Manju kapur was born in University .having done her graduation from Miranda house. Manju did her MA in English from Dalhouse University in Canada and went on d her M Phil from Delhi University. Her first novel difficult daughters received commonwealth award for the European region. The book is set during Indians independence struggle and is partially based on the life of kapur’s own mother and has four children. Researching and writing difficult daughters her first novel took her five years. Difficult daughters are a book set around the time of Indian independence difficult daughters is about a women virmati. Who is all set to duty the Amritsar (Punjab –India) in 1940? She is a teacher of English literature at Miranda house college Delhi rules of the society? She is the daughter of a father of progressive ideas and a traditional mother, virmati is asked to accept to accept to a typical arranged marriage. She rebels against the destiny. Insisting her right to be educated her manages to leave home to study in Lahore. However she she falls

Others novels Home (2006): manju kapur third novel is an engrossing story of family life
amid the bustle and commerce of the barware lal cloth shop. When their traditional Delhi business- selling saris- being threatened by advent of jeans and pre-stitched salwar kameezes, the whole family knows it’s time for change. So begins a series of struggles-to have children, to find education, to find peace.

but she ends up having a physical relationship with a much younger woman. pipee. The custody of their two children is at stake.A Married Woman [2003] Astha. Indian writing in English Introduction In the early years of the present century talks about an essay on Anglo Indian literature finally effort – and later published subject to the Cambridge history of English literature Indian writers mainly can find the themselves to the writings of English man India on Indian themes and Anglo Indian poetry and included both English writers on Indian subjects and Indian writing in English. Canadians’ and South Africans write in English. Now although Americans. In all these surveys Anglo Indian literature has no racial significance at all. she decides she has to fight for it.the widow of a political activist.and shagun must decide how much she wants to pay for freedom. set during partition. But when the courts threaten the security of her new family. and comfortable surroundings. The Immigrant [2009] A girl is married to a loner and moves to Canada to be with him. Difficult Daughters The story. Australians. the word Anglo Indian has also racial connotation. middle-class Delhi woman has everything she could ask for – children . a dutiful loving husband. their creative work is described not simply as English literature. Eurasian. Custody [2011] When shagun leaves her husband for another man. This is a poignant tale of a lady who has to sacrifice her freedom for her love. Un fortunately. Her husband suffers from sexual inadequacy and the distances come between them and cause distress in their marriage. a bitter legal battle begins. an educated. and it was not the Anglo Indians in this narrow sense at created the main body of Anglo Indian literature. But she finds that her marriage is not what she thought it would be. It means merely that is literature was a product of indoenglish literary relations. revolves around virmati who is caught in an illicit relationship with her married English professor. Astha finally throws off the fear instilled n her parents and her husband. Anglo Indian-these words are sometimes used with a snigger and sometimes so called Anglo Indians themselves are not now anxious and written this name. The English man who ones spent long years in India . She gets pregnant with his baby and so the professor has to marry her and bring home to stay with her first wife and children. Raman’s new wife is unable to conceive and finds happiness by being a step mother.

and are writing.and attempted creative expression through English. For achieving self expression too artistically. Indian writing in English is but one of the voices in which India speaks it is a new English for communicating with one another and one side and without side of the world. Indians have written. Indian writing in English is greatly influenced by writing in England . if necessary. use in English. yet also to the graces and submit to the discipline of English for expressions. in other words. is necessarily. in an Indian way. How then about Indian writing in English how shall we describe Indian creative writing in English of course it is Indian literature. An expression of the practical no less than creative genius of the Indian people. To be Indian in thought that feeling and emotion and experience. It is legitimate to view on indo Anglo literature as a curious native eruption.

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