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Date: November 29, 2008

To: Democratic Central Committee Executive and Precinct Committee

From: Susan Bogni
5830 Capitol Forest Lp. SW
Olympia, WA 98512

Phones: 360-534-0173 – home
360-951-6121 – cell
360-786-5414 – work


Dear Fellow Democrats and Officers of the Central Committee;

This is my application for appointment to succeed Commissioner Bob Macleod once he
leaves office effective January 1, 2009. The sad news of the commissioner’s stepping
down leaves us with the difficult decision of whom to select as his replacement. The
important question of course is who is the best qualified, ready and able to immediately
step into those shoes.

As Democrats, we share the values as laid out in our platform: living by the values of
sustainable prosperity, equality and fairness; environmental responsibility and social
justice. Every American deserves the privilege of healthcare. Every child is entitled to the
basic right of educational excellence. And preserving our environment helps ensure our
future, our children’s future; and their children’s future. These are some of the matters
we as Democrats focus our good intentions upon. These are matters I take very
seriously. And these are matters Commissioner Macleod’s replacement must embody,
foster and realize in the performance of this position.

Susan Bogni
5830 Capitol Forest Lp. SW
Olympia, WA 98512
360-534-0173 – home
360-951-6121 – cell
360-786-5414 – work

Why do I want to serve as county commissioner?
I know and value our shared democratic principles and want the chance to work to
preserve them. I know what it takes to do the job, and I am immediately ready for the
responsibility of making sound decisions on behalf of the citizens of Thurston County.
We need experienced people in county government to examine the ongoing demands of
managing resources and priorities. The requirements of the Growth Management Act
(GMA), for example, demand a person who understands growth as it affects the
economic and environmental values and principles we as a community hold high. I have
a vested interest in the well-being of our community having lived in Thurston County
since 1978 and have sat at the commission table over numerous discussions on this
topic. I have the knowledge and experience to intelligently address, discuss and make
decisions on this and other priorities of government. I want the chance to make a

What makes me uniquely qualified?
Experience. Having been a good student of county government for over 15 years I have
the hands-on experience to meet the multiple demands of that position. I have assisted
four commissioners working closely with all of them. I have the unqualified endorsement
of Commissioners Macleod and former 3rd District Commissioner Les Eldridge. For the
past six years, I have sat at Bob’s side as his teammate with shared values for the many
topics in county government. I sit at the table with him on water quality and flooding
matters and am the designated alternate on the Tri-County Flood Authority. The
Authority includes the State of Washington, Ecology, Lewis, Thurston & Grays Harbor
Counties and the Chehalis Tribe. I hold the respect of many elected and non-elected
members of our communities. I have drafted and helped to advance ordinances such as
noise control, no-shooting zones and the apprenticeship utilization ordinance so
important to developing a younger workforce and to labor issues. I know the constituents
of district 3. I have been their primary and constant contact for information and problem
resolution for more than 15 years. I have a deep understanding of Thurston County’s
organizational structure, service and culture and hold the respect of staff and other
elected officials.

How am I prepared to stand for election in 2009 & 2010?
I have enlisted a number of well established Democrats with experience in running
campaigns. I’ve begun to structure an experienced campaign staff – Les & Mary
Eldridge, Dean and Sharon Foster, Jon Halvorson, Lisa Hayes, Nita Reinhart, Wanda
Riley and many others. We have already met and are prepared to move ahead. My list
of supporters and contributors is substantial and we are all aware that once appointed
our “running shoes” will be on for two years. As seasoned campaigners, we know the
format; accept the time commitment; and understand the effort necessary to reach out to
all segments of the population. As the candidate, I will loan myself contributions as
startup and make additional loans as necessary to keep the campaign going.

Susan Bogni
5830 Capitol Forest Lp. SW
Olympia, WA 98512
360-534-0173 – home
360-951-6121 – cell
360-786-5414 – work

What do I intend to accomplish during my term as county commissioner?
I will focus my intentions on the budget working to better support the basic services
expected of county government. I aim to examine areas for which the State of
Washington would be better prepared to assume responsibility, and will also seek out
other revenue streams. I plan to continue the work as directed in the GMA with an eye
toward diversity in zoning densities, reasonable and supported uses for our mineral and
agricultural lands and critical areas. And in that regard, I plan to examine King County’s
highly successful Transfer of Development Rights program seeking to glean lessons
applicable for Thurston County.

Closing remarks:
In closing, I will point out that I have been planning for a leadership roll in local
government for quite some time. This is not a last minute idea and is, of course, the
reason I pursued and earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration. To my
knowledge, no other commissioner has ever held this degree. My thesis work focused
on the successful intergovernmental relationship between tribes and states, specifically
as it pertained to the State of Washington’s Timber, Fish and Wildlife agreement.

The work of a county commissioner hinges on her ability to work collaboratively with a
multitude of individuals. My thesis supports this and my work in the community
underscores my commitment to this philosophy. I am a trained and practiced mediator
and facilitator; a current board member for the Washington State’s Dept. of Health’s
Mental Health Advisory Committee; and board member with GRuB. I am a past board
member of the Dispute Resolution Center and a member of the Olympia Kiwanis Club.

I very much appreciate your careful considering of my application.


Susan A. Bogni