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Seismic survey costs are expensive and requires extensive

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computing power and time. Average cost in 2008 dollars is
about $40,000 per mile.
Temperature Anomaly Mapping provides a cost effective
and accurate method for determining presence of
subsurface hydrocarbons. Surveying accomplished in the
early morning can provide analytical results the same day.
After data acquisition is complete, data is downloaded
to a desktop computer for calculations and charting

analysis. What would the value proposition be if results are
presented real-time while the surveyor is logging the data?
Table 1 provides a summary of those benefits.

Real-time logging of corrected survey data provides
intelligence for prospecting adjacent survey areas and
correlation of converging areas of interest. Real-time
presentation of the thermal log provides a visual reference
to the accuracy of data, including sensor performance,
accuracy, and atmospheric changes. The real-time chart
provides a visual explanation of what the surveyor may

already recognize through his senses.
Figure 1
Reference Architecture Survey Tools and Methods
The advancement of computer technology in the last two
The exploration scientist requires proper tools for mapping
years has dramatically improved desktop computing power
and analysis. These tools are:
for mathematical and scientific analysis. This enables
further refinement and additional of features of TAM 1. Data acquisition unit
(Temperature Anomaly Mapping) Services for scientific 2. Survey Vehicle (air or land)
analysis. The thermal surveyor has the ability to view the
mathematical analysis of the survey in real-time while 3. Sensors
performing mobile data acquisition. 4. Mobile computer or tablet pc
Composite charts such as in Figure 1. can easily be 5. Data monitoring software
configured for real-time presentation of data. 6. Post survey analysis software

Current Method Real-time Presentation
Mobile survey via data collection √ √
Real-Time results monitoring n/a √
Live mathematical verification and n/a Real-time
adjustments while logging
Live Charting and analysis of corrected data n/a √
Decision making for additional survey areas limited √
for today’s survey schedule
Mathematical verification and adjustments Post Survey Real-time
Post Survey Analysis √
Charting and Analysis √ √

Table 1

Proprietary and Confidential TAM/WL Reference Architecture Summary 1 1
Exploration Architecture Overview
Simplified Field Operations Geo-Reference of Survey data
Software and hardware tools that have a simplified The affordability and simplified integration of GPS
learning curve without special programming provides technology for surveying has improved recently for COTS
a significant advantage to the user. These tools provide (commercial off the shelf) mapping tools and survey
easy manipulation of raw survey data in real-time. equipment. Handheld GPS devices are readily available
Survey recording templates and programs can be pre- for viewing survey areas on a color LCD monitor. Geo-
programmed, and selected for use during various portions referenced surveys provide a vantage point for the
of the data collection or survey type. These simplified surveyor to make annotations of the survey area. Use of
processes allow the surveyor to focus on the survey area handheld data collection methods can be used where a
and attributes. Using car mounted laptops, the surveyor closer look at thermal anomalies are required.
can monitor the results during the survey. Hands free
viewing provides an auto-pilot type control for easy log Indexing of survey points for retrieval
monitoring. Data integrity and storage are accomplished Thermal data referenced to GPS coordinates, can provide
using USB or compaq flash based data storage. The block a reference location for search and review at a later date.
diagram labeled Figure 2 provides a hi-level view of the The field surveyor that performs the work may or may
real-time architecture. not be the scientist evaluating the survey data. Start and
stop times, waypoints, and notes of interest including
Data Acquisition Laptop
summaries are easily indexed while performing the
TL Tablet PC thermal survey. GPS index points can be easily inserted in
the chart data for later reference. Real-time
TS Software Words from a legend
In my opinion, the time has come for the adoption of
XML Analysis radical and aggressive methods of prospecting, and a
TRH Software fraction of the money wasted yearly in drilling shallow
Flash/USB wells in hopeless locations might well be devoted to this
TAmbient Real-time Web Logging Anthony Lucas, September 1918.
Log Printer storage
Software Colorado Meeting. American Institute of Mining Engineers.

Figure 2
Expert Comments
An exhaustive Alberta, Canada study shows that
Web Based Presentation
temperatures below oil and gas fields are 15ºF – 34ºF
Web page presentation of raw and corrected data via TCP-
warmer than the average values observed outside of the
IP connectivity to the data logger can be easily configured.
This enables the use of Flash-based charting tools. Adobe
Flash is available on 90% of the computers today with
A scuba diver reports a 58ºF temperature at a water depth
low memory overhead. These flash based charts can be
of 60’ in Lake Superior off Michigan’s Keewenaw Peninsula.
easily stored using XML based tables and reference files.
Because the water temperature at that depth for that area
This allows easy retrieval over the web, or from the user’s
is about 40ºF, it is likely that the temperature anomaly is
locally stored data files. Standard web-based browsers
the result of a buried copper deposit.
such as Internet Explorer are utilized. With proper mobile
connectivity, these flash based charts can be easily
Jerry Whittaker, former V.P., Canadian Hunter stated that
uploaded and viewed remotely by customers or for later
temperatures of 200ºF to 250ºF are prevalent below
customer or survey analysis retrieval.
major gas fields in Canada where the average non-field
temperatures at the same depths are only about 160ºF to
Enhanced post survey analysis
180ºF. His stated relationship was “The bigger the field, the
Specialized data analysis of survey sections can be
greater the temperature anomaly.”
accomplished using customized charting software.
Common and frequent chart presentations can be saved
A Michigan study shows that undrilled Prairie DuChien
as templates for simplified chart building processes. XML
commcial reservoirs can be discovered by the processing
based data storage is the method of choice for real-time
of existing shallower temperature data.
and post analysis chart data organization.

2 Proprietary and Confidential TAM/WL Reference Architecture Summary
Information about the Science
E. DeGolyer in 1931 stated: “In the coastal fields of Texas geoscientist and exploration companies in the hunt for oil
and Louisiana, a rapid increase in temperature of 10ºF to and gas. All temperature surveying requires sound analysis
20ºF, or even more, is always noted before water makes its and science for prospect determination.
appearance in flowing wells.”
TAM/WL Reference Architecture. Dean Phillips, SonShip
Again, in 1931, E. DeGolyer reports flowing oil Oil November, 2008. 214/717-5212.
temperatures from Mexican Eagle, Portraro DeLano This white paper summary highlights the benefits of real-
#4 as 102ºF when flowing at a rate of 100 BPTD, 133ºF time data logging architecture for temperature anomaly
when flowing at 30,000 BOPD and 149ºF at a flow rate of surveying and mapping.
100,000 BOPD. The depth to the pay zone was 1911’.

When newly drilled wells are spotted on old temperature
anomaly maps, the relationship between ‘old’ prospect
exhibiting negative anomalies to new discoveries is near

Temperature anomaly maps, when compared with
developed field structure maps have been shown to exhibit
startling similarity as indicated by Louisiana’s Irene Field
example as presented to me by Phylko’s Don Timko.

Average Seismic Costs:
$3,000 per mile, vibrator in East Texas
$8,000 per mile using dynamite in the Gulf Coast
$25,000 per mile, Louisiana swamps
$40,000 per mile, Gulf of Mexico

Average Seismic Success:
10%, Eastern Colorado (Masters)
20% Overall (Robert Snyder)
35-40% Manistee County, Michigan (Mike Bricker)*
15% overall (Bill Wilfong)
*There is a success rate of 35% in Manistee County, with
or without seismic.
$40,000 per mile, Gulf of Mexico

Errors in Operational Publications used today
The old definition of thermal conductivity is incorrect and
misleading, in the Encyclopedia Britianica and Remote
Sensing in Geology.

The “International Organization for Standardication”
changed the definition in 1992, not to limit the heat
transfer to conduction.

With America’s need to find more oil accurately and cost
effectively; Temperature Anomaly Mapping provides a
very favorable value proposition for reducing dry-hole
percentage. Real-time survey functionality that provides
ease of use and scalability can enable field operation
teams the necessary momentum for documenting vast
areas of unproduced land. Real-time calculation and
analysis has the potential to exceed expectations for the
Proprietary and Confidential TAM/WL Reference Architecture Summary 1 3