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Father Anthony J. Fitzgerald, S.J.

, Jurisprudential Wizard,

Vol. 18, Surfing

A Science Fiction Novel

By Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar

This Father Fitzgerald sequel is a work of fiction, any

resemblence to any real life persons or places is purely a coincidence.

Tony Fitzgerald sat in his recliner in his room, tired. He had spent

all afternoon discussing the pros and cons of Critical Thomism and

postmodernism. He thought he had made some headway with Sister Joan,

but it was difficult. She had received her LLM. Degree from Harvard

studying Derrida, and it was difficult for her to take another “horizon”

seriously. They had kissed passionately at the end of their discussion, but it

had not gone any further than that.

The more Fitzgerald thought about Sister Joan’s CIA-KGB

problem the more he thought that she should double for the National

Counterintelligence Agency. It was an independent agency that reported

only to the Congressional Budget Office. It was not an executive branch

agency. The main task of the NCA was to prevent any coup attempts or

government takeovers by the communists, the nazis, or the fascists. The

NCA was even supposed to keep an eye on the CIA.

Tony Fitzgerald relaxed even more in his recliner and soon was in a

meditative trance state. He felt one of his mental bodies shift and in an

instant he was OBE (out of body experience) on the Astral Plane. Not

much seemed to be going on, so Tony decided to go surfing. He shifted

mentally and soon was on the Astral Highway. This was a fun place to

hang out. You never knew who you might run into here. He waited

awhile and then saw an old man approach. It was Moses. Tony Fitzgerald

said , “hello.” Moses replied “shalom.” “It has been awhile since we

have talked last,” continued Moses. “Yes, it has,” replied Tony, “How

have you been?” “Fine, thank you. I have been helping a rabbi with a

talmudic commentary on the ten commandments.” “That sounds

interesting,” said Tony, “ what have you come up with?”

“Well,” said Moses, “we have been working on the idea of

honoring your parents. Particularly, what this means when your parents

are abusive.” “That’s a tough issue,” said Tony Fitzgerald, “what did you

come up with?” “Well, I said that you should never hate your parents no

matter how much they have abused you, but that tough love might mean that

you have to report your parents to a relative, a priest or rabbi, or in an

extreme case, to a police officer. A child has natural rights, including the

right of self defense, just like anyone else,” he continued. “Yes, that makes

sense,” responded Tony Fitzgerald. Seeing Moses, reminded Tony

Fitzgerald of an old friend and guide that he had not seen for awhile. Tony

trekked down the Astral Highway for awhile and soon found himself at a

cul de sac neighborhood.

Tony walked into the common area and saw his friend. “Greetings,

Seth son of Adam, son of God,” said Tony Fitzgerald. “Tony, it is good

to see you,” responded Seth, “how have you been?” “Oh, a few problems

with my Dean but other than that everything is O.K.,” replied Tony

Fitzgerald. “Oh, that Gregor thing, well, that should go away with a little

work. How is your writing coming along?” asked Seth. “Fine. I just

did a piece on ‘Law and Liberation Theology.’ Even Sister Joan seemed

to like it.” Said Tony Fitzgerald.

“I think I did see that Tract Book of yours.” Said Seth, “You

seem to have moved a little bit away from metaphysics.” “Well,

metaphysical conversion or liberation is one of the paths that I discuss in the

book, but you are right, I also talk about political action.” Said Tony. “I

find Creative Form to be the most interesting metaphysical quiddity.” Said

Seth, “I used to think that consciousness created form exclusively, but now I

don’t think so. It’s really more of a dialectical relationship. Once Form

comes into existence as a metaphysical quiddity, it obviously acts back

independently of the knower. Form and the Immutable Platonic Forms

exist and operate independently of the knower, and, this is what helps to

structure reality in a stable way.” “I agree,” said Tony Fitzgerald, “but

remember, the Forms can be added to but not subtracted from, rearranged

but not changed.” “Yes,” said Seth, “that is why the Logos or Christ,

known as Creative Form is so powerful. Creative Form is precisely what

can bring new forms into existence which are immutable. Without

Creative Form, the personal forms we create would be like leaves blowing

in the wind, always subject to the give and take of consciousness.”

“Have you heard of Matthew Fox’s book, Creation Spirituality?”

asked Seth. “Yes, I have,” replied Tony Fitzgerald. “Fox seems to run

into a problem with creativity. He seems to speak of creativity without

boundary.” “Yes,” said Seth, “he does. Fox attributes creativity to Christ,

but then forgets Form. The Christ is Creative Form, not just creativity.”

“Well, I guess I should be going,” said Father Tony. “I was hoping

that I might have a chance to talk to Jesus himself, before going back.” “Try

the Church, two blocks down, I can usually find him there.” Said Seth.

“Alright, thanks.” Said Tony Fitzgerald as the two men exchanged a warm

embrace.” “Are you planning to incarnate again any time soon?” asked

Tony Fitzgerald. “No, I am working with a number of protégés on Earth

right now. I enjoy the Astral Plane. There is a good group here. It has all

the benefits of Earth without the detriments.” “Alright, then, take care,”

said Tony Fitzgerald as he started walking down the Astral Highway.

The two block walk went by quickly. Once again Tony Fitzgerald

turned onto a cul de sac. A one story ranch type building with a open cross

seated in the front yard faced him. He walked inside the Church. Inside

everthing was quiet. There were two side altars with candles at the front of

the Church. On one side there was a statue of Saint Anthony of Padua and

the Christ Child, on the other side was a statue with the Child Jesus and his

parents Mary and Joseph.

Tony Fitzgerald noticed that there was a man sitting and praying

on the side chapel on the right front. Tony walked forward to see who it

was. It was Jesus. “Hello,” said Tony. “Hello, Tony, nice to see you

again.” Said Jesus, “how have you been?” “Work has been a little stressful,

but I am doing alright.” Said Tony. “I am glad to hear that. I understand

that your book, Law and Liberation Theology is being well received.” Said

Jesus. “Thank you,” said Tony. “Come, sit down beside me so that we can

talk. It has been awhile.” Said Jesus.

“Lord, I love you, I am so glad to be able to see you again.” Said

Tony Fitzgerald. “Come Tony, so formal. Remember we are friends

before anything else.” Said Jesus. “Dear God, I don’t know what to do. I

have Dean Gregor all over me when I thought everything was safe, and, I’m

falling in love with Sister Joan.” Said Father Tony. “Well, I know that you

are letting your guard down to talk to me. You are doing better than you

think. I know. Tony you must remember that you are in the first string

fighting the good fight. Sometimes it seems easy, but many times it’s not. “

said Jesus.

“First, let’s put things in perspective. There is a war going on

between good and evil and you are in the middle of the fray. I put you

where you are for a reason. I know you might fail, but I don’t think you

will. I think that you will prevail. As to the Gregor thing, remember, it is

a multidimensional war that is being fought. Not only are you involved, but

so are many others. The Enemy is using postmodern extremism to try and

destroy academia and the Church. Have faith that in spite of any

difficulties, that we are winning. I try to fight the war with my human

nature as much as possible, but be confident that I can go to omniscience

and omnipotence when I need to improve the odds in our favor.”

“Now, as to Sister Joan, be careful,” said Jesus. “You are both very

dear to me, and you both have religious vocations. Try to do your upmost

to be her friend and stay in religious life, and her too. Some of the most

tender, loving, romantic relationships are between a priest and nun, and that

is what I wish for you. I am afraid the burden of raising children would be

too much for you given your other responsibilities.” Said Jesus. “Now,

having said that, if you two decide to get married and have a family, then I

will of course support you in that effort,” Jesus continued. “Why don’t you

try coaching a little league baseball team and get Sister Joan to be the Team

Mom. See how that goes.” Said Jesus.

“Alright,” said Tony Fitzgerald. “But what about Gregor?” “Just do

your thing in class. Keep publishing. Make sure you are on good terms

with Sister Joan and keep a quorum on the faculty.” Said Jesus. “The real

problem is the President of the University. Contact your Jesuit provincial

and see if he can figure out what is going on. The President is the key to

this whole thing.” Jesus continued. “Well, I must be going.” Said Jesus.

“Remember that I am always with you, Tony, I mean that. So is the Father

and the Holy Spirit. And Tony, just to make sure. How about saying a

prayer to me asking that your freewill be limited so that you can never

commit the sin against the Holy Spirit?” Asked Jesus. “Dear God, Dear

Jesus, I pray and vow that my freewill be limited so that I can never commit

the sin against the Holy Spirit. Please make it impossible for me to commit

the sin against the Holy Spirit. This I pray sincerely. Amen.” “Your prayer

is granted.” Said Jesus. Jesus stood and embraced Tony Fitzgerald with a

“bear hug.” “Good luck now.” Jesus said, as he walked out the side door to

the Church.

Tony Fitzgerald walked out of the Church and back onto the Astral

Highway. He then shifted consciousness and found himself back in his

recliner in the Jesuit residence.

(To be continued).