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In Partial fulfillment Of the requirements of the term For the subject Computer Science Submitted to: Mr. Nabin Man Malla Submitted by: Brihat Rajbhandary Rato Bangala School Grade IX A


2. Analysis Description of the problem Objectives Description of existing solution Evaluation of existing solution Description of other possible solutions Evaluation of other possible solutions

3. Design Plan Description of the methods of solution Hardware Software

4. Implementation and Maintenance Method of solution Objectives successfully achieved

5. Conclusion


I am programming a QBASIC based program which helps in storing the results a student has obtained, it basically stores the report card of the student. This program, however, makes it easier for the students to record their marks and see their result in simple steps. This is a menu driven program and I have kept five simple options, which are add, display, edit, delete and exit. By pressing the add option user is allowed to enter the marks obtained, the roll no. the class and by pressing display, they get to view their entered marks. By pressing the edit option the user can edit the data which has been added. The user can delete data that is unwanted my pressing the delete option and they can select exit to end the program. This documentation makes it easier to carry out my task. I can refer to this documentation in the program-making process whenever I want to. Using the necessary hardware and software required, I look forward to completing this software in an organized manner.

Description of problem The problem is that a proper computer related tool is needed to store information. The problem demands organization and proper management, through which it can be solved. Nature of the problem to be solved The problem is of a medium level, in terms of time and knowledge. It does demand time because time for organization is important. Thus the program should be completed within the given time


To make a user friendly program which can be used by all

To make it easier for the students to store their report card using simple commands.

To make a program with in a certain given time and complete the project

To provide the user with a program which makes it uncomplicated and organized to store information in the computer


1. Computerized Existing computerized solutions are sophisticated and advanced. But these are not in the hands of many. Computerized solutions work on an input-output basis where the user inputs the data and gets to view it in an organized manner 2. Non-computerized Hand made report card is an existing solution.This results in the loss of records, and people could make error while writing down students marks obtained. This case points to the inefficiency present in non-computerized solutions and the way in which their users work.


Advantages and disadvantages of existing solutions Advantages A lot of time has been saved. Records, history have been managed and organized. Lot of students have been benefited by this use of program Disadvantages High-level software may be expensive. High-level software may be complex and hard to use. User -friendliness may have been lacking in most software.


1. Web-development languages (XHTML, JAVAscript, PHP) A complicated way to perform the tasks would be to build a webpage with the help of one or more of the above languages. 2. Information to be stored in Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is a decent way to store information. Although the input-output system does not work here, the user can manually feed in data, and manipulate the desired output. 3. Proposed solution: QBASIC based report card The proposed solution is QBASIC based report card. Here, making it easier for the user to thus work.



Evaluative information on first solution: Web Development Languages Aspect Time Remarks Creating such a complex web page requires a lot of time in the first place. However, once it comes into function, time will Money not be a problem. Such a system obviously requires a large amount of money to be invested.

Evaluative on second solution: Storing information in Microsoft Excel Aspect Time Money Expertise required Over-all performance Remarks Compared to the first solution, this will require a lesser amount of time . Very less amount of money is required considering the complexities involved. Almost none, assuming that everyone has a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The performance will be mediocre, as compared to the first one. Organization and time-management will not be very effective. Advantages and disadvantages of first solution Advantages Time-consumption will be relatively less. Disadvantages Extensive experience and expertise are

required. This will be efficient altogether once is Complexities exist in the developing starts functioning. stage.

Advantages and disadvantages of second solution Advantages Disadvantages The developing process will not be A lot of valuable time will be consumed. difficult. Very little experience and expertise is Organization and management will be required poor. 7

My proposed solution: a justification An Qbasic based project will be best for the following reasons: 1. .The user will not need to spend a lot of time once it starts functioning 2. .Organization and management will be very efficient and effective. Therefore, there are low chances of making errors. 3. The program is user friendly and easier to store the information



1. Creating the main menu: In the main menu you have the option of selecting what you want to do add, delete, edit, display or exit 2. Creating the add and the delete menu: In the add menu, users would be asked to enter the information The add menu asks the user to input name, class, role number and their marks obtained in all subjects the delete menu is where the user can dlete a unwanted data. 3. Creating the display and edit menu : In the display menu, users would get a view of what ever information they have entered in the add menu. The edit menu is where the user can edit a specific data 4. Creating the exit menu In the exit menu, if the user chooses this, the program would simply end


What will be done The five options add, display, edit, delete and exit will be created.

1-4 4-7

Now, the comments and feedback will help me to amend my program and make them better. Options will then be manipulated. Date will be both created and manipulated in this stage.


There are two methods of solution to this project:

This documentation Since this documentation comprises highly important information, such as my action plan, my objectives, my working schedule, this documentation will always be beneficial in the development of my program. Without this project, my program is bound to be ineffective and unmanaged.

The technical aspects in Qbasic I have said that I will manipulate the add,display and exit menu in Qbasic and I will do just that. This is the method of solution to my technical problem. For each week, I will approach one aspect of Qbasic and I will continue doing that until my problem is solved.




Complete the first few topics of documentation for reference

Complete stating the objectives.

Complete manipulate add menu

Complete & manipulate display

Complete & manipulate exit

Recheck for error and make corrections

Check for accuracy & appearance

Customer friendliness



Detailed specification of hardware Hardware Remarks Appropriate market price range Monitor No requirements on size. LCD/Plasma display. Widescreen, high definition and Energy Star are Mouse other options. Optical USB or wireless. CPU Intel Pentium processor/ Core2Duo/Intel Core i-2500/2600K Keyboard Required :Random Access Memory + Hard-drive Logitech/Wired USB 2.0/Wireless/ No requirements on size. Dual Channel is an option. $ 8 to $ 30 (Rs. 608 to Rs. 2280) $20 to $50 (Rs. 1520 to Rs. 3800) $5 to $15 Rs. 380 to Rs. 1140 $200 to $300 (Rs. 15200 to Rs. 22800) $100 to $330 (Rs. 7600 to Rs. 25080)


Device: Output Size is not a problem, as long as the size of the monitor is not too small, as to make working difficult. Any normal monitor is to be used to display the contents of the program, as well, as to work properly with the program. 2. Mouse Device: Input It is possible to work without a mouse, but it is far easier to work with a mouse. The mouse helps enormously in navigation and gets the work done promptly. It doesnt matter whether it is wired or wireless; what matters is that it should work properly. 3. CPU Device: Input/Output (IO) Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the heart of the whole computing system. It is clearly impossible to work without it. The Core series is preferable, but others will also work. The latest series have a boosted performance, speed and capability. 4. Keyboard Device: Input Without a keyboard, entering all the data into the program is not possible, clearly. 5. Random Access Memory An RAM (Random Access Memory) is needed to store the variables of a program


Operating System: An (OS) is a set of programs that manages computer hardware resources, and provides common services for application software. The operating system is the most important type of system software in a computer system. Without an operating system, a user cannot run an application program on their computer, unless the application program is self booting. 1. Windows XP/Vista/7/Mac This operating system is required to carry out all the operations. Application softwares are useless without an operating system.

2. Antivirus software: An anti-virus program protects a computer from getting malicious viruses from the internet, through websites, email, and instant messenger. Usually it consists of a firewall, a virus scanner and remover, and sometimes other tools as well.

Application Software: Application software is computer software designed to help the user to perform specific tasks. 1. Notepad. To roughly compile the information as well as data 2. Qbasic For the program to be made.


1. Management My program comprises the following: add, display and exit. Students should not have to go through the hassle of finding the information that she needs and just choose an option they want to view. 2. Efficiency I will not involve too many complexities in this project so the amount of errors will be minimal. The program has no error and also just three simple choices the user has choose 3. Organization Its imperative to sort out the necessary and the unnecessary aspects. If this is not done, my program will be devoid of organization. I will try to make my program as compact as possible and try to remove whatever is not needed. The objectives that I had set have been met. I have achieved the following: A practical knowledge of using Qbasic, sharpened my skills. I have built a software that does not require an expertise on the part of the user. The four demands management, efficiency, organization and userfriendliness were successfully met All in all, the project is systematic and proper exactly what I wanted it to be.


I have put my hard-work into this project and I believe it has paid off quite well. All of this was an enriching experience for me, also because I gained an extensive practical knowledge of QBASIC. I am now able enough to make projects that are satisfying and meet the demands set by the user. In this process, I have refined my analytical skills and have successfully described and evaluated problems and solutions. In fact, making this program made me understand QBASIC etter.