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I play football I do not / don’t play football Do I play football? sometimes
He plays football He does not / doesn’t play football Does he play football? never
I am intelligent I am not / I’m not intelligent Am I intelligent? always
He is intelligent He is not / isn’t intelligent Is he intelligent? often
(do / does)
Ben has got a boat. Ben hasn’t got a boat. Has Ben got a boat? rarely
My parents have got a new car. My parents haven’t got a new car. Have my parents got a new car? everyday
PRESENT now, right now
I am playing football I am not / I’m not playing football Am I intelligent?
PROGRESSIVE at the moment
He is playing football He is not / isn’t playing football Is he intelligent?
(am, is, are + ing) today
I played football I did not / didn’t play football Did I play football? yesterday
last (+day, month…)
SIMPLE I went to the cinema (2nd column) I did not / didn’t go to the cinema Did I go to the cinema?
(days, months…) +ago
(did) I was fat I was not / wasn’t fat Was I fat? when
I was playing football I was not / wasn’t playing football Was I playing football? at (+time)
He was playing football He was not / wasn’t playing football Was he playing football while, as
(was, were + ing)
FUTURE I will play football I will not / won’t play football Will I play football? tomorrow
I will be thin I will not / won’t be thin Will I be thin? next (+week, month…)
PROGRESSIVE I will be playing football I will not / won’t be playing football Will I be playing football? this time next (+week…)
(will be + ing)
FUTURE PERFECT by the end of next
I will have finished I will not / won’t have finished Will I have finished?
(will have +ed) (+year…)

BE GOING TO I am going to play tennis I am not / I’m not going to play tennis Am I going to play tennis
next (+week, month…)
ever for
I have played football I have not / haven’t played football Have I played football? never already
He has played football He has not / hasn’t played football Has he played football? just yet
(have / has + -ed)
I have been playing football I have not been playing football Have I been playing football?
He has been playing football He has not been playing football Has he been playing football?
(have / has been + -ing)
PAST PERFECT I had played football I had not / hadn’t played football Had I played football? because
(had + -ed) He had played football He had not / hadn’t played football Had he played football? after. when
PAST PERFECT I had not / hadn’t been playing
I had been playing football Had I been playing football?
CONDITIONAL I would not / wouldn’t have played
I would / I’d play football Would I play football? If, unless…
(would) football
I would not / wouldn’t have played
CONDITIONAL I would / I’d have played tennis Would I have played tennis? If, unless…
(would have + -ed)