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Word about abstract to accomplish to accumulate to administer to admit almost animated to annoy to answer anyway apparent to appear applicable

appreciable ardour arise aromatic to arrive artful association to assure attractive away awful backbone backside bad (not good) ballot to bear on sth. to beat becoming to begin to behave

Synonym A approximately summary to achieve to build up to manage to confess nearly lively to irritate, to bother to reply besides obvious to seem relevant considerable passion occur fragrant to reach crafty organization to guarantee appealing absent terrible B spine behind, bottom poor, naughty poll to affect to defeat fitting to start to act

believable belly bendy beneficiant beneficial bid bizarre blameless bloodbath bloodless branch brave to bring sth. back to bring sth. on to bring sb. up brow bum business busy (telephone) candy to categorize to categorise (BE) charter cheesy chiefly choosy to chop chorus citation to cite class clerk clever to close coiffure to collapse to collect

plausible stomach flexible generous favourable tender weird innocent massacre cold department courageous to reintroduce to cause to raise forehead backside, behind, bottom commerce, trade engaged C sweet to classify constitution corny, tacky mainly picky to cut refrain quotation to quote lesson, course receptionist intelligent to shut hairstyle to break down to gather

comfort comic commencement complete completely concord to condemn confederate to confine conflict to conform to confuse to connect considerate constancy constant constitution construction (lit.) to consult contemporary continuous contrary convention to convey to cope correct couch crook crusade cube curative curler cussed dash daybreak deceptive decontrol

consolation comedian graduation total totally harmony to sentence accomplice to restrict clash to comply to mix up to associate, to put through (telephone) thoughtful fidelity fixed structure interpretation to refer to modern continual opposite conference to communicate to manage right sofa criminal campaign dice healing roller stubborn D sprint dawn misleading deregulate

dedicated to deduce defective deliberate deliberately delicate to demostrate to denationalize to denationalise (BE) denims to denote to deprave depraved to desert deserted destiny detached devil dicy to differentiate to diminish disadvantaged disagreeable to disappear disaster to disclaim to disclose discount disgrace domesticate dossier dubious dull (person) eager earth ecocnomic egocentric

committed to infer faulty planned intentionally fragile to protest to privatize jeans to indicate, to represent to corrupt wicked, evil to abandon abandoned fate indifferent satan risky to distinguish to decrease deprived unpleasant to vanish catastrophe to deny to reveal reduction shame cultivate file doubtful stupid E keen soil profitable selfish

to elevate to emphasise to emphasize to encounter enormous to enquire equity especially essential to establish to evaluate everlasting exactly except to expire to explode extra to fabricate famous fanatic fantastic to float fool foolish forehead to foretell formerly fortunate foxy foyer fragrance French dressing to function .

to raise, to promote to stress to come across huge, immense to investigate fairness particularly fundamental to set up to assess eternal precisely apart from to run out to blow up additional F to manufacture famed, renowned enthusiast great, brilliant to drift idiot silly brow to predict previously lucky cunning lobby perfume vinaigrette to operate



garbage garbage can (AE) gay to glitter to grab grasping gratis gratuity gravestone to grouse gut hall to hand sth. out handsome hang-out happily hard hashish to hawk to hazard hearsay hermetic highbrow hint hole home homicide housebreaking hunger to hurry hypothesis idler if to ignore illiberal

G rubbish trashcan (AE) homosexual to sparkle to seize greedy free of charge tip headstone to grumble intestine H corridor to distribute good-looking haunt fortunately tough cannabis to peddle to endanger rumour airtight intellectual trace, tip gap domestic murder burglary starvation to rush speculation I loafer whether to disregard intolerant

to illuminate to illustrate to imagine to imitate immediate immobile immoderate immodest to impact impartial impasse impassive to impeach impediment imperative impolite incidentally inconsiderate indisputable infamous infantile to infect inflexible inflow informal infrequent inheritor innocent insolvent to inspect instinct instructions insufferable insufficient insupportable insurgent intellectual to intend

to clarify; to light up to demonstrate to suppose, to assume to mimic instant motionless excessive conceited to affect neutral deadlock emotionless to question obstacle vital rude by the way thoughtless indeniable notorious childish to contaminate rigid influx casual rare heir harmless bancrupt to examine intuition directions unbearable inadequate intolerable rebel mental to mean

to intensify interplay inventory invoice to ivolve isolated jealous joy knowingly lacking last leading to learn legitimate lethal liveable livid loopy lousy lucid Word mackintosh madness magican magistrate to magnify to maintain manmade mannequin material matters maybe in the meantime

to heighten interaction stock bill to entail loney J envious delight K deliberately L missing final main to memorize valid, lega deadly habitable furious crazy awful clear Synonym M waterproof coat insanity conjuror Justice of the Peace to exaggerate to preserve artifical model fabric things perhaps, possibly meanwhile

measure meeting mendacity merciless middleman midway to migrate mild to mimic mind mindless to minimize to mirror to misconceive miserable misery misread missing mistrust mo (AE) moderately modern more and more moreover movie murderer naked nameless napkin to narrate a narrative a native to near necessary nightfall nobility to nominate

degree assembly lying cruel intermediary halfway emigrate gentle to imitate intellect senseless to play down to reflect to misunderstand depressing distress misinterpret lost distrust moment reasonably contemporary increasingly in addition film assassin N bare anonymous serviette to relate a story a local to approach essential dusk the Aristocracy to appoint

non-stop noon noted to notify notwithstanding nugatory numerous obdurate object obligatory oblique omnipotent obsolete off-season to operate organic ornament outside to overhaul to overlook overseas to oversee painting paper money particular passable pattern peaceable perception phantasm pocket book poisonous possibility post-mortem practically praise

continuous midday famous to inform however worthless many O stubborn thing compulsory indirect all-powerful out of date low season to function biological decoration external to overtake to miss abroad to supervise P portray notes specific satisfactory sample peaceful insight illusion notebook toxic opportunity autopsy virtually compliment

precedence precept precis pressing previous priority prompt prosperous to provide provided to put sth. back to quake quite reasonable to receive refrain reliable religious remainder remark reminiscence remorse remoted removable to renew to renounce repute to respond revolting rubbish rude to rue Word sacristy

priority principle summary urgent preceding precedence immediate affluent to supply if to postpone Q to tremble fairly R fair to get chorus dependable devout the rest comment memory regret isolated detachable to resume to give up reputation to reply disgusting nonsense impolite to regret Synonym S vestry

satisfied scarcity scrumptious second to select selection self-assured signal significant silly sincere skull soiled spotlight stable steady stupid substantially suggest sundown sunrise sure surroundings to survive to symbolize tailored temper terror testament today torpid touchdown touchy to transform transitority transparent trustworthy

convinced shortage delicious moment to choose choice confident sign meaningful foolish honest cranium dirty highlight steady regular silly considerably propose sunset dawn certain environment to outlive to represent T tailor-made mood terrorism testomony nowadays lethargic landing sensitive to convert temporary obvious reliable

twister twosome ultimate uncared for uncommon uncooked undeniable understandable unforeseen unfortunate unhurt uninjured unlawful unmarried unstated untimely untrue unusual unvoiced uprising usually vacancy to vacuum vague vain valueless to vanquish to vary vast virtue to visualize warrantly well mannered well timed winery

tornado pair U final neglected unusual raw indisputable comprehensible unexpected unlucky unharmed unhurt illegal single unspoken premature unfaithful strange voiceless rebellion generally,normally V emptiness to hoover indistinct useless worthless to conquer to differ huge advantage to imagine W guarantee polite timely vineyard

to withstand zenith

to resist Z peak

Antonym List
absence accept accurate advantage alive always ancient answer approval approached abundant admit advance artificial arrival ascend attack attractive attention asleep presence refuse inaccurate disadvantage dead never modern question, query disapproval receded, departed scarce deny retreat, retire natural departure descend defense repulsive inattention awake

ally agree bad backward bend beautiful beginning below bent big blunt better best blame bless bitter borrow bravery build bold bright broad clear careful calm capable

enemy disagree good forward, onward straighten ugly ending above straight small, little sharp worse worst praise curse sweet lend cowardice destroy, demolish timid, meek dull narrow vague, cloudy rush, careless troubled incapable

captivity cellar cheap close clever cold combine clockwise correct conceal come common comfort courage cruel courteous cunning dainty danger dark deep decrease definite demand despair disappear

freedom, liberty attic dear, expensive distant stupid hot separate anti-clockwise incorrect reveal go rare discomfort cowardice kind discourteous, rude simple clumsy safety light shallow increase indefinite supply hope appear

disease discourage dismal doctor dry dull dusk early easy ebb East economise encourage entrance employer empty excited end expand expensive export exterior external fail false feeble

health encourage cheerful patient wet clear, bright dawn late difficult flow West waste discourage exit employee full calm beginning contract inexpensive, cheap import interior internal succeed true sturdy, strong, powerful

foolish fast few famous forelegs fat find first freedom fold frequent forget found fresh friend fortunate frank full generous gentle gather glad gloomy giant granted great

wise slow many unknown hind legs thin lose last captivity unfold seldom remember lost stale enemy unfortunate secretive empty mean rough distribute sorry cheerful dwarf, pygmy refused minute, small, little

guardian guest guilty happy hard harmful hasten hate healthy here heavy height hero hill horizontal hinder honest humble hunger imitation immense imprison include increase inhabited inferior

ward host innocent sad, miserable soft harmless dawdle love unhealthy, ill, diseased there light depth coward valley vertical aid, help dishonest proud thirst genuine tiny, minute free exclude decrease uninhabited superior

inside intelligent inhale interior interesting internal intentional join junior justice king knowledge laugh lawful lazy land landlord large last lawyer lecturer lender lengthen left less light

outside unintelligent, stupid exhale exterior, outside uninteresting, dull external accidental separate senior injustice subject ignorance cry unlawful industrious, energetic sea tenant little, small first client student borrower shorten right more dark, heavy

like likely leader little lofty long loud loss low loyal mad magnetize master mature maximum me merry minority miser misunderstand narrow near neat new night noisy

dislike, unlike unlikely follower large, much, big lowly short soft find, win high disloyal sane demagnetize servant immature minimum you mirthless, sad majority spendthrift understand wide far, distant untidy old day quiet

North obedient odd offer open optimist out parent past patient peace permanent please plentiful poetry possible poverty powerful polite private prudent pretty pure qualified rapid regularly

South disobedient even refuse shut pessimist in child present impatient war temporary displease scarce prose impossible wealth feeble, weak impolite, rude public imprudent unsightly, ugly impure unqualified slow irregularly

rich right rigid rough satisfactory security scatter serious second-hand sense shopkeeper singular simple slim solid sober speaker sour sorrow sow stand straight strong success sunny take

poor wrong, left pliable, soft smooth unsatisfactory insecurity collect trivial new nonsense customer plural complicated thick, stout liquid drunk listener sweet joy reap lie crooked weak failure cloudy give

tall tame teacher thick tight top transparent truth up vacant valuable victory virtue visible voluntary vowel wax wisdom within

short wild pupil thin slack, loose bottom opaque untruth, lie down occupied valueless defeat vice invisible compulsory consonant wane folly without

abundant accept accidental accurate

scarce refuse intentional incorrect

joy knowledge lazy literal

grief ignorance industrious figurative

admit advance antique attack authentic beg cease combine comedy condemn conquer contract dangerous depart destroy discourage disgrace drunk dwarf evil exhibit exterior extinguish

deny retreat modern defend imitation offer begin separate tragedy praise fail expand safe arrive create encourage honor sober giant good conceal interior ignite

majority maximum merciful miserable mix moist naked necessary nourish obey perfect permit positive private prohibit reluctant sane simple shrink slavery solid spend stationary

minority minimum cruel happy sort dry clothed useless starve disobey faulty forbid negative public allow enthusiastic insane complicated expand freedom liquid save movable

fail famous fertile fiction former frequent gather genuine generous grin harmony harsh idle imaginary import imprison illegal include interior

succeed unknown barren fact latter infrequent scatter fake stingy frown discord mild busy real export free lawful exclude superior .

stiff strengthen swift tardy temporary thaw tough triumph unbreakable unique useful usually vacant vanish victory villain violent wealth worthless

limp weaken slow early permanent freeze tender fail fragile ordinary useless rarely occupied appear defeat hero gentle poverty valuable

Words A about above absence abundance

Opposites exactly below presence lack

Words Opposites cold (adj) hot cold (noun) heat to come to go comedy drama, tragedy complicated simple

Words to find to finish finish first to fix

Opposites to lose to begin start final, last to break

to accept accidental active to add to admit adult advanced affirmative afraid after against alike alive all always ancient to agree to allow already always amateur to amuse angel animal to annoy to answer answer antonym apart approximately to argue to arrest arrival to arrive

to refuse intentional lazy to subtract to deny child elementary negative brave before for different dead none never modern to refuse, to argue to forbid not yet never professional to bore devil human to satisfy to ask question synonym together exactly to agree to free, to set free departure to depart, to

compliment compulsory to connect consonant constant construction to continue cool correct courage courageous cowardly to create cruel to cry to cry curly D to damage danger dangerous dark daughter dawn day deep defeat delicious to deny to depart departure desperate to destroy destruction

insult voluntary to separate vowel changeable destruction to interrupt warm false, wrong fear cowardly brave, courageous to destroy human, kind humane to whisper to laugh straight to repair security, safety safe light son dusk night shallow victory awful to admit to arrive arrival hopeful to build, to create, to form construction

flat floor to follow to forbid for foreground foreign foreigner to forget to form fortune forward to free to freeze frequently friend front in front of full funny future

hilly ceiling to lead to allow, to let, to permit against background domestic native to remember to destroy bad luck backward to arrest to melt occasionally enemy rear back, behind empty serious past, present G particular, special mean violent, rough, strict lady boy to take to come, to stop bad godmother child host innocent

general generous gentle gentleman girl to give to go good godfather grown-up guest guilty

artificial to ask asleep to attack attack attic autumn awake awful back background backward bad bad luck beauty before to begin beginning behind below best better beautiful big birth bitter black blunt body to bore boring to borrow

leave natural to answer awake to defend defence, protection cellar spring asleep delicious, nice, pleasant B in front of foreground forward good fortune, good luck ugliness after to end, to finish end, ending in front of above worst worse ugly small death sweet white sharp soul to amuse, to be interested in exciting, interesting to lend

devil dictatorship to die different difficult dirty disease distant to divide division to divorce divorce divorced domestic down downstairs drama dry dull dusk E early east easy elementary to emigrate emigration empty to end end ending enemy to enjoy

angel democracy to live alike, equal, the same easy clean health near to unite unity to marry marriage, wedding married foreign up upstairs comedy humid, wet interesting dawn late west difficult, hard advanced to immigrate immigration full to begin beginning beginning friend to hate

H happiness happy handsome hard to harvest to hate health healthy heat heaven heavy hell here high high hilly to hit hopeful hopeless horizontal host hot huge human humane humid hungry husband I in front of to ignore ill back, behind to notice healty, well sadness sad ugly easy, soft to plant to enjoy, to like, to love disease, illness ill, sick cold hell light heaven there deep low flat to miss desperate, hopeless hopeful vertical guest, visitor cold tiny animal cruel dry thirsty wife

bottom boy brave to break broad brother to build busy to buy calm careful careless to catch ceiling cellar centre certainly changeable cheap child children clean clever to close closed cloudy

top girl cowardly, afraid to mend, to fix narrow sister to destroy lazy to sell C excited careless careful to miss, to throw floor attic outskirts, suburb probably constant expensive adult, grown-up parents dirty stupid to open open clear, sunny, bright

to enter entrance equal even evening everybody everything exactly excited exciting to exclude exit expensive export exposure extreme F to fail failure false far fast fat fear female few final

to leave exit different odd morning nobody nothing approximately calm boring to include entrance cheap import shelter moderate

to immigrate immigration import in to include to increase innocent inside insult intelligent intentional interested interesting to interrupt J to jeopardize jolly

to emigrate emigration export out to exclude to reduce guilty outside compliment silly, stupid accidental bored boring, dull to continue to secure unhappy senior K uninterested cruel, nasty

to succeed, to pass success correct, true near slow slim, thin courage male many first

junior keen kind

Words L lack lady

Opposites abundance, plenty gentleman

Words outside outskirts over

Opposites inside centre under

Words south special spring

Opposites north general, ordinary autumn

to land land large last late to laugh lazy to lead to learn to leave left to lend less to let to lie life light to like liquid little little to live long to lose loser loud to love lovely low to lower major male man many marriage married to marry master

to take off water small first early to cry active, busy to follow to teach to arrive, to enter right to borrow more to forbid to stand death dark, heavy to hate solid big, large much to die short to find, to win winner quiet to hate terrible high to raise M minor female woman few, some divorce divorced, single to divorce servant

P parents part partial particular to pass past peace to permit to plant plenty pleasant polite poor poverty powerful presence present pretty private probably professional to protect protection public to pull pupil to push Q question quick quiet R to raise rainy rear to receive to reduce to refuse to lower sunny front to send to increase to agree, to answer slow loud, noisy children whole total general to fail future, present war to forbid to harvest lack awful rude, impolite rich, wealthy wealth weak absence past, future ugly public certainly amateur to attack attack private to push teacher to pull

to stand to start start to stop to stand strange strict strong student stupid suburb to succeed success to subtract sugar summer sun sunny supporter to suspect sweet synonym T to take to take off tall to teach teacher thankful terrible there then thin to throw tight tiny together tomorrow top

to sit to stop finish, end, stop to start, to go to lie normal tolerant, indulgent weak teacher clever, intelligent centre to fail failure to add salt winter moon cloudy, rainy opponent to trust bitter, sour antonym to give to land small, short to learn pupil, student thankless lovely here now thick, fat to catch loose huge apart yesterday bottom

maximum mean to melt men to mend mess midnight minimum minor to miss moderate modern monarchy moon more morning mountain much N narrow nasty native natural near negative nephew never new nice niece night no nobody noisy

minimum generous to freeze women to break order noon maximum major to hit, to catch extreme ancient, old republic sun less evening valley little broad, wide nice, pleasant foreigner, stranger artificial distant, far affirmative niece always ancient, old awful, nasty nephew day yes everybody quiet, silent

regret to remember to repair to reply reply republic to rest rich right to rise rough rude rural S

accept satisfaction to forget to damage to ask question dictatorship, monarchy to work poor left, wrong to sink gentle, smooth, soft polite urban

total town tragedy trivial true to trust U ugliness ugly under to unite unity up upstairs urban urgent useless V vacant valley vertical victory village violent visitor voluntary vowel W war warm to waste water weak wealth

partial village comedy important false to suspect beauty beautiful, handsome, pretty over to divide, to separate division down downstairs rural leisurely useful occupied mountain horizontal defeat town gentle host compulsory consonant peace cool to save land powerful, strong poverty

sad happy sadness happiness safe dangerous safety danger same, similar different satisfaction dissatisfaction to satisfy to disssatisfy to spend, to to save waste to scream to whisper security danger seldom often to sell to buy to send to receive to sit to stand senior junior to connect, to to separate unite serious funny servant master to set free shallow to arrest deep

noon none of normal north not yet nothing to notice now O occasionally occupied odd off often old on to open open opponent order ordinary other out

midnight al lof strange south already everything to ignore then frequently vacant even on seldom, sometimes modern, new, young off to close, to shut closed, shut supporter mess special same in

sharp shelter short to shout to shut sick silent silly, stupid simple to sink single sister slim slow small smooth soft solid somber some son soul sour

blunt exposure long, tall to whisper to open healthy noisy intelligent complicated to rise married brother fat fast, quick big, large, tall rough hard, rough liquid colorful, cheerful many daughter body sweet

wealthy wedding well west wet to whisper white whole wide wife to win winner winter to work woman women worse worst wrong Y yes yesterday young

poor divorce ill east dry to scream, to shout black part narrow husband to lose loser summer to rest man men better best correct, right no tomorrow old

Simple Present Affirmative Negative Interrogative Form She drinks. She does not drink. Does she drink? I, you we they play | he, she, it plays action in the present taking place once, never or several times facts actions taking place one after another action set by a timetable or schedule Present Progressive Affirmative He is reading. He is not reading. Negative Interrogative Is he reading?


Form Uses

To be (in the simple present) + verb + ing action taking place at the moment of speaking action arranged for the future Simple Past

Affirmative I cried. I did not cry Negative Interrogative Did I cry? Regular verbs: Verb + ed | Irregular verbs: forms differ and should be Form learned by herat. This is a list of irregular verbs action in the past taking place once, never or several times actions taking place one after another Uses Past Progressive Affirmative Negative Interrogative Form Uses He was driving. He was not driving. Was he driving? to be (in the simple past) + verb + ing action going on at a certain time in the past actions taking place at the same time action in the past that is interrupted by another action Present Perfect Simple Affirmative They have slept. They have not slept. Negative Interrogative Have they slept? Have / has + past participle (past participle of regular verbs: verb + ed | Past paricple of irregular verbs: forms differ and should be learned by Form herat. This is a list of irregular verbs) emphasis is on the result (not the duration) action that started in the past & is still going on action that stopped recently Uses finished action that has an influence on the present Present Perfect Progressive Affirmative He has been thinking. He has not been thinking. Negative Interrogative Has he been thinking? have or has + been + past participle (past participle of regular verbs: verb + ed | Past paricple of irregular verbs: forms differ and should be learned by Form herat. This is a list of irregular verbs)


putting emphasis on the course or duration (not the result) action that recently stopped or is still going on finished action that influenced the present Past Perfect Simple

Affirmative She had won. She had not won. Negative Interrogative Had she won? had + past participle (past participle of regular verbs: verb + ed | Past paricple of irregular verbs: forms differ and should be learned by herat. Form This is a list of irregular verbs) action taking place before a certain time in the past sometimes interchangeable with past perfect progressive Uses putting emphasis only on the fact (not the duration) Past Perfect Progressive Affirmative He had been waiting. Had he been waiting? Negative Interrogative He had not been waiting. had + been + past participle (past participle of regular verbs: verb + ed | Past paricple of irregular verbs: forms differ and should be learned by Form herat. This is a list of irregular verbs) action taking place before a certain time in the past sometimes interchangeable with past perfect simple Uses putting emphasis on the duration or course of an action Future Simple Affirmative Negative Interrogative Form Uses You will win. You will not win. Will you win? will + verb action in the future that cannot be influenced spontaneous decision assumption with regard to the future

Near Future (going to) Affirmative He is going to watch TV. He is not going to watch TV. Negative Interrogative Is he going to watch TV? to be (in the simple present) + going + to + verb Form


decision made for the future conclusion with regard to the future

Future Progressive Affirmative She will be listening to music. She will not be listening to music. Negative Interrogative Will she be listening to music? will + be + verb + ing Form action that is going on at a certain time in the future action that is sure to happen in the near future Uses Future Perfect Affirmative He will have spoken. He will not have spoken. Negative Interrogative Will he have spoken? will + have + past participle (past participle of regular verbs: verb + ed | Past paricple of irregular verbs: forms differ and should be learned by Form herat. This is a list of irregular verbs) action that will be finished at a certain time in the future Uses Future Perfect Progressive Affirmative You will have been studying. You will not have been studying. Negative Interrogative Will you have been studying? will + have + been + verb + ing Form action taking place before a certain time in the future putting emphasis on the course of an action Uses Conditional Simple Affirmative Negative Interrogative Form Uses We would relax. We would not relax. Would we relax ? would + verb action that might take place

Conditional Progressive Affirmative He would be writing. He would not be writing. Negative Interrogative Would he be writing?

Form Uses

would + be + verb + ing action that might take place putting emphasis on the course / duration of the action

Conditional Perfect Affirmative He would have written. He would not have written. Negative Interrogative Would he have written? would + have + past partciple (past participle of regular verbs: verb + ed | Past paricple of irregular verbs: forms differ and should be learned by herat Form This is a list of irregular verbs) action that might have taken place in the past Uses Conditional Perfect Progressive Affirmative She would have been sleeping. She would not have sleeping speaking. Negative Interrogative Would she have been sleeping? would + have + been + verb + ing Form action that might have taken place in the past puts emphasis on the course / duration of the action Uses Tenses RULES Present Tense (SIMPLE):

With singular- verb + (s) With Plural- Verb only

I /They/ we/you work, He /she/ it (object, plan etc) works (1st form of verb) (CONTINUOUS tense: + ING) I am working, we/they/you are working, and he/she/it is working or it is being done I /they/we/you do, He/she /it does. I /we/they/you dont, He/she/It doesnt (NEGATION) Do I/they/we/you? Does he/she/it? (QUESTION) PRESENT PERFECT I/we/ they/you- have/havent for e.g-I have done (3rd form of verb) He/she/it- has/hasnt for e.g-he has done (3rd form of verb) PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS

I/we/ they/you- have / havent been verb + ing He/she/it- has/ hasnt beenverb + ing It has been done (3rd form of verb) Have had and has had are used when something/work is carried on from past in to the present. PAST TENSE (simple present)Is Was (simple past) I /he/she/it was/ wasnt I saw, ate, drank etc (2nd form of verb) (simple present)Are were (simple past) We/you/they were/ werent We saw, ate, drank etc (2nd form of verb) For question in simple past- Did you..+ 1st form of verb? e.g- Did Mary dance in a musical? Past continuous I /he/she/it-- was/ wasnt verb+ ing We/you/they-- were/ werent verb + ing Past Perfect-when something/work started and ended in past tense only I/we/you/they/he/she/it- had + 3rd form of verb e.g I had done my homework yesterday. Sometimes we use had had when we are too sure about the happening. Past Perfect Continuous- when something / work got started and went on in past tense but not ended. I/we/you/they/he/she/it- Had been verb+ ing. For question- had you completed/ been completing your work..? FUTURE TENSE Please study the will/shall & going to usage to know when and how we use these words. I/we/you/they/he/she/it- will + 1st form of verb They will doI/we shall do (1st form of verb) It will be done (3rd form of verb with IT) For future continuous I/we/you/they/he/she/it- will be & verb+ ing Future perfectNote we rarely use future perfect tense only when we are confident about future. I/we- shall have + 3rd form of verb

You/they/he/she/it- Will have + 3rd form of verb Future perfect continuous: will/ shall have been & verb + ing. 1. A and B together have Rs. 1210. If amount does B have? A.Rs. 460 C. Rs. 550

of A's amount is equal to

of B's amount, how much

B. Rs. 484 D.Rs. 664

Answer & Explanation Answer: Option B Explanation: 4 2 A= B 15 5 A= 2 15 x 5 4 B

3 A= B 2 A 3 = B 2 A : B = 3 : 2. B's share = Rs. 1210 x 2. Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is: A.2 : 5 C. 4 : 5 nswer: Option C Explanation: Let the third number be x. Then, first number = 120% of x =120x=6x B. 3 : 5 D.6 : 7 2 = Rs. 48

100 5 150x 3x Second number = 150% of x = = 100 2 6x 3x Ratio of first two numbers = : = 12x : 15x = 4 : 5. 5 2 3. A sum of money is to be distributed among A, B, C, D in the proportion of 5 : 2 : 4 : 3. If C gets Rs. 1000 more than D, what is B's share? A.Rs. 500 C. Rs. 2000

B. Rs. 1500 D.None of these

Answer & Explanation Answer: Option C Explanation: Let the shares of A, B, C and D be Rs. 5x, Rs. 2x, Rs. 4x and Rs. 3x respectively. Then, 4x - 3x = 1000 x = 1000. B's share = Rs. 2x = Rs. (2 x 1000) = Rs. 2000. 4. Seats for Mathematics, Physics and Biology in a school are in the ratio 5 : 7 : 8. There is a proposal to increase these seats by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of increased seats? A.2 : 3 : 4 C. 6 : 8 : 9

B. 6 : 7 : 8 D.None of these

Answer & Explanation Answer: Option A Explanation: Originally, let the number of seats for Mathematics, Physics and Biology be 5x, 7x and 8x respectively. Number of increased seats are (140% of 5x), (150% of 7x) and (175% of 8x).

140 150 175 x 5x , x 7x and x 8x 100 100 100 21x 7x, and 14x. 2 21x The required ratio = 7x : : 14x 2 14x : 21x : 28x 2 : 3 : 4. 5. In a mixture 60 litres, the ratio of milk and water 2 : 1. If the this ratio is to be 1 : 2, then the quanity of water to be further added is: A.20 litres C. 40 litres

B. 30 litres D.60 litres

Answer & Explanation Answer: Option D Explanation: Quantity of milk = 60 x 2 3 litres = 40 litres.

Quantity of water in it = (60- 40) litres = 20 litres. New ratio = 1 : 2 Let quantity of water to be added further be x litres. Then, milk : water = Now, 40 1 = 20 + x 2 40 . 20 + x

20 + x = 80 x = 60. Quantity of water to be added = 60 litres.

6. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a college is 7 : 8. If the percentage increase in the number of boys and girls be 20% and 10% respectively, what will be the new ratio? A.8 : 9 C. 21 : 22

B. 17 : 18 D.Cannot be determined

Answer & Explanation Answer: Option C Explanation: Originally, let the number of boys and girls in the college be 7x and 8x respectively. Their increased number is (120% of 7x) and (110% of 8x). 120 110 x 7x and x 8x 100 100 42x 44x and 5 5 42x 44x The : = 21 : 22. required ratio = 5 5 7. Salaries of Ravi and Sumit are in the ratio 2 : 3. If the salary of each is increased by Rs. 4000, the new ratio becomes 40 : 57. What is Sumit's salary? Answer: Option D Explanation: Let the original salaries of Ravi and Sumit be Rs. 2x and Rs. 3x respectively. Then, 2x + 4000 40 = 3x + 4000 57

57(2x + 4000) = 40(3x + 4000) 6x = 68,000 3x = 34,000 Sumit's present salary = (3x + 4000) = Rs.(34000 + 4000) = Rs. 38,000. If 0.75 : x :: 5 : 8, then x is equal to:

A.1.12 C. 1.25 Answer: Option B Explanation: (x x 5) = (0.75 x 8) 9. x= 6 = 1.20 5

B. 1.2 D.1.30

The sum of three numbers is 98. If the ratio of the first to second is 2 :3 and that of the second to the third is 5 : 8, then the second number is: A.20 C. 48 Answer: Option B Explanation: Let the three parts be A, B, C. Then, A : B = 2 : 3 and B : C = 5 : 8 = 5 x A:B:C=2:3: B = 98 x 24 = 10 : 15 : 24 5 3 3 24 : 8x =3: 5 5 5 B. 30 D.5

15 = 30. 49

If Rs. 782 be divided into three parts, proportional to A.Rs. 182 C. Rs. 196 Answer: Option D Explanation: Given ratio = : : = 6 : 8 : 9. 6 = Rs. 204 23

: , then the first part is:

B. Rs. 190 D.Rs. 204

1st part = Rs. 782 x 11.

The salaries A, B, C are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5. If the increments of 15%, 10% and 20% are allowed respectively in their salaries, then what will be new ratio of their salaries? A.3 : 3 : 10 C. 23 : 33 : 60 Answer: Option C Explanation: Let A = 2k, B = 3k and C = 5k. 115 115 23k of 2k = x 2k = 100 100 10 110 110 33k B's new salary = of 3k = x 3k = 100 100 10 120 120 C's new salary = of 5k = x 5k = 6k 100 100 23k 33k New ratio : : 6k = 23 : 33 : 60 10 10 12. A's new salary = If 40% of a number is equal to two-third of another number, what is the ratio of first number to the second number? A.2 : 5 C. 5 : 3 Answer: Option C Explanation: 2 Let 40% of A = B 3 40A 2B Then, = 100 3 2A 2B = 5 3 A 2 5 5 = x = B 3 2 3 A : B = 5 : 3. 13. The fourth proportional to 5, 8, 15 is: B. 3 : 7 D.7 : 3 B. 10 : 11 : 20 D.Cannot be determined

A.18 C. 19 Answer: Option B Explanation: Let the fourth proportional to 5, 8, 15 be x. Then, 5 : 8 : 15 : x 5x = (8 x 15) x= 14. (8 x 15) = 24. 5

B. 24 D.20

Two number are in the ratio 3 : 5. If 9 is subtracted from each, the new numbers are in the ratio 12 : 23. The smaller number is: A.27 C. 49 Answer: Option B Explanation: Let the numbers be 3x and 5x. Then, 3x - 9 12 = 5x - 9 23 B. 33 D.55

23(3x - 9) = 12(5x - 9) 9x = 99 x = 11. The smaller number = (3 x 11) = 33. 15. In a bag, there are coins of 25 p, 10 p and 5 p in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3. If there is Rs. 30 in all, how many 5 p coins are there? A.50 B. 100

C. 150 Answer: Option C Explanation:


Let the number of 25 p, 10 p and 5 p coins be x, 2x, 3x respectively. Then, sum of their values = Rs. 60x = 30 100 25x 10 x 2x 5 x 3x 60x + + = Rs. 100 100 100 100

30 x 100 x= = 50. 60

Hence, the number of 5 p coins = (3 x 50) = 150.