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Hub Solution Designs, Inc.

Master Data Management
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About The Program Harmonious Customer Interactions.
This two-day on-site seminar
focuses on MDM and Data Quality They all come down to the quality and usability of your master
in business-to-business markets. data. If your company struggles with low quality, fragmented
enterprise data, Hub Designs and Perera can help, by bringing
Program Highlights this important, two-day on-site seminar to your location.
The seminar addresses Perera's
six key touch points: With over 40 years of combined experience, you will get a new
level of practical insight that is unavailable in any other forum.
1. MDM Preparation & Planning
2. Data Situation Assessment
3. Master Data Definition and During this one-of-a-kind two-day seminar program, your
Design organization will gain the knowledge to confidently undertake
4. MDM Technologies and an MDM initiative... and transform your enterprise master data
Processes into a critical corporate asset. Together, we’ll cover the issues,
5. Data Remediation and
Transformation challenges and opportunities associated with creating and
6. Ongoing Data Maintenance & maintaining high quality, integrated enterprise master data.

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Hub Solution Designs, Inc. Master Data Management
Trusted. Insightful. Experienced. Service Offerings

The program will leverage Hub Agenda
Designs’ unique approach to:
The seminar program offers a rich discussion environment to
1. Develop & Execute a High tackle your most pressing MDM challenges, issues and problems.
Impact MDM Strategy,
2. Analyze Business and
Organizational Issues and the The instructors will work through a host of topics that
Cultural Impact of MDM, specifically relate to your company.
3. Define MDM Technology
Requirements and Together, we will explore the issues, challenges and
4. Establish a Data Governance opportunities associated with creating and maintaining high
Program to Support MDM quality, integrated enterprise master data:
• Creating a business case for managing customer, product,
Key Deliverables supplier, financial and employee master data
• Analyzing the types, nature and severity of enterprise
Before the session, we consult
data quality problems
with you to flesh out your
company’s most important • Determining quality and integration requirements for
issues, so we can deliver enterprise master data
detailed, relevant MDM • Creating enterprise master data architecture and models
knowledge. • Formulating a plan to correct and transform your existing
enterprise master data
Program Leaders • Developing and embracing master data content and
format standards
• Integrating and synchronizing master reference data
within and across enterprise systems
• Identifying, evaluating and selecting MDM software and
third-party data sources
• Designing data quality processes for continuous master
data management
• Determining metrics for assessing, monitoring and
certifying the quality of master data
• Organizing and managing a data governance and
stewardship program

Who Should Participate?

Peter Perera, The Perera Group This program is geared to business, project management and IT
personnel who are actively involved in Master Data
Management (MDM), Customer Data Integration (CDI) and data
quality initiatives. The ideal session brings together up to 15
participants from your organization to discuss the production,
distribution, consumption and maintenance of enterprise data.

By conducting this program at your site, stakeholders have the
flexibility to join program segments that are appropriate to
their functional areas. We charge a fixed program fee so you
can tailor attendance to your needs.

Schedule TODAY!
Dan Power, Hub Solution Designs For more information or to schedule this two-day program at
your location, call 781-749-8910 or visit our web site.

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Hub Solution Designs, Inc. Master Data Management
Trusted. Insightful. Experienced. Service Offerings

Gain In-Depth, Practical MDM Knowledge
Prior to the session, we work with you to flesh out your organization's most important
objectives so we can deliver detailed, relevant MDM knowledge that closely aligns with your
specific needs. Examples of typical program objectives include:

• Define what data quality means within an organization
• Model key enterprise entities: customer, product, supplier, employee
• Identify and describe key elements of an MDM technology landscape
• Prepare, manage and staff an MDM initiative
• Describe the main steps in a data quality process
• Identify the ideal data stewards within an organization
• Resolve political and organizational issues related to MDM initiatives
• Spell out the key steps in correcting and transforming existing enterprise data
• Map as-is and to-be data production, distribution and consumption processes
• Conduct a data quality maturity assessment
• Organize and implement a data governance program
• Lay out business processes, standards and data controls for managing data quality
• Discover issues concerning synchronization of enterprise data within and across
enterprise applications
• Uncover the business and organizational, financial and non-financial benefits of MDM
• Address primary considerations when selecting third-party data services
• Determine enterprise information requirements for profiling customers, products,
suppliers and employees
• Understand the key metrics for measuring and monitoring data quality
• Learn techniques for profiling the quality of your existing customer data
• Know how to competently roll out an effective MDM program
• Plan budget for an initial and ongoing MDM program

Collaborative Learning Experience
The main deliverable of this program is an ideal atmosphere for collaborating with your peers
and shaping solutions to your pressing master data management challenges.

Dan and Peter will roll-up their sleeves and draw upon actual experiences gained from working
on numerous MDM-related projects. They will employ a mix of techniques to work through each
program topic:

• Lectures and white boarding
• Case examples
• Group exercises
• Demonstrations
• Templates
• Charts and diagrams
• Sample presentations
• Real-time analysis of company-specific data samples

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Hub Solution Designs, Inc. Master Data Management
Trusted. Insightful. Experienced. Service Offerings

By bringing together Hub Designs’ and Perera's deep MDM experience, we will explore the
issues, challenges and opportunities associated with creating and maintaining high quality,
integrated enterprise master data. The program agenda will reflect your unique requirements
and will leverage:

Perera's Six Key Touch Points
1. MDM Preparation and Planning
2. Data Situation Assessment
3. Master Data Definition and Design
4. MDM Technologies and Processes
5. Data Remediation and Transformation
6. Ongoing Data Maintenance and Enrichment

Hub Designs’ Unique Approach
1. Develop & Execute a High Impact MDM Strategy
2. Analyze Business and Organizational Issues and the Cultural Impact of MDM
3. Define MDM Technology Requirements
4. Establish a Data Governance Program to Support MDM Objectives

Tailor This Program to Your Needs
For an additional fee, program content, class exercises and case examples can be extensively
customized to client's specific needs. Please call or email (see below) for details.

General Information
Program Logistics
We recommend a distraction-free meeting space, including:

• large whiteboard and multiple color dry markers
• two flip charts with permanent markers
• computer projector and screen, and adjustable room lighting
• Internet access

Program Readiness
Seminar Planning Questionnaire

• Complete session planning questionnaire
• Submit within 5 business days of session

Pre-Seminar Conference Call

Schedule and conduct 1-2 hour call to discuss program objectives and questionnaire responses,
resolve any logistical issues, and finalize schedule and agenda.

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Hub Solution Designs, Inc. Master Data Management
Trusted. Insightful. Experienced. Service Offerings

Pre-Seminar Work

• Assemble examples of where company is experiencing "pain"...and opportunity as it
relates to enterprise master data
• Provide extract of actual master data that is reflective of known issues and challenges
• Provide list of people who will participate in the session and their titles

Program Leaders
Dan Power
Dan Power is President of Hub Solution Designs, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in Master
Data Management and Data Governance.

Prior to founding Hub Solution Designs, he was the general manager for Dun & Bradstreet's
strategic alliance with Oracle Corporation. Mr. Power has twenty years of experience in
management consulting, enterprise applications, alliances, and marketing at companies like
Deloitte & Touche, Computer Sciences Corporation, eCredit and Parson Consulting.

He has worked with Oracle's MDM, ERP and CRM platforms for more than thirteen years. He is
frequently an invited speaker at technology conferences and has written many articles for
publications such as DM Review. He regularly advises clients on developing & implementing
high impact MDM strategies.

He studied Computer Science at Princeton University, and earned a Bachelor of Science in
Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

Peter Perera
Peter Perera is the founder of The Perera Group, Inc. He has over 20 years of sales and
marketing IT experience.

In 1988, Peter conducted the first in a successful series of two-day seminars entitled: Building
a Computer-Based Sales and Marketing Information System. To this day, many companies move
to the thoughts he first expressed on this seminal workshop. He introduced concepts leading a
senior sales and marketing executive to say, “Peter was discussing CRM before CRM.”

Peter has worked with over 100 companies having complex business requirements for sales,
marketing and service applications. His forte is high-quality, tightly integrated customer data
environments for highly interoperable enterprise systems.

He has written and been extensively interviewed for articles on this subject and has addressed
audiences at numerous conferences and professional events. Peter has an MBA and BA from
Boston University and is a graduate of The Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ.

For More Information
Dan Power
Hub Solution Designs, Inc.
188 Whiting Street, Suite 3
Hingham, MA 02043
office: (781) 749-8910 web:
e-mail: blog:

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