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2. Given the following details for a company: Net operating income 200,000 Overall cost of capital 20% Value of the firm 1000,000 Cost of debt 15% Interest 75,000 Market value of debt 500,000 Market value of equity 500,000 a) Given the assumptions of the net operating income approach, what will be the cost of equity, if the market value of debt is 200,000. b) Given the assumptions of the net income approach, what will be the overall cost of capital with Market value of debt of 200,000.

3. Given the following projects , rank them on the basis of NPV, MIRR and Payback period if the cost of capital is 10% pa. Project A Project B Project C Year Cash flow Year Cash flow Year Cash flow 0 -10000 0 -10000 0 -10000 1 5000 1 5000 1 5000 2 7000 2 8000 2 8500 3 8000 3 6500 3 9000 4 15000 4 11000 4 12000

4. Given the following information, calculate Degree of operating leverage, Degree of Financial leverage, Degree of total leverage. Quantity sold 100,000 units Variable cost per unit 200 Selling price 800 Fixed cost 10,000 Number of equity shares 50,000 Debt 1000,000 @ 15%pa Preference shares 10,000 of Rs.100 each @ 10% Tax rate 30%


who joined the company recently. What should be the daily production of each of the two products? 4. respectively. Profit gained by the manufacturer from a chair and a table is Rs 2 and Rs 10. A chair requires 2 hours on machine A and 6 hours on machine B. Recently. Given a general linear programming problem. what are the various phases in which the project lifecycle should be divided . 3 Silver Line Manufacturers produce several varieties of automobile components. Maruthi Udyog Limited. A table requires 5 hours on machine A and no time on machine B. SET 1 Q. based on scientific method analysis. Processing of these products is done on two machines A and B. In order to execute the project successfully. MB0048 – OPERATION RESEARCH. procurement manager of Silver Line discussed in the meeting that they have to look out for new suppliers since they would be expanding their business operations to many places. State and discuss the methods for solving an assignment problem.6 Consider the company. A furniture manufacturer makes two products: chairs and tables. They have 3 to 5 suppliers who supply materials regularly.Q. How is Hungarian method better than other methods for solving an assignment problem? MB0049 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT. How would you proceed to change the basic feasible solution in case it is not optimal? 5.6 ABC Company implements got a very big project and they decided to allot the same to a new project manager. SET1 2. Elaborate on the company's marketing mix and give examples related to the 4 P's. How do you think Silver Line have to go about this situation? Q. explain how you would test whether a basic feasible solution is an optimal solution or not. Operation Research is an aid for the executive in making his decisions by providing him the needed quantitative information. There are 16 hours per day available on machine A and 30 hours on machine B. Discuss 3.

1st SEMESTER MB0038 – MANAGEMENT PROCESS AND ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR. Explain the purpose of reading in this case and the type of reading that you will be required to do 6. Ranjan Kumar belong to. 2. Ritu observes that he frequently punishes the non-performers and also gives them warnings regarding suspension etc. In addition. 26 taking Hindi and 16 taking English. Select any article from a business publication and prepare a summary of it in one fourth its size. we know that 2 students are taking all the three languages. what is the probability that he/ she is taking exactly one language? . Attach the original article with your assignment MB0040 – STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT. Explain the type of power they use often.6 Given below are certain observations done by an OD consultant for an organization dealing with manufacturing of tyres. what is the probability that he/she is not taking any of these three languages? ii) If a student is chosen randomly. SET1 Q. Raovikram and Mr. English and Kannada. Raovikram – He is a very friendly person and encourages his team members by giving them recommendations and appreciation. There are 12 students taking both Hindi and English. Mr. Write this in the form of a one page memo. Hindi. She makes the following observations about two key people in the organization.Now explain what base of power Mr.He is an aggressive person. You are a management trainee reporting to the Marketing Manager of an organization. Ranjan kumar. SET 1 4. addressed to your professor. i) If a student is chosen randomly. Mr. 1. In a management class of 100 students' three languages are offered as an additional subject viz. MB0039 – BUSINESS COMMUNICATION. 4 taking Hindi and English and 6 that are taking English and Kannada. SET 1 3.. This helps HR to decide about giving a bonus or promotion to employees. You have been asked to go through business publications and summarize articles related to Branding. He frequently loses his temper. There are 28 students taking Hindi.

00. 1.000 Opened Current Account with Rs. 1. we paid 9% of the list price as an advance by cheque.000 less 12% trade discount and paid him by cheque under a cash discount of 5% Received an order from Shyam for supply of goods of the list price of Rs.000 with an advance of 10% of list price. 1.2009 .01.2009 05. ( 6+6+3 = 15 Marks) M/s Ventak Enterprise Pvt Ltd. 1.2009 06.01.01. 1.01.000 less 12% trade discount.2009 03. prepare relevant ledger accounts and finally trial balance.5. SET1 2. 00.2009 04. 50. Supplied the above goods at 10% trade discount. Purchased goods from Murali of the list price of Rs.00. Packing and delivery charges 01. Define population and sampling unit for selecting a random sample in each of the of National Stock Exchange c) Fifty account holders of State Bank of India d) Twenty employees of Tata motors MB0041 – FINANCIAL N MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING.01. 1. 00.000 Furniture Rs.000.00.000 Placed an order with Ritik for the supply of goods of the list price of Rs.000 Goods Rs. 00. 00. 1. 01. Ritik supplied goods of the list price of Rs.01. Packing and delivery charges Rs. Journalize the below transactions.2009 Started business with cash Rs. 2.01.In this connection.2009 02. .00.

2009 09.Rs. Liabilities Equity Share Capital 8% Pref Share Capital Reserve Fund 6% Debentures Sundry Creditors P & L account Year 2000 . Let us assume you have been recently appointed as Management Accountant of a small but upcoming firm.2009 12.01.000 . 1.000) stolen Paid Life Insurance Premium Rs. 4.000. 08. Shyam became insolvent and paid 80 paise in a rupee in full and final settlement Paid Ritik 80% on account.01.2009 4.2009 10. 80. 1.000 sold to Mr X at a profit of 20% on sales less 10% trade discount and 2% cash discount Goods (cost Rs. Sales Price Rs. 07.01. 3.1000 2001 .2009 13.000.2009 11.20000 Total Amount 50000 10000 40000 20000 30000 21000 Assets Fixed assets Investments Stock Sundry Debtors Bank Balance Preliminary expenses Total Amount 87500 25000 30000 13500 7000 8000 171000 171000 . Cash embezzled by an employee Rs.01. 1000.01. 4. 3. Your immediate supervisor has asked you to prepare certain financial ratios from the balance sheet of one of their clients M/s Vinod Enterprise.01.01.2009 Goods costing Rs. Goods (Cost Rs.000. Sales Price Rs.000) taken away by the proprietor for his personal use.

400 106.92. Unfortunately he is struck with difference in trial balance.The director intent to transfer a sum of Rs.36.120 15.5000 out of the current year’s profit to provision for tax.960 2. Current ratio c.260 9.400 2. If you were to buy a car.450 1.660 16.320 2. Fixed assets to networth d. SET1 4.540 Particulars Dr Stock on 31st Dec.95.090 MB0042 – MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS.95.360 14.540 Cr 1. Return on capital employed b.400 13.2008 Capital Cash in hand Bank Overdraft Sales Purchases Returns inward Returns outward Carriage outward Carriage inward Salaries Wages Sundry debtors Sundry creditors Stock on 1st Jan 2006 Land and building Plant and machinery Trade expenses 3. .000 20.100 13. Return on owner’s capital 5.360 94.600 3.no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 3.Equity ratio e.400 9. A friend of you has approached to help him out in setting his books of accounts in order. Debt . (5 Marks) Sl. The financial ratios needed are: a. Help him in redrafting the trial balance.300 37. what are the factors that would affect the demand for your purchase.900 2.

What are the challenges in implementing that option? 6. S. SET1 5. She is planning for the promotion policy for the faculty members. Before doing that it want to have some details about the following:  What the emplyees think about the company? . For example. When factors of production are combined to produce a particular level of output. Suggest Ms Sharma the alternative way to vertical promotion. etc is increased. Sharma is the General manager HR of a private educational group. Moreover the options to promote are limited.5. what would be the effect on total product when all factors are kept fixed and only one factor is varied. using the trend projection method MB0043 – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. The norms are also ruled by the government policy and criteria. 6. when the amount of land used for producing a particular crop is kept the same.ABC is an organization that wants to revise the HR policies. fertilisers. How will the company forecast the demand in the coming years. A company wishes to project the production requirements of a particular product in the coming years.Ms. and the other factors of production like labour.

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