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Focal Point Shelves
Shelf Expression Add function and style to a dining room with this simple and surprisingly affordable shelf project. With a little creativity, this family's dining room receives a generous helping of storage and display space-just in time for their Kwanzaa celebration. Three easy-to-build open shelving units hold serving pieces and dishes, colorful accessories, and party food. A pretty chandelier and a large framed mirror complete the makeover. Let these simple projects and ideas inspire you to rejuvenate your own dining room. Three shelving units serve as sideboards in this dining room. They can be used for storage or for displaying decorative items in any space. Good To Know: A unique African American celebration, Kwanzaa lasts from December 26 to January 1 and focuses on the traditional values of family, community, responsibility, commerce, and self-improvement. Substantial enough to anchor the large room, the three-light bronze pendant (#61693) above the dining table provides ambient lighting. The homeowners selected it for its old-world appeal. Framed Mirror

Shelf Expression

Framed Mirror Plans TOOLS YOU'LL USE circular saw with a straightedge guide (or table saw) handsaw power sander and various grits of sandpaper drill/driver with bits, including #10 countersink bit pneumatic nailer (or hammer with nail set) level tape measure pencil Lowe's List Framed Mirror The homeowners created this custom frame (for 3 shelving units) for a simple 30- x 36-inch mirror using door/window casing and plywood. To find Shop step-by-step instructions, a list of tools and materials, and an illustration for building Skill Level: Beginner this framed mirror, go to Rough cost estimate: $115* This plan is for three shelving units. Adjust the quantities and dimensions as needed. Cut and label the parts as needed, using the Cut List as a guide and adjusting for fit. :: Lumber - $50 :: Hardware and supplies $65 Rough time estimate: 2 Weeks

Download PDF of the Illustrations Above

Cut List
Part Material Size 3/4 x 11 1/4 x 30 1/2 3/4 x 11 1/4 x 15 3/4 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 30 1/2

shelves plywood ends plywood attachment bars 1x2 Finished Dimensions

Step 1: Cut all pieces, and lay out the Lumber** shelving units as shown in Figure 1. a. Rip the entire sheet of plywood into four 1 (8-foot-long) 1 x 2 strips measuring 11 1/4 inches wide x 96 1 (48- x 96-inch) sheet of 3Ú4-inch inches long. birch plywood 1 (48-inch-long) 3Ú8-inch round b. From the strips of plywood, cut nine dowel (or flat-head dowel plugs) pieces to 30 1/2 inches long for the shelves. Cut six pieces to 15 3/4 inches long for the Hardware & Supplies ends. c. From the 1 x 2, cut three pieces to 30 1/2 1 box 4d finishing nails inches long for the attachment bars. 1 box (15Ú8-inch) deck screws wood glue (Titebond II, #41217) d. Sand and then apply one coat of primer wood filler (#168408) and one coat of paint to all pieces. Allow primer (Kilz Premium, #45548) each coat to dry. paint (Valspar Ultra Premium, Barcelona White 7003-14, semie. Lay out the ends where the shelves will gloss) be attached per Figure 1. On the ends, mark the locations of the shelves and the *Does not include applicable placements of the drilled holes (see Figure taxes, which vary by market, 2). or the cost of tools. **Availability varies by Step 2: Assemble shelving units as shown market. in Figure 2. a. Using a #10 countersink bit, predrill the holes for the screws. Drill the holes so that the head of each screw will be 1/4 inch below the surface of the plywood. b. Attach the shelves to the ends using glue and screws. c. Apply glue to the end of a 3/8-inch dowel, and place it into the recess to cover the screw. Use a handsaw to cut off the excess dowel, and sand smooth with the Quantity face of the plywood. Repeat for each screw. d. Using glue and nails, affix the 9 attachment bar to the underside of the top 6 shelf and the ends. 3 Step 3: Finish the shelving units. a. Fill the exposed edges of the plywood

Height: 15 3/4 inches Depth: 11 1/4 inches Width: 32 inches

a. Fill the exposed edges of the plywood using wood filler. Let dry, and sand smooth. b. Apply a coat of paint to the filled edges of the plywood, and let dry. Then apply a coat of paint to the entire shelving unit, and let dry. c. Locate wall studs, and attach the units to the studs by drilling through each attachment bar using 2 1/2-inch screws (be sure to use a level). Space multiple units with a 9-inch gap between them. Each shelf can hold no more than 60 pounds. Note: Use appropriate fasteners for your wall type if not attaching to the studs.

Good To Know: This project also would be perfect in a bedroom. For a unique look, consider installing one or more shelving units to serve as a nightstand or side table. About Lowe's | Careers | Site Map | Contact Us | Canada | Mexico :: Español | Chinese | Vietnamese | Korean ©2007 by Lowe's®. All rights reserved. Lowe's and the gable design are registered trademarks of LF, LLC. Terms of Use Item availability and price may vary by location.

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