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Enabling Networks to Reach New Markets Star Solutions CDMA2000 All‐IP Platform

Pablo Reitkop April 2009

 Enterprise Campus – Rapid Deployment.Corporate Overview • Star Solutions launched August 1. Yachts. Portable Wireless Solutions – Maritime – Cruise Ships. Hard‐to‐Reach Coverage Areas – Wireless Local Loop Services – In‐building Wireless. 2008 as a spin off from UTStarcom  Mobile Solutions Business Unit Star Solutions business focus is providing unique wireless solutions for  CDMA over IP Networks Target Markets – Rural Mobile Networks. Ferries. Commercial Fleets – Special Customized Applications  • • April 2009 Confidential Information 2 .

Company Offices & Customer Deployments Worldwide Star Solutions Offices Deployed Networks Additional field sales offices located world-wide April 2009 Confidential Information 3 .

Star Solutions Value Proposition • Cost Effective Mobile / Fixed Network Solutions – – – – Eliminate unnecessary traffic backhaul Low power Consumption Flexible & Adaptable network transmission support • • • Including satellite based networks Universal Components (efficient maintenance & spares mgmt) Compact & Efficient Power Consumption Options Reduce Infrastructure cost via modular scalability – – Transcoder Free Operation Next Generation Network Architecture April 2009 Confidential Information 4 .

Providing Affordable Services Expanding Universal Telecommunications Services  With All‐IP Wireless Networks .

3G Network Expense Breakdown Example • • All network costs should be considered when comparing alternatives All major costs increase with number of sites. most are not Air Interface-specific Fixed/Nomadic Voice + Data Network Example Ancillary Equipment • • 600 MOU /Sub/Month 1000 MB /Sub/Month Installation/Shipping Internet Interconnect Site Acquisition Project Mgt. RF Eng / Test Equip Capital Expense Backhaul BTS Software Upgrade Training Spares Utilities BSC MSC Core Netw ork Capital (% of Total Network Expense) Ancillary Equipment Installation/Shipping Site Acquisition Project Management RF Eng / Test Equip BTS BSC MSC Core Network Other Operating Expense (% of Total Network Expense) Site Rental Operations Utilities Spares Training Software Upgrade Backhaul Internet Interconnect Notes: • Urban morphology (10K Pops/SqKm) • Wireless penetration: 50% 38% 1% 11% 1% 0% 1% 12% 8% 0% 3% 1% 62% 12% 13% 3% 2% 1% 1% 25% 5% Other Operations Operating Expense Site Rental • Operator market share: 25% • Local call termination charges and long distance transport costs are not included in the network expense calculations • Spectrum available: 2X10MHz @ 800MHz Adapted from source: “3G Network Expense Breakdown Example – Qualcomm” Both OpEx and CapEx are driven by number of cell sites April 2009 Confidential Information 6 .

All‐IP Wireless Networks versus the Traditional TDM based Network .A Different Approach….

Traditional CDMA Network Solutions All Calls. Mobile to Mobile and Mobile to  Land are backhauled to Central Switch Traditional Mobile Network ‐ Unnecessary Backhaul MSC HLR B S C AC MSC SMSC SCP PSTN VMS PDSN OTA Microwave. Fiber Radio Access Network Transmission Network Core Network April 2009 Confidential Information 8 .

Star Solutions’ Unique All‐IP Wireless Solution IP Network Core. Fiber. All Local Calls Routed Locally Distributed Radio Access Networks CDMA BTS Packet Network Mobility Core Network MSC Server g lin na Sig PLMN CDMA BTS IMG IMG Microwave. Satellite IMG PSTN PSTN April 2009 Confidential Information 9 .

Potential savings of over 90% compared to traditional wireless solutions. Potential savings of over 90% compared to traditional wireless solutions. Traditional Bandwidth Required: Annual cost 5 E1 15 E1 MSC 15 E1 BSC BTS 20 E1 PSTN Star Solutions’ All-IP Network Bandwidth Required: Annual cost IP MSC Server IMG iCell Partial E1 512Kps 15 E1 IMG PSTN April 2009 Confidential Information 10 .Significantly Reduce Backhaul Bandwidth All Traffic locally routed at edge of the network. All Traffic locally routed at edge of the network.

All‐IP Network Products Radio Access and Core Network Components .

CDMA2000 1X/EVDO iCell BSS Family iCell Macro BSS iCell Compact BTS • • • • • • Scalable Solution • IP Connectivity • Integrated BSC • 1X / EVDO • 20 W • Optional Outdoor Enclosure 3U 19” rack mount IP Connectivity 1X or EVDO 20 W Extensible to 2FA and 3 sectors iCell Pico BTS • Full Featured BTS in a laptop size package • 3 Sectors • IP Connectivity • 1X or EVDO • 100 mW iCell Femto‐E BSS • • • • • April 2009 Integrated BSC + BTS IP Connectivity 32 Channel Elements Voice and Data support 50 mW 12 Confidential Information .

A networks Scalable performance April 2009 Confidential Information 13 .CDMA2000 BSC/RNC and PDSN iCell BSC/RNC Server Sonata PDSN • • • • BSC or RNC Solution No vocoding/transcoding hardware required Integrated Packet Control Function (PCF) Enhanced Abis allows for improved soft handoff efficiency as compared to BSC to BSC interface • • Support for CDMA2000 1X and EVDO Rev.

Sonata Mobile Switching Center  Sonata Mobile Switching Center (MSC)  Sonata Intelligent Media Gateway • • • Leverages SUN Netra carrier grade server platform Scalable solutions to small to large configurations Flexible connectivity to IP base stations or Media Gateways anywhere on IP networks Typical MSC Rack April 2009 Confidential Information 14 .