Case 1: An ERP Story 1. What are the project’s main characteristics and challenges identified by Jean Roberge?

a) Project Characteristics  To provide integrated management system and processes, IMSP as a technological software solutions.  The IMSP shared by all 3 merging entities for financial management, HR management as well as sales and marketing management.  Acquisitions of ABC software package  Consolidation and integration of first, accounting aspects and financial statements, second HR policies and practices and third sales and marketing segments of 3 merging entities as ABS Canada.  Simplification of system maintenance and architecture while reducing management cost and better utilization of human resources as well as IT potential.  Reduced operations cost (projected 10% in 2 years upon implementation)  Consistent and real time data  Similar look and feel of interface for various modules.  Harmonized accounting and financial processes, HR management processes and sales and marketing management processes.  Reduced business process cycle time.  Focus on strategic and tactical aspects apart from usual operational aspects.  Efficient and standardized process design. Use of Web potential and overall maximization of IT potential.  Added activities such as skill management.  All level managers could track financial and marketing progress in real time.  Works as proactive decision support system and well as executive decision support system.  Minimum changes to existing software. Preserve specific applications with clear competitive edge.  Systematic review of disparate and obsolete processes.  System delivery in 3 phases. b) Project Challenges

Lots of technical support required. Effective and well targeted training is required for the users.

2. does the project have other characteristics or challenges that Jean Roberge did not identify but should also be taken into account? 5421240034153074 . In your opinion.

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