜}iÀˆ˜iÃ
and judgment by default
may be entered against
ÀœViÀÞ -«iVˆ>Ã
Î L° L>}
BY GIVEN NOTICE FUR- ՘Ìà -«>}…iÌ̈ ->ÕVi  iÌV…Õ«
THER that if you fail to >ˆÀÞ >˜` Àœâi˜ œœ`
appear and defend and
filed to answer
Complaint as required by
 -ˆVi` “iÀˆV>˜
…iiÃi ÓÇ œâ° {Éfxää Ó{ œâ° xÉfxää
this Summons within thirty
(30) days after the service
hereof, exclusive of the
£Ó œâ° ÓÉf{ää œÕ ˜> 6i}iÌ>Li
>À}>ÀiÌ œ“iÃ
day of such service, judg-
ment by default will be
entered against you or the
relief demanded in the /Àœ«ˆV>˜> *՘V… {n œâ° "ˆ
f ™™
Ó £x œâ° V>˜ xÉfxää
È{ œâ° {Éfxää ˜}i -œvÌ >̅ /ˆÃÃÕi >ˆ˜ 1ÌÀ> Ó8 ˆµÕˆ`
NOTICE: The Summons
and Complaint in the
œÕLi ,œ >՘`ÀÞ iÌiÀ}i˜Ì
above-entitled action were
filed in the Office of the
Clerk of Court of
 Ài˜V… ÀˆiÃ
ÎÓ œâ° ÓÉ { f ää ™ Àœ {
f ™™
xä œâ° {
f ™™
Charleston County Family ˆiÀ ˆ}… ˆvi
œŽi] ˆiÌ
œŽi] -«ÀˆÌi] iœ 9iœ

Court, Charleston, South
Carolina on September 26,
2008. The Final Hearing
ÕÞ "˜i iÌ "˜i Àii £Ó «Ž°
f ™™
x £Ó «Ž° V>˜Ã

Ó ÌÀ° LœÌ̏ià ÎÉ {
date for the Adoption is f ää
scheduled for December {n œâ° `޽à Vi
Ài>“ LœÌ̏ià œÀ V>˜Ã
19, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. on
the second floor, 100
Broad Street, Charleston
County Judicial Center,
Family Court, Charleston,
South Carolina.

7i ,iÃiÀÛi /…i ,ˆ}…Ì /œ ˆ“ˆÌ +Õ>˜ÌˆÌˆià ˜` /œ
œÀÀiVÌ *Àˆ˜ÌiÀ½Ã ÀÀœÀð 7i >`Þ ,i`ii“ 1-  œœ` -Ì>“«Ã° *ÀˆVià vviV̈Ûi £ÓÉ£Éän‡£ÓÉÇÉän° UY:DU`X6
2112 Commander Rd.
Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 566-9705-Office ££ÎÎ ->Û>˜˜>… ÜÞ°]
…>ÀiÃ̜˜] -
U £Çxä ,i“œÕ˜Ì ,`°] >˜>…>˜] -

Attorney for Plaintiffs
The Chronicle December 3, 2008- 9
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

Drug Resistant TB Patients Stuck in Jails
Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at
5:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at 80 Broad Street, Charleston,
new form of tuberculosis I can't explain,'' said keep patients from trying
South Carolina, the City Council of the City of Charleston will conduct a NNPA Zelda, who is suffering
public hearing on the approval of the Tax Increment Financing Plan for the that has devastated the to escape. XDR TB is on
Redevelopment of the Horizon Redevelopment Project Area under the pro- lives of countless African from Extreme Drug the increase - in 2006 there
(GIN) - Zelda Hansen, a Resistant Tuberculosis or
visions of Chapter 6 of Title 31 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976,
wife and mother of three, is families. was just one case at the
as amended. XDR-TB. She spoke to the Jose Pearson Hospital.
being held like a prisoner BBC, whose cameras were
in South Africa because ''It's like a prison. I'm Since then there have been
The proposed Horizon Redevelopment Project Area shall be that area
found guilty for something allowed into her hospital more than 360.
more particularly described as follows: she suffers from a deadly for the first time.
ALL that certain piece, parcel or tract of land, with buildings and Tuberculosis is a world
improvements thereon, situate, lying and being in the City and County of public health crisis and in
Charleston, State of South Carolina, and being described generally, now or Zelda is being held at Jose South Africa it is been
formerly, as follows, to wit: Pearson Hospital in Port declared a national emer-
Elizabeth, South Africa. gency.
Specified individual parcels (see Exhibit B) within the general boundaries Guarded gates and a fence
of Lockwood Boulevard extending southeast from Fishburne Street to the topped with razor wire
southern end of Brittlebank Park; west along a line to the Ashley River;
south along the Ashley River; southwest across the south bridge of US 17;
north along the western edge of the Ashley River to the north bridge of US ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES
17; extending along westbound US 17; south along Rte 61 extending back All persons having claims against the following estates
to the eastbound lanes of US 17; US 17 extending east to the western edge are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal
of the Ashley River; south along the eastern edge of the Ashley River to Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on
Calhoun Street; Calhoun Street extending east to Fourth Street; Fourth Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston
Street extending south to the north edge of Long Lake; the north edge of County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the
Long Lake extending east to Halsey Boulevard; Halsey Boulevard extend- expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this
ing north to Calhoun Street; Calhoun Street extending west to Lockwood Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and are
Drive; Lockwood Drive extending north to Bee Street; Bee Street extend- forever barred.
ing east to Cherry Street; Cherry Street extending north to US 17; US 17
continuing eastward and northward to President Street; President Street Estate of: HELEN C. HAMPTON
north to Bogard Street; Bogard Street west to Norman Street; Norman 2008-ES-10-1661
Street south to Allway Street; Allway Street west to Hagood Avenue; DOD: 10/30/08
Hagood Avenue north just past Fishburne Street; westward parallel to
Fishburne Street; south connecting back to Fishburne Street; Fishburne Pers. Rep: JOAN C. O’BANNER
Street southwest and then northwest to the wetlands; the edge of the wet- 1425 WITTER ST., CHARLESTON, SC 29412
lands extending southwest to Lockwood Boulevard; Lockwood Boulevard *************************************************************************
extending southeast returning to the origin at Fishburne Street and
Lockwood Boulevard.

The Horizon Area Redevelopment Plan and the redevelopment Week of 12/03/08 thru 12/09/08
projects may be described as follows:

The Horizon Area Redevelopment Plan is intended to reverse conditions of
blight existing within the Horizon Redevelopment Project Area in order to
promote economic development which will increase the tax base and
improve the quality of life within the area. Redevelopment projects includ-

ed in the Horizon Area Redevelopment Plan consist of various public infra-
structure improvements within the area described above as follows:

1. Improvement of the local street network, including improvements
to existing streets and the creation of new connecting streets;
Top Round,
2. Improvements to stormwater management infrastructure;
Bottom Round or
Begins at 8 am,
3. Construction of sidewalks, new curbs and gutter installation,
street-lighting and landscaping;
Sirloin Tip Roast
Saturday, Dec. 6th

40 %
4. Addition of traffic control systems and signalization, and street

5. Improvements to the Crosstown interchanges and off-ramps;

6. Construction of bicycle paths and bicycle and pedestrian facili
1.Creation of new public spaces and parks, and the improvement of exist Without MVP Card Regular Retail
ing parks and park facilities;

2. Construction of civic buildings, such as community centers, public safe-
ty centers and cultural facilities; and Limit 10
6.4 Ounce
3. Construction of parking garages and other parking facilities improve- Kellogg's Grab ‘n Go
ments. Frosted Flakes

It is anticipated that the investment of public money to provide these facil-
ities will make the area attractive for private investment and it is further Boneless Chicken
anticipated that as a result of the public investment in the redevelopment
Breast Fillets or
area, blight, deterioration and other problems will be ameliorated.
Underutilized and vacant buildings and properties will be rehabilitated and Tenders 5/
new buildings will be built. Without MVP Card Regular Retail
The maximum estimated term of obligations to be issued under the rede-

50 5
velopment plan is 15 years from the date of each issue of an obligation pro- Rest Of
vided the maximum term of any obligation shall not exceed the duration of Week 2/
the Redevelopment Plan of 25 years. All interested persons will be given 100%
an opportunity to be heard at the public hearing.
/s/ Vanessa Turner-Maybank
Clerk, Charleston City Council
Off 10.75 Ounce
Without MVP Card $4.99 Lb. Chicken
2.5-3 Lb. Bag
Individually Quick Soup
The public is hereby advised that the City Council Frozen Limit 6
of Charleston will hold a public hearing Tuesday, December

Food Lion Chicken
16, 2008, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall, 80 Broad
Street, on the request that the Zoning Ordinance of the City Breast Halves or
Breast Tenders Gala Apples
of Charleston be changed in the following respects:
99 ¢
Without MVP Card 78¢ Each

1. To rezone 505 Folly Road (James Island) (approx-
imately 0.28acres) (TMS# 424-09-00-032) from Single
Family Residential (SR-1) classification to Residential lb.
Rest Of
Week 59¢
Limit 2 Free
Office (RO) classification. Without MVP Card $12.99 Each Without MVP Card $1.99

2. To rezone St. Johns Woods Parkway (The Villages,
Phase V - Johns Island) (40.1 acres) (TMS# 279-
25-32 Loads
00-00-143) from Single Family Residential (SR-1) classifi- (50 Ounces)
cation to Planned Unit Development (PUD) classification. 10.5-12.5 Ounce
Select Varieties Select Varieties
Canadian Tide Liquid
ZONING Lay's Potato Chips Maple Ham 2X
Limit 2 Free Detergent
3 99
To zone the following properties annexed into the City of
Charleston: Limit 2

$ 99
1. 3565 Savannah Hwy (aka 3549 Savannah Hwy) lb.
(West Ashley) (1.58 acres) (TMS# 285- 00-00-179)
Without MVP Card $5.99
General Business (GB).
2. 3058 Ashley River Road (0.67 acre) (West Ashley)
Without MVP Card $3.99 Each Colby Jack Cheese $
499 lb.
Without MVP

(TMS#358-00-00-007) Single-Family Residential (SR-1). Without MVP Card $7.99

3. 203 Live Oak Avenue (0.2 acre) (West Ashley)
(TMS#418-13-00-058) Single-Family Residential
8 Ounce
Select Varieties
Rest Of
(SR-2). Food Lion
Shredded and
14-16 Ounce
4. 537 Wappoo Road (0.698 acre) (West Ashley) Chunk Cheese Select Varieties 8 Rolls
(TMS#350-05-00-002) Limited Business (LB). Nabisco Chips White or Print
Ahoy! Cookies Bounty
5. 1814 and 1820 Second Drive (0.49 acre) (West Paper
Or 9.5-16 Ounce
Ashley) (TMS#350-05-00-002) Single- Family Towels
Residential (SR-1). 2/ Select Varieties
Sandies Limit 2 Free
Or 6 Mega or
12 Roll
6. 37 Avondale Avenue (0.34 acre) (West Ashley) Without MVP Card 2/$5.98 Without
$7.98 Retail
Each Select Varieties
(TMS#418-14-00-026) Single-Family Residential (SR- Charmin

Ordinance Amendments

1. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) regarding
signs in all zoning districts.
allowed HAS A CURE
Join our effort to Eliminate Hunger:
$ 99
5 Limit 2

Without MVP Card Regular Retail
Rest Of
Clerk of Council
Food Box Drive: Nov. 19 - Dec. 27
Purchase a $4.99 Hunger Has a Cure Food Box
or make a cash donation at the check-out today.
All donations will be used to stock the shelves
of local food banks.
Together we contribute
in products annually to local food banks
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, peo- We reserve the right to limit quantities and correct typographical and photographic errors. Rainchecks unavailable on alcohol and tobacco products. All Stores Accept
ple who need alternative formats, ASL interpretation, or
other accommodation please contact Denise Griffith at
(843) 724-3730 or mail to Good neighbors. Great prices.
10-December 3, 2008 The Chronicle
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine
will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under

the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

DRIVERS-ASAP! Sign-On Charleston, South Carolina, 189, in the Charleston County
APARTMENTS/UNFURNISHED Bonus 35-41cpm Earn over serve a copy of your 17, 2008, at the Charleston within thirty (30) days after the R.M.C. Office.
$1000 weekly. Excellent Answer thereto on the sub- County Courthouse, 100 Broad service hereof, exclusive of the
A HUD Home 5 bd. 2 ba! Only Benefits. Need CDL-A & 3 mos scriber, Charlie L. Whirl, Street, Charleston, South day of such service, and if you
$200/mo. Or $21,470! 5% dn, TMS #712-00-00-109
recent OTR. 877-258-8782 Esquire, at his office, 2112 Carolina. fail to answer the Complaint
20 yrs @ 8.5%. This Home Commander Road, North within time aforesaid, the
Won’t Last! For Listings Call (PARCEL-B)
Charleston, South Carolina Plaintiff in this action will apply
800-391-5228 ext. s154. HOMES FOR RENT 29405, within thirty (30) to the Court for relief demand- ALL that certain
days after the date of serv- Martin Law Firm ed in the Complaint and a judg- piece, part and parcel of land,
AUCTIONS/SHOWS ***Foreclosures/Bank ice upon you, exclusive of ment by default shall be ren-
s/Brian G. Burke_____ situate, lying and being in
Repos*** 3 bd. 2 ba. $230/mo. the day of such service; Brian G. Burke dered against you. Santee Parish No. 1, in the
ANNOUNCE YOUR AUCTION 4 bd. 2 ba. $317/mo. More and if you fail to Answer the
IN 107 S.C. newspapers for Martin Law Firm County of Charleston, State of
Homes Available! 5% dn, 20 Complaint within the time 113 Wappoo Creek Drive YOU WILL ALSO South Carolina, measuring an
only $375. Your 25-word clas- yrs @ 8%. For Listings 800- aforesaid, the Plaintiff in TAKE NOTICE that should you
sified ad will reach more than Charleston, SC 29412 containing 0.72 acre, more or
391-5228 x s118. this action will apply to the fail to Answer the foregoing less, and being bounded on
2.9 million readers. Call Court for the relief demand- 843-762-2121 Summons and Complaint, the
Jimmie Haynes at the S.C. 843-762-2333 fax the Northern side by a parcel
ed in the Complaint and Plaintiff will move for a general of land assigned Charleston
Newspaper Network at 1-888- 3 Bed 2 Bath only $340/mo! judgment by default may be Order of Reference in this case
727-7377. Charleston, South Carolina County TMS #712-00-00-109;
Own a Home! Bank Owned! entered against you. to the Master-in-Equity or on the Eastern side by a parcel
(5% dn, 20 yrs @ 8.5% APR!) Special Referee for this of land assigned Charleston
AUTOMOBILE DONATIONS For Listings 800-508-8176 ext. YOU ARE HEREBY County; which Order shall, pur- County TMS #712-00-00-121;
1241 GIVEN NOTICE FURTHER suant to Rule 53(e) of the on the Southern side by a par-
Donate Your Vehicle, receive that if you fail to appear South Carolina Rules of Civil
$1000 grocery coupon. United STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA cel of land assigned
LAND FOR SALE and defend and filed to COUNTY OF CHARLESTON Procedure, specifically provide Charleston County TMS #712-
Breast Cancer Foundation. answer the Complaint as that the said Master-in-Equity
Free Mammograms, breast 00-00-151; and on the Western
1 ACRE STEAL. 1 ac river required by this Summons BETTY MYERS, or Special Referee is author- side by a fifty feet wide road
cancer info access for only $29,900. It’s a within thirty (30) days after ized and empowered to enter a
Free towing, tax deductible, right of way.
steal at under $200 per month. the service hereof, exclu- Plaintiff, Final Judgment in this case.
non-runners accepted, 1-888- River, pool, ballfields, great sive of the day of such
468-5964. This being a parcel of
schools, and more. A families service, judgment by -versus- PLEASE TAKE FUR- land conveyed in a deed of
dream. Call now! 877-289- default will be entered THER NOTICE that the Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 2045 against you or the relief Amended Lis Pendens,
PEGGY MOSLEY, Auditor for Myers, dated June 24, 2005
demanded in the Charleston County and suc- Amended Summons and and recorded on August 11,
ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE. MISCELLANEOUS Complaint. Amended Complaint in this
Do you earn $800 in a day? cessor in Office to John C. 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
Mehrtens and Henry action were filed on November 189, in the Charleston County
Your own local candy route. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE PLEASE TAKE _____, 2008, at the Charleston
Includes 30 Machines and Tecklenberg; D. MICHAEL R.M.C. Office
from Home. *Medical, NOTICE: The Summons HUGGINS, Assessor for County Courthouse, 100 Broad
Candy. All for $9,995. 1-888- *Business, *Paralegal, and Complaint in the Street, Charleston, South
771-3501. S.S. REG#664 Charleston County and suc- TMS #712-00-00-110
*Computers, *Criminal justice. above-entitled action were cessor in Office to John R. Carolina 29401.
Job placement assistance. filed in the Office of the Lindsey; Andrew C. Smith, (PARCEL-C)
COMPUTERS Computer available. Financial Clerk of Court, Charleston Dated at Charleston,
Treasurer for Charleston
Aid if qualified. Call 866-858- County Family Court, County and successor in Office South Carolina, this 10 day of ALL that certain
A NEW COMPUTER NOW!!! 2121 Charleston, South Carolina November, 2008.
Brand name laptops & desk- to William J. Leonard, J. piece, part and parcel of land,
; on September 26, 2008. Riddick and William O. situate, lying and being in
tops. Bad or NO credit- No The Final Hearing date for DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR.,
Problem. Smallest weekly pay- Thomas, Jr., and MORT FAR- Santee Parish No. 1, in the
the Adoption is scheduled RIS, Delinquent Tax Collector ESQUIRE County of Charleston, State of
ments avail. It’s yours NOW - AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train for December 19, 2008 at 61 MORRIS STREET
Call NOW 800-805-1525. for Charleston County and South Carolina, measuring and
for high paying Aviation 9:30 a.m. on the second successor in Office to Joseph CHARLESTON, S.C. 29413- containing 1.12 acre, more or
Maintenance Career. FAA floor, 100 Broad Street, M. Poulnot, Sheriff and the for- 1830 less, and being bounded on
EMPLOYMENT approved program. Financial Charleston County Judicial (843) 723-1686
mer Delinquent Tax Collector the Northern by a parcel of
aid if qualified- Job placement Center, Family Court, for Charleston County; JOHN land assigned Charleston
Learn to Operate a Crane or assistance. CALL Aviation Charleston, South Carolina. ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAIN-
Bulldozer. Heavy Equipment DOE, adults, and RICHARD County TMS #712-00-00-121;
Institute of Maintenance (888) ROE, infants, insane persons TIFF on the Eastern side by a parcel
Training. Prepare for National 349-5387. CHARLIE L. WHIRL
Certification. Financial & and incompetents, being ficti- of land assigned Charleston
2112 Commander Rd. tious names, designating as a Charleston, South Carolina County TMS #712-00-00-111;
Placement Assistance. Charleston, SC 29405
Georgia School of class any person who may be on the Southern side by a par-
A NEW COMPUTER NOW!!! (843) 566-9705-Office an heir, distribute, devisee, November 10, 2008. cel of land assigned
C o n s t r u c t i o n . Brand name laptops & desk- Attorney for Plaintiff 1-888-381- legatee, widow, widower, Charleston County TMS #712-
tops. Bad or NO credit- No assignee, administrator, 00-00-11; and on the Western
2437. Problem. Smallest weekly pay- AMENDED LIS PENDENS
executor, personal representa- side partially by a fifty feet wide
ments avail. It’s yours NOW - tive, creditor, successor, issue road right of way and a parcel
and alienee of Samuel Bash, of land assigned Charleston
Julia Myers and Charles Case, NAMED: County TMS #712-00-00-111.
$600 Weekly Potential$$$ MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE
Processing HUD Refunds, PT. deceased; and Thelma Myers,
STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Richard Cash, Lemark Cash NOTICE IS HEREBY This being a parcel of
No Experience. No Selling. Wood stoves shipped, parts, COUNTY OF CHARLESTON given that an action has been
Call: 1-888-213-5225 Ad Code: a/k/a Lamar Cash, Mary Lee land conveyed in a deed of
motors, blowers, thermostats, Singleton and Charlie Cash, commenced and is now pend- Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
M18 glass, pipe, chimney liners, ing in the Court of Common
George Herbert Roper, Kurline Myers, dated June 24, 2005
catalytic combustors, all White, Gracie Roper Grant, Defendants. Pleas for Charleston County, and recorded on August 11,
HELP WANTED brands, fast cheap shipping. pursuant:
and Carolyn Gibbs, 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
Gas logs, heaters, wicks. IN THE COURT OF COM- 196, in the Charleston County
PAID APPRENTICE HS grads Knowledgeable staff. www.ser- the provisions of Title 12,
ages 17-34. No Exp needed: Plaintiffs, MON PLEAS R.M.C. Office 1-800-472- NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Chapter 49, South Carolina
Electronics, engineering, com- 6728. Code of Laws for 1976, as
munications, more career CASE NUMBER: 06-CP-10-2043 TMS #712-00-00-151
The Estate of Isiah Roper, The amended, as to the Plaintiff’s
openings. Pay with benefits. NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS First Cause of Action for the
Call Mon-Fri 800-662-7231 for Estate of Maggie NOTICE NISI (PARCEL-D)
entry of judgment declaring the
local interview. Roper, The Estate of Sadie tax sale of the subject was ALL that certain
DIVORCE without children Roper, The Estate of PLEASE TAKE
$95.00, DIVORCE with chil- NOTICE that there has been valid. piece, part and parcel of land,
HELP WANTED – DRIVERS dren $95.00. With FREE name Hutchinson Roper, The situate, lying and being in
Estate Idella Roper, The Estate filed in the Office of the Clerk of
change documents (wife only) Court for Charleston County, the provisions of Title 15, Santee Parish No. 1, in the
No Driver Experience Needed. and marital settlement agree- of Melvin Roper, The Chapters 53 and 67, South County of Charleston, State of
Earn CDL as You Drive. State of South Carolina, an
ment. Fast, easy and profes- Estate of James Roper, The Order appointing for you as Carolina Code of Laws South Carolina, measuring and
Company-Paid Training. Work sional. Call 1-888-789-0198. Estate of Alla Mae Roper, The for 1976, as amended, with containing 9.03 acre, more or
for Wil-Trans Trucking, be OTR Guardian Ad Litem, KELVIN M.
Estate of Emily Roper HUGER, whose business respect to the Second Cause less, and being bounded on
in three weeks. 888-428-7651. VACATION/TRAVEL Gibbs, The Estate of Arthur of action for the purpose of the Northern side by a parcel
Must be 23. address is 27 Gamecok
Gibbs, Arthur Gibbs, Jr., Henry Avenue, Charleston, South obtaining the judgment of this of land assigned Charleston
NEED RENTERS? ADVER- Gibbs, Ronald Lee Gibbs, Carolina, 29407, which Court declaring that the County TMS #712-00-00-151
TISE your vacation home to Bernard Gibbs, George appointment shall become Plaintiff is the owner of the and a fifty feet wide road of
Get rolling in your new career! more than 2.9 million South Herbert Roper, Kurline Roper parcels of land described here- way; on the Eastern side by a
Call Xtra Mile to enroll for CDL absolute upon the expiration of
Carolina newspaper readers. White, Gracie Roper Grant, thirty (30) days after the last in, the contents of which are portion of a parcel of land
Class A training. Financial aid Your 25-word classified ad will The Estate of Herman Roper, being fully incorporated herein assigned Charleston County
available. 15 locations to serve day of publication of a copy of
appear in 107 S.C. newspa- Margaret Roper, J Doe adults the Summons and Lis and made apart hereof, with TMS #712-00-00-121; on the
you. 1-866-484-6313 pers for only $375. Call Jimmie and M Roe infants, insane fee simple title thereto, free Southern side by the marshes
Pendens herein unless you or
Haynes at the South Carolina persons, incompetents someone on your behalf, on or and clear of any adverse of an extending to the
Newspaper Network at 1-888- being fictious names designat- before the last mentioned date, claims of each and every one Intercoastal Waterway; and a
50c/Loaded-25c/Empty to 727-7377. of the Defendants who are parcel of land assigned
qualified OTR FB drivers. 800- ing a class of persons shall produce someone to be
appointed as Guardian Ad joined in the above entitled Charleston County TMS #712-
845-4932 ext# 231 www.bull- known or unknown who may 00-00-122; and on the Western
be heirs, distributees, Litem to represent you in this action, and to declare that each and every one of them to side by the parcel of land
devisees, legatees, widow, action.
STATE OF SOUTH CAR- be forever barred from assert- assigned Charleston County
widower, assignees executor, TMS #712-00-00-_____and
OLINA IN THE FAMILY administrators, creditors, suc- DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR. ing or claiming any right, title
DRIVER - $5K SIGN-ON and interest therein or thereto, TMS #712-00-00-122.
BONUS for experienced teams COURT OF THE NINTH cessor, issue and alieness Attorney for Plaintiff
JUDICIAL of the Estate of Isiah Roper 61 Morris Street and pursuant to the provisions
with HazMat: Dry Van & temp of Title _____, Chapter ____, This being a parcel of
control available. O/Os wel- CIRCUIT COUNTY and Maggie Roper, and all Charleston, S.C. 29403
OF CHARLESTON (843) 723-1686 South Carolina Code land conveyed by Mary W.
come. Call Covenant (866) other persons known or Code of Law for 1976, as Witherspoon to Betty Myers, in
684-2519. EOE. unknown claiming any right, amended for the purpose of a deed dated June 24, 2005
CASE NO.: title, Estate, interest in or lien CHARLESTON, SOUTH
2008-DR-10-3534 CAROLINA obtaining the judgment of the and recorded on August 11,
upon the real property June 6, 2006. Court declaring that the 2005, in Book X-458, at Page
Driver- PTL Needs Company described in the complaint, Defendants Thelma Myers, 196, in the Charleston County
Drivers- CDL-A earn up to CYNTHIA DENISE LLOYD,
adverse to the Plaintiff’s AMENDED NOTICE Richard Cash, Lemark Cash R.M.C. Office
40cpm. 1/2cpm increase every ownership, or any claim on a/k/a Lamar Cash, Mary Lee
60K miles. Average 2,800 Plaintiff,
v. Plaintiff’s title, YOU ARE HEREBY Singleton and Charlie Cash be TMS #712-00-00-111
miles/week. NOTIFIED that the Civil Action ejected from Parcels “A”, “B”,
Call 877-853-3311. Defendants. Cover Sheets Amended Lis “C”, and “D” that are described (PARCEL-E)
Defendant. Pendens, Amended Summons herein, and the contents there-
_______________________ and Amended Notice, of are being incorporated here- ALL that certain
DRIVERS ~ CDL-A: Home Complaint, Petitions for in by reference. piece, part and parcel of land,
Weekends & Great Pay! IN THE INTEREST OF:
XAVIAR DAVEON LLOYD, IN THE COURT OF Appointment of Guardian Ad situate, lying and being in
Company & L/P available. Paid COMMON PLEAS Litem, Order for Appointment THE BELOW Santee Parish No. 1, in the
Vacation, Benefits & More. 3 a minor child under the age
of Eleven (11). of Guardian Ad Litem, Notice DESCRIBED parcel of real County of Charleston, State of
months OTR req’d. 800-441- Nisi, Affidavit of Publication, estate was at the time of the fil- South Carolina, measuring and
TO THE DEFENDANTS Order of Publication, and ing of this Lis Pendens, and at containing 0.69 acre, more or
CASE NO.: 07-CP-10-4227 Notice of Intention to Refer to less, and being bounded on
ABOVE NAMED: the time of the commencement
Master-in-Equity for Final of this action, situated, lying the Northern side by lands of
Driver- Owner Operators & SUMMONS AS A NOTICE Determination were filed with __________; on the Eastern
YOU ARE HERE- OF THE COMPLAINT and being in the County of
Company Drivers. Miles and the Clerk of Court for Charleston, State of South side by a parcel of land now or
Mileage. Home often. Paid BY SUMMONED AND
REQUIRED to Answer the Charleston County on Carolina, and is more particu- formerly owned by the Estate
weekly and much more! Call TO THE ABOVE NAMED November 12, 2008. of March Washington; on the
Complaint in this action, a DEFENDANTS: larly described as follows:
Karen today, 800-333-8393 x Southern side by lands now or
1121 or visit, www.geminitraf- copy of which is herewith
served upon you, and to The purpose of this (PARCEL –A) formerly of Jerry L. Middleton, YOU ARE HEREBY action is to clear the title to the and on the Western side by the
SUMMONED and required to subject of real estate property. ALL that certain parcel of land now or formerly
answer the Complaint in this piece, part and parcel of land, owned by the Estate of Mose
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES action, a copy of which is here- DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR. situate, lying and being in and Stephney McNeal.
All persons having claims against the following estates with served upon you, and to Attorney for Plaintiff Santee Parish No. 1, in the
serve a copy of your Answer to 61 Morris Street County of Charleston, State of This being a parcel of
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal the said Complaint on the Charleston, S.C. 29403 land conveyed in a deed Mary
South Carolina, measuring an W, Witherspoon to the Grantee
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on Plaintiff, or on Plaintiff’s attor- (843) 723-1686 containing 0.69 acre, more or
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston Betty Myers, dated June 24,
ney, Brian G. Burke, at his less, and being bounded on 2005 and recorded on August
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the office, 113 Wappoo Creek CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAR- the Northern side by U.S. 11, 2005, in Book X-548, at
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of Drive, Charleston, South OLINA Highway 17 North; on the Page 189, in the Charleston
Carolina 29412, within thirty November 12, 2008. Eastern side by a parcel of County R.M.C. Office.
this Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be
and are forever barred. (30) days after service hereof, AMENDED SUMMONS land assigned Charleston
exclusive of the day of such County TMS #712-00-00-121; TMS #712-00-00-180
service, and if you fail to TO: THE DEFENDANTS on the Southern side by a par-
Estate of: KING DAVID GRAHAM answer the Complaint within ABOVE NAMED: cel of land assigned DANIEL E. MARTIN, JR.,
2008-ES-10-1456 the time aforesaid, the Plaintiff Charleston County TMS #712- ESQUIRE
DOD: 09/04/08 in this action will apply to Court YOU ARE HEREBY 00-00-110; and on the Western 61 MORRIS STREET
for the relief demanded in the SUMMONED and required to side by a fifty feet wide road POST OFFICE BOX 21830
Pers. Rep: EDNA K. GRAHAM right of way. CHARLESTON, S.C. 29403-
2144 MIDLAND PARK RD., NORTH Complaint and a judgment by answer the Complaint in this
default may be rendered action, a copy of which is here- 1830
CHARLESTON, SC 29406 against you. with served upon you, and to This being a parcel of (843) 723-1686
Atty: EDUARDO K. CURRY, ESQ. PLEASE TAKE FUR- serve a copy of your Answer land conveyed in a deed of ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF
PO BOX 42270, NORTH CHARLESTON, SC THER NOTICE that the on the Plaintiff or her attorney, Mary W. Witherspoon to Betty
Myers, dated June 24. 2005 Charleston, South Carolina
29423 Summons and Complaint in Daniel E. Martin, Jr., at his
this action were filed on June office, No. 61 Morris Street, and recorded on August 11, November 10, 2008.
************************************************************************* 2005, in Book X-548, at Page
The Chronicle December 3, 2008-12

May Have
Ohio Jails
Special to the NNPA from
the Houston Forward

(NNPA) - The Cleveland
Plain Dealer is reporting
that Sean Levert's death in
Ohio's Cuyahoga County
jail in March may have
been avoided had he been
incarcerated in either of
Ohio's two other major
urban-county jails.
Officials at the Franklin
and Hamilton county jails
said their facilities have
policies that would not
have denied the R&B
singer his doctor-pre-
scribed anxiety medica-
tion, as staff at the
Cuyahoga County Jail did
during what became the

Sean Levert
last six days of life.
A county coroner's report
concluded that Levert's
withdrawal symptoms from
the drug Xanax con-
tributed to the complica-
tions that stopped his heart
on March 30. Levert was
waiting for a doctor's eval-
uation to decide if he
should be allowed the med-
icine. The visit was sched-
uled for April 8.
''If he had been in our jail
and Xanax was on the for-
mulary - if it was a stan-
dard-issue drug - he would
have seen a doctor who
would prescribe it,'' said
Mark Barrett, chief deputy
for jail administration in
the Franklin County
Sheriff's Office.

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